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04-10-02, 04:33
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04-14-02, 16:13
Went to Exec in Belvedere again yesterday, and like always had a great time. I have read some posts where guys left disappointed, butit had nver happened to me. A great place for the price !!

Jerry P
04-21-02, 21:16
Hey Guys,
Well this is my first post in the New Forum I'm not sure what this can do but I guess we will find out.
Anyway I'm planning on visiting one of the health spas in Belvidere very shortly I will keep you guys informed of my activties.

04-24-02, 17:09

Been out of town for a while and decided to stop in at the Executive this week. I have been going there for over 10 years and have always had a good time. Although the girls vary in age and looks, they are all very nice. Price is $85.00 for one hour everything included. Even though the girls wont ask for a tip, I always try to give them $20 to $40 depending on the session.
Saw Shiela. She is in her late twenties and very pretty. I'll report on the other girls that I see in the future.

04-24-02, 19:15

You mentioned $85 everything included. Is this the amount you pay to the house?

And what did you mean, everything included? Please clarify. Thanks.

04-25-02, 01:25

where is executive located at? and did you get fs there for the $85?

thank you

04-25-02, 09:55
The Executive is located on the West side of downtown Belvidere, IL on the Southeast corner of State St. and Lincoln. $85.00 is the house fee. It is not fs, but the girls are nice, do a good job and don't rush the session.

04-26-02, 13:31
The Executive is still as great a value as ever but I think the overall quality of the girls (in terms of attractiveness) is not great right now. Everyone is still friendly however.

The most attractive girl there right now is Nicole (IMO) - mid 20s, great body, very friendly esp. after you've seen here a couple of times. HJ technique is outstanding. Jenny is also cute and gives a great session.

Would be interested in other reviews plus any info on C'est La Via down the street - stopped going there a while ago since they got busted and stopped offering "assistance" in the sessions - but I have heard its returning to normal with some staff (but not all).


05-19-02, 20:34
Executive has plenty of good looking girls...you just have to make an appointment to make sure you get that one. There are some "12 pack" girls there...but try it out..well worth the trip. I went again there today and saw Espy...great time. I would also recommend Sheila, but stay away from michelle..she has a bad attitude.

06-17-02, 18:38

07-07-02, 13:47
Hey guys, I had a chance to visit Executive in Belvidere last week and had a great session with Jenny. Jenny is 27, blond, tan all over and cute. Prices are still the same, $85.00 at the door covers everything. Tipping is not required, nor asked for, but I had such a great time I gave her an extra $20 and she seemed pretty happy about it.

Also had the opportunity to give her a massage from head to toe, which is one of the best things about making the trip to Belevedere. She finished me up with a great HJ.

This is how I would rate Jenny

Looks - 8
Technique - 8
Attutude - 9

Hope this helps!!!

07-07-02, 19:27
Hey guys I have been going to The Executive for sometime now and have always had a good time. It is nice to be able to leave a place feeling relaxed and know that I was not ripped off.

However I would never post any names on here of the girls that work there. Lets be smarter then that ok?!
Don't ruin a good thing!

07-07-02, 21:17
To Fellow...I happen to disagree with you on the posting of names. The whole reason of this (and other ) board existing is to share information with others who have the same intertests. I (and most others as you can see by the other postings on this website) share the girls names (which we all know are not real) with others so they know who to try and book with, and more importantly who to avoid. I have been saved a bad experience plenty of times by finding bad reviews of someone I was thinking of seeing. I have also "taken many for the team" with not so great experinces and have shared those on this and other review/message boards. I have also had great times after reading some reviews and booking an appointment with the girl I read about (many, many times) . As a matter of fact I found out about all the places (and the preferred girls to see) I go to from message boards like this one. If you are so paranioid about LE, then I suggest you find another hobby.

Are so so naive to think that LE does not know about every one of the spas/massage parlors, escort services, etc... that are mentioned on this and other web sites? Most of us have been around a while and are much " smarter than that (as you put it) " and know that leaving a girls fake name is no risk to them or the place they work at. I happen to know for a fact that the girls at Executive read this site's reviews and the ones on TBD. I have yet to read a post from any of them asking us to stop giving out their names. As a matter of fact they appreciate the extra revenue a good review can bring.

So if you choose to be paranoid and leave vague reviews ( which I have not seen many from you ) and do not supply any specifics then that is your choice. But do not try and tell the rest of us what to do.

09-19-02, 14:50
happygardener & tencat

I just wanted to make a pitch for the other AMPs in Rockford. True, Tokyo and Royal are more hit-or-miss, but that's the great thing about this board, we can know at any given time which places are currently worth a visit. Since this is Belvidere info I'd like to refer you to my (long) post in the Rockford section.

Real briefly I'd just like to say that if you don't mind older (40ish) AMP providers then Tokyo has two excellent providers. What Royal lacks in the "hottie-factor" (at least, that is, relative to Rainbow's usual staff) they more than make up for in attitude and service. And penny pinchers may find anywhere from $20 to $60 savings at Tokyo and Royal. I'll agree that Rainbow is more consistently the best bet, but lets keep a discussion going so we can spread it around a bit.

My question is how many AMPs are there in the Rockford/Belvidere area? I only know of three: Rainbow, Tokyo and Royal (formerly Fuji). Thanks.

09-19-02, 20:03
Didn't know that Sun had closed. Haven't been there in a while.

Went to Paradise a couple weeks ago. Very happy with experience.

With Sun closed, I know of only four AMP's active in or around Rockford.

09-23-02, 11:46
I've been out of the loop lately, but did have some weekend activity. It's not really ground breaking news, but I wanted to share.

I was driving through the Rockforld/Belvidere area and after reading the recent posts, I had intentions of stopping to get some "candy" at Rainbow until I realized I didn't have my wallet, cash card and only about $100 stashed in the car for just such occassions.

I opted for a visit to C'Est La Vie. Met w/ Heather who I remembered from a visit months ago. I suppose it's a good sign she's still around, must be doing something right.

Luckily I remembered her name at the last minute. Before I mentioned her, a group of women that looked to be 50 years old started to come out. (Is this common??) I was about to walk out, and then her name came to the front of my mind.

Most of my experience has been on the street or AMP. It was a nice change of pace to talk and move at a leisurely pace.

Yeah yeah, I know... most guys don't go to talk, and trust me, that's not my primary goal. But it was a nice trade off, for a change of pace, to miss a french lesson or fs, but feel like a person, not just a client. I left VERY satisfied with a very relaxing and attentive massage that lasted the entire session.

Heather even indulged a special interest of mine (nylon and foot fetish), which I have never had at an AMP, can't find at on a sw anymore (ah, the good ol' days), and would get an upcharge for at any of the jackshacks in Roselle.

As I'm thinking about things, this hobby is a little like baseball. Every time at bat, you don't need to hit a homerun. Considering how many strike outs I've had looking for sw, I'm not upset about getting on base... and hey, it beats a day at the office. Now if the providers would just start serving beer, hot dogs and nachos I think we'd have a new national passtime.

Happy hunting everyone!

09-28-02, 22:49
I think I was wrong that Sun Spa had been closed. It just really, really looked that way.

NWburb - I sure agree with much of what you are saying. Every experience doesn't have to be a "peak" experience, and there are many types of good experiences, including when yours and the girl's personalities connect. Even if you're not going for a gfe there's nothing wrong with two people really getting along.

And while this is usually rare in an AMP setting due to the regimented routine, language/culture barrier, etc I must say I've been on quite a hitting streak with the AMP girls I've been meeting. Sure there have been some rare examples, but I've been lucky to draw the girls out of their professional facade, drop the routine, and get real with me.

This might sound gay but I've actually done a bit of research about the Korean culture, and a small amount of knowledge goes a loooooong way in understanding a lot of the things that may make you scratch your head in an AMP.

One thing I find striking and refreshing with these girls, once they open up even just a little bit, is just how brutally frank and honest they can be. If they don't want to expose something, they're totally up-front about not wanting to answer. They may dodge or give a vague non-answer, but they won't b.s. you.

I'd say that 10% of AMP girls will try to rush/hustle/play you and I'd say that at american mps well over half are gaming you.

09-29-02, 01:10
I have been out of town lately, and with the board being down, I never posted my experience at Royal. This was back in mid August, so it probably has no bearing on what is happening today. Went to Executive in Belvedere first, but all of the reccommended girls were taken, and nothing else suited me, so I headed back on the road.

had the $20.00 of coupon from the Chicago Sun-Times, so I stopped at Royal.
Was greeted like family by the friendly mamasan. Taken to a room with a bed in it, not a massage table. Had a wonderful table shower by my massuese who was 5', 110 lbs, cute and about 25. good english. wore a matching top and bottom, the bottom being some kind of wrap so that when ever she bent over, I got to sneak a look at her bush.

decent massage, lots of teasing fingers in all the right areas. when i flipped over, she asked if I wanted extras. we negotiated a topless HJ/CBJ that ended with her laying next to me and letting me kiss her and suck her tits while she finished me with her hand. Right at the end she started licking and whispering in my ear which sent me over the edge. All told it was a very good experience. $100 or $120.

10-19-02, 11:17
Tried the Executive yesterday. Two girls sitting on chairs in waiting area were disappointing. Two more came up from in back. The first one was a little better. The next one, Jenny, was the best of the bunch with long flowing blond hair, nice face and bod. Chose Jenny. Went in the room, took a quick shower (alone). Came back to the room. Jenny met me and we were off to the whirlpool. She lost her bathing suit in the pool. Nice touching and rubbing. Went back to the room. She told me that they don't offer any more than a handshake. Overall nice massage and finale, but nothing to write home about. Took another shower (alone again, naturally). Gave $40 tip. Got my punch card. After 10 visits, my next trip will cost me $40. Not quite sure I'll ever get that far.

10-19-02, 23:38
ynot - next time call ahead and ask for Sheila. Cute, nice, big tits and a great personality. You will not be disappointed.

10-21-02, 10:33

Just curious why you recommend Sheila. She does offer more options in her session, or are you referring to her russian finish? If so, I agree, her finale is wonderful

I have seen both Jenny and Sheila, and think Jenny is much prettier and better bod.


10-21-02, 12:38
I've used Sheila, too. What a set of knockers she has! Great russian finish, only thing negative about that is she puts a towel up over her neck so she doesn't get any cum on her face.
She's very friendly, loves to be eaten and told me she's bi.
She's been there awhile, I first had her in January 2001.
Sheila's ok in the face, a little rough, but not bad. Short, about 5'1' and maybe 130# with dark hair. Cettainly, the best looker in the house, as far as I know.

I like Executive because girls aim to please, use their attributes, are friendly and there's no hassle about tipping. Tit-fucking and hand jobs are all they'll do, unless anything has changed, which I doubt. The price is right for an hour of fun

The other place in town is a BAAAD trip. Fat, ugly, expensive and they won't do anything.

I use Executive for above activities, and go to Rockford to Rainbow for what is usually awsome sexual encounter with hot asian honeys...it's not the cheapest, put anything goes with the right chick Been there three times and had different women each time....Twice the girl did it all and once got a topless hand job

10-21-02, 20:24
For those who have been to the Executive in Belvidere recently was wondering if Michelle still works there. Had many great times with her as she has a great sense of humor. After the initial hug, kiss and touch the kitty she would uncover and come over and say "the "GIRLS" are getting jealous and need some attention. A great gal to be with.

10-22-02, 10:15
Oops. I posted my last encounters at Chantilly Lace in the rockford section. I'll briefly write about it here too, as I'm reading so many glowing responses to The Exclusive, that's right across the street. I gotta say, as a young 30-ish guy, I find the selection of girls at Chantilly Lace much better...when I was there this weekend there were 5 20-30 year old, very fit, sexy little babes. I almost felt a little old actually. The first girl I chose was 19 and seemed european...in a nutshell, got back to the room and found out she didn't do any kind of sex at all. so I gave her 10 bucks and asked if she'd send in a girl that might. Another, short redish haired girl came in, with nice tits and a cute face, good body, and I found out she gives BJ's. So we sort of sat around naked, touched each other, talked and she gave a decent blow job...little uninspired, but hey, it was a blowjob. (80 bucks by the way)
After leaving there and having lunch I decided to come back to see this other hot half black/half hispanic girl named Nicki...she is like 22 years old and even though she claims to have 3 kids, she's still fit. Nice shaved pussy. very smooth. We sat and talked, completely naked, and she stroked me, while I fingered her...she even stopped at one point to get some lube so she could enjoy it more...which she seemed to. After doing this for 15 minutes or so, she asked if I was ready for my BJ? Naturally I said yes, and she gave a great, deep intense BJ. Very sweet girls, both of them. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, at lunch I stopped over to compare the girls at the exclusive and I was personally really put off by how old/out of shape the girls were. I'd been there once before and felt the same way. That's why I tried chantilly. The first time at the exclusive I did get a chick to give me FS, which was nice, but she was pretty saggy and less good looking than I would've liked.

Girls at Chantilly told me that only a couple of the girls do FS, as far as they knew. They said the night girls, they heard, do more. They almost talked about them like they were much wilder, and I've heard there are more 'druggies' that work at night, that probably really need the money.

I'd go back to Chantilly, just to see how many more hot little babes they hire...probably won't go back to Exclusive, unless it's just for a quick walk through to see what's on the menu.

Jerry P
11-30-02, 02:25
Hey Guys,
Any new developements in Belvidere?

Also is there any street action in Belvidere - the forum has never mentioned any but, I just thought I'd ask anyway! Also are there any guy friendly places where the girls hang out?

12-13-02, 19:36
Saw sheila again today at Exec, and had a great time like always. Nice massage and a russian finish !!!

12-14-02, 12:16
Hey Everybody,

Was wondering who is good to check out at The Executive...... Haven't been back for a long time............Unfortunately, I can only get out there on the weekends.........Does anybody know who usually works weekends........Thanks for the help........

12-21-02, 01:44
Belvidere has no street action whatsoever.

Re Executive- the service is basically the same from each lady, so I'd say just go and check it out. There's usually 8-10 ladies on the weekends.

01-28-03, 22:33
Belvedere, What a beautiful town. It used to be even more so when Ces LaVie was worth visiting. Actually back then I never know just which one to go to. Generally Ce LaVie would offer a little better looking ladies and one could poke and prod until your fingers were tired.

But alas things have changed (or so I have heard and I am not willing to spend the money to find out in person) The Executive on the other hand has remained pretty much unchanged. Perhaps not as accommodating as in the past but still a most worthwhile place to spend one's money and an hour of time.

I was just there a couple of days ago. The girl I had was perfect for my particular taste. Medium height, thin and small yet shapely breasts.

She was friendly and pleasant. The massage was actually quite good as was the finale which she accomplished with ease and skill.

The girls there range from 3 to 9 with most in the middle. This particular one was in the higher range.

I've only tried a couple other MPs both of which were total rip offs.

It's only about hour from chicago. Why waste you're money anywhere else.

01-30-03, 17:56
Zoot, what was the lady's name? Was this Nicole (short reddish hair, a couple of tattoos, nice hourglass figure) ?

Originally posted by Zoot
I was just there a couple of days ago. The girl I had was perfect for my particular taste. Medium height, thin and small yet shapely breasts.

She was friendly and pleasant. The massage was actually quite good as was the finale which she accomplished with ease and skill.

The girls there range from 3 to 9 with most in the middle. This particular one was in the higher range.

02-21-03, 00:40
Thinking about going up to Belvidere Monday. Is everything still ok? I heard there was a bust on some other board...Indiana? Perhaps I miss read. I don't feel like driving all the way up to Rockford, but I will if nothing is going on. Does anyone know?

02-21-03, 13:28

I was just at Executive in Belvediere last week, and everything was same as always. By the way, I had my session with Jenny. She is great. Very friendly, and down to earth. Real easy on the eyes as well.

And a nice massage to top it all off.


02-25-03, 02:25
I got back from the Executive, and I'm amazed at the different types of women they have there. Way too many fat smokers, though, which is what I saw again. I've heard of Jenny, but have never seen her. I could've had Nicole, but I had her already and I wanted variety. Luckily, I waited and got Amy. She has a cute face (cute girl next door), fake tan, C cup breasts, saggy (but natural is great any day), massage wasn't that great. She gets really wet, too. Nonetheless, penetration (w/fingers) was not even available (in either hole), nor was any extras. There has to be extras there. I've read a report from a long time ago, but I know it's rare. I'd rather not drive all the way to Rockford, even though it's close by the time you get to Belvidere. I saw Tina, too, pretty nice looking, mid-30's fake breasts.

Anyone go to C'est la vie? What are the girls like there? Any extras? I haven't been there b/c I want to fill my card first.

04-01-03, 01:48
I'll share my experience at Executive it was awhile ago probably 5 or 6 months ago but i went and asked for Jenny i had to wait some 10min for her to be available all other girls there were on a low point scale in fact one girl in particular i have had session with at Kelly's in Rockford. Anyway after seeing Jenny i was surprised very blonde hair and attractive tanned face. Ok body not hard and toned at all but it was worth it i could only get HJ and my fingers were allowed to roam. I havent gone back since but if i do i would definately go back to see her if she's still there. The quality is not the greatest there but Jenny is an exeption

04-06-03, 10:38
Chif-wiggam...Any extras beyond the normal service at Execuative is very, very rare. The girls would get fired immediately if management found out about it. They have a deal with the local PD to not go beyond the "normal service" and would get shut down if it was found out. There are plenty of places in Rockford that provide what you are looking for, at a higher price. Try Sheila over there...nice massage, great rack , and a pleasure to be with and talk to.

Also I am a bit confused by your comment about Amy's massage. I saw her today, and she gave me the absolute best massage I have ever had at that place. It was so good I almost fell asleep on the table..but she perked me up later !! I have seen almost all the girls that work there, and she was hands down the best. The only palce I have gotten a better massage was by a few girls at rainbow (cici being one of them) and overseas in Japan.

04-10-03, 20:40
Originally posted by tencan

Also I am a bit confused by your comment about Amy's massage. I saw her today, and she gave me the absolute best massage I have ever had at that place. It was so good I almost fell asleep on the table..but she perked me up later !! I have seen almost all the girls that work there, and she was hands down the best. The only palce I have gotten a better massage was by a few girls at rainbow (cici being one of them) and overseas in Japan.

I still think extras available, I'll just have to work on them. and yes, I know they're rare. They may have to get used to seeing my beautiful mug.

Anyway, I thought Amy's massage was weak. Maybe I should have told her "harder," but I did tell her that I was sore. I was hurting something good from my workouts (stiff shoulders, arms and upper back). Nicole provided a much better massage, she really digs in.

However, imo, no EMP or non-asian MP can compete w/an AMP for massage. However, I just got done dating a Korean girl (not from an MP, a regular girl), and I'm sick of asians at the moment. It looks like it's back to white chicks for me, unless you know some Halle Berrys or Tyra Banks in need of some lovin'.

PS does anyone know of any good MPs (asian or otherwise) for really good massages? Sex isn't an issue (I only want a BJ anyway, and I'm willing to forgo that), I really want a massage. I just have three criteria: 1) cost (under $80, or more if extras are involved); 2) the girl has to be hot and scantilly clad (ok, tight normal clothes, and not as hot if extras are involved); and, 3) it has to be close to Chicago (I'll make the trip up to Belvidere, b/c at least I know I can get another punch in my card). Seriously, recommend a legitmate place (if you know of one), I really need to work my sore muscles over (lower back and hamstrings).

04-11-03, 11:03
Hey Chief!!

If you want a really good Legitimate massage....try Heavenly Massage in Niles.....the adress is something like 9400 Waukegan road...you can get the exact address and phone number from directory assistance....all the ladies are fully trained and very good.


04-12-03, 00:35
Hey guys, new poster to the board, but made my first visit to Belvidere today. Actually I was driving through and thought I would check out the action. I wanted to check out the Executive, but couldn't find it. Maybe they were closed and there lights were out. I don't know, but I decided to stop into C'est la vie. Well, that was a mistake. I went in the back door and walked through the hallway past the massage/modeling rooms. As I was doing this a girl started to come out, but I couldn't tell if she was good looking or not as I only saw her back. Looked like she might be ok from the back, but one never knows. When I got to the front of the house there were three old women there. To my horror one of them was a provider. She had to be in her mid to late fifties and looked atrocious. I implied about fees just to find out, and politiely excused myself. They tried to get me to stay saying that another girl would be available soon. I probably should have stayed to check her out, but it would have been even more uncomfortable excusing myself if she was also not up to par. For the record, the price is $85 dollars and that included the tip for th girls. Go there at your own risk, it was a pretty frightening and eyeraising experience. Next time I'll try harder to find the executive and go there.

04-12-03, 23:22
The Exectutive is acouple of blocksr up the street(West on State street - heading toward Rockford), over the bridge, past the old movie theatre, next to a pizza place. Sometimes they close early on weekends. I once went on a Saturday at about 6 PM and they werre closed.

Meat Helmet
04-29-03, 12:20
Long time lurker, time for a contribution. I made the trip to Belvidere last week, went to the Executive. Good new bad news-Exec is always a sure thing for an American massage experience. I am more into massage / russian than FS so I prefer the spa scene to independents (no offense ladies!)

Anyway past few times at Exec saw Jen, very cute, tan friendly, this time out saw Amy(?) pretty, very quiet. Both good massage with Russian.

I have had nothing but good experiences there but I was hoping to come across a place that maybe had younger girls with a little tighter bods. its obvious most of the girls @ Exec have had kids and their bods show it. I tried Exclusive Lingirie in Rockford a while ago. It was kinda scary. Her name escapes me, but the best pick was frightening once we got in the room. She seemed whacked out on speed and once she undressed lots o' bruises on the arm. Either she had been roughed up or she was an iv drug user. She wouldnt shut up very nervous (the crank probably). She had horrible rock solid implants, I tried Russian but the rocks wouldnt move so she just gave me manual.

I have been to Gunnison and the spa in Lasalle.

I guess I just long for the golden age of the suburban spa scene. I rememer sunset (great young college girls) in Batavia I even had fun at Lakeview in Roselle many years ago (Bridgette was my fave)
Any suggestions gang?


Meat Helmet

04-30-03, 16:38
Meat Helmet,
What kind of service have you recieved at the Spa in LaSalle? My first few times there I got awesome hj's, but the last three times I had to do it myself. They claimed that they don't do that there.

Meat Helmet
04-30-03, 16:59
I always went to the trailer and saw sophie (?) a few times (Asian or Hispanic with nice enhancements)-always got Russian from her. struck out with a young skinny brunette there. I have never been to their in town location, how is it there?

I have not been to the trailer since fall (I ride the motorcycle there) hope she is still there. Any other suggestions in the starved rock area?


Meat Helmet

05-02-03, 19:01
Thinking about going to Executive this weekend. Anyone want to help me out on a recommendation?

Of the following, who would you pick an why? Oh, and please rank massage quality:


Feel free to backchannel me if you want to keep privacy (sixmilsman@yahoo.com)

05-02-03, 20:31
Jenny is also a good time, but no where near as good at the massage as Amy and Sheila. Nicole is too hot and cold..sometimes she puts and effort into it, but most times she does not. She also has a lot of "rules" that I never encountered with any of the other girls, and I have probably seen 30-40 different ones over the years. It is really too bad about nicole because she is very pretty and has a great bod...but I just got sick of her attitude swings and see other girls instead.
Amy gives a awesome massage , and it is a tab better than Sheilas. Sheila has a much bigger on top (natural) and gives great russian. Amy is no slouch with the russian also, and is a bit taller and has a little "tighter" body. I would have to lean towords Sheila, but Amy is a very close second. Both of them take a lot of time massaging you , and are very willing to accomadate (but they do not go beyond the "normal fun" boundries set at Exec) their clients.

05-05-03, 16:01
I drive by the trailer in LaSalle all the time but have never tried it. Any more up-to-date info? If I can't get a decent massage and at least a HJ, I'm not interested. There is an Asian parlor in Morris on Rt. 47 just South of I-80, West side in a strip mall. Any reports? I haven't tried it because I don't particularly like Asian girls.

05-05-03, 18:42
I like Jenny, I'm a sucker for a pretty face and bod. However, I've only been w/her once and I don't remember it. My little head has a short term memory problem - constantly needs to be "reminded." I like Amy, but her massage was weak. Maybe I got her on a bad day. I liked Nicole's a lot. I haven't been w/Sheila but I had a good time w/her. Amy is as about as out of shape as I like them. If Sheila is significantly noticeable, then I'll probably skip. How is Sabrina? I've never been w/her, but the lady at the desk says she's really pretty.

05-06-03, 07:16
Sheila and Jenny have about the same body type. Sheila is firmer than Jenny..even though Jenny looks like she would be more. I know this may sound weird, but Jenny's body is very soft, but she does not have a lot of body fat. She is very cute, always has a tan
, had nice b cups with large nips. Sheila has a huge top, a few extra pounds, but is very firm.

Nicole has a nice tight body, but I did not like her attitude. I have heard other people say the same thing about Amy, btu she always gave me a great massage.

05-06-03, 14:28
Sheila at Exec isn't much more than about 5'2"if that but she has a huge chest and will allow plenty of attention to it. Nice nips that really stand out when sucked. She has dark hair, pretty face by EXEC standards and quite friendly.
She allows you to eat her (really got wet last time I was with her), likes having her tits sucked and played with and knows the reason guys choose her for a fun hour, which means those jugs are front and center in everything she does.
Beyond the above mentioned activities (she will gladly titfuck you dry (either by leaning over your cock and finishing with her tits or allowing you to straddle her and fuck those big-uns' while she's on her back, but she doesn't want you to cum on her face, won't be talked into bj or more (believe me I tried, she was so wet she could have used a cock in her) but sh'e worth your attention because she knows how to use her attrbutes (if you want to fuck, go to Rainbow or other Asian shops in Rockford)
BTW, she told me she's into women, but I don't think she'll meet after work to play...ethics, I suppose..
I had another chick before I hooked up with Sheila. She was sandy blonde, about late 30's, nice rack, fair skinned, allowed a little less than Sheila but still was very personable and performed admiral titfuck....would this have been Jenny?

05-11-03, 09:33
if the tanned girl was real tall and had a big b small ccup then it was Amy. If the girl was around 56 or so..b cups (with big nips) and had a soft body (not fat..just real soft..hard to explain) then it was Jenny. Amy only works sundays now.

05-13-03, 22:08
Yeah Jenny has soft skin seems really like its celulite if you look at it in a bright light. Honestly thats how it looked to me but anyway for some reason it didnt bother me she's Hot in some way.

05-18-03, 01:07
Meat Helmet,

I must've had a brain cramp and missed your 4/29 post. Sounds like Russian is an ATF for you. If you're looking for a younger package, you might want to try Chantilly Lace across the street and a little down the road from Exclusive. They seem to have the best looking girls of all the LS's. A lot of them won't do FS, but that sounds like that might be alright w/ you. Just find one that has nice hooters (there were a few when I've been there) and knock yourself out. I've also been to Brandy's and saw a couple nice girls there. I've also heard that Kelly's has some young girls, but I've never been there. I know what you're saying about Exclusive. I have to admit I was a little scared the one and only time I was there, but I've heard that they're trying to improve the selection. Hell, they have Dawn now, so what more could you ask.

Of course with all of these LS's, you're not gonna get any massage at all. I've found that the best massages have come from the EMP's in Northern Cook and Southern Lake Counties. Some of these girls, though, are not really built for Russian.

To be honest, the Executive sounds like it's probably got the best mix of everything you're looking for... Russian, a decent massage, and relatively young, relatively attractive girls. I know it's kinda hit and miss, but it seems better than C'est la Vie.

Meat Helmet
05-19-03, 14:00
Thanks ynot,

I went back to Exclusive - saw Kelly? (never good with names)
late 20's small cute a's or b's russian .6 +door

I'd like to go back to Chantilly-its been years but they close Sundays and thats my one free day to go up-

I tried to go to the spa in Lasalle- good news Sophie is still there bad news she was "booked" will probably go back there soon.


Anyhitng else you know of besides the Rockford/Belviere scene? I'm
just looking for a change of pace


Meat Helmet

EDITOR's NOTE: I took a few minutes to revise the capitalization and punctuation mistakes in this report. However, with everything else I have to do to maintain the forum, I don't really want to spend my time doing this every day, so I would very much appreciate it if everyone could refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. I don't expect everyone to be a great writer, but it's not difficult to use the CAPS key for names or to put a period at the end of sentences. Thanks!

05-20-03, 09:37

If you live near Chicago, check out some of the boards from Chicago and the surrounding areas. Lots of info is available there, esp. on the Mt. Prospect, Lombard, Norridge and Other Areas boards.

05-20-03, 23:40
Been reading some the latest posts, was hoping somebody could give a physical description of Amy at the Executive.

Looks? Face? Body? Good massage? Etc.

People seem to like her.. I have never seen her before.

Was hoping somebody could help me out.


05-28-03, 19:25
Originally posted by drummerboy79
Been reading some the latest posts, was hoping somebody could give a physical description of Amy at the Executive.

Looks? Face? Body? Good massage? Etc.

I heard she only works Sunday now, though I believe I saw her on a Saturday, and she said that she works weekends (she has a real job).

Face wise, she's really cute, like a solid 7/7.5. Body is a bit lacking, while she has a nice rack and a nice fake tan (I'm not a big fan of fake anything, but I only knew b/c she confirmed my suspicions). She has like a C-cup, but too much of a natural sag, nice nips, though. She's also not that firm in the body, too, saggy and out of shape, but by no means ugly. I'm guessing a naturally out of shape 33 yr old, or a very out of shape 28-29 yr old. I thought her massage was weak, but many others will say she's the best there. I did get her right after she was done w/some other guy. I also didn't get the hot tub w/her, which upset me a little (yeah, I'm sure there's some other guy there). However, I would repeat.

05-29-03, 00:06
Zero posting experience, 12 years Belvidere experienced. All this discussion of late makes me wanna jump right in and be a impartial observer no more. My two personnal favorites have been left out (it's all personnal preference though).

First would be Nikki (not to be confused with Nicole). Not the best body there, yet still very easy on the eyes. D-cup fakes and a little big boned (not fat). Long blond hair down to the butt. Very pretty face. If you'll call that lacking in the looks department, she more than makes up for it in the massage/finish technique. The absolute best there in my opinion. My favorite thing about her is that she never has talked any personal crap during my sessions. For the most part, you've got some time to kill during and ya get to talking. I can't stand it when these women want to mention their ex-boyfriends, husbands, kids, personal this, personal that. A real mood killer for me. I'm just fine with the weather, movies, current events, whatever. She has always had a great personality and never crossed that line. Practically everyone else has. Prime example, Jenny (mentioned below), I'll never see her again after hearing in grave detail how the PTA conference went at her kids school.

Then there's Dora, European, short hair (changes color now and then, it's blond currently), In my opinion, the best, tightest body there. She's in great shape, no sagging anywhere. Extremely pretty face and great attitude. Probably mid-30's. What she's got in looks, she doesn't have in the massage. A little rough and needs a little direction (my personal opinion, others may like it that way). Nice finish though, but then again, don't they all.

Enough for now, I've rambled long enough, Anyone else experience either of these two? I hope you don't, so they'll be available when I wanna see them.

05-29-03, 10:33
I stopped by Executive a little while back and they said I had to wait, as all the girls were busy or had appointments coming in soon. I didn't want to stay but I noticed a fairly attractive, yet heavy set black girl. Has anyone had any experiences with her?

Jerry P
06-07-03, 02:06
Hey Guys,
Went to the Cie la place on state st today. I brokedown and paid the $85 fee i had Gloria nice and young about 22 to 26yrs She only offered russian which I'm really not fond of. I had to finish myself off since she did'nt do that. I asked if she would be willing to visit with me outside of work but she declined the offer. I was not really impressed with the service. I'm not sure if I'll go back again. Jacking myself off I can do that at home for free without spending $85 for her just to watch and rub my balls.
Do any of you guys disagree with me?


06-09-03, 19:55
Really, she didn't finish you off? F-that! I'm glad I never went to Cie la vie in the first place. That should be mandatory. The russian finish is a bit extra (shouldn't have to pay for that, but I tip better for it).

06-23-03, 14:16
Cie La Vie is a rip-off; terrible attitude by the lady who runs the place. A while back they had trouble with LE and had to back off on HJ's. There was a girl named Sugar who would give G Sh. Much better off up the street at Executive.

06-30-03, 00:47
Stopped by Executive and had a session with Tina. Tall, thin, long dark blond curly hair, nice set of silicone. She has an extremely rough, sports thereputic style to her massage. I don't go to this place to get beat up, I want to be pampered a little and look for more of an erotic style. Even asking her to lighten up a little, didn't happen. I'll go to this place for what they have to offer, never kidding myself to expect more, which is excellent comfortable massage by an american & HJ. She jumped into it without warning, I wasn't even warmed up yet. Did it with the same style, probably the worst finish I've ever had. This is probably the first time I've left this place feeling like I wasted my time and money. I've done it all, amps, boutiques, escorts, this and that. Knowing this places limitations, it still has never disappointed me like this. As you could guess, I would not reccomend, nor will I ever see again. Oh ya, she couldn't stop talking about her kids. I hate that sh*t, the biggest turn off.

To update an ealier post of mine, have seen Dora since then and she was excellent. Everything I would guess this place should be. A much improved massage technique and extremely sensual. I guess I better stick to my regular favorites to avoid the disappointment, but then again, how do you find the new favorites.

Utah Guy
07-01-03, 12:04
I haven't been to Executive in about 2 years (was a semi-regular in early 90s when I lived in Chicago) - What is the fee now? is the $85 house fee "all inclusive", or is the "standard" tip of about $40 still in effect. Used to be, I think, $45 house fee and $40 to the girl you were with.

Wish I could find an Executive-style place about 1500 miles closer.

07-03-03, 22:10
I was wondering if anyone has been to C'EST LA VIE HEALTH SPA lately? It has been a few years since I had gone. When I did go it was $85 and included a H/S. It was pretty cool at that time where you got a massage with the girl nude and then I would massage her. Then the H/S all for $85. Once I tipped $30 so I could DATY and she liked it so much that she offered me a second H/S. If anyone has been there lately please tell me how it is now.

Chicago Bob
07-04-03, 12:07
I've tried my luck at Cie la vie twice over the past year, and both times, I have been disappointed. I couldn't get a HJ either time, and was constantly told that "we don't do that kind of stuff here". I told the girl how I was a regular down the street, and that there was nothing to worry about. She wouldn't take off any of her clothes and wouldn't go near the places that I was hoping she would :-P. I will absolutely NEVER use that place again. I love Executive because of their consistent service - you are guaranteed a nice massage and HJ from any girl that you pick. They don't pressure you for an additional tip, and I've even had experiences of DATY, and my new favorite girl gives me two pops for the price of one during my session...one at the very beginning and one at the end. The 1 hr drive from Chicago is what kills me...but no one said it was gonna be easy! I would TOTALLY be up for some carpooling if there were others interested in going to the Rockford / Belvidere area. We might be able to even break the rate down a little if we could guarantee them 5-10 clients on a consistent basis per week!

What do you guys think?

07-05-03, 10:40
Sad to hear that C'est la vie has gone down hill with their services. I had my first Massgage H/S experience at this place. The only way to send a clear message to them is to boycot and spread the word.

One more thing. I think a group outing would be a cool idea. Something that may involve, gambling, drinking, stripping and full service fun. Anyone interested in that?

07-08-03, 18:03
Just returned from Executive in Belvediere.

Update-- Jenny is only working Thur-Sun.

Shiela is gone. left last week

Amy is also gone.

Had session with Allie. Real nice girl. Cute face, but a little larger than some like. She had probably the best attitude of any girl I have ever visited with there. I thought her session was great. 2 pops. she used to work at Exclusive in Rockford a couple of years ago.

As I was entering room, I saw a thin redhead who I think is named Nina. Anyone been with her.

07-09-03, 20:40
That totally sucks about Sheila...she was my all time favorite. She had a huge natural rack and knew exactly how to use them to get the guys coming back. I have been seeing her regular for quite a while. And Amy was my back up for when Shelia was gone !!! I am in shock. Is there any one else at Execuative that is built like sheila (large on top and natural, and not too a bbw) stil there? I have been seeing thos e2 for a while and did not really pay attention to the other girls.

07-10-03, 12:04

Much like you, I had my favorites in Jenny, Amy, or Shiela. I too paid little attention to the others. Allie, that I saw, had nice natural breasts, but not in the league of Shiela. Plus she was a bit larger than many prefer.

Maybe some of the other gents can chime in with some reccomendatioins.

Jane Sparow
07-14-03, 12:53
Went to Executive on a Wednesday afternoon and saw Nicole. Very pretty, tight body, excellent service. First we went with the hot tub and then she did a nice hot oil massage - pleasant conversation. After the hot oil, Nicole did a soft sensual massage htting all the right places with special attention to my ass. I then gave a her a massage with some nipple kissing with light pussy rubbing. Finally, she gave me a nice slow HJ finish with a little prostrate massage finish. I've been going to Executive for approx. 3 years and this was my best experience with a great massage for a sexy hard body.

08-07-03, 19:47
Sorry to hear Sheila is gone. I had a great session with her a couple of months ago. I have always had a good experience with Vicki. Great GFE always pleasant, no kids to talk about, larger than some, not fat by any means. Great tatoo in a sensous spot. Usual finish.

08-11-03, 19:15
I have gone to Exclusive a couple of times and enjoyed myself both times. However, the "no set tip" makes me wonder what is normal, or excessive. Anyone have any thoughts on that. I know when it comes to the AMPs in Rockford, we are starting to get the total cost down a bit by decreasing the tip to between $100 and $120. Not as much offered in this case so not sure what tip I should be providing.

Thanks Guys!!

08-11-03, 21:20
I have tipped 20-40 at Exclusive. I have never gotten anything but a smile and thank you. Sometimes I apologize for not having more, but I never get an attitude. I have been tipping this for a couple of years.

08-12-03, 09:14
I have found that the tip amount depends on the girl. Just set a price you are willing to pay, and do not go over it.

Blue Sterling
08-12-03, 11:28
Forgive the simple question, but where can I find information about the Joliet area? I have done a search and the postings I found basically ask the same thing - "where is the Joliet info?"

08-12-03, 14:14
Thanks guys! I have been tipping $20 each time myself. Didn't know if I was being cheap or if most guys even tipped at all! In Minneapolis, the jack joints charge $80 for topless (somewhat interactive) massage and $120 total cost for a fully interactive massage. No tips required. Depending on the service, the rates for Executive are reasonable enough even with tip.


08-12-03, 18:42
$20 tip? Man, am I a cheap ass. I would only tip if they provided something extra (hasn't happened yet >shakes fist angrily<). Well, I'll keep what I'm doing until something exciting happens. I can't wait to see what Rockford is going to be like.

08-20-03, 07:22
I recently visited Executive and was with Stacy. She is tall with long legs and a nice ass, however, no chest. We spent some time in the hot tub, including some light caressing. Moved to the room for the massage. I spent some tome massaging her, but she stopped me after a short time. I'm not sure why, because she was getting wet and I assumed she was enjoying herself. Typical finish which included attemp at Russian. She is not really built for this. All in all a pleasent experience, albeit a little uninspired. Also a little too much info about her 3 kids. Will not see her again. I did not have an appointment, and I was suprised that they were so busy. Stacy was the only one available. One last note, traffic on 90 was one lane from the toll for about 2 miles. It took approx. 45 min. to go 5 miles. On the return trip I took Rt. 20 East to where the truck stop is on 90. Slow trip, but faster than the construction zone.

08-21-03, 13:20
Blue Sterling,

Any posts about Joliet will typically be on the "Other Areas" board. If previous posts are any indication, things are pretty slow there.

Blue Sterling
08-21-03, 16:15
I visited Executive on Monday about 1-hour before they close & the place was a mad house. I came in and a customer was going to the back. The lady told me to sit down and wait, "there might be a lady available in just a minute." It was hot, so I sat down and drank a free bottle of water. Two minutes later, a guy walks in the door. The lady explains that they are going to close in an hour and that all the sessions are booked. That I am the last customer. The guy sits down and says, "well, I will just wait and see if anything is available." I took that as my cue to leave. I drove over to Rockford and had a good time.

Is it always this busy?

09-01-03, 11:54
stopped by Exec over the weekend and decided to try Sabrina after hearing about her from some other customers. She is around 5 feet tall, and on the small side. A pettie girl, but not as hard bodied as nicole. The massage was OK...but I have gotten much better there before. The ending was about the same...just OK. For some reason Sabrina seemed like she would rather be somewhere else and did not put much effort into our session. Not meant as a pun, but she seemed like she was just going through the motions. Maybe she was just having a bad day, but I will not see her again. While waiting fro Sabrina to come out I saw Allie and she looked very interesting. Does any one have a report on a session with her?

09-02-03, 07:24

Visited Shawana on Saturday. She is my favorite body type, large cans, full figure. She seemed very friendly at the beginning, but a little unfocused. We were going to use the jacuzzi, but she was told the water was cold. Pretty good massage, very thorough.The part where I massage her was kept short[not by my choice]. Good and predictable finish. I did not realize our session was only 45 minutes until I was leaving.

Seems to be quite a few new girls working, so I will try someone else next time.

09-02-03, 13:30

I had a session with Allie about 2 months ago. See my full report back then (7/8). In short, not the most perfect body, but by far the best attitude I have ever had there. 2 pops if you ask.


09-02-03, 23:41
I had a session with Ally a couple of weeks back. She is far from my ideal, but was the only one available and I was thinking with the wrong head. What she doesn't have in looks (my opinion) she more than makes up for with personality. The real kicker was, at the finish, I got offered extras. Went with the BBBJ at 50.

I know that there is a lot of talk of that being not on the menu at the Executive and never gets directly thrown out there (by the women), but you guys have got to be able to see the signs of potential. The big difference with Ally for me was that I've never seen her before. Some I've seen more than twice have. Not everyone does. My two favorites don't. I like to read between the lines and push the envelope to see if further is available. The biggest clue is if they mention in small talk about previously working in Rockford, I run with it. It takes a lot of caution and tact, but sometimes pays off, if not, you still got a great massage and some contact finish. There are other clues, hard to explain, but sometimes it's not even worth the painstaking effort.

Enough for now, I've rambled long enough, it never hurts to try though. What've you got to loose, a little cash, some time, and a little effort.

09-02-03, 23:50
Good news/ great news/ bad news for all you Sheila fans out there who are missing her.

Good news....She hasn't completely disappeared off the face of the earth and is still available out there.

Great news...She's available for the same wonderful massage and probably a whole lot more.

Bad news....Gonna cost you probably three times as much as it would to see her at the Executive.

I'm probably going to set something up with her later in the week seeing she wasn't available tonight and I will report back when I do. Check the link below. Add a report if you see her.


09-16-03, 09:24
Stopped by exec last week and saw allie (sp?0. I was not able to post then since the website had problems...but they seem to be fixed..thanks :-). The session with allie was good, and extras were offered but I declined. She has a nice attitude and I enjoyed my time with her, but there was one thing that is bothering me. I did not have exact change for the fee and gave her the cash with my punch card. Well she never returned my change with the punch card. I did not notice this until the session was over, and I was getting dressed. I felt kind of awkward bringing it up so I let it slide since I did not want to make a scene. I usually tip the girls that amount anyways, but would prefer that I GIVE it to the, not have it TAKEN. I have never had this happen there before. I always have exact change when I go to any other place, or see an escort...but usually you are fine getting change at exec. Could it have been an oversite?? maybe...but my vibe is telling me tht it was not. So even though I had a good time with her, and extras were available...I will not see her again because if this.

09-16-03, 11:32

I would bet it was an oversite. Ally is about as nice as they come. I have seen her 3 times, and never had a problem like that. I am going out to see her later this week. I will report back if I have any similar experiences.


09-17-03, 08:31
[quote - Stopped by exec last week and saw allie (sp?0. I was not able to post then since the website had problems...but they seem to be fixed..thanks :-). The session with allie was good, and extras were offered but I declined. ]

This is Executive Relaxation Station right? What "extras" can one expect? I always thought this place was only a handshake.


09-17-03, 09:33
normally there are no "extras" available at exec...other than the hj. I have been going there for years and have found a few girls that will do a little extra when they get to know you. The girls that offer it are very rare there, since management is very strict on what they can do. It is usually the girls that worked at other fs shops before. Sheila used to offer extras to me ...but now she works for windy city girls so the extras are much more . I hadm a bad appointment with Sabrina a few weeks ago...but the vibe I got from her was that extras could be available if wanted...

09-18-03, 09:41
I once, and unfortunately only once, got full served at exec. It was about 2 yrs ago and I had hit a rather nice relationship with a decent looking girl there. Saw her a couple of times and the last time I saw her she just went to town on me. No questions, no requests, no demands. Just good time. I called to reserve her again about a week later and was told she was no longer working there. Can't remember her name for the life of me but she was the typical single mom working there. Knocked up at 17, 3 kids by 21 and on her own jacking guys at 25.

Worked for me.

Taco Malo
10-03-03, 12:28
Wen to C'est La Vie last night after my crappy session at a Rockford lingerie shop - see my post over there.

Had Amy. The place was busy as hell! Here is some info regarding the busiest times. Around the first of the month (pay day!), and Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Since I like the greatest selection, I'll be avoiding these times if possible.

Anyway back to Amy. Probably an early 30's blonde. Damn sexy ass MILF body fellas. Wow, curvacious with a perfect ass! Delicious breasts as well.

She took a very erotic approach to the massage. Her eyes were closed the whole time. Which is fine by me, she must have been fantasizing that my fat ass was George Clooney or something because she treated me right. Great HJ. Foot fun as well. Talked dirty too. Good times. Tipped her .4. But as always with this place, you can tip as little or as much as you want.

The walls are thin as hell here, and in the room next to us was this woman Michelle. Now Michelle is a fatty, but she has enormous juggs and gets nasty as hell. If you love dirty talk and kinkiness, she's your lady. I've had sessions with her in the past that were off the hook! And clear as day, I could here the dude she was with moaning and groaning, while she was literally yelling "Yeah baby! Cum baby!" I've been in the position where that dude was, humping her juggs, so I just smiled! Go have fun, highly recommended.

Of course the receptionist is the queen man-hater ***** of the century. And sometimes the women are even too old for me, but at this place you'll more often then not get good atmosphere, skilled women, and fun. No FS ever. BJ possibly, I've received twice. But not really worth it as the women are not supposed to do that, so they don't get into it and only do it for a short period of time.

This place is near the top of my list as a local favorite.



Taco Malo
10-06-03, 16:44
Capped off my recent binge at C'est La Vie with a 2 girl. One was Pepper. Pepper is old, I mean really old. But in good shape, big juggs, and talks absolutly nasty and dirty. She's great in a two girl. Kinky HJ, foot play and lots of talk.

In any case, I've been noticing lately that these girls will constantly be looking at the air vent in each room. These have nothing to do with ventilation, they are there as peep holes for the queen b**ch to keep an eye on what's going on. They are "officially" not supposed to wanky the hanky anymore. Two of the women I have had sessions with have complied. So they let me hump their juggs. All the other women are pretty quick to comply.

But just something to keep in mind as not everyone may like the idea of being spied upon during a relaxing session. And it is annoying to have the attendent's attention distracted in such a way. I know I'd rather be the 100% center of attention like it used to be.

P.S. In my Amy review below, she did not look to see if she was being watched at all. She just worked her magic.



10-13-03, 12:03
Goo...I had a few questions about your sessions at C'est La Vie . I used to go there a lot, but have not for a couple of years. What are the prices now for the house fee and tips, what hours, etc... I really like girls that are big on top (natural) and some good russian. I have been searching for a replacement ever since Shelia left Exec. I was wondering if you could provide more info on michelle and amy (description, size, etc..) and other other naturally top heavy ladies there. Which girls still provide a hj? If you would rather not post here, you can PM me at tencan4@yahoo.com. Thanks.

10-13-03, 19:02
I remember reading Sheila from the Exec turned up elsewhere. Can anyone refresh my memory where she went?

Taco Malo
10-16-03, 12:26
Hey Tencan,

Nah I'll post the info here for all to use. I'm pretty bad with names. The only way I remembered Amy and Michelle was because I posted my report the next day.

I started going to C'est La Vie when I was living in DeKalb, I'd say 5 or 6 years ago...geez time flies. I took a break from there when I was living in St. Louis for 3 years...and would visit maybe once a year.

Aside from one stretch of time in there a while ago, where they wouldn't even take off their lingerie much less handle you, it's been exactly the same. As I said, now they are not supposed to use their hand...but I would say that 80% do. You know, somtimes you have to play those games where you need to lead there hand over on you, or mannually remove there clothes. In the end it all comes down to the woman you're with.

Now I am a regular over there, so it may be different. And I'm an OK tipper. The ever-pissed off receptionist will tell the girl if you have been there before (when you're in the room waiting, but one time she told the girl while I was right there). When that happens, sometimes the teaser massage goes right out the window and the action happens immediately.

Michelle is very heavy - let's face it, she's fat. Blonde. But man, her attitude and massive cans more then make up for it. She's fun as hell. Amy has a more cool attitude. But she's one of these providers who gets all erotic and in to it. Really focuses on good service. She also wears makeup and had a smoking hot tan milf body. Curvaceous without being tubby. I'd say both are in their mid to late 30s.

In terms of Russian - if that's what the large chested ladies deliver - that seems to be OK for them to do. I've had a couple of women who wouldn't use the hand, but had no problem using their titties. I'm with you Tencan, I like the curves and big breasts. That's one of the reasons I prefer to go there.

But don't take my word for it, just go check it out. Weekdays tend to be best. Wednesday night I think Michelle and Amy work. But who knows...they come and go as they please. Now as others have posted, don't be suprised if you go in there and all there is is some old hag available...or some skinny, bony chick...but you know how it is! Always a crap shoot.


10-19-03, 11:18
o2bincognito -

Scroll further down, there should still be a link to Sheila.

As for all you C'est La Vie entusiasts, please enlighten us who go to Executive. I've been to C'est once, and it was terrible, poor attitude, barely a massage, no finish. Was so pissed that I went to Executive and got everything (standard hj, still looking for more). Let me know.

Taco Malo
10-19-03, 19:24
Yeah, I do need to back Chief Wiggum up in that of my mant experiences at Cest' La Vie - it's not 100% great. I've defintely had some crappy waste of time massages.

My experiences at Exclusive though have been genrally worse (but I've gone there less). Always a formula with me. No 2 girl sessions. You self shower. Followed by hot tub if you want it (and a some playtime). Followed by she massages you. Then you massage her. Then the grand stress relief.

More predictable and mid range then Cest La Vie. While Cest La Vie is either crappy or great.

Mac Man
11-03-03, 10:23
I have visited Exclusive twice in the past two weeks, once on a Thursday afternoon and I this last week on Friday afternoon. The Thursday was my first time there, and though had read a lot of the posts on the place, I didn't recognize many of the names I had read about during the line-up, except for Nicole. Nicole is a beautiful redhead with a nice tight body, but during the line-up seemed very detached and aloof. Nice enough smile, but just didn't seem to be into the personality thing. The girl that really caught my attention was Tina. Older than Nicole, but bursting with personality. She had just finished a session, so she was still in her robe during the line-up, but I chose her anyway. I was not disappointed.

Now Tina has a very good body for her age (I suspect she's in her mid-thirties, but I never asked). Fit and fairly trim, with the addition of implants (which I am NOT fond of) and some various tattoos (which I am also NOT fond of) Nonetheless, her personality and massage were outstanding. It's very apparent that either she really enjoys her work, or is very good at faking it. Highly recommended.

A couple weeks later I paid Exclusive another visit. This time Tina was already booked. Rather than wait, I chose Andra, a short brunette. Very natural, smallish breasts (which I am particularly fond of) and a plentitude of tatoos (again, I am not). Also, Andra is just a bit thick in the hips and thighs, which may bother some people. Her attitude was, however, outstanding and she was very acommodating. Massage technique was a bit too light for my liking, but other than that she really tried hard to do her best.

Quick Nick
11-07-03, 12:44
First time poster:

I went to the Executive last week and saw Nicole. I tried to get a session with Allie because of all the good posts here, but she had an appointment. My only two real choices were Sabrina and Nicole. I remembered that Sabrina has been reported here as not having much enthusiasm, so I opted for Nicole. I am glad I did. Nicole is a very cute redhead with a great body except for being a little flat chested. The jacuzzi was being worked on, so we got right into it. I took a shower and got naked. When she came back to the room, I removed her bikini to reveal a near-perfect ass. She told me to lay down on the table and gave me an excellent massage. She really has great hands. She then began with the light massage, running her fingers down my back, up my legs, and around my inner thighs. You get the picture. I kept reaching my hands back to brush her legs and gently rub her gorgeous ass. She then asked me to roll over and began to slowly work lotion on to Mr. Happy. It didn't take me too long to reach bliss. This girl had an excellent personality too. We actually had a great conversation with not a lot of personal talk. My only regret is that she didn't offer to let me give her a reverse massage. I would have loved to check out that body on a more intimate level. The cost was $85 plus I gave a $40 tip. It was well worth it.

Mac Man
11-10-03, 17:44
Quick Nick,

Did you ASK about reversing roles with Nicole?

Most of the time the girls at Executive are eager to please their customers if it doesn't involve anything TOO out of the ordinary, and massage role reversal is pretty much the norm. I'd be surprized if one of the girls flat out refused .

Doctor WU
11-11-03, 02:49
First Post

I will be passing through Belvidere next week and am looking for recommendations at either Executive or C'est La Vie.

My last visit was in September - once at each place on different days. At Exec, it was Sabrina - overall an OK experience but nothing special. Not enough breastage for the attempted Russian. At CLV, it was Laurie - definately better Russian as she has some major yabbos (enhanced). Gotta admit I like the big chests!

Also, early summer I spent an hour with Ally at the Exec and all reports I've read on her are on the money. Nice time, for sure. Just want to make sure I have a couple of backup ideas should Ally be unavailable.

Thanks for your input.


Taco Malo
11-11-03, 17:41
I think "reverse massage" may mean something else. Believe me, those women are more then eager to lay down and let you rub them. Usually not between the legs though, and many don't let you slick them up with lotion or oil.

Mac Man
11-12-03, 08:41
Another great experience with Tina at the Executive. That girl can give a massage. In my conversations with her, I may have guessed wrong on her age though. She has an older son that may put her in her forties. The fact that I guessed wrong, however, says a lot about the shape her body's in. I highly recommend her for personality, performance and attitude, as well.

11-13-03, 12:03
Anyone ever hook up with Sheila (now rachel ) at Windy city since she left Exec? I was thinking of booking an appointment with her..but now she is no longer on their website. I was hoping someone had a contact # for her to see if she was still seeing clients.

11-13-03, 14:31

Rachel is still on RS2K. You have to search through a pretty long list if images, but she is there somewhere.


Later - oops, sorry! I just checked, and she is off there, too. I hope she is OK and still free!

Chicago Bob
11-13-03, 15:31
Quick Nick,

I'm glad to hear that you had a good time at Executive!!! I'm just curious as to your rationale for tipping $40 over the standard $85 fee. The beauty of Executive is that the girls are completely happy with us just paying the $85. On occassion, I have tipped $10 or $15, but nothing more. In my opinion, tipping $40 for standard service raises the expectations that the girls have, and will force the rest of us to also tip this high to receive the same service we have always been getting.

What do you guys think?


Mac Man
11-13-03, 23:15
Oops! Went to Executive tonight (Thursday) on my way back from Chicago. Forgot they close at 6:30pm on weekdays.

11-14-03, 08:17

I agree that $40.00 tip is excessive. I rarely even tip the $10.00 or $15.00 tip you suggested unless service is extra good.

The girls always seem satisfied with the $85.00 charge.

Taco Malo
11-14-03, 11:19
Whassabe - yeah I learned my lesson of overtipping the hard way.

When I was still unexperienced - I was tipping $60 at Cest' La Vie. The other day I was in there - the broad was waiting for her tip so I gave her $40, and she was all huff and puff.

What the hell! $40 is damn generous. I'll still give $40 now, but it has to be a really good freaky time. Anything less will get you a $20. One ounce of attitude or some dumb rule (but I still get off) $5 - $10.

Chicago Bob
11-14-03, 11:35

Perhaps we can all agree that we won't tip unless we get some sort of extra service that isn't included in the $85. The usual HJ, reverse massage and even anal stimulation is in my opinion, standard service at the executive.

After talking to many girls at the Executive, they are working there because of the steady income, NOT the tips. They enjoy the fact that they are consistently busy and making $40-$45 per hour (after the house takes their portion) as oppose to the shops in Rockford where they may sit a whole 8 hour shift without getting a client.

I know it seems kind of harsh to band together and decide not to tip - but given the fact that tipping has not yielded any of us any extras, why not use tipping only as a reward for extra special service. This could even encourage the girls to play outside the lines a little.

Just an idea! Any thoughts?


Mac Man
11-14-03, 12:08
Got to agree with Bob on this one, too. RTips should be reserved for those that go above and beyond the standard. Anything more simply raises the standard, and that's not good for the customer. I too, typically expect to tip if the service is extra special, but a $40 tip requires something "really"special at Exclusive.

Quick Nick
11-14-03, 14:51
Hi friends:

I offered the extra $40 to Nicole because she was extremely friendly and had much better looks than anyone else I've dealt with at the Executive. But, your points are well taken. I certainly don't want to increase the cost of the services for any of us. I've been going to the Executive sparingly for about 10 years, and only twice have I tipped over $20, usually nothing.

I humbly ask for forgiveness from my fellow hobbyists and promise not to excessively tip without receiving something extremely special in return.

That said, I do highly recommend Nicole. She seems to be a great person with a super attitude. I think you will enjoy the sessions. Bye for now.

11-14-03, 20:03
Since they changed the price structure (mid-late 90's?) at Executive, I've always throw down a Ben. The price is 85, so there's always been 15 brought back and put on the table. At the end, every time, I've been told, "don't forget you're change", but almost every time I've left it. There has been once or twice I've taken it, but really, a bad experience is rare at that place. There have also been times have left a little extra and that has been those outstanding times when things go really well (ya know?).

I don't know the current Sheila/Rachel status in Chicago, but I'll say this, she doesn't have any good reviews on any review board, mediocre at best. I was going to test the waters when she made the switch, but could never hook it up. From what I've seen (review wise), I'm glad it didn't happen. For me, it's one thing to test the waters at $1-$1.5 in the LS's & MP's, a bad experience I can live with, but at $3+, I need a sure thing good time. For me, the hour trek west has been much more satisfying, easier on the pocketbook, and with more down to earth women. I wouldn't be surprised to see her back at the Executive, because I'm sure they're not beating down her door for a engagement. I've seen her at Executive, and to be honest, she wouldn't be in my top 20 ATF. Nothing bad, just not outstanding.

So, to each his own, speaking of, it's nice to see good reports, even if it with ones I didn't click with. Tina for example, not bad on the eyes, great personality, and very friendly. I won't see her again, the rough, sports type massage wasn't for me. Nicole, Jenny, Sabrina, others also, in the non-repeat category, but like I said, to each his own. My current favorites never seem to get mentioned, but that's ok. Anyone remember Bridget from the mid-90's? She's my #1 ATF. Long gone now, but she still has me going back trying to find the one to knock her out of that position. And I'll keep on, because its worth the trip.

Service Man
11-17-03, 10:50

I made a trip to Executive last Thursday. There were only two ladies available when I arrived that afternoon, Vicky and Dora. Vicky seemed nice, but is not really my type. So, I chose Dora. Dora is a short 40ish, dark haired Polish woman. She looks very nice for her age, and has a very nice enhanced rack.

I paid the $85 session fee, and tipped another 30. I thought that was a reasonable tip for the very nice session she offered. The session was the normal Executive experience; shower, jacuzzi, massage, reverse massage, and very nice hand finish. Dora was
a good experience, professional, courteous, and nice to chat with.

I have been to Poland in the past, so that gave us a few things to talk about. She didn't really offer anything extra above the standard service, but that service was good enough.
I think I'll see her again on one of my future trips to Executive.

Service Man

11-17-03, 13:54
Bummer news...allie is no longer working at Exec. I called today to make an appointment and was given the bad news. Seems just when I find a girl I like they leave :-(. Does anyone know of any other large chested girls (natural) at EXec. I always try asking the girl who answers the phone, bur she always evades answering with any specifics and just says we have lots of pretty girls here....

Mac Man
11-17-03, 19:27
That really IS a bummer that Allie left. Though I never had the pleasure of having a session with her, I had met her briefly in the lobby a few weeks ago and was looking forward to one soon. Any news WHERE she went?

I visited Executive again this afternoon, and I want to again point out the real benefit of this forum, and that's sharing information. When I first went to Executive, I went at a slow time in the afternoon, and found about 5-6 girls to choose from. The one that caught my eye immediately was Nicole. Slim and a gorgeous body ( Yeah, I know some of you guys like the huge chests, but I'm an ass and leg man myself, and Nicole is very gifted in those departments ) Anyway, my first impression upon meeting her was that she was very aloof, possibly even conceited. I ended up choosing Tina and was well rewarded with a great massage, pleasant conversation and an all-around great time.

Well, after reading all the positive reviews of Nicole posted here, I wondered if I hadn't made a hasty judgement and gotten a wrong first impression. So, I caved in to my curiousity and this afternoon decided to give Nicole a try.

I'm here to tell you, it's a good thing I read these reports! My session with Nicole was fabulous. Friendly, personable, and professional. Didn't rush at all and was very concerned that I was enjoying her service. Her massage technique is above average, not strong, deep and definitive like Tina's, but much better that most of the AMPS in Rockford give. Really relaxed me. She seemed to enjoy the reverse massage, as well, and let me take my time to get to know that great body of hers. All in all, a great session, and one that I'm hopeful to repeat.

Also, I should emphasize just how clean all the girls work to keep this place. I think the first time anyone visits Executive, it's one of the lasting impressions you take with you. Not to mention the lack of BS that you usually run into dealing with most of the AMPS.
All in all, it makes a trip to the Executive a pretty good value.

Taco Malo
11-19-03, 15:13
I've got to agree. I prefer C'est La Vie (they're open later, usually when I get the urge and haul my butt out there), but both places are very clean. Women clean as well.

Just the fact they both have showers in each room is a huge plus.

11-20-03, 13:50
I have seen Nicole several times and always had a good time. I hear what you say about her seeming aloof at the beginning. My first appointment with her was ok, but there was some attitude. I tried her a second time and it was awesome, and has been ever since. I have seen tina also, but that was before the implants. She was not really my cup of tea body wise, but she was really into giving good service and that made up for it. She is also very nice. I have seen Dora also and she really got me going as she reminded me of an old flame. The only drawback was that she is a bambi lover/tree hugger/animal rights type and talks about it no-stop. This might not bother most people, but I love hunting more than anything and really did not want to hear about her ideas about how plants had feelings like us. I politley tried to tell her I really did not want to hear about how my dinner has the same rights as I do , but she just would not take the hint. So while the massage and finish was good, the rest sucked and I have not seen her since. I have no idea where Allie went ..I have been seeing her about 2x a month and had appointments booked out when I heard she was gone (she never said anything to leaving to me). I would love to know if she is working still. Most of the other girls I used to see at Exec are gone. I just remembered..I also saw Kara/Cara(sp?) and she as very good also, and fun to talk with. I think she still may be there now.

I still prefer Exec to Cie...at least at Exec you know you are going to leave with a smile. At Cie is it a hit or miss (with the new rules) and you dont find out if you are going to get a hs until after you dump some cash....unless you are a regular and have a deal with the girls.

Mac Man
11-21-03, 19:23
You know, there are three great things that make a good restaurant ( stay with me here, OK? ) One obviously is the quality of the product. The other two are fair prices ( for what you get ) and consistancy.Well, just like a good restaurant, the wonderful thing about the Executive is that all three of those things exist. If you read this board long enough, you know there are places where the product and the prices are good, SOMETIMES. The thing that truly separates the Executive from all those places is the consistancy. You always know what to expect. Knowing the expectation really increases the odds that you'll have a satisfying outcome.

Performance, on the other hand, varies from girl to girl.

I visited The Executive again this afternoon. ( Twice in one week is certainly NOT the norm for this working slob ) On a Friday afternoon the roster was like a buffet, but several were waiting for appointments including Jen ( my choice for the day ). I decided on Sabrina, who I had read some reviews about, but had never encountered in any of my previous visits. Small girl, great little body. No, make that FABULOUS little body. She was a bit reserved in her conversation but worked hard to do a great job. Her massage is on the lighter side, and though she asked how I liked my massage, she was never quite able to get the grit in it like Tina can. Point is, she tried, though, and that's worth a lot in my book. She was pleasant, polite and seemed to actually care if I enjoyed the session, though not quite to the degree that Tina or Nicole might.

If you don't like a strong massage, Sabrina might just be what the doctor ordered.

11-26-03, 12:28

Allie that was at Executive is now at the Exclusive in Rockford. She goes by Char. So come here to see her.


Hayley (A Exclusive girl)

Mac Man
11-26-03, 20:08
Well, here goes another report on "Executive Material" in Belvidere.

Stopped by Executive on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving. It was about 3pm and man were they busy. No available Rooms, and ALL the girls were with customers. Poor Dawn must have felt like an air traffic controller.

I waited patiently along with several other customers. I was trying to see someone I hadn't yet seen. Andra was working and so was Tina. Both were with customers which was too bad, because nobody gives a better massage than Tina, and I really needed a good massage.

Heather was the first free girl and though I was "first in line", I passed. She just seemed a little too much on the hefty side. Next up was Dora. Pretty hot looking girl with short dark hair. I swear to God I need to see that girl, but the Bad news was she already had an appointment set up. I had already waited about 40 minutes when Janet came up. Nice rather plain looking girl, but a winning smile so I decided to fly with her. Attitude was good and she was certainly friendly enough ( I think some would say wa-a-a-y too talkative ), but her massage technique amounted to nothing more than spreading lotion. I don't know, maybe she was tired or something, but this was a really uninspired session that I probably would not repeat. Nor could I recommend
her to anyone who is looking for anything close to a massage.

Finish was usual for the Executive so I guess it wasn't a complete waste of time.

Hopefully next time I can hook up with Dora.

11-28-03, 08:36

I read your report asking for recommendations regarding girls at Executive. I think you may be interested in Vicki. Lerge naturals, a bit on the heavy side but I like them big. Great attitude, always friendly provides russian, and no family talk. I have never heard her talk about kids or boyfriends. Eager provider with a couple years of experience. I have tried others with warying amounts of success, but I keep coming back to Vicki.

Good Luck.


Service Man
11-28-03, 16:49

I was also at Executive Wed, afternoon around 3. Several of the girls were busy as I arrived, so the selection was somewhat limited. I ended up picking Heather. As described earlier, she is a bit heavy, but otherwise not bad looking.

Heather gave me a very nice massage. She told me that she is taking massage training, and I believe her. She gave a nice session, with not too much chatter, or other distractions. She offered the standard Executive experience, and nothing extra.
She is pleasant, and offered a good expeience. I would definitely see her again if the opportunity presented itself.

Taco Malo
11-29-03, 20:42
I tink I'm done with C'est La Vie. I see where you guys get the hit or miss...it has been getting more and more like that. And there is no fresh blood - just the same women that have worked there year after year.

Do not go there during the day! The day crew sucks. As least half of them are old bags with uppity attitudes and lots of "rules". Made this mistake this Friday which I had off, and didn't even get the handy! What the Fuck!

If you do go, go in the evening its better.

But now I think I'm now all about the Exclusive in Rockford.

11-30-03, 20:43
thanks ohboy..I was planning on seeing her my next visit after hearing some reccomendations from others about her also. I was up there this weekend and saw Cara and had a great time. Very pleasant and accomodating..I would highly recommend her. I forgot to post that I saw Dora ( A nice time and great body...but she is not really my cup of tea, but she was the only one available at the time. See my previous posts about her.)and found out from her that the reason Allie was fired (she is at Exclusive again as Char) was that the management found out she was offering/providing extras after reading about it on the internet. I felt guilty since I was one of the ones who posted about her offering extras on this site. While what I posted was true, I only intended to pass the info along to others looking for more fun and not get her in trouble for it. I will definately not report on that subject again on any of the girls working there. But at least she got her old job back,and I will have to stop by and pay a visit .

Quiet One
12-06-03, 22:20
Made a stop by Executive. Bout a month ago in the afternoon. Because of this board, called ahead and got Jen when Allie wasn't available. Fairly attractive blonde, small top, nice butt. Showered by self. Massage followed by a reverse massage. On the flip hand massage to finish. Overall o.k experience but I'm looking for more up top. A well spent $85 plus small tip.

12-09-03, 09:57
Decided to take a ride to Belvidere after the Packer/Bear game Sunday. They were not very busy and there were at least six girls in the front. It has been awhile since I have been there and there were only two girls that I recognized. I decided to go with Jenny, since I have been seeing her for a few years on and off. As usual she gave a fantastic session. She was very friendly and gave me an incredible massage. She looks great and is really keeping herself in shape. She is tall, tan and thin (not skinny) in her mid twentys. Just right for me. The standard finish was included after the massage and Jenny does a great job with this. I will try some of the other girls and report back.

12-11-03, 14:06
Went to Executive yesterday and requested a girl I had about three weeks ago (sorry, she begged me not to post her name). First time with her, she asked if I ever get blow jobs from the other girls. I said yes. She asked if I pay $50 or $80 for it. Being the dummy I am, I said $80 (my mother always told me I was the cute one, not the smart one). Received a good BBBJ. Yesterday, during the johnson play, I reminded her that I got a BJ from her previously. No problem, she just went down on it. She does ask you to let her know when you are ready to shoot. Somewhat reasonable request but not preferred. Over the past year, I rarely have been limited to a HJ there. Russian is their preference but have received BJ's from others.

12-12-03, 10:05
Check your pm's.


Taco Malo
12-12-03, 13:27
Yeah, I'm probably not going to post to many more name specific stuff up here anymore - sounds as if they check the site to see who breaks the rules.

12-12-03, 17:34
It would probably not be a bad idea to make sure anyone you send a PM about "extra" services at Exec is an established poster on this site. I have been getting a lot of weird e mails asking very specific questions about the girls lately. None of these e mails have been from regular posters on this website, and I am suspecting it is Exec managament. I would hate to see another girl get let go because we "spilled the beans" like Allie did. I dont see anything wrong with letting others know which girl gives good service but it would probably be wise to keep the info on the extras to ourselves. I know I had a few posts detailing which girls offered me "extras" , but I will not do it anymore since Allie got let go.

12-13-03, 21:02
Wow, looks like a lot of you horny phucks like BBBJ's as much as I do. As I've tried to PM everyone, I believe in sharing the info but don't want to get anyone in trouble at Executive. To everyone that PM'ed me, as those post's grow or more substantial information is in your posts, I'll be happy to share. I'm not talking about you give me info, I'll give you; but after some naming of provider names for the board, I'll share the Executive contact.

I don't do FS with providers, so I'm always looking for BBBJ's and am more than willing to give names, service and prices.

I've been lurking for a year or so, but have only started posting in the last week. I wouldn't expect anyone to PM private info to me know.

Anywho, I hope everyone has a great holiday and I'm looking forward to sharing more info with everyone in the future.

12-15-03, 10:25
I was at Exec. two weeks ago and had I great session with Jenny once again. I love the way she massages the thighs and slips fingers near the twig and giggleberries! Good way to get the blood pumping. On the flip, she started rubbing me, and applied the oil, she really gets into the hj. What a great ending.

Was wanting to try Dora, she looked real hot, but then Jenny came out and I remembered the great session with her last year. I have had three sessions with Sabrina and they are good, but she lacks enthusiam.

Wish I would find the girl you likes to give bbbj though.


12-15-03, 10:50
jeff...I have see Dora in the past and always had fun. She has a hot bod, with an enhanced rack. I saw Kara (sp?) a few days ago and had a great time. Very pleasant to talk to , good looking, and nice and natural up top...you cant go wrong seeing her.

12-15-03, 17:04
I think I will have to try Dora my next time through. She looks too good to pass up. Does she get into the hj? I would love to find out who this mystery women is though!

12-15-03, 19:21
Her post massage work if good, and she lets you play around with her also. Ask her for some russian..it is pretty good even though she has enhancements. She is Polish (but speaks english fine) and moved back here from Vegas, and worked at Exec befroe she went to Vegas.

Taco Malo
12-16-03, 13:31
Man, I need to try out Exec. It's sounding like the quality has gone up.

Last I remember, it closes at 5PM or some such....still the case?

12-16-03, 17:31
10-5 on weekdays and 12-9.30 on the weekends (at least those used to be the hours)...

my mysterious phantom e mailer (who I suspect is a girl working at Exec) sent me a note with correct hours of operation...

weekdays 10-6.30
weekends 12-9

12-20-03, 21:54

"I think I will have to try Dora my next time through. She looks too good to pass up. Does she get into the hj? I would love to find out who this mystery women is though!

Based upon the reports of the list, I dropped by Executive on Monday of this past week and met up with Dora. I called in advance to schedule a session.

Dora was very attractive with huge, enhanced breasts. However - her techinique is weak at best - very light and low. Also - she spoke at length about her 10 year old son that she had out of wedlock (no problem there) with a guy who she obviously despises - slammed the guy left and right. Then - she goes on to say she wants another kid - and she is in negotiations with the same guy. First she says he has problems - major problems for which she had to sue for custody - then she turns around and wants him to father anotherh kid. Go figure.

This woman has too much baggage. Beyond that - her technique - while pleasant - is average at best.

I would avoid.


12-21-03, 14:59
How was the happy ending??

I would still have to say my favorite times at Exec. would have been with Jenny. She is very very nice to look at it and she enjoys her job. She gives a great massage, and really gives a great hj.

I have had a few sessions with Sabrina, they were all good, but some times it seems like she has a wandering mind, not really in touch with me. But I wouldn't hesitate to see her again or reccomend her either.

I have seen two other women there but it was a couple of years ago and I cannot remember who their names.

All in all, I have never had a bad experience there.

I have been wanting to try Tina also.

Chicago Bob
12-22-03, 18:25
Stopped by Exec. yesterday without an appointment. Jenny was available, so I chose her. Great massage, great hj and great enthusiasm. I don't know what's wrong with me, but I've been going here for the past three years or so, and I feel like I need to try something different. Maybe it's the 50 min drive from Chicago that kills it for me.

Does anyone know of a similar place closer to Chicago? I'm really not interested in the AMP or EMP setup. I like the American girl thing. Any ideas?

12-23-03, 09:45
Stopped in at the Executive last Saturday. Janet was available and I had seen her before, so I had a session with her. She is a great girl and really tries to make sure the session is enjoyable. She is about 5 ft. 5 inches, brown hair with a medium build. She reminds me a little of Jodie Foster. Loves to talk about movies and that's ok for me, cause I'm a movie guy to. Great finish. I would highly recommend her. $85.00 plus tip.

Frank Most
12-27-03, 00:12
I was just at Exec. the other day and heard about this from one of the girls. I have not yet seen Dora. I have seen her sitting once but she was not available. She is very nice looking and I think I will try her next time.

I have seen Tina a few times and Nicky. I agree that Tina is too hard on teh massage but she makes up for it in her personality. She is very sweet and is good at the end.
Nicky is very good. I really like her. I try to get in with her when I can but she seems to be busy often. She is very caring and does not talk about her life the entire time. She could be better at the massage though. She will let you give some enjoyable lickings all over her body even her pussy. She gives a great ending too!

I suggest her if you can. You should probably call for an appointment though. Best of luck!

12-27-03, 11:48
Thanks for the report, Frank. Is Nicky the same as Nicole, who others have spoken highly of? Still deciding who to go with when I make a trip down.

12-29-03, 23:12

I please check your PMs. I would appreciate that contact info about Executive.



12-31-03, 13:18
nicky and Nicole are two different girls. nicky has long permed blond hair and a nice figure, and nicole has short dark hair and is younger with a tighter bod.

12-31-03, 16:00
Hi. I have been a long, long, long time lurker and am now posting for the first time.

Went to Executive last week and saw Andria (who used to work at one of the LS's in rockford). The session was just around average with the conversation, massage, and finish.

I have previously had sessions with nicki, nicole, kira, jenni, and amee (who may longer be there, which is a good thing, believe me).

Does someone have a recommendation other than the ones I have mentioned?

01-06-04, 10:57
I was at Executive yesterday afternoon. I picked Janet. She has a beautiful face. We went into the sauna and had a great conversation. Janet is a real down to earth woman. We continued into the massage, which was a little weak, but thats not what I was there for. The hj was AWESOME though. She really gets into it, rubbing the boys and really makes sure you enjoy it. She even gave me a little ego boasting, but I wont get into that. I would definately reccomend Janet if you want a fun time.

01-07-04, 12:18
I've been a lurker for a while and want to thank the group for brining Executive to my attention.

Barb joined Executive a month or two ago. I saw her during her first week. She has not worked in the industry before. She was pretty timid but did give a nice massage. Her finishing technique was okay, but my guess is that she will get better over time. She has a great face. Her body is tight and while she is bigger-boned, she is not overweight. Her chest is not big. Not a lot of conversation, maybe because she was concentrating on trying to do well at the new job. I would see her again, but maybe wait a bit for her to become a bit more seasoned. Anyone see her lately?

01-07-04, 14:01
I have been a long time lurker and have been reading messages. Here is my two cents worth. Nicol, Nicki are great. Dora used to be great though I have not seen her lately. Janet is real hot and cold. She can be a superb***h and gets into dont touch me here and dont touch me there. Some guys had good time w Janet but I find her very unpredicatble. I do not see her as a repeat. Jenny is pretty good too.

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Mac Man
01-07-04, 18:13
Hit the Executive for a quick visit this afternoon with the expressed intention of seeing someone I had NOT seen before. Nicole and Tina were both waiting in the lobby when I got there, both waiting for appointments. Both offer super service, great attitude and great personality. I've always been especially partial to Tina's massage, no one ever even comes close.

The only other person not already with a client was Judy, and being pressed for time, I went ahead with her. Judy's a little on the " Baby Fat" side, not really fat, just a few extra pounds ( don't we all have that problem anyway? ) Pleasant enough personality, but Judy is a smoker, and I just couldn't get past the smoke smell. After I had already gone back with her, I remembered seeing her in the lobby smoking on a couple of my previous visits. Probably wouldn't bother most of you, but it did me, and as a result I couldn't really get into the session. Judy tried hard, and as I said, she's got a pretty good personality.

Average massage, not bad, but not great, used her breasts to aid in the massage, which was interesting. Handshake had the usual outcome and I was out the door right at the hour mark. Was hoping Dora, Nicky or Janet might be available, maybe next time.

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01-09-04, 06:19
WSG is a great service for everybody who likes sex. I have been a visitor for a long time to executive and other places. I think Nicol, Nicki, Jen are great and do not do hot and cold. They are always in good mood and always repeat. I have not seen Barb yet and wondered about her being newby and that is what one writer wrote about. Janet is very unpredictable and is ok at times and very hostile at times. Sometimes you wonder why are you paying somebody to be hostile to you but there she is. Not a repeat because dont do this and dont do that. It feels like a wife scolding. One can go home get yelled at ,you donot need to pay to get yelled at. I am not surre whether she even wants to give any happiness to a customer. Not a repeat anyway.

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Chicago Bob
01-09-04, 10:59

Barb is NOT new to the industry. She used to work at Exclusive in Rockford. I had seen her there in the lineup multiple times and when I bumped into her at the Executive, I pretended like I knew her. It wasn't until we had talked for a while that I remembered that I knew her from the Exclusive. She confirmed this when I asked her and said that she liked Executive much more because she didn't have to "do as much". She's a really sweet girl, but as far as technique goes you're right, she could use some refinement.

Frank Most,

I agree with you regarding Tina's massage technique. She is a really sweet person, but I was seriously in pain while she was giving me my massage. I told her a few times that I preferred a "soft" massage, she said "okay" and continued to beat the crap out of my muscles. Every now and then she would ask me "what's wrong" (she would see the look of death on my face) but then would continue with the beating. I must say though, AFTER the massage, my body felt great. I'd never had a massage like that! But I go to Exec for a different kind of stimulation :-P I think I will try Janet next!

01-09-04, 15:51
The Barb you're talking about is tall with brown hair, right? She has a tatoo on her leg and clean shaven? This girl has been around, formerly of the lingerie shops in Rockford. New to Executive, but definitely not new to the industry. Btw, she's great. Good massage, not strong, but good (what can I say, I have strong, sore muscles that may need >gasp< a guy's touch?). I really enjoyed my session with her. She's also thinking career growth, which I like to hear, thinking about taking massage classes.

If the dude who owns Executive is really reading this, he/she should put these girls on the payroll, give out benefits instead of doling them out on the lowly 1099 tax form from hell. Paying for their educaion, say like massage classes, is a win-win situation: increased business, increased customer satisfaction, girls gets a skill, good tax write-off...

Taco Malo
01-09-04, 16:31
Hey guys,

Still haven't had a chance to to Executive in quite some time...got to give it another try as the rave reviews keep coming in.

The last time I was there however, I wanted to get a 2 girl and they said they don't that. Has anyone had the same experience? Or maybe had the 2 girl?


01-10-04, 11:23

You may need to get to know a girl to find out about the 2-girl. I have had great experience with bringing the girl in an then asking her if there is anyone she would feel comfortable with joining us. Best of Luck!

01-10-04, 23:34
Goo....they do have 2 girl massages..but they do not interact at all...it is just 2 girls giving you a massage.

Frank Most
01-11-04, 17:49
I seen Dora finally. She is very attractive! She is very talkative about her homeland Europe. I have to say not my type for the most part. Talks too much about her son and animals. I find her to be a little crazy actually.

I would not suggest seeing her. But only my two cents. Nicky i seen again (my fav.) and it was pleasing as usual. As I have said before she is very nice and great body. She is older but still looks great. Nicol and Nikki are not the same girl. I have seen Nicol sitting before waiting for an appointment. She is younger and thin. Very attractive. I plan on seeing her sometime.

I will have to look out for this Barb girl too!

Chicago Bob
01-11-04, 18:50

I've been visiting Exec for a few years now and never even considered a 2 girl! What a great idea! When you say that they don't interact, I'm assuming you mean there is no lesbian action or anything going on. But, when it comes to the standard finish, do both of them participate equally? I may go and try this tomorrow based on your reply!

Thanks in advance!


01-12-04, 14:50
Yes, that is the Barb I am talking about. I was under the impression she hadn't done this before (a guy sitting in the waiting room who had passed on her told me - I never bothered to ask her personally).

I recently had a session with Tina. Like everyone says, she gives a great massage. However, she's completely fake up top and she's a bit older than I prefer. She also puts a lot into the finish. But for my personal taste, I like em younger and natural (big or small doesn't matter).

Hero Forever
01-13-04, 04:49
Hmm. I've been around this area a few times, never seen any of the places mentioned. I live in Gurnee and have been there for a couple of years and also never see anything. I wish someone would guide me to where.

Chicago Bob
01-13-04, 16:12

Exec is located on State street in Belvidere. Look at www.yellowpages.com and type in Executive relaxation station in Belvidere, IL.

Good luck!


01-13-04, 23:47
After many glowing reports, I decided to visit Executive today.
I had done my research, and based on said reports, I was going to view the line-up first but then probably pick Nicki.
Well, I must have picked a slow time of day, because I think 6 girls were paraded in front of me. Nicki was not one of them, and none of them did anything for me until I saw Dora. Head and shoulders above the others IMHO. (You will notice that IMHO and YMMV are the themes of this report...)
Guys, your descriptions did not do her justice. Did you get a good look at her, or was it dark? This woman is friggin beautiful. Great eyes, complexion is flawless, cute little nose, nice hair, nice teeth and a set of lips to die for. Smokin body IMHO. Sure, a little "chunky" or thick, but no cellulite, flat stomach, perfect implants, ( yes, I prefer natural too, but these are nice) and a butt you could probably balance a beer on if she was standing there in front of you. She did talk a lot, but I felt she was just being friendly, and I enjoyed the conversation myself.
She was very cooperative in all areas. Her massage was nice, IMHO. I can see where it would be too soft for some guys, but to me it was sensual and erotic, which is why I go anyway.
The finale was incredible. I told her how I preferred it to go, and she cooperated (instinctually) to a T.
YMMV of course, but to me it was one of my best sessions ever. I'll be back, but I'll have an appointment next time...

Chicago Bob
01-14-04, 10:32

It's great to hear that you enjoyed Dora. If you're into the soft, sensual massage (I definitely am) she is one of the best! I also bumped into her during a random lineup a few months ago. She is very cooperative and knows what it takes to make a guy happy.

One thing I've noticed is that it seems the other girls aren't really that friendly with Dora. Has anyone else noticed this? Maybe it's because she usually has appointments when a lot of them are just sitting around. On more than one occasion, I've told a girl during our session that the last girl I saw was Dora and they made some comment like "I've heard she can be weird". Then again, they could just be repeating what others have told them about Dora. Who knows.

Have fun guys, isn't this place great?


01-14-04, 22:34
I am also a Dora "fan" and while I can agree that she can be out on the fringe a bit in terms of her personal life, she is clean, very pretty and does a good job.

She never rushes the sessions and is always very pleasant, I would not hesitate to recommend her, just don't get her talking about Europe :)

01-15-04, 10:57
Tried Peggy the other day as she was the best of 3 that were available. I little thicker than I prefer but as it turns out, she is firm everywhere without soft,flabby tissue. Pleasant to talk to, average soft massage, but a great sensual finish. Hands are allowed everywhere. I would see her again.

01-16-04, 23:40
Tried Janet on Monday. Very moody. Hands not allowed anywhere and only briefly and superficially. No hugs and no body kissing anywhere. Bad eye contact and mostly no smiles. It feels that I was burdening her and she was doing me a favor. Demanded tip."for what", but being polite I gave in. Definitely not repreat! The sign about "what is a customer" in the waiting area is something Janet has not read. May be she cannot read!

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01-19-04, 19:19
Saw Sabrina last week. Like others have mentioned, she isn't all that friendly. However, she has an awesome, tight little body. She didn't say much during the session, which is fine by me. She gave a very nice massage. The end was great - did not seem rushed or mechanical. Lots of body touching and she let her long hair drift around creating a nice touch. I will certainly see her again. Did I mention her great body?

Big D #2
01-20-04, 01:04

New member here. After reading these reports for a while I decided to try out the executive. Have been 3 times and have been with Nicole twice and Dora the other. Had a great time with both but am very impressed with Nicole. She is just a super nice girl and loves to take care of you. Wanted to know if there are any others there that are of the same body type as Nicole as I am not too familiar with the lineup there. Also, do any of the girls let you shower with them? Thanks for any information you fellas have and I will keep you updated on any visits.

01-20-04, 09:34
Had some free time on Sunday so I hit Executive again. Before I did, I searched this board for names and then called Executive to see who was working. Decided to see Jenny. Jenny was running late so I waited in the reception area. Also saw Sabrina there who was cute but didn't smile. (Anyone have Sabrina?) Anyway, Jenny seemed like a sweetheart. She said she has been there for 3 1/2 years. How she keeps her positive attitude, I'll never know. Jenny is cute and has a decent body. Gave a nice massage with lots of attention to the back of the balls (something a lot of girls ignore). Switched and massage her. She kept her smile the entire time which is nice. Switched back and had a nice finish. Jenny is one of the best at keeping a relaxed atmosphere. She also knows that she is highly rated from this board. No wild passion but a very nice time. I highly recommend.

Mac Man
01-21-04, 08:45
Big D #2,

I've been to Executive many times and have long felt it to be a fabulous value for the money. Though I may not be as regular a visitor as some on this board, my experience has been that the girls do NOT shower with customers. I once asked and was told it " was not allowed " although that could have been just "her" preference. Just the same, it's never happened to me with any of the girls.

I also agree with the comments made about Nicole. Fabulous attention to her customers, and although she may appear aloof initially, her personality really comes out when your alone and one on one. I highly recommend her.

Mac Man
01-21-04, 18:45

Sabrina has one of the hotest little bodies I've ever seen. ( Some here would say her chest is too small, but some of us ( like me ) actually prefer smaller tops. She is VERY quiet, making little conversation while going about her duties. Does a better than average massage ( not great, but not bad ) and her finish is good. But she seems rather disconnected at times, like she's somewhere else in her mind.

Still, one of the best little bodies you'll find anywhere and like all the Executive girls, she lets you explore it with very reasonable limits.

01-22-04, 16:11
Did Shiela from Exec ever turn up anyplace else?
Great Russian... and more was available.
Anybody else at Exec who would be a tit luvers delight?

01-22-04, 17:01
Shiela is doing the escort thing at $3 bills/session. I think I saw one report on her, saying that she wasn't that great. Who knows? I forgot what agency she was with. I think it was with the one w/Pregnant Princess (I'll withhold my comments on this). Someone posted about it, with a link in this forum.

01-22-04, 18:40
sheila was working at windy city girls..but did not last long there. I have been asking around and have been unable to find her. I would love for her to come back at exec but I dont think that will happen. The owner does not usually hire girls he knows did full service, as he is worried about them offering 'extras` like Allie did. He has an agreement with the local LE and does not want to get run out like all the LS in RFK. I would love to get some contact info on shelia, but have come up empty so far.

Taco Malo
01-23-04, 08:27
Hey Lurkers - and you know who you are! Quit strictly sponging off our info and start contributing!

01-23-04, 20:37
Yeah, I thought it was Windy City. I don't hang out with Agencies at all (though I'm thinking about changing that policy). She told me that she got a job with an agency through a friend (that's all I know, she didn't even tell me when she was leaving or what agency she was going to). Yeah, I could tell by the initial reviews that she wasn't doing too well. Aren't there 2 LS's still open? She might be at one of those (I haven't been able to get to RFD for a while).

Anyway, speaking of Agencies, does anyone know a good one that provides GFE and (cross fingers) BBBJ for under 3 bills?

Mac Man
01-24-04, 08:28

Try calling Nikki at Secretly Yours. Phone number is on the website:


They run specials every week and if you check the reviews, many of their girls get consistently high marks for service and GFE attitude. Many also speak french without a translator (also MY preference )

Highly recommend Rachel.

01-24-04, 16:08
Seems like I am not a person who learns from his own mistakes. Again saw Janet and again was treated badly. Kept pushing my wandering and exploring hand away from even non sensual parts of her body. What is it with her? When asked for a hug she says after a one second hug that 'You got your hug'. I did not want to talk with the management because it would ruin what I wanted to go for , I mean a pleasant experience. Now will someone hit me over my head and tell me to learn that "Don't go and see Janet" ever again. Hope you guys learn sooner than I seem to.

Bill West
01-24-04, 17:42
FYI - The owner of the executive is a female, over forty, you will recognize her sitting in the libby by about 10 carrots on each hand.

Introduce yourself, she's friendly.

Remember, if you get a girl to break the rules she probably won't last long.

They have a world class buxom redhead there but she doesent want to be mentioned by name, enjoys her work.

Collar and the cuffs really match.

Stay safe


01-25-04, 03:13
Chief ...Pm me if you are still interested ... I can give you some info on an independent that travels to the chicago area every couple of months that does bbjtcsw and a lot more.

01-25-04, 11:50

I have seen Vicki at Exec. and she sounds like the one for you. Large chest and a great attitude. She does not talk about family or children. I do not know if she even has kids. Vicki has been there for a couple of years at least. Her finish includes getting on the table, covering herself in lotion or oil, your choice, and sliding on top of you. She has a great tease and always a smile.

You can recognize her by her Bears robe. I have never been disappointed and even though I have tried others, I always end up visiting Vicki again.

Good luck,


01-28-04, 17:26
Just had a session with Nicole. Wow! She is as good as described in many previous posts. She had a great personality and a very nice body. She gave a good massage and went all out on the finish. I would highly recommend her to everyone and she is one of the best I've had at Executive. I also like Sabrina. They have opposite personalities, but both have tight bodies and nice, natural (but smaller) chests. Nicole is a taller than Sabrina.

02-01-04, 10:19
Recently saw Nicol. What a wonderful girl. Superb body and superb attitude. No attitude problem and loves to banter. I have seen other girls here but Nicol rates the top. I have seen her for quite a while on and off. There has been never a moodiness or meanness that you see with girls at times. Not many do that but when that happens boy it spoils the visit and the experience. Nicol gives great service and always stable. Very very highly recommend her for any number of repeats. Nothing like Janet that has been hit and miss ,more miss and rare hits.

Happy hunting guys!

Service Man
02-05-04, 19:06

I went to the Exec. on Thursday afternoon. It wasn't very busy and there were several ladies to chose from. The line up included Dora, Tina, Jenny, Nicole, Heather, and two more. Nicole came late to the line up, after I had already selected Jenny. Too bad, she looks really hot! I would have picked her if I had known she was there.

Had a decent session with Jenny. She is fairly attractive, nice face, nicely dressed, tanned, small on top with a big bottom. Nice massage with reverse massage also. She didn't have any restrictions about touching. Finish was a bit hurried, and she commented that I took a while. That kind of bothered me.

The one real negative about the session was that she talked too much and too loudly. She talked the whole time, and I am sure everyone in the building could hear her. She talked about all kinds of things I could care less about, like her kids etc. I do not think I would repeat with her. There are better choices IMHO.


Mac Man
02-06-04, 19:41
Cruized through Belvidere today and needed some relaxation so headed over to the Executive. Have been wanting to visit a couple of the girls I'd seen in the lobby before but just never had the luck to catch "free" when I was there. It was Friday afternoon and the place was fairly busy. Had called ahead and asked for Dora, but it was Dora's day off ( maybe next time ). Second choice was Jenny. I had seen her in the lobby several times and she always seemed friendly enough. When I got there Tina, Heather, Andra, Janet and Cara were all either just getting finished with a session, or just beginning one. Had to wait about half an hour for Jenny. When she came out, she was exactly as I had remembered her, tan and fairly attractive, cute face, smallish top with a lttle extra in the hips and thighs. By no means fat, just a little extra (and don't a lot of us have that problem?)

Massage was OK, far from great (I always use Tina as my reference point. I like 'em strong and deep). Pleasant conversation (I know some have said too much conversation, but I wasn't put off by it.) Very liberal about where she allowed my hands to go on the reverse massage. On my flip, the finish was a bit too hurried for my liking, but part of it probably was my fault for spending too much time massaging her.

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Mr Stinky
02-07-04, 15:05
I had the pleasure of having a session with Heather at Exec. She is VERY accomplished in massage. She's blonde and has a few more pounds than she'd probably like, but attractive and friendly. I thoroughly enjoyed her massage. Great hands and hits ALMOST all the spots. She liked to talk, but I'm more into enjoying the moment and keeping quiet. The turn-around massage was very good. Where ever and what ever was okay. The conclusion was very enjoyable. She knows exactly what to do and seems to enjoy her work. I would recommend Heather if you really want a relaxing time.


02-20-04, 04:55
looks like"sheila" is back at windy city girls under a new name :


Corndog #2
03-02-04, 09:39

Could someone PM me and give me the rundown on the difference in service between C'est La Vie and Executive? I've been going to Exec, but until yesterday never even noticed that CLV was right down the block. I've gone thru past posts but can't quite get a good handle.


03-02-04, 13:07
How about posting it publicly for all us newbies to the Belvidere scene?

Taco Malo
03-04-04, 13:58
Hey fellas.

Been a couple months since I headed up there. Most of my mongering experience has been up there.

I can't believe I'm the only one of the board users who goes to C'est La Vie, but I seem to be the only one who posts about it. But admittedly, I rarely go to Executive....but I have in the past.

C'est La Vie can be weird. I've been going there for years, so they know me. The women tend to be older...but younger girls occasionally make an appearance. Some can be attractive, but don't go rolling in there expecting models. The woman who answers the phone is a ***** to everyone, so don't take it personal.

I'd say 90% of the time I have been treated to a firm handshake. Sometimes not though - it's definitely best to go in the evening. The women tend to be friendlier.

Check out my other reports, but I have had many, many good times there. I have a foot fetish, and the women there are very willing to indulge. They can be a bit paranoid about being busted by the bitchy manager.

I go there most often because they take credit cards (for when I splurge on 4 hand massage), but more importantly, they are open until 2AM!!!

Exclusive for me has also been good, but their weird hours makes it difficult for me to try (but reading the posts, I gotta get back!). Maybe its because I'm not a regular, but I found the service to be in some ways colder and less fun. Every time I went it follows the same pattern: Pick a girl, shower, hot tub (if you want) where there is a bit of rub-a-dub-dub, back to room, she massages you, you massage her, and a firm handshake at the end. I like a bit of creativity - I don't like the assembly line mentallity. On the plus side, it seems the women may be slightly better looking (but there are still plenty of dogs as well). Older also. Handshake is relaxed - not a paranoid atmosphere.

You guys who have recently visited Exclusive may want to update.

Either way - I give both places a thumbs up. I know it was where I had my first mongering experience, and it was great! (Executive was where it was at).

03-05-04, 20:29

I strongly recommend Nicol wonderful body and pleasant personality. Very accomlished with massage . Nicky is very friendly and gives very good service with no demands of tip. Janet is top heavy but is saggy like water filled balloons and" BIG attitude problem". She wants money allright but not willing to give anything back not even standard service. She surely wants tip and is not shy about it. POISON pill if you ask me. Dont waste your money on her . You can do a hand job yourself.
Regarding Cest le Vie I used to go there in the past but they had this police raid and since then hand shake is not so easy to obtain even with a known girl and I stopped going as I feel I am wasting my money and time and can do the thing myself. There used to be a girl Sophie. I wonder if she still works there. She is alooker and has great body.Generally good attitude.

Taco Malo
03-08-04, 13:29
Well that makes sense Relentless! I was wondering why they always stare at the air vents to see if they are being watched. They wouldn't tell me about the police action. Supposedly the grand dame biz-natch checks up on them. I hear ya about not receiving service. I guess I just have familiarity on my side.

But finally made it out to Executive. Kara I believe her name was. Kind of cold - but could have been much worse. Nice hot oil massage. Not against getting oil on her body. Great two hand handshake technique. Looks better in clothes than naked. I'd semi-recommend. Nice, but if I go back, I'll choose another.

Followed the standard Executive formula I describe below. I will have to say that Executive rooms are nice and solid with no "peepholes"...well, at least that I could see. No paranoia in the treatment.

By the way - door fee is eighty-five for an hour. Will probably go back there before Cest La Vie for a change in flavor.

03-08-04, 17:02
Went to Exclusive and saw Jenny. My first time. There were a lot of earlier reports saying how hot she was. Sorry, I didn't think so. Nice rack, well nice enough. Great attitude. A little chunky from the waist down. Overall, 6 in body, 8 in service, 6 in face. I agree that Nicole may be the new favorite. Barbara is really solid. I miss the days of Amy and Sheila (both had similar builds to Jenny, except, they seemed firmer; it must've been the bigger racks). There's a new girl named Ander, Andrea, something like that. She's short, looks like a thinner body. Anyone try her yet? I'd also like to try out Sabrina.

Chicago Bob
03-09-04, 11:21

I've tried Sabrina twice before and all the previous posts about her attitude are accurate. She gives a good massage and has a great body, but her mind is definitely somewhere else while she is servicing you. While her hands are doing all the right things, her attitude could definitely use improvement.

What does this new girl Andrea look like?


Mac Man
03-10-04, 10:14
Chicago Bob and Chief Wiggum,

The girl's name is Andra. Nice enough personbality with good conversation skills. She's a very short girl, smaller chest ( which I personally like ) and little thicker from the waist on down ( thicker thighs).

Average to good massage and a good finish. Her body can't touch Sabrina's, but at least her mind's in the room with you while she's servicing you.

03-10-04, 17:39
Since Andrea (again, not sure if that was her name) was standing next to Barbara, and they both had their hair pulled up, they tend to look alike to me. Adrea is very slim looking (might be the dress) and she is short, say, 5'5'" at the most, brown hair. I didn't notice the rack, then again, I didn't notice the rack on Barb at the time (it meets my min requirements the last time I played with them) either (dim lighting, it was bright outside, and they had on dark dresses).

03-11-04, 20:15
I saw her (Andrea) once before. I recognized her from her days back at exclusive in rockford. I thought that might bring some excitement into the session but I was wrong. It was just her talking the entire session with a just ok ending. I hope you all have had better luck. Does anyone work there who is as busty as Sheila (when she was there)?

Mr Stinky
03-15-04, 13:56
Once again, I have to strongly recommrnd Heather at Executive. She gives a great massage and talks if you want. Very personable and a lot of fun. Great attitude! A little chunky, but you're not paying by the pound.


Chicago Bob
03-16-04, 13:48
Had a session on Friday at Exec with Andra. Honestly, I was not that impressed. Her service was average and my hands were not allowed to roam between her legs (she kept them tightly shut).

I would choose Barb over Andra any day. It seems that Barb and Andra are friends, and I have had great sessions with Barb. After those great sessions, I have often tipped $.1 or $.15. It seems that Barb and Andra conversed at some point while I was taking my shower, because after my massage (when I picked up all my change and didn't leave a tip for Andra), she says to Barb "you liar, he didn't". I'm guessing that Barb had told her that I was a tipper.

I have never been one to reward mediocre service with a tip and her attitude after the massage will ensure that I will probably never choose her again.

On a positive note, she did not dim the lights at all during our session. Although in this case, I kind of wish she had, as her thunder thighs and stretch marks were quite unsightly.

Fellas, please post if you see any new girls around Exec. Have fun!

Taco Malo
03-17-04, 11:49
Whoa - I think I may be overtipping.

Last time I stopped at executive (see my review), tipped .4 for standard Belvidere massage service.

Am I throwing money away?

Chicago Bob
03-17-04, 12:02

Personally, I think we have a good thing going in that the girls generally perform consistently without the need for a huge tip. If some of us start tipping in the .4 range, that naturally raises the bar for the next guy. The girls will be expecting that kind of tipping from all the guys and those who do not will be blacklisted and will receive either a bad attitude or poor treatment.

We definitely control the market here. IMHO, the girls should be thankful that a customer walks in the door and chooses her rather than being picky about what he tips. I think that anything higher than .15 is unnecessary and will just cause more problems for us.

I'm suggesting a tip scale of $0 for poor service to $.15 for the best service. Girls will then know that they have done exceptionally well if they receive the whole $.15. If we can all stick to this (and I mean ALL of us) then the girls will come to appreciate a $.15 tip just as they may now appreciate a $.4 tip. Should we choose to adopt this rule, we have to make sure that there are no "heroes" trying to tip more than .15 in hopes of receiving extras. We all know that with the current management, any girl that does perform extras will be fired. On the same note, if there IS a girl that is performing extras, she should definitely be rewarded and of course her name shared here for the rest of us. :-)

This is all IMHO, let me know what you guys think. Saving .25 a visit can add up with the number of times we visit this place!

Mac Man
03-17-04, 13:34

Yeah, I DO think .4 is overtipping for standard service. I agree with the .10 or
.15 , unless the service is somewhat outstanding.

YMMV though. I'd just rather not drive up the expectations of some of these girls who don't show any enthusiasm for our business.

Mac Man

03-17-04, 14:40
>>Last time I stopped at executive (see my review), tipped .4 for standard Belvidere massage service. Am I throwing money away?<<

I have been going there for over 20 years and while tipping is always of a personal nature, my feeling is that yes, $40 is high. My policy is $20 is more than good (god, the woman are going to hate me for ruining a $40 tipper!). I leave 20 for anyone that is halfway decent and go up from there if the girl seems more caring or more into the session then someone that is distant. On a good note, I find most of the women that are at Exec are caring, nice people, so I would say I average $30, but like I said, this is personal, no one can tell you if $40 is over the top...

And on that note to others, Exec has been able to survive 20+ years because the women do not cross a line into sex. Go to Rockford (while it lasts) if you are looking for that. The women at Exec are of a different class. So sex = Rockford, good, safe, clean, time = Exec

Please be respectful to the neighborhood and please do your part, do not let this place be ruined!

Soapbox off :)

Taco Malo
03-17-04, 16:20
Thanks Rider

Yeah and I second the notion. Belvidere = No Sex. But good treatment.

I'll need to try Executive again, but if I get another formula by the numbers massage, I'm back to C'est La Vie......ant Exclusive in Rockford trumps all.

03-17-04, 20:40
Since we are talking about tipping I will put my 2 cents in. Most of the girls at Executive do not expect tip and it is completely at the person's choice. Nobody asked for it except for Janet. She almost expcts and insists it for a mediocre and sometimes even hostile service. I dont believe the management reads these postings because they would have slammed her shut long time ago. I have seen many girls there and many are quite happy to have a regular customer whom they know. I dont believe there should be any fixed tipping as some of the people have suggested because that becomes the price and they come to expect it and that defeats the purpose of tipping which is to reward for good or personal service.

03-23-04, 09:37
saw vicky over the weekend and had a great time. Average looks and a bit over weight...but man does she get into it !! Lots of dirty talking and getting wild during the massage. nothing beyond the typical finish, but she really puts a lot of effort into her session. I will be seeing her again !!

Love the Tits
03-24-04, 15:27
Regarding Executive,

I have never tipped a cent there.

None of the girls I've ever had expected extra unless extra services were offered/provided, which was rare.

Always had decent massage, with my hands, mouth roaming wherever I please...
and always a very good russian finish.

As far as I'm concerned, it's all part of the deal.

The most I ever got was bbbjcif, but that girl isn't there any more. I did pay a little extra for that, but not an extrordinary amount.

Who gives the best russian finish now?

Who has the best attributes to complete the task working there now, and doesn't mind getting a little messy?

Jr Mint
03-25-04, 18:50
Is the tip built in to the cost of a session? At the Shops west of Belvidere if you try and tip less than $.40 they look at you like you're from Mars! I almost always head to Rockford when I want a session, but I can't believe there's that big a difference in how much of a tip is expected.

03-25-04, 21:16
I agree with the previous writer that tipping is not required and not necessary to get standard service. I think the previous reviewer has not run into Janet because he would not get to roam his hands and mouth anywhere freely at all but be treated with an element of hostility that you should be grateful to be there and of course the tip that is"demanded" by Janet for no or minimal service. I believe many other sps are very appropriate and tip is not expected or demanded even with very good service. I dont think the management cares one way or other in these matters because their main interest is getting their share and do not fix the problem of bad service.

03-28-04, 20:09

03-28-04, 21:20
Now that was funny, Giving an old bag 20 dollars to see some old prunes.

Taco Malo
03-29-04, 04:30
Yeah Bob - that's the big drawback of that place.

More eye candy is available at the lingerie parlours in Rockford. Girls tend to be younger and better looking.

Not every woman there is old....but definitely older. It's pretty unpredictable. But good service can be had. Check out my other posts for details. And the order does change. Of course keep in mind I've been going there for several years now, and based on my last post up here, sounds like I have been overtipping the whole freaking time! It's worth fishing I think, cause every once in a while a really young piece of ass finds her way in there. Hehe, they never work there long...just got to catch them at the right time.

Well, while I'm out here, I went last Sunday. One woman there is tall, thin, blond shor hair and in her late 20s / early thirties. Really saggy flapjacks, but a killer, thin, muscular bod. If she got some implants, she would be a smokin' rural town stripper (i.e. not a model but still fine). I've seen her a bunch of times before - see my past posts.

Great handshake, very willing to indulge my freakness, awesome attitude.

If you go in Sunday nights, you will find her, a chubby one in her 40's, the oldie that Bob is talking about I think...maybe in her 60's...and a young girl, probably around 21. If you walk in and all 4 are waiting, you lucked out.

03-29-04, 09:14
Call Me Goo,
That blonde you are talking about. By any chance is that Ruby? I had a great time with Ruby @ C'est La Vie. I ate the clam so well that she offered a second HS. That was some time ago though.

03-29-04, 09:18

03-29-04, 09:57

Do you think you could get rid of the caps?



Taco Malo
03-29-04, 11:21
Grumpy is an understatement with that woman at the front desk. She's a b**** to everyone including the women.

As for names, it could have been. I'm terrible with names of these women. My thoughts are usually somewhere else - hehe.

Hey Bob - just a heads up dude. You ain't getting any pronging in either of the places in Belvidere. Strictly handshakes. For more you'll need to head to Rockford.

Mr Stinky
03-29-04, 13:29
From the description of Ginger, she sounds like the same Ginger that used to be at The Golden Touch in Rockford 15 years ago. And she was old then!! At that time, there was a girl named Lois who was unbelievable. Sweetest tasting clam and she would please you if you pleased her. No charge! Ginger, on the other hand, wouldn't let you touch a hair - anywhere - without more money. Can't believe she's still around.


Taco Malo
03-29-04, 15:55
Just one last post on the thread.....and believe me I'm not trying to promote Cest La Vie or anything.

I've had several sessions with "ginger" if we're talking about the same broad (old, skinny, big tits). She's been there forever.

Once she warms up to you - wow, watch out. She's willing to be pretty kinky and nasty. My preferred method with her is to get a two girl...one pleases me, while Ginger acts as my assistant of sorts. Use you imagination.

Of course, she is old, and you have to be able to stomach that. And the money-grubbing attitude can get a bit much. But have to say I have had mind blowing sessions with her and a third.

03-29-04, 22:18
Well guess I'll have to hit Rockford, can not believe the times I have been the Cest Le Vie I have been approached for more than I expected as long as there is more monies involved, but maybe I should keep playin it safe. Guess I will find a decent younger 35 and under that understands what we need. Think to I will try the night shift they say some younger ones there. Thanks for the info on the ones in Rockford. Yeah and that was funny joke on me for the 20 bucks but hey I wanted to see some skin, just not that old I guess.

Mac Man
04-08-04, 19:12
A long time since I've visited Belvidere and the Executive, so I decided I needed a little relief. Took a chance and called ahead to see if Dora was working. Had seen her in the lobby several times coming out to meet customers who had set up appointments with her. I decided for once that I would be the appointment setter. I was able to set something up for later the same afternoon.

Dora's got a great body, with full ( enhanced ) breasts, partially shaved y and a pierced navel.

She was friendly, but not overly talkative as some have suggested. She'd carry on a normal conversation and actually appeared interested in response to her questions, but when I wanted to just relax and enjoy the massage, she never pushed.

Her technique was not very good IMHO. I like massages VERY firm, but she was consistant in her attention. She suggested we switch roles for a while and I agreed. She pretty much allowed everything except internal touching, though she didn't really seem to enjoy it much. After switching positions again, she progressed to the grand relief which she carried out with expert style, slowing down when I wanted and allowing me to suck on those gorgeous breasts.

Though it was an OK session, I probably won't repeat with Dora. She just didn't click with me for some reason and I prefer to experience a more thorough massage with my release.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please consider using a comma to separate the phrases in your sentences and a single period at the end of each sentence. Thanks!

04-12-04, 19:15
went to exec again and saw Vicky. Very good time. Like I said before..there are girls better looking at Exec , but no one gets kinky like Vicky does. I saw Janet in the lobby and man does she have an attitude. She had her nose so high in the air it was getting frostbite. I am suprised she is still there with that pissy attitude and all the negative posts about her. I will admit she is VERY pretty and has a smoking bod..but why would anyone put up with her being so snotty and always upcharging.

04-13-04, 05:44
I completely agree with the previous writer as far as Janet's attitude is concerned. She has a pretty face but when she is undressed it is a different storey. She has big belly with lots of wrinkles and her tits are like mushy water balloons. The worst thing is her attitude which is exactly as described by the previous writer. I could have used some banned words to describe her but I think you get the drift. I have never tried Vicky and will have to try her as I have seen her in waiting room and find her quite friendly. I still wish the management read all these posts and get rid of the bad apples like Janet who are spoiling it for people who want to be fussed over a little bit not snipped at.

04-17-04, 09:37
Went to the Clv again, had Lauri. Too much $ she asked for, then on Wednesday had ging and she is high too what makes them think that they can charge all this $ money and we will keep coming back, but as she says once the owner retires g will take over. I wasn't paying that much attention but she is in some way related to the owner and g says when she takes over alot of good changes that is as long as you bring your wallet. I think with all the cops patrolling in rfd we all should becareful, dont want any trouble.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please use a capital "I" to refer to yourself in future reports. Thanks!

Doctor WU
04-23-04, 22:27
Went to the Exec last Monday and spent some Quality time with Nicole. She's a nice girl, tight body, natural B-cups and a very pleasant attitude. Her good massage technique got the kinks out and a very nice finish. She seemed to enjoy the reverse massage which included some rubbin her in the right spots as well.

Definitely an hour well spent and I would recommend Nicole.

I saw Dora in the lobby - my gawd, I think she got some new implants as that girl has some massive knockers! I had a session with her a few months before so was looking for something different this time and Nicole filled the bill nicely.

Are you with me?
Doctor Wu

04-26-04, 09:21
Had a session with Barb on saturday and had a great time. She really made an effort to make sure I had a great massage and finish. Very pleasant to talk to, great attitude, nice looking, good figure..I will definately see her again, and reccomend her to everyone. .

05-11-04, 17:40
Saw Nicole on Monday at Executive. Awesome session as it always is with her. Met Dora. Looked pretty hot. May give her a spin next time out there.

05-18-04, 16:21
I dont know which forum this should be in so i posted it in other ones also:
I was driving down Lake street from Bartlett to Addison going east bound and i noticed a place called Suite 2 on the north side of the strret. I think it was near Zebillions book store. Is it a massage parlor???? it reminds me of one because it dosent say anything else. Ans also is there any other action in this area? maybe in the parking lot of the book store?

Mr Stinky
05-19-04, 11:44

Check the sports pages of the Sun Times. Most of the amps in the Chicago area advertise there. Suite Two is an amp. Never been there, but check Chicago and South Chicago boards for any reviews


05-19-04, 12:37

Suite 2 is Self-Serve jack shack. Just east of Gary ave. Check Roselle board for some discussion a few months ago. Zebulon is for the most part Gay action inside. Never known there to be any sw inside or out. I pass that way every day going to, and coming from work.

Chi Guy
05-19-04, 18:44
To make it simple, if it's in Roselle, it's no good.

Rick James SF
05-19-04, 18:54
I saw a sw on time lol. It was someone dressed up in a cow suit carrying a cross boycotting Zebulon. The real funny thing was it was 90 degrees outside so that person must have been ready to die in that cow suit.

05-19-04, 19:11
Roselle bites. I didnt use CAPS there cause Roselle isnt worth it. N E Thing down Lake street bites. Sweet temptations, O hare girls.

Deere John
05-21-04, 00:21
Stopped in at Cie La Vie a few nights ago, saw Michelle, she has lost some weight, but is still very large breasted and will give you a nice session. Amy is still there, she is a hot little blonde with a tight body and will also give a good session.

05-25-04, 18:55
Had a fantastic session with Dora (what a sweetie) at Executive Relaxation today. The staff had a meeting in the morning and it was announced that effective June 7, Executive would stay open until at least 8:00 p.m. each night. Depending on business, they may stay open even later.

05-25-04, 22:47
Must agree with your assessment of Dora. Had a great session with her a few months back. She's a keeper :-)

Bill West
05-26-04, 17:21
Had a great session with Heather on Wednesday. If you like a buxom blond with a great attitude, she's the one

Stay Safe,


PS She can get milk out of a crowbar

05-27-04, 10:41
Bill West..where did you see Heather at ? Can you provide a bit more detail on her looks? Top heavy, natural, BBW, etc...thanks

Mr Stinky
05-27-04, 10:53
I have been singing Heathers praises for some time now. She's a bit top heavy and "curvy" would be a good term. Not fat. But not a Barbie. She does have a really good attitude and is a lot of fun. Gives a great massage and will let you get 'friendly' once she knows you - meaning roamin fingers. Treat her nice, she's special.


05-28-04, 08:00
Well, looks like we're all in agreement now. That Heather is a good one. We just don't know where she works :-(

05-28-04, 09:39
I was told that the owner of Executive Relaxation reads this board and saw the negative comments about Janet. Apparently, Janet has been "talked" to. Anyone up for TOFTT and reporting on her attitude?

Taco Malo
05-28-04, 15:36
Classic! I'm using this one!

"She can get milk out of a crowbar"

05-28-04, 17:45
David John
We all would like to know where Heather works. Please clue us in. Thanks

Mr Stinky
05-28-04, 20:54
What's it worth to you? lol. She's at the Executive. Works days. And treat her nice. She's a good person.


Cheesy Rider
05-29-04, 09:43
At The Executive, you can't go wrong with Judy. She will treat you like a king. She is a sweetheart.

06-02-04, 20:11
Hello all,

I wanted to join the group and post something you might want to keep in mind. I've noticed at the executive the girls are walking in on sessions. On accident of course, but not really. Just beware of your surroundings while in these rooms. There are a couple girls who have been in the business for a long time. Business was slow for some reason and there hasn't been a turnover in girls for a long time. It has been an experience every time from pleasant to never again.

Be safe, Good Luck

06-03-04, 08:51
saw Heather @ Exec recently, and had a nice session. Good massage and finish. Very nice to chat with, and honors most reasonable requests during the session ( this does not mean she offers extras.nothing more than what is allowed) . I would still like to find a girl there built like Sheia..very big and natural on top!! Worth a visit to see her.

Mac Man
06-03-04, 10:08
Muskateer 3,

What's your point? Even if the girls walk in intentionally, what would the motive or purpose be?

Young Man
06-03-04, 15:05
I hit Ce'Le'Vie this afternoon and had a session with Mandy. She is an older blond with a nice body. A couple of tatoos.

The massage was awesome very well done, seriously one of the better ones I have had lately. The session was very cool, except I think I over tipped, I gave her 3 jackson for the normal release.

What is the tipping structure at these places. For the same amount of money I could almost get Full Services at some of the AMP locations.

All in all I would go back


06-03-04, 17:11

Carra is natural on top and seems nice. I've heard that Judy is vey wild and natural. Be aware of certain hints of kindness. Means extra tip.

Mr Stinky
06-04-04, 15:26
I agree with Mac Man. So what if another girl walks in. Maybe she wants some action also. Soemtimes the girls in these places have 'insife jokes' with each other. "Ah ha! I caught you!" type of thing. Unless she's wearing a badge or has a camera, I wouldn't get overly worried.