View Full Version : Providers who Let You Service Them Orally. Esc-BP-CL, Strippers, SW, Massage, Other

Takes A Looks
02-06-15, 20:37
It seems like there is some sort of bad Trend Developing or something, in which a lot of Escort Providers. BP, CL, etc, kind of like freak out if you try and even lick their Pussy. It seems as though these days, these girls are asking for a lot of $, and wanting to do just about nothing!! It seems like I enter the room, then she wants me to slap a Cap on junior, then CBJ for a couple minutes then a CFS for a while, and that is it!! Most make stupid excuses on why they don't want guys to lick them and service them orally. So I started this thread so at least we can highlight the Few Legit Providers that can give some Legit Versatile Entertainment. So this thread if for Those Special providers who act more GFE AND LET YOU SERVICE THEM ORALLY (that is the main thing on this thread). They can be of any type of provider. Esc or Massage Girl, or SW, or Stripper in the VIP, or other.

02-08-15, 10:11
I don't get many refusals unless I'm in a R&T-only place. Typical CAMP, it just costs extra. I say I want to 'kiss them there' or just say '69. ' It's my fetish to work them from reluctance to enthusiasm; and sometimes an actual orgasm. Generally, it's the MILF / GILF types who go from puzzlement to enthusiastic participation for me. And that's fine, since I have a preference for hairy MILFs.