View Full Version : Robertson safari- not optimal

08-22-17, 19:29
Ok so went south on Robertson. The the place was good, clean and discreet. Decent kinda sexy asian prob about 35 yrs young. Gave a decent 1 hr rub and on the flip did a little play with average stroke technique. Kind mechanical. So I stepped up and made a motion of BJ and she wanted $. All was well until she started yelling back and forth to the owner who had another guy in the other booth. Only a curtain no door. So while it was cool for about 30 minutes the last 30 was a bit annoying plus on the jerk she had a full convo with the manager / owner. So she then proceeded to give what I call a fake BBJ, kind mouthing over the shaft and not getting ht ejob done. Ultimately she does a HJ release and my patience was done. Hate a non focused provider. Won't return, the attitude was all wrong. She didn't like the fact the tip was short either. Wonder why.

Losangeles. backpage.com/ TherapeuticMassage / young-girls-hot-deep-tissue-full-body-massage-3104305907/135345468.