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04-10-02, 13:52
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04-12-02, 10:09
Beavis is in

04-12-02, 16:57
dave's in too. Where have all the girls gone???? the past week has been SLOW! Only have seen 1 regular...all the others have vanished. LE hasn't seemed that bad either, so I don't know what's up.

04-13-02, 22:37
Corpus is on and off but it seems a lot more of the off here lately. If it is off save the wining. Nuevo Laredo is 3 hours away and it is never off.

04-14-02, 02:25
Hey guys I agree. I spent abut 3 hours cruising last Sunday and finally settled for a $20 BJ from a "5" just to be able to call it a night and go home.

It looks like the best thing Corpus has going for it right now is the fact that Nuevo Laredo is 3 hours away and that asshole from Santa Barbara is out of the picture. That guy just felt like he had to go out of his way to explain what a shithole we live in. Well like I told him I wouldn't trade Corpus for the entire state of California. Tell him to come on down I have 2 Rottweilers that would love to meet him.

04-14-02, 17:09
Well here we go again. Another idiot who comes out of nowhere, never adds anything to the board, talks about how bad we have it and how great he has it.

I am not going to start another pissing contest as that is what you want, however speaking for all of the people who live in or around Corpus we don't care about how you feel. I live here because I choose to and I enjoy the place.

Why don't you go find a distant cousin of yours and start some incest or go drop a quarter in a pay phone and call someone who cares because we don't.

You shouldn't respond to this as you have already demonstrated your intelligence level.

04-14-02, 17:45
Let me say this. There are so many snakes and shit like that here that if the boredom don't kill you they will. I saw this crack ***** get swallowed up by quicksand last month. She was a piece but no more. The flys are everywhere as well creating a grande Malaria epidemic. Soon everyone will be dead.
Beavis, can you concur please. We also like to throw the old streetwalkers in the quicksand and bet how long it will take to do them in.

04-14-02, 17:54
That is indeed true. The South Texas rattlesnakes grow to around 17 feet in length with razor sharp fangs an inch thick.

Not to mention the big crocodiles that hang out in the swimming pools. Keep all children away or they will eat them.

04-15-02, 12:34
Any info on girls doing tricks out of a strip club? Any certain club that girls are working out of?? If so, what are their names & rates? Dave

04-22-02, 09:00
Hey Dave,
You should have no problems finding what you are looking for in those strip clubs on Leopard Street, near the dog race track. I was there last week, and I can honestly say that in all my travels around the world, I have never seen a more scenic, desirable spot. It is also my understanding that the most beautiful sex workers in the world are now pouring into Corpus Christi to enjoy all the cultural, educational, and economic benefits it has to offer, to say nothing of the cool, refreshing climate. Keep your chin up buddy!

04-22-02, 11:59
Gentleman....I will be moving to Corpus in June. I am looking forward to being there as it is one of my favorite cities. I am looking for a little advice. I will be wanting some intimate female companship from time to time, and for reasons of discretion I can't do the the strip clubs or pick up street walkers. What advice can you give me. Thanks guys...

Mike Hock
04-22-02, 12:13
Beavis...been doing my research on NL/BT from the old forum and it seems like the best, fairly local, place to get trim for the least buck. I guess flyin into Corpus would be the way to go (coming in from out of state) and doing the drive...I HATE driving...is there any other way to get to NL? REally enjoy your exploits...you are the master!

04-22-02, 18:04
Try flying into Laredo intl. airport. Also if you plan to stay on the US side I would reccomend the Posada which is a 2 minutes walk from the bridge. If not Laredo San Antonio is a little closer than Corpus

04-22-02, 22:42

We sure are glad that you have blessed us with your presence over here on the board for Corpus Christi. We were getting lonely as we hadn't had a little PUSSY SMARTASS over here in a while and you just stepped right in and filled that void in all of our lives.

04-23-02, 16:27
Mac, I am going to try out those clubs based on your info. soon as I get a chance to go to Corpus. Mike, flying into Laredo is probably your best option, but it might turn out to be way more expensive then simply flying into SA or CC and driving from there. Just take I 35 south from SA and you'll be there in about 2 hours.

04-24-02, 07:34
To The Mole:
Glad I could help! Also, be sure to bring your camera with you when you make it to Leopard Street. It is such a scenic spot that you will want to take some pictures of the area outside those clubs before you go in. The views are breathtaking! And don't fall in love with those girls working in those clubs! They are all so beautiful that it will be hard not too.

04-27-02, 11:43
Which Houston Adult Modeling Studios/Massage Parlors are full service places and which are not? What kind of prices,including the door fee, are we talking about as well?What are the quality of the women and the services they provide?

05-02-02, 18:59
Strolling the haunts. Picked up a girl by the Circle K on Staples headed toward the Cuts. Latina bout 18-20 Nice tits but stank! Smelled sour puss when she crawled in. Let her out down the hill. Didn't even want that on my dick. With rubber! Checked out the Tally Ho. Picked up a nice red head named Cindy. She did a bbbj, shaved pussy and blow again for 30. CHecking over by the Midtown. Black tar must be in season. Some scary heroin hores over there. One latina had a nice looking body. Stoped to talk to her. She had scabs and pricks all over her arms. I felt sorry for her. Bought her a taquito and a Big Red. Took her back, jez, that was somebody's daughter. Next over by Park. Found an old friend over there. Went out to North Beach and checked into a hot sheet. Watched some xxx and had a good time. Droped 50 on her for two hours. She works off and on. Good attitude and great sex! Careful around the park though. Some tough looking pachucs. Probable on the black tar or crack distribution. LE seems to be pretty cool. But some a**hole will proposition a 10 year old and the heat will be on again. North Beach is dead right now. Nothing shaking out there. The beach out above the seashore rocks off and on. Saw a free show last Sunday. Just drove up and these two were gettin it on. They must like being watched. There were 4 or 5 of us. Even the turtle patrol took a look. Everything being equil, you proun pickers in CA can have that place. Corpus is better with a better class of cheap ho's.
Stay Cool

05-12-02, 15:44
I'm not sure which forum is the best one to post this....

I am going to Nuevo Laredo for the first time next weekend with a couple friends. After lurking for a while on the old forum (great posts by everyone), these are a couple questions I have had for a while:

1) What kind of ID do you need to have no problems crossing the border to and from Mexico? Is it simply a US Drivers License, or do you need a passport? Also, is it necessary to have a 2nd form of ID?

2) What are the best hotels/motels on the US and/or Mexican side of the border? We're just looking for a clean room with air conditioning. Not a lot of bells and whistles.

3) Which side of the border would you recommend staying on? Is it realistic to try and stay in one of the girls rooms?

4) Do US cell phones work in Mexico? Or do I have to get a phone card to make calls?

5) What bars have been the best over the past couple months?

6) Do you guys have any web sites with a list of common "adult" spanish phrases that would help us out in NL?

And finally...

7) Is anyone else going to be in NL during May 18-20? It would be nice to hook up with a seasoned veteran to help show me the ropes.

Happy Hunting,


05-16-02, 18:56
There is a crackdown going on right now. Watch for stings in the noted areas. Bet those bicycle pansies stay out of the cutts. I was suprised to find out there were 200 working girls in CCTX. I guess when you add in those cows riding around in the cop cars maybe you could get 50. This is typical overreaction by LE. And get that preist. Talk about a pot calling the kettle black. But you gotta enjoy the Lt who stated the obvious. You cant stamp out prostitution. You may run a coupple of the girls in and pick up a john or two, but it aint gonna stop the selling of taint!

Corpus Guy
05-20-02, 14:49
I'm looking for a guy in the hobby in Corpus that has a regular hottie SW that he wants to share. I'm dying to get a little 3-way or gangbang action going. I am VERY straight, so no dicks in asses unless it's hers!

Email me at aguyincorpus31@yahoo.com to discuss further.

05-29-02, 14:15
Want to get laid in Corpus?! Of course you do, so heed my guidelines please. I am a native to Corpus by the way.

A. Just go to Mexico. Too much bullshit here: But if you insist:

1. NEVER GET STREET ****** on Leopard Street. Half of them are vice squad (yes, you heard me), and the others are strung-out skanky crack heads and junkies. But if you insist, never offer more than $30 bucks (but they will always ask for more). DON'T DO IT!

2. OK, let's cover the exotic club bit:

a. The Palace. This is the best place to get RIPPED OFF in 15 minutes flat. Never buy a ladies drink and a dance (unless your a dumbass of course)

b. Cheetah's (formerly Fantasy's). This used to be a great place to score a chick ($100 USD will do and a case of beer). NOT ANY MORE. This club has The Palace persona now....and yes, you will get RIPPED OFF!

c. Pepper's. This is a great place to go to get laid. With the right moves, you can get laid for $100, depending on the situation.
Girls range from a 5 to 9 in the evening.

d. The Party Doll. Forget it, a complete rip off.

e. Ginas. Well, all the chicks are FAT (some guys are into that though). You can always score from 70 to 100. I did one because she had 44 Double D's and a big butt. I got it for 50 when she got off.

f. The Cabaret...RIP OFF

g. Expose...Nothing but Flour Bluff speed sluts and ugly bitches.
The owner is a fag too.

3. OK, now for the club and beach scene

a. FORGET IT! The bitches here are stuck-up, and they don't put out unless you perform a magic show or something (or you're in a band).


05-29-02, 18:03
30 Bucks. On Leapord?? You are out of your mind. Maybe for all night or a couple of throws. 10 bucks on occasion for a quick BBBJ. And the end of the month welfare moms, yea, some of them are pretty chunkie, but a nice wide tortilla bottom. And these ladies dont get in a hurry. But they are not all out all the time. You gotta keep looking. Go to mexico. What is the challenge there. And I guess all those decoys are part of the 200 hookers in Corpus. Saw a table full of those"decoys" at Happy Budda. Tons of fun those girls. Face it, you dont like the strees scene, you would rather piss your money away at a titless bar and then go to Mexico. I will stick with the local talent. And occasionaly you find a down on their luck couple on North Beach willing to have some fun for some bucks.

05-29-02, 21:52
OK, El Pajaro, Mr. Parrot, you got issues indeed. Your standards are obviously below substandard. Let's make it clear for the readers here. Yes, of course you can get it for less than $30 on Leopard Street. But for what?! A strung out chickenhead with AIDS and tracks in her arms. You call this talent?! Yeah, whatever dude, you are the one out of your mind.
Damn right I would rather spend more money to screw FINE CHICKS! Obviously, we are both locals to Corpus. However, we need to help the others who are not. I have no problem, "facing" that I don't like screwing ugly warefare moms and crack ****** on Leopard Street. If that doesn't bother you, oh yeah, you got issues dude. Damn right I would rather spend $100 more for an 18 year old FINE ASS CHICK with lucious young hooters than $15 bucks for some old strung out **** that spends her AFDC on crack cocaine and stinks (you testified to this yourself if you read below)
Who gives a damn about a challenge (go to the nightclubs then if "challenge" to you is such a priority.)
OK, so you're right on getting a lower price on Leopard. Big deal, so you get a ugly drug hag. Dude, what's wrong with FINE CHICKS? Local talent, yeah buddy, it's all yours. Knock yourself out. As for me, I screw FINE CHICKS. OK, so I pay more, but I get chicks 100 times better looking than Leopard Street.

05-30-02, 11:15
I think you made your point about doing FINE CHICKS. But if you think your chances for getting AIDS or other STD's are less beacuse you only pay for FINE CHICKS, you are dummera truck load of skids. I dont do every chick I pick up. But there are some of them that look good, smell fine and treat you well. I guess that is what keeps GM and Ford in business. I have been playing this game a lot longer than you have buddy. And all those FINE CHICKS you see will wind up on the street if they play their game a little too long.

Easy Rider
05-31-02, 01:36
JUST GO TO MEXICO. While Matamoros has no official boys town, it does have a dozen titty joints, and alot of street walkers on 10th street. My favorite club is Paradise Men's Club. They have the youngest, best looking girls anywhere. The law says the girls have to be 18 to work there, but it isn't enforced.

And while perhaps a tad more expensive than the rode hard, busy little beaver boystown ****** in NL and Reynosa, they arn't as sexually active. haha. Private dances in private rooms are totally nude, and only $14. Full sex deal in the back room is $45 per hour for the room, plus whatever for the girl. They set their own rates. I've seen a low of $40 and a high of $200. Price vary, and seem to be a function of how much you romance em beforehand, and when their rent is due. And these girls all have to go for a physical every week. They are clean, smart, and alot of fun. Treat them with respect, and they won't dissapoint you. I highly recommend them and the club. Bring cash and your ATM card, as no clubs in Matamoros take credit cards. And don't worry about the language barrier. These young sweeties know how to make it just seem to dissapper. haha.

Matamoros is very convenient for a weekend trip. Just fly Continental into Brownsville. The cabs at the airport can cross the border and take you to Paradise, or a hotel. No reason to rent a car. Paradise is open 8pm to 4am, everyday. I recommend the Hotel Residencial. It has a beautiful garden and pool, and if you wanna take your dancer home with you, she will like to use the pool. Rooms are only $70 a nite.

Don't stay in a Brownsville hotel, as none of these girls have a USA visa. I will try to post some pics of some of these exceptionally good lookin girls of Paradise.


05-31-02, 12:07
easyrider Thanks for the info is great to know in advance after reading your post I went over to that club you mentioned The girls sooo!!! hot I aLMOST WANTED TO TELL MY WIFE ABOUT IT.Thank god she doesn't read the posts. It really felt like a second honeymoon I really felt like I made a connection and thats why I'm not going to mention her name. This is going to be a regular thing with me
PS. Dont mention the name of that club lets just keep this between you and me later

06-02-02, 16:36
To aguyincorpus you sound gay as hell just in denial To everybody else in the forum don't u have any class all just looking for ten dollar or get a rock hookers. I don't want a rock star sounds like easyrider is the only one who knows whats going on

06-03-02, 17:53
Steviee2001 you are one phoney MF. I guess you learned the hobby up in Minneapolis running the ****** on Lake Street. I havent taken the time to comb through the rest of them, but you damn sure are not in Corpus, Minneapolis or other places you claim to have run ****** in. And that makes me think maybe you have the gay tendicies. And you young bucks thinking you have discovered something, just keep in mind, the girls you see in the clubs will be on the street in less than a year. Been running ****** and slamin cadillac door a long time. It's like waiting for the blue light special. But one thing any ***** I have ever banged will tell you, i treat em like a lady. You dont like what you caught, give them five and let them out or buy them a Whattaburger. I have had a lot of fun with the basic run of the mill street hooker. I just get more bang for my buck with them. And occasionaly you score a solid 8. Again, that is why there are Fords and Chevys. And I setteled my "issues" a looooong time ago.

06-03-02, 18:20
EasyRider- - thanks for the lowdown on Matamoros.

When you guys get tired of them wide tortilla asses, come on up to San Francisco and get some fresh Korean pink snapper. Be prepared to spend $200+ for good clean fun.

06-03-02, 23:58
Some folks r so simple minded HMMM... {ElPaharo} I knew I would start up something with aguyincorpus which by the response I got is ElParaho as in whole. I never claimed to run wholes in MPLS. nor Corpus. Obviously there is a lot more action in Matamoris. I dispise lo class Ho's but most of the posts r about street walkers all looking for their next fix

Easy Rider
06-04-02, 20:04
Originally posted by MondaysChilde
EasyRider- - thanks for the lowdown on Matamoros.

When you guys get tired of them wide tortilla asses, come on up to San Francisco and get some fresh Korean pink snapper. Be prepared to spend $200+ for good clean fun.

Love Korean. Damn I had a g/f amerasian in Houston. Top Model. Damn what good times we had. Serious good luvin. Thanks for the offer but SF girls are G.U., for me, (geographically undesirable). Besides, my cup runnuth over right here in Matamoros. I've been thinking about driving down to tampico for two months now, (5 hr drive). Its even better than matamoros.
But I just don't have the time. So many chicas and so little time. Damn.....

Take care.

Easy Rider
06-04-02, 20:11
ElPaharo you are the scum bag. Quit flamming people. These boards arn't designed for jerks like you to start fights. They are supposed to be fun, and places to share good info. Your calling people gay an startin shit, has no place here. Go take it out on your S/W's. Poor girls, gotta put up with the likes of you.

Easy Rider
06-04-02, 20:18
Originally posted by bacchus
I'm not sure which forum is the best one to post this....

I am going to Nuevo Laredo for the first time next weekend with a couple friends. After lurking for a while on the old forum (great posts by everyone), these are a couple questions I have had for a while:

1) What kind of ID do you need to have no problems crossing the border to and from Mexico? Is it simply a US Drivers License, or do you need a passport? Also, is it necessary to have a 2nd form of ID?

2) What are the best hotels/motels on the US and/or Mexican side of the border? We're just looking for a clean room with air conditioning. Not a lot of bells and whistles.

3) Which side of the border would you recommend staying on? Is it realistic to try and stay in one of the girls rooms?

4) Do US cell phones work in Mexico? Or do I have to get a phone card to make calls?

5) What bars have been the best over the past couple months?

6) Do you guys have any web sites with a list of common "adult" spanish phrases that would help us out in NL?

And finally...

7) Is anyone else going to be in NL during May 18-20? It would be nice to hook up with a seasoned veteran to help show me the ropes.

Happy Hunting,


1. Driver's license is all you need.
2. Sleep in Mexico. The girls can't cross the border.
3. No. Not realistic or safe to stay in the girls rooms.
4. Depends on the company. SW BEll doens't work in Matamoros but Sprint, and most of the others do.
5. Forget boys town. Come to Matamoros. Better class of woman
6. El Chapparal for regular Mexican foxes, Paradise for dancing girls.
7. I'll be available in Matamoros. Not Laredo. Send me a post if your coming my way.

06-06-02, 15:22

Where can i find welfaremoms in cc? Please let me know.
Thank u.


06-06-02, 17:30
Easyrider, Stevee and the rest of you who dont live in the cristal city and want to discuss Mexico, please head there. If you dont like the S/W or the others, just ignore the post. Simple. But dont put down others taste simply because you feel superior.
You are not. You are paying for snatch. You are no better than me. In fact, probably less because at least I admit my faults. This will be the last I have to say about it. Head to Mexico. Have fun. Post it on the Mexico forum. If you have something to say about Corpus, post it as I sure as hell will about the S/W.
Got that you snot nosed brats.

06-07-02, 04:13
bjlover69 Best shot for welfare moms is mothers day The first of the month The welfare office is a good place to look

Easy Rider
06-07-02, 22:15
Originally posted by ElPaharo
Easyrider, Stevee and the rest of you who dont live in the cristal city and want to discuss Mexico, please head there. If you dont like the S/W or the others, just ignore the post. Simple. But dont put down others taste simply because you feel superior.
You are not. You are paying for snatch. You are no better than me. In fact, probably less because at least I admit my faults. This will be the last I have to say about it. Head to Mexico. Have fun. Post it on the Mexico forum. If you have something to say about Corpus, post it as I sure as hell will about the S/W.
Got that you snot nosed brats.

Hehehe....Touchy ain't he..... Well OK....And I don't mind admitting I pay for it....and i don't think there's anything wrong with that. As long as they ain't fat, ugly, or dirty, or drug users. I hate to think my hard earned money is goin for her drug habit.
Viva Matamoros. Viva Paradise chicas.....No drug addicts there. Just good girls down on their luck.....

06-10-02, 13:15
RIGHT ON easyrider and Stevie2001!
I am your friend, casexexpert. Yeah, the Parrot, El Pajaro (the jerk can't even spell it right) has issues. Hell yeah I pay for snatch...FOR FINE CHICKS! So I pay more, but I get more.

Yeah El Pajaro, we are all so impressed that you can score crackheads and junkies in Corpus. Easyrider, Steve, the man deserves a cigar.

The purpose of these posts is to help others show where the action is. Now I am a native to Corpus, so don't even try it Parrot dude. GO TO MEXICO! Corpus is a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME!

Pajaro, easyrider, stevie, and I need not apologize because we don't screw ugly ass chickenheads like you. Yes, we are better than you, we screw FINE CHICKS! WAY FINE! And no, we don't piss our money away. I get a HOT 18 year old Mexican for $50.

OK, snot nosed brats we are (whatever dude). But we're screwing fine chicks, AND YOURE NOT! Cased closed!

Why you think you are so experienced and seasoned is beyond me. Screwing a crackhead, where's the challenge in that??!!
You think you are so cool. No Parrot, you're not, we are.
Are we better because we decide to rather spend our money on FINE CHICKS that ARE NOT junkies and are down on their luck?
Yes indeed, you got that one right!

If you have been playing the game so long, then do some fine chicks for once. Say what you want Parrot dude, but your're lame.

06-10-02, 20:11
Right on caseexpert That El Jack off has some real issues I hope he takes a putty knife with him to sprape off all the crud from those nasty crack ******. Staank I would'nt even let them skanks in my car let alone touch them May you and I and easy and steviee can get together and buy him a years supply of antibacterial soap, kinda feel sorry for him must not have good self esteem to fuck with such trash.Maybe if he gets cleaned up he will feel better about himself

06-12-02, 18:26
Took a cruse out to North Beach. About 8:30 PM. North end of the island two ladies working out of one of the motels. Nice latina ladies. 25 FS. LE is pretty hot on Agnes near the motel. Knew it was gonna happen. Some have moved out toward the Tally Ho. Love that name. Seen some new faces. The bycicle cops are pretty hot during the weekend afternoons. TA going on and new money in town. Quality medium. LE light.
The Cutts is bad right now. Stay away form the north side of Staples. LE will pull you over if you dont fit the location profile.
Park St. and area slow. LE off Agnes has pushed the ladies out on Leapord
Have Fun!

06-18-02, 06:10
Does anyone know of a reliable Escort service in the Corpus Christi/SPI area?

Easy Rider
06-23-02, 23:50
Right on man. Tell that dude about it. Stevee got lucky on the beach. Tell us more ass hole.

Hey there's some great new posts in the matamoros section. Go check em out.....

07-03-02, 18:05
A lot of available SW on Leapord early AM. There must be a load of crack or somethig hitting CC as there are a lot of new faces on the street. Same yahoos around the Circle K so LE has not hit them. They just like messing with the girls.
The area on Agnes and 19th has been cleaned up pretty well. Occasionaly see one between 2-3 AM when the bars close. Girls brought it on themselves and some stupid pachuks yelling at young firls at school and heading to church. But all LE messed with was the girls. Havent heard of a big crack bust and the crackho's are out in force.
The Cutts is a bad area right now. Stay away from the north side of I-37. Big problems over there and you dont want to be around when the homies get tired of the LE bullchit.
Nothing shaking on North Beach. Tourist in force and I guess the motel owners dont need the extra dinero.
Occasional latina around Park to Staples.
Finding FS covered for $20 along Leapord. Quality fair to good. Occaional 7 parttimer. Bring along your own rain coats.
BBBJ in car $10-$20 depending on time of day or night.

07-22-02, 12:14
Whats your point?
Some do some dont.
If you have been to CC, then you should know the locations.
And dead is a personal observation.
There are not TA's going on right now so the picking is slim. Once fall gets here, and TA's start, there will be better selection.
At all locations.

07-22-02, 17:58
Hey Macauman if you think Corpus is so bad then why don't you just take your sorry ass away from here. Live anywhere you want just "Shut The Fuck UP"!

07-23-02, 23:02
Sorry to disappoint you Beavis, but I don't, and would NEVER, live in that shithole. What a boring backwater of a town. The fact that you guys brag so much about fucking crack ****** off the streets says all there needs to be said about Core-Pus. And do you know what is the best thing to ever happen to the people of Core-Pus? I-37. Think about it.

07-29-02, 14:30
A couple of weeks ago I was watching the local news and heard of the LE crackdown (no pun intended) going on. I decided I wanted to see if and what such operations looked like. Keep in mind these had been the nightly news so I was thera around 10:30p or so.
I went to north beach and did my usual loop. First around the aquarium then left towards the end and back. As I was approaching the Relax Inn I saw two girls, very nice looking, standing right next to the motel. They had that very stereotyped attire on. It seemed way too fishy (no pun here either), but I decided to do the 'move' and roll around a block and park across and wait to be approached. To my surprise/luck a car behind me stopped and called out for one of the girls. I decided to just keep on driving the usual loop back to the carrier again. As I was approaching the area underneath the bridge I saw a LE car and a LE van pull out and head towards the area I had just left. It seemed kind of far for LE to be from the Relax Inn, but I was glad my experience, and reading this posts had paid off.

I went back to north beach about a week ago, around 7p saw waaaay too many tourists, and one not too attractive SW, and a group of 3 girls that seemed to be SW but I didnt quite verify their credentials. I also heard from a friend that he was approached by an attractive girl who offered him some services. After he'd left the clubs so around 3a. The problem was that she said she had a room where her male 'friend' was, although he wouldnt be inside the room. My friend has always been skeptical of these male 'friends'. A while back we approached another girl walking w/ her 'friend' (also around 3a). The girl was very attractive but the guy looked super doped up. He said that he had a room, but that we had to give him a ride to get some dope. So that pretty much ended the ordeal.

I am going to check out the scene again later on the week, If anyone has any experiences or knows something about the 'friends' the info would be appreciated.

08-05-02, 16:06
The LE crackdown on the northside area (Cutts) is having a impact on the SW of Corpus. Activity is very low. Even early in the morning at refinery shift change. There are a few hardcore ones out. There is one scary looking blond that from 30 feet away looks great but up close, it wasn't the miles on the road it was the ones in the ditch. That gal is SCARY!!
Nothing on North Beach either.
Few weekenders around Park and Staples but quanity low and quality even lower! Chingles LE
LE has made a impact around the MidTown Motel, 19th and Mary streets.
This is a prostitution answer. Shut down the drugs and the girls go away. Gez, I am a perv and can figure that one out.
Anyway Leapord from Nuces Bay to Navigation is dead. Navigation to SPID is even deader.
Occational on Navigation north of I37. Hit and miss.
Port to Staples is very slow. Not even any home less gals looking for a pick-me-up no matter what Jim Lago sayes.
Allimita is dead.
Agin, Chingles LE.
Everybody be careful!

09-30-02, 18:46

Mic Jagger
09-30-02, 21:31
Just an observation, too much flaiming going on in the past against people who were sharing their experiences. Other members judging what was moral, right, cool or whatever and flaming if they didn't agree with others views. Its a damn shame really.

10-02-02, 20:07
I agree Mic. If those a**holes in the other forums (like Mex. and others) would just keep there opinions to themselves if they don't agree. This would be a decent place. I have not really posted here since I did not have much to add. I don't get to CC as much as I would like to. But when I do I just want a good knob polish or maybe FS. I don't have a problem with a ho that just wants to get some quick cash as long as I have my trusty raincoat. The other guys that want to go to Matamoros and the like and then pay 100 or more can have it. Me a quick BJ for 10 is just fine.

Mic Jagger
10-03-02, 07:26
Know what you mean, when itraveling i rely on what other people have shared on the board to make my recreation time more enjoyable. Its easier to research this board than to try research on foot in a city your not familiar with.

10-03-02, 18:42


10-10-02, 21:30
I was in Corpus the month of sept. during my month off. I had pretty good luck on tancuahua and at the PMI. Picked up 5 girls during the month and most were ok looking. One named "cindy" is a 5'8" mexam. very attractive with a great body. Seemed kind of new on the scene. Did not spend more than 40.00 for fs for all 5 girls. I was able to pick them up during the weekdays between late morning and early afternoon. Look for the girls pretending to wait for the bus or talking on the payphone. good luck. corpus is not dead yet.

10-11-02, 22:16
Hey Macauman

Having been out of the country for the last 3 months I have yet to have the pleasure of commenting on your last smart ass post from 7-23-02. However I must agree that the best thing that ever happened to Corpus Christi, Texas is I - 37. Simply because that gives Chicken Shit little pussy fuck boys like yourself a very easy way to get the fuck out of where we live. Do yourself a favor and go back to wherever you came from and shut the hell up before someone shuts you up.

10-12-02, 21:44
Hey guys:

Nice to see that CC is still alive and ho-ing.

Hats of to Beavis. Mauc. kiss our collective a** and take I-37. I for one don't like to spend a Benny on a BJ. If you have that kind of cas to toss then enjoy. Some of the rest of us like to keep our cash in the pocket. If I can get FS for 30 - 40 or a BBBJ for 10. Then that means that I can have more fun while I am in CC than just one night.

10-13-02, 19:16
You are such a pathetic little dickhead. But then again, I wouldn't expect anything different from a lowlife like you. I did think about you last week, however. I was on a Southwest flight to Harlingen. All of a sudden, I looked out the window and we were directly over Corpus Christi, and flying at a very low altitude. I then heard this loud noise, like a giant toilet was being flushed. When we landed in Harlingen, I asked the pilot what had happened back in Corpus. He told me that FAA regulations only permit airlines to do in-flight toilet evacuations over areas where it will cause the least damage to the local environment. When I asked him why he would dump human waste and other refuse on Corpus, he looked at me with a surprised expression and said, "Have you ever been there?"

10-13-02, 19:21
Get a life Macauman, and I must agree that the action has died down ever since your mother retired from Leopard Street.

10-23-02, 17:52

11-12-02, 22:55


11-20-02, 15:02
Had a lot of good luck on Mary between crosstown and staples. Looks like most are staying off the main drag since the crackdown began. Have to go down the side streets to find them all now...

11-27-02, 05:34
You all are on the money talking about the CCLE.
DAMN! what kicked off such a hard core crackdown?
I checked all the areas posted here, and after dark
there were one or two LE cars every 4th or 5th block.
Also passed one rolling no less than 3 minutes apart.
DID manage however to have some fun.
One skank in the daytime, BBBJ in the car while
driving for $15. Two decent ones (one was really
a sweetheart to talk to and uhhhhhh threw herself into
her work) at night F/S for $ 20 and a pack of cigarettes
each. Two different nights / different times took each
to my room - near downtown- and had them shower
and we went about our business, gave them the 20
and on the way back to Staples asked if they wanted a
pepsi or anything and both asked for a pack of smokes.
Cheap. Not great quality but not the worst.
Corpus is okay with me.

12-14-02, 17:20
It s Christmas! A lot of people coming in for the holidays. Run the hookers off. As you noted though, they are still available. Went down Staples and picked up a regular I found. Name is Mary. Went to north shore and spent the afternoon. She got picked up last month and 3 weeks in jail did her good. Canot say enough about her. She is 5-6 about 120. Sayes she is 32. Looks it. Nice attitude and LOVES to suck. She loves to be lotioned down. Enjoys playing with toys if you got em. Check around Staplesand Morgan and drive toward the bay. She dosen't work every day but if you see a dark skined with long black hair, ask her if she need' s a ride.
20-30 car 30-50 Motel All afternoon cost me 50.
Rest of the usual suspects still on Leapord. One really scary blonde. How LE missed her in the crackdown is beyond me. Talked to her in the parking lot and she is down to 15 for FS. Dont think double rubber would keep the stank off you with this chick.

12-16-02, 20:04
Looks like the local LE is definitely reading this message board. I do a lot of cruising in the usual areas. Seems like everytime there is a post here saying the girls are in a certain area, the LE in that particular area picks up BIG-TIME. Everyone knows the usual areas and LE usually isn't too crazy in those areas until a post goes on here. For the next week after post there's LE on every corner it seems like....then it starts to calm down until another post hits the board. Not much we can do but be cautious about what is said on here...I am going to hold off on posting when an area heats up, since it seems to bring out the LE. For anyone new on the board, just read the older posts. Nothing ever changes in this town...the girls are always working in the same areas...they tend to move from one area to another..but it's a short list...
Be careful out there...Dave

12-16-02, 20:32
I guess they don't have enough to keep them busy or they are too scared to look after the real criminals. I too will avoid any details but everywhere I have been lately has been either dead or nothing interesting.

12-30-02, 02:30
Hey guys found a hot little Mexican girl this afternoon, 40 for FS w/BBBJ. She was in the general vicinity of the regular places but I am not going to give LE the exact location. It wasn't on Leopard street I will say that.

01-19-03, 15:01
Hey Guys:

I fully understand the need for not listing the exact locals for the girls. Next time I am in CC can I get in touch with one of you for the good areas. Hell, I might even spring for you guys to have some fun too.

Corpus Guy
02-05-03, 16:23
Picked up a pretty hot mexican blonde yesterday. Looked like a 10 while driving by. Was actually about an 8. Had a small house where we did the deed (30 for FS). She was very nice and actually seemed to enjoy what she was doing. About 19 y/o, 115#, blonde. You'll have to guess where. Sorry.

02-16-03, 04:59
Freezing my ass off here in Denver, so I'm headed down to CC to do some contract work 17 - 21 Feb. Staying downtown near the marina. What are some strolls I can do either walking or driving the rent-a-car?? What times are good times??

Get back to me ASAP please, I'm leavin' Monday early......


03-15-03, 01:39
Club Cheetah off the Paw SUCKS

1. For you guys looking for action, don't go to Club Cheetah's 1 or 2, you'll get ripped off...guarnteed.....here's why:

a. The owners are James and Rich (they think they are gods in this town, and they're not jack shit). They are rude, abusive, and very mean to new and regular customers. Just ask him yourself, his number is 361-793-1166.

b. This club is overwhelmed with undercover agents from TABC (Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission), the DEA, FBI, and both Nueces County and Corpus Christi narcotics agents. If you're looking to party, don't come here unless you seek a night in jail and/or a few years in prison.

c. The drink prices are outrageously overpriced. $100 in this bar, won't even get you a buzz.

d. This club is also dominated by the Aryan Brotherhood. The management condones their distgusting racist views. I am Hispanic and therefore, not welcomed there.

e. WATCH OUT!!! The management allows the dancers' boyfriends, lovers, and/or spouses to party at their club.

f. There are no cameras or security outside. In the last 60 days, 6 cars have been stolen, 24 car stereos, and many other valuables. If you seek to get jacked, just simply park your car in their lot. You'll get ripped off indeed, and the management will do nothing to help.

Club Cheetah off the Paw....get broke, ripped off, harrased (unless you're white Caucasian), and arrested.

07-03-03, 16:32
Composed July 3, 2003

1. Security cameras everywhere (both inside and outside). It's appearance is like that of Camp Rhino in Afghanistan. Want to get action here?! FORGET IT! I am a local here. You'll simply have to trust me on this. Oh yeah, by the way, these tapes are for sale to any wife and/or inquiring girlfriend with a small wallet.

2. All the hot chicks, both day and night have relocated to the Palace, Maxi's, Bottoms Up, and/or other places, mainly the Palace.

3. Want to get ripped off? Then, come to Club Cheetahs. If the girls, waitresses, and/or drink prices don't rip you off by some miracle: Then their boyfriends will. Yes indeed, the dancers' boyfriends, spouses, lovers, etc. and openly allowed to party there as they see fit. No way, Jose! Yeah..these boyfriends are all drug addicts with guns on them and/or in their car. Go ahead, call me a liar, but it's your funeral.

4. These girls will relentlessly badger you for $20 table dances, $15 ladies drink, and non-stop tips of course. You think you are going to drink a beer or two and enjoy the show? Think again, for these chicks are pestering you every living second for cash. But...if you're the type that doesn't mind spending at least $300 an hour for absoletely nothing and getting ripped off; well then I guess that's your perrogative.

PERSONAL COMMENTARY:That very same 300 dollars could rent me a Harem in a Mexican bordertown for the entire night (only 2 hours away by car). In El Salvador or Honduras, $300 USD would get me laid for an entire week!

CC Monger
07-16-03, 15:48
Since the CC board has been pretty dead lately I thought I would try to jumpstart it. I am a long time lurker with a few reviews on **** but this is my first here. The LE in CC have been pretty active, especially in the Staples area, my last two street finds in June were both on Leopard near Port. Both were pairs with one of the two being BMW's (Big Mexican Women) which I usually won't slow down for but the other chick was outstanding in both cases so I made an exception. Both times they were only working together so I figured I would play with the cutie while the BMW sucked hose. I don't recall any names but in both cases the cuties turned out to be outstanding.60.00 for the first pair, BBBJ, MPFS x2, and 40.00 +a pack of smokes and 2 beers for the second pair, BBBJ, MPFS x2, also 12.00 for the no-tell on North Beach. Also recently, July, 2nd, met up with Cindy, Skinny Blonde, 45, at a bar on leopard, not my usual type but the mroe I drank the better she looked, she wanted 75 I offered 50, she accepted and we went to her place. She dropped her clothes (better than I had hoped) looked at me and said "you paid for it, it's all yours, anything you want, just don't hit me in the face." This turned out to be a really fun session, this chick got off to rough sex, I mean grab a handfull of hair and fuck her in the mouth hard and deep and she loved it, greek etc, and she was a major squirter. I will be doing a return visit soon.

CC Monger
07-21-03, 13:00
Out cruising on Friday afternoon with not much to choose from, finally picked up Jennifer at the bus stop on Leopard 1 block south of Port. Also saw one of the pairs from a couple of weeks ago at the same stop but wasn't interested in repeating. J is 5'-7" about 140, decent but not great shape, and wears glasses, brown shoulder lenth hair. Off to the no-tell over the brige for really nice BBBJ and decent FS, $40 + $12 for the room. Only thing was she could have been a little cleaner, not bad just noticeable. Overall good time, would repeat.

07-26-03, 06:10
Originally posted by CC Monger
Also recently, July, 2nd, met up with Cindy, Skinny Blonde, 45, at a bar on leopard, not my usual type but the mroe I drank the better she looked, she wanted 75 I offered 50, she accepted and we went to her place. She dropped her clothes (better than I had hoped) looked at me and said "you paid for it, it's all yours, anything you want, just don't hit me in the face." This turned out to be a really fun session, this chick got off to rough sex, I mean grab a handfull of hair and fuck her in the mouth hard and deep and she loved it, greek etc, and she was a major squirter. I will be doing a return visit soon. That wasn't the Rios Sports Bar, by any chance, was it, Monger? I was in CC in April and met her about 11 pm in the Rios. She was a bit old for my taste, not what I usually look for but she was so damn skinny and had a pair of jeans so tight they'd bounce a quarter, and a blouse with enough buttons open to be advertising. I went for the $75 to spend the night after she told me the same thing "You paid for it, its all yours, anything you want, just don't hit me in the face, but you can use your belt if you want to." Zowie! I had a girlfriend once who was into s & m, and it had been a long time, but Cindy was still a fabulous ride! Been a long time since a girl thanked me for fucking her throat! When you go back, knock, because I may be in there! This one isn't in it for the money.

10-18-03, 20:20
Hello everyone!

I am a member of the Nashville, TN board. I was in Corpus Christi this past week and didn't look at the board to get any tips. Big mistake. I went to Club Cheetah's Friday night. What a ripoff. The girls constantly bugged me for dances. I will be in the area again toward the end of November. Where is this Palace Club? Also, are there any good Spas/MPs near by?

Corpus Guy
01-24-04, 15:40
Where is all the message board action or Corpus Christi??

I'm dying to find some new SW hoochie mamas in CC. Other than Leopard by Tally-Ho, Staples st, and Agnes st., is there a new area where the gisrls are?

Also we need to start talking the girls into taking a picture and posting it here. This way we'll be able to "browse-before-we-buy".

Somebody, anybody, left in Corpus interested in the hobby?

02-01-04, 01:13
Not a good idea. LE reads this board too.

Time Around
02-03-04, 17:53
Hey guys,

This is my first post; but, I have been a fan of everyone's work for a while. Anyway, LE does read this board. I have seen them pull over cars just for riding around in the wrong places. WELL they haven't gotten too far. I still see guys pick up girls all over the place.

I am afraid I cannot divulge more information now; however, I will divulge places, times and a few "fictional" accounts later.

HELP ME OUT- Lets bring this board back to life. Sure, LE does read this board; but, they already know all the places and all the faces too. We're now sharing any top secret information, they know what we know.

Time Around
02-05-04, 21:36

The action around the Alameda area is hit or miss. Leopard action is scary. The action close to port is dry as a bone, no pun intended. People, help out, what's ur opinion on this? Where do you see action out there?

Time Around
02-24-04, 01:16
Am I the only one in this crap town to care or even wanna share info? What's the deal guys? Kinda sucks that just when I decide to join the game, everyone bails out. Come on, I'm challenging everyone who participated before to go out and help me out there. I need some competition and assitance in this game.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

Time Around
02-26-04, 22:14
Come on, I know that Beavis is out there and hard at work. Help me out! There has to be more of us out there. I know the girls are scared of undercover LE and the stupid lil gangbangers out there. Heck, I have even gotten pulled overmyself for cruising the wrong places. If I can take that risk to help you guys out, you all can at least share your info of times places and faces.

Monkey Spank
03-10-04, 17:26
Does Cindy still hang out at Rios?

I'm down there for the weekend soon, and thought I might pay her a visit.

Anyone with contact information please PM me.


Time Around
03-16-04, 19:39
Guys pick it up, the season is ripe. Spring break is up for a while and i know from experience that things definately pick up this time of year.

Lead Foot
03-21-04, 08:59
I will be in CC this week for a couple of days, can anybody tell me where th best places are to check out the WSW's ? PM me and I will let you you know where I made out last trip. I will post how I make out on this trip.

03-21-04, 17:13
Just from the point of view of an observer a few towns to the north of you, Time Around, you sure do a lot of asking without providing much feedback. Maybe sharing your own experiences will help get some of the lurkers to speak up! Don't be shy, boy! ;)

Time Around
03-22-04, 00:20
Silver Blue,

Ok. There is a new girl around that has been real busy. I'm not saying anything in particular, like I picked her up; however, she is great as what she does. Young, but a couple of tattos is a wrong place.

Port has been really dead and what is there is scary.

Leopard has been ok; however, too much traffic.

Lead Foot
03-22-04, 21:37
Checkout the Circle K on Leopard, go around back. A new blonde about a 6 and willing to play at most anything for 40.

Corpus Guy
03-24-04, 19:20
Lead Foot,

Do you know how many Circle K's there are on Leopard?

Be more specific.

There is SW action in Robstown. Hit and miss - you can't find them everyday. :-( But it's closer to me than the regular spots.

Time Around
03-26-04, 20:15

I have always wondered about Robstown. Where in the great city of Robstown can I find the sws?

On a sad note, I saw a poor guy get arrested for picking up a walker on Alameda. Strange though, LE let the walker go and the poor guy was arrested?

Watch yourselves whenever you see anyone on a bike.

Time Around
03-29-04, 00:40
I was out Saturday and saw two more saps get snatched my LE. I met this one girl around Alamenda, at least I think it was Alameda. Anyway, I had a great time. Funny thing, I see alot of girls out especially the later it gets. Guys help me out, what areas do ya'll usually see them in. PM me with the information and thanks.

Lead Foot
03-29-04, 08:19
Picked up a cute little redhead over on Navigation, she wanted to stay the night, but I had to leave out first thing Sun. and didn't have the time.

Always check the side streets.

Time Around
04-03-04, 23:09
Hey Lead Foot, where on Navigation did you find this catch? I've been out a while; but, I have never seen anything out there? Help me out with some tips.


Lead Foot
04-06-04, 06:41
Time Around she was walking between Lepord and 37 on the south side. She said she lived on the other side of 37 somewhere.

Hairy Johnson
04-08-04, 05:16
Are there any A.M.P.'s around? Please PM me.


Lead Foot
04-08-04, 07:08
Again on Navigation I found a HSW with her young daughter. Wanted to get a room but said she didn't have a sitter for the young one but it would be ok, she could play on the floor. Found this to be a little strange and had to pass. To bad, she was a 7 or 8 and well built.

Time Around
04-12-04, 23:16
Hey again, I found a great score over on Alameda. The action around Port has been scary to ultra-scary and Leopard is always dangerous.

Leadfood, thanks for the tip on Navigation.

Guys, keep your eyes out for bike cops or anyone talking on their cell phone in the area. Everytime I see that, I see someone get busted.

Good luck

Lead Foot
04-13-04, 07:48
I'll be back in C/C again this week, anybody have any new places to check. It seems like all the old haunts are getting a little weird here lately. PM me and I'll post how the trip goes.

Time Around
04-19-04, 20:55
Guys, someone contact me about something interesting on Park. I, personally, know the deal and what great thing there is; however, I wanted to know if anyone else had struck gold as I have.

Guys keep posting, I know that there is action out there all over because I see people out there.

Corpus Guy
04-21-04, 09:44
Time Around,

What's up on Park. I've seen some action there in the past, but it's usually hit and miss.

Do you have info on a specific hottie there?

04-25-04, 01:09
Hey Time Around,

PM me. I'm in Corpus of least once a week and would like to know I've been missing.


Time Around
04-25-04, 14:39

I certainly hope I don't have to share all the details. I do want to keep some of this to myself; however, it is hit or miss on the action. If you find what I found, take yourself lucky. If not, I do apologize. All I am going to say is this. When you are out on Park, enjoy the view.

Time Around
05-08-04, 19:06
Ok, last time I can say this. I guess I should have never said anything in the first place because traffic on Park has been ridiculous. On that street, if you see a very beautiful girl, chances are you will strike gold. I'm not talking about a corner or a walker, something different and unexpected.

I know of other places as well; however, I won't detail them until you other mongers share your stories as well.

Remember, we are in this together.

Corpus Guy
05-12-04, 17:07
OK Time Around,

Here's my SW recon report :-)


Best times of day for action: 7:30-9:30 am, 11:30am-1:00pm, 4:00-6:00pm.

It seems the girls are going after the working stiffs that come looking right before work, at lunchtime, and right after work.

After mongering here for the last few years, I've noticed that there are USUALLY more girls walking around during these times.

Pro: there is more general car traffic during these times and it's more difficult for LE to notice you.

Con: there is more general car traffic during these times and you have to be quick with the "pick-up" or a fellow mongerer is sure to get 'em first (you bastards ;-))!!

There is probably a good chance of scoring at night, but I don't know. Hard to get out and look after dark since I'm married.


Corn Products Rd. between Leopard and I-37 - Occasional find in the parking lot of one of the two motels.

Leopard just East of Corn Products Rd. - Occasional find at either of the two bus stops.

Leopard between N. Padre Island Dr. and Navigation - I've picked up girls here at the convenience store on the corner of McBride Ln. and the motel across the street. Also there is an overpass just before Navigation and when they are walking over you can turn around underneath and they'll walk down the side and meet you.

Navigation between Leopard and I-37 - Very rare find but it happens.

Moving down Leopard from Navigation towards downtown there are many spots where the girls hangout. The places I look are: The road that leads toward I-37 at the Snapka's is Cantwell Ln - I've found many girls here. The first gas station on the left past Snapka's has girls at the payphones sometimes. Next you will find Omaha street, making a left here will net you a find sometimes, but be careful a lot of times the girls just look like SW's but actually just live in the area. Continuing down Leopard you will always see a girl or two at the Circle K on the left at Westchester. Look by the payphone, behind the store in the side entrance to Whataburger and down the street by the park.

The two motels on the left between Circle K and Villa Dr. are hot spots - a lot of the girls live here and if there is no one at their room, you save money in not having to get a room for an hour, or risking doing anything in your car.

After Villa Dr. on the right is the famous Tally Ho motel, and great name, for a great area! You will find girls here sometimes but their boyfriends are usually dealing dope out of the room. Could turn into an ugly situation real quick. If you turn left on Villa Dr. you'll sometimes see a girl or two hanging out behind the shopping strip.

A few stragglers can be found from Villa on down to Crosstown Freeway but they are a random find and are usually walking down Leopard and not hanging out at any particular place. At Leopard and Crosstown you find a girl occasionally since there is a "feed-the-homeless" thing a block from the corner.

Between Crosstown and Staples you'll spot a few walking sometimes and at the Circle K at Staples they will be at the payphone sometimes.

This has been the Leopard tour.

Once you are at Staples you can go left and over the Freeway into an area called "The Cut". I don't go. It is a mostly black area, a lot of crack, a lot of thugs, a lot of LE, but the pussy is cheap - FS can be had for $10. But just not worth it. It's a shame too - it's hard to find BSW's anywhere else. I drove through there twice when I first moved to Corpus and was pulled over and harassed by LE both times when exiting the area. They told me point blank, that a white guy had no business there and would be pulled over and checked for narcotics every time.

If you resist the magnetic draw of the danger of the Cut and go right instead of left there is a whole other (better) world awaiting you, "The Staples Tour".

I'll report on this in a day or two.

Happy hunting and be careful guys!!

Time Around
05-17-04, 23:26
Great information. I do appreciate it. Times are getting rough on everyone out there. I've been out a couple of times, heck more then that but who is counting, and see so many guys get busted. Gentlement, use common sense- if you see cars in the area wait a while.

Also, there is a sw on Leopard by that mini-mart and drive in called "Snaps" or soemthing like that. I know the name, I just am not going to say it. Anywway, shes a pure scammer. A friend told me he picked her up, paid her and she totally skanked out. She's hispanic and mid to late 30s.

Aguyincorpus, I guess if you can detail the areas, I can share some of my stories. I shared one, with more to come.

Corpus Guy
05-27-04, 14:42
Out at lunchtime today. Leopard St. was hopping!! I saw at least 7 SW's between the dogtrack and Up River Rd.

3 WSW's, 1 BSW and the rest were HSW.

There is one VERY cute HSW I've seen on Leopard the last couple of days. Her face and body are a 10 on the SW scale. Hell she's probably a 9 on the regular chick scale. She's been hanging around the Circle K by the cheap motels. Has anyone here seen her or better yet had a chance to sample her? If so, post details about cost and what she's into. If I get her before then I'll post the details. She is definitely one I'd like to get a few pictures of.

Sorry about my not posting "The Staples Tour" recon report yet. I've been extremely busy lately. I'll get around to in a few days hopefully.

Corpus Guy
05-27-04, 14:46
By the way, what's happened to the activity on the Corpus board recently?

Come on guys - post some info and pictures if you can get any.

I'll be in Dallas the first week of June and have been perusing the Dallas board with much enthusiasm. They have a GREAT board - a lot of activity almost daily, and the best part is that it's almost all SW reports!

I'll let you know how it goes in the Big D. I canít wait!!

Time Around
05-29-04, 01:06

I lucked out and found the girl you spoke so greatly about. Her name is Christina. In fact, I just picked her up about two hours ago. She charges $30 for a covered bj and $70 for full service.

I'll admit, she has a knockout body. Lips that would drop any guy to his knees. Despite all this, she expects the "client" to "finish" in about five minutes. I guess she'll have to forgive me for having a little more stamina then that.

She didn't really seem all that into it. She did let me feel about a bit.

If you, or anyone, is looking for something better then average and far better then all the crack ****** around, then she is the one. If you don't mind spending a little extra and get far less, she is the one.

If I saw her again, I probably wouldn't pick her up.

By the way, my sure thing over on park was busted. She was an 8-9 on the regular girl scale and offered way better service.

Guys, it isn't over. If AGUYINCORPUS and I found two great looking girls, there has to be more.

Corpus Guy
06-04-04, 15:53
I had an unbeleivable experience today. I'm not sure if I've found a new "good" area or if I was just lucky. There used to be a lot of crack ***** action on Duncan just off of Agnes street, but the area is VERY rough and I almost never go by there. Besides after a few LE raids a few years ago it was always dead, so I've stopped going by.

By chance yesterday I was driving down Agnes st. from Padre Island dr. towards Crosstown and right there at Duncan I saw a really hot chick, hispanic about 17 nice tits. I kept going to turn around at the next intersection and I see another!!!

Anyway picked her up, very good FS at her little dump of a place, $40, no rushing.

Good experience - I'll pick her up again if I see her.

And she let me take a pic!

Time Around
06-06-04, 18:19
Just wanted to pass this on. I was out Friday and Saturday; however, it seemed that no other sw was out. Guys, be careful, extra careful out there. The cops are swarming heavy in the areas. It seems that they are up and ready to crack down on ALL activity in the areas of Alameda and Port.

06-08-04, 16:39
I was out there and picked up a WSW at an apartment complex. We went back to my hotel and she gave me H&H for $50. When I was driving her back, she asked me to take her to the grocery store. I turned onto a street and I looked back and there was a cop behind me.

He pulled me over. He asked me what I was doing on this side of town. I told him that I was staying at a hotel near by and I was going to go to the grocery store.

He let me go and told me to stay away from SW.

Time Around
06-09-04, 23:00
Gentlemen, I had two very sad experiences today.

First of all, I saw a VERY cute blonde sw get put into handcuffs today.

Secondly, a friend has me pass this information on to everyone. There is a SW around the Alameda area, blonde, that goes by the name of DAWN or MARI. In either case, it turns out that DAWN/ MARI and her man ripped him off.

Gentlemen be careful.

Time Around
06-11-04, 02:02
Saw that beauty that AGUYINCORPUS hinted at . Christina looked so out of place on Leopard. I kinda wish that I had another opportunity to try things over. Thanks to my last couple of experiences, I am going to take a little hiatus from the game. If this means anything to the Corpus Board, I am going to into semi-retirement.

Gentlemen, I wish you luck and I will offer help on advice or locations if you want.

Monetary concerns and bad experiences have gone on to tell me that I need a long break; therefore, good luck guys and see-ya-round.


Lead Foot
06-20-04, 06:19
What is going on in C/C?

I spent the afternoon there yesterday and there was nothing to be found, except for a few ( too old, fat, ugly, exc. ). Where have all the women gone? Have they moved or left town?

I checked all the old places and it was dry as a bone, I even checked some of the side streets and still nothing.

If any of you locals have any know where they have gone please PM me. If I can find them I will post a note.


Time Around
07-05-04, 16:39
Even though I vowed to take some much needed time off, I found myself, on several occasions, back on the stroll. While it was nothing else but window shopping, I made some very startling observations.

I found NOTHING. Nothing attractive. Nothing of interest. What I saw either physically repulsed me or was something I wouldn't piss on to put out a fire.

Things are really the worst I can ever remember them.

If I am wrong, please correct me.

Call Me Captain
07-07-04, 22:40
Time Around

I have been a frequent reader, but this is my first post. I was out yesterday (7-6-04) myself and checked out all the Normal spots.

I HAVE to agree with you there was NOTHING out worth even acknowleging, much less giving "the look". What was out was REAL SCARY.

First time I made the circuit it was mid afternoon and I thought maybe the heat outside that is keeping them indoors, so I ran some errands and then made another trip around 9:00-10:00 pm and still nothing. It was REAL depressing.

Lead Foot
07-11-04, 13:42
I made another trip to C/C and stayed friday night. At first there wasn't much going on but around 10pm things started to pick up.
Picked up a rather good looking blond WSW and her friend ( a HSW ) and spent more than an hour with them both, it was like if you can think of it we will give it a try, 60 well spent.
After droping them off and found another HSW on the way back to the room. Although I was well spent, she was real easy to look at so she talked me into a slow and easy BBBJ for 20.
Went back to the room and she worked on me for more than an hour before she got what she had been working for. Not much left but she seemed to enjoy it a great BBBJTCWS.
I will return again after this trip
I will post after next trip.

Time Around
07-13-04, 00:16
Gentlemen, I saw Christina again and damn she looked great. I was about to pick her up when I remembered the extremely crappy way she made me feel last time. I really don't need that again.

I think I had a close call with an undercover LE, or a very suspicious minded SW. I saw her around Brownlee and Crosstown. I circled around to pick her up and met her exactly at the corner. I pretended to wait for the intersection to clear.

Any other SW would make a motion to try and get someone's attention; however, she did not.

So, guys beware of a little better then average blonde in that area.

Also, with all the cops cracking down on everything, be extra aware of all the pimps. They are being very protective of their ladies.

Call Me Captain
07-14-04, 09:23
I was out taking care of some business out the the other day late afternoon. Since it was close to dinner, I stopped for a "Homegrown" Burger on Leopard. I wasn't out on the prowl but, as I was headed back to my car, I noticed what I thought was a young looking WSW. She had just come from the back of the convienence store next door but had a guy dogging her like a doe in heat. They walked to a no tell motel nearby, so I figured that she was out of commission. I chalked it up to bad timing.

I would have put her at first glace at a 6-7 for the area. Petite, dirty blond, not dressed flashy, but just an air about her said "for hire."

I took care of the rest of my business. About two hours later I decided to take a chance again, and there she was making the stroll. The only problem was the guy was still shadowing her. I made a turn into a parking lot to turn around and timed it so I pulled up as she past, gave the look and she hopped in. We made the usual checks, and I THINK she said her name was Dawn. decided for 2 Jacksons, a Hamilton plus a room for FS. More than usual for the area, but she looked pretty fresh for the area.

Once in the room, I found out she was 32, and actually has 5 kids. When she got undressed you could tell she had a couple kids, but still looked pretty good. Still a 6-7. TINY all the way around too. About 5' and 100 lbs maybe. She was not rushed, never asked about time and switched positions several times before finishing with me on my back and her riding like a cowgirl. She even got herself off in the process, that or she should be an actress who just naturally juices like crazy.

If I see her again I'll flag her down. Guys, keep an eye out she doesn't dress flashy and said she was only at it part time. WELL worth

Time Around
07-14-04, 17:12
Captain, Captain, Captain,

Brother, I don't wanna preach because you and I are out here doing the same thing; however, if the DAWN you speak of and the DAWN I picked up a couple of weeks ago are the same, you need to watch out.

I saw her, swooped in and picked her up. Once she got in the car, I saw a huge "blister" on her lip.

I don't know about any other mongers out there but if a SW has any open sores, blisters, or anything else suspicious, I do not pick up.

From what you describe, she could very well be the same girl.

I wish you luck. Oh, and WASH YOUR LITTLE CAPTAIN.

Just some words of advice.

Call Me Captain
07-15-04, 01:24
Time Around,

I agree about open sores or blisters, That is something I Always check. She didn't have anything like that, or she wouldn't have even made it out of the driveway. But not to worry, the Little Captain was well covered in foul weather gear, and enjoyed a nice hot and soapy cleansing shower afterwards.

Corpus Guy
07-15-04, 17:42
Hey Captain,

I think I know of whom you speak. Don't remember her though, could be Dawn.

If it's the same one she hasn't been around for quite a while. She is a HSW, blond dyed hair, usually pretty curly. She's short - probably about 5'2", VERY nice tiny body - well rounded - not too skinny, small tits. She told me she had 5 kids too, and I was shocked!

She was always a little more expensive than the usually SW around Corpus, but worth it. Her BBBJ was like none I've ever had. Her FS was excellent too, multiple positions, very tight, no rushing.

Her boyfriend was ALWAYS with her, very close by if not not right by her side. She also usually has a room already paid for that they stay in. Her boyfriend will wait where you pick her up and she'll take you to her room. He makes you a little nervous, but he's actually very cool.

You paid too much, though, she had always charged 20 for a BBBJ, 40 for FS, though she would normally take 30. She will also let you take pictures!

I'll be looking for her now. I'm glad she's back

A Guy in Corpus

Jay in TX
07-19-04, 22:06
Hello Everyone,

I am hoping to find some information. I am new in Corpus Christi and looking for a nice Spa to relax in. Im sure you all know what I mean.

I have been searching the internet for one in Texas, but have only found information about Houston. I do not want to take a 3 hour drive just to relax.

I hope someone can help me out.

Thanks all

Jay in TX

Lead Foot
07-20-04, 16:18
I am starting to like C/C all over again.

Just returned from another trip to the BIG CITY and had a very good time.

More SW out than you can count, missed some very nice ones, and there were a lot that I haven't seen before. this could be because there wasn't much LE action that I could find.

Hooked up with a cute petite HSW, went to the room and she didn't look the the 22 she said she was, looked more like 18 or 19 , very small chest and a great little ass but she knew what she was doing. She wanted to stay for a while after we had done the deed, because it was real hot outside so I told her she could stay but it was going to get a little warm in the room, she didn't mind and I think we both had a good time. About 9pm she had to go and I took her back to Lepord and let her go.

Just for the hell of it I headed over to the Staples area and drove there for just a short time till I ran into Sara, big girl not fat just big. Has the best nipples I have ever layed a lip to, if you find her you will know what I mean.

Luck To All


This is just a suggestion, so please don't take it the wrong way.

I appreciate the details in your report, but I know from experience that a lot of people find it easier to read a report if the paragraphs are separated by a single blank line.

I know how this happens: You're banging away at the keyboard, putting your thoughts into the report as fast as you can write them. However, if you could hit the return key TWICE at the end of each paragraph, your report would be much easier to read, which would certainly be appreciated by your fellow Forum Members.



Member #2082
07-21-04, 01:07
Had to post,

I went cruising on Agnus and picked up this 22 years old as well. Her name is Amanda and she is from Baton Rough, La. Very nice, BBBJ, very tight. I think Iíve seen her before, but sheís normally with this guy and I donít pick up SW with their pimp. I think sheís white but she had very dark skin.

She did rush me a little because she said her friends were waiting for her. However she said that if I pick her up again she would not rush back.

What I liked about her is that she didnít seem to be strung out of drugs. Anyway things seem to be picking up in CC. Finally weíre starting to see some good looking SW!

Good luck guys! O2TheO

Time Around
07-21-04, 12:10
I picked up an old friend last night. Very excellent job. No rushing, very good at what she does. One of the most solid experiences I have had in along time.

And, if things are looking up in Corpus, I hope they stay that way.

07-22-04, 20:54
Hi all,

Does anyone know if the girl in the post by CC Monger is still around.

Original post - Cindy, Skinny Blonde, 45, at a bar on leopard, not my usual type but the mroe I drank the better she looked, she wanted 75 I offered 50, she accepted and we went to her place. She dropped her clothes (better than I had hoped) looked at me and said "you paid for it, it's all yours, anything you want, just don't hit me in the face." This turned out to be a really fun session, this chick got off to rough sex, I mean grab a handfull of hair and fuck her in the mouth hard and deep and she loved it, greek etc, and she was a major squirter.

I will be flying to CC soon to do some work for FMC. I usually stay in the Holiday Inn on Leopard and would like to give her a try while I am in CC. I would also like to try out some of the girls from the newer post also.

If anyone gets up around Tulsa Ok. let me know and I will be glad to help if possible.



Time Around
07-24-04, 00:11

I hope you don't get mad; but, I am going to respond to your PM on the public board.

The reports that AGUYINCORPUS, LEAD FOOT, and myself- TIME AROUND, give are the best ways to find what you're looking for.

Time Around
08-15-04, 01:06
Guys, what happened? Everything went dead silent.

I know the actoin on Leopard hasn't stopped, even though the LE and news says it has.

Somebody let me know what yall have seen.

Time Around
08-17-04, 21:34
I know the cops are cracking down on things; however, I was wondering how everyone else was faring. I met this great score on leopard.

Guys, let me know what ya'll got.

Call Me Captain
08-19-04, 21:49
I was over off of Agnes the other was just out to make a casual look around. Turned off on port and saw a cute Hispanic girl in jeans and a acasual white shirt. she was talking to some guys about 15 ft away from her. They just looked like they knew each other and were having a fun converstation so I didn't think she was working.

One of the guys said something to the girl, and the guys started laughing. She was laughing too then she pops open her shirt to flash herself at the guys, turns and starts walking down a side street. I quickly manuevered to turn down the street behind her and gave the look, she saw and returned it.

I pulled over and she walks up and I offer her a ride, she hops in and off we go. Up close I realize she is a decent looking girl. Dark hair past her shoulders, petite about 5'2" 100lbs. I would say at least a 7 by CC standards. She said, "you saw that did't you?" I just smiled. She said she doesn't do this often, but needed to make the rent. We did the usual checks found out her was Sonya and she was 23. talked things over and decided to "loan" her $40 for 1/2 now and 1/2 later.

went to a local No tell, and when she was undressed she looked pretty decent. she started on the first 1/2 and decent to get me ready for the second 1/2. She was Clean, timmed and TIGHT! Of course I made sure to have my little sailor in a slicker suit.

Got her number I'll call her again. Since things are hot out right now, it'll be nice to have a safe play.

Keep an eye out you never know what you'll see out of the corner of your eye. If you keep your eyes open.

Call Me Captain
08-19-04, 21:52
I'm wondering what's going to happen when the Tally Ho closes down. I wonder where all the crowd from there will migrate to?

Time Around
08-23-04, 00:16
Captain, I sent you a PM, if you got it let me know.

Is it just me; or, does hunting seem a little more exciting when I hear about all the work LE has done cleaning the streets? I mean, every night on the news I hear about how Leopard and other Hot Spots are cleaned; but, I still am able to play count the hookers.

I encourage everyone else to keep writing their experiences. I see people out there picking up girls. Come on, share.

Lead Foot
08-24-04, 07:04
Just got back from the big city of C/C and found things a little slow. I went to the track and after that I took a ride around for a while to see what was going on.

There were a few girls out and about and I missed a good score over on Leopard, she was blond and had a nice bod, but I was a little slow on the turn around. Didn't see much after that so I turned in for the night.

I had to leave early the next day so I was up about 4:30 and hit the street around 5 am. If you haven"t been out around that time you don"t know what you are missing. The selection is much better, no LE and you can get a much better deal on what ever you want. I found a cute little HSW that I haven't seen before, so I got a BBBJCIM for a 10 spot before hitting the road.

Corpus Guy
08-24-04, 10:34
I found a couple new girls. Well, not really new, they are actually pretty worn, but...

They claim they are sisters. I've only fucked one, but they both appear to have a pretty large rack. The one I sampled had a medium to big ass but looked a little prettier in the face from a distance. After seeing her close up I'm not sure though. Her teeth are really ugly! I had to make eat the pillow while I tapped her doggie style.

They are tricking out of their apartment and yesterday I saw another girl that looked much cuter talking with them, but by the time I turned around she was gone.

Anyway, here's the scoop:

They are around the Leopard scene - I don't want to say exactly where in the open forum, because as everyone has mentioned LE has been pretty active lately.

BBBJ to get it stiff, missionary while she played with her big tits, pinching her nipples and flicking them with her tongue, then when I couldn't stand her teeth anymore I rolled her over to fuck her doggie. She really seemed to like it like that. She actually started moaning, arched her back, and reached back with both hands to spread her ass cheeks for FULL entry.

Her big ass looked so inviting spread open like that, I asked her to let me stick it in her poop chute which she declined, probably because of what I told her I give her. So instead I started to really grudge fuck her - pulling completely out of her pussy and ramming it to the hilt with every stroke. She responded by spreading her ass even further and rocking her hips back to meet me.

I get the feeling now that she was probably just trying to hurry and make me shoot, so I would get the fuck outta there!

All in all, a very good experience - she was actually nice too.

I can't wait to fuck her sister. If she at least acts to be as into it, I'll try to get them both at once the next time.

Oh yeah, and the best part (the part I know you are waiting for), $25

Happy Cunting!

Corpus Guy

Call Me Captain
08-27-04, 01:39
Well I had a rare day off, so I decided to try a little mongering. I started with a pass from the agnes-alameda area. couple walking nothin above a 3-4 in my estimate.

Moved on out agnes and saw a SCARY looking chickenhead near a convienence store in a strip center near the De Pineda plaza.

I decided to hit leopard see what's happening since the Talley Ho is offically history. BINGO! Saw a Cute looking Hispanic girl. I wasn't sure if she was working or waiting for a bus but, on the second pass she gave a nod and a quick "sign" (PM me and I'll give more details) so I pulled around and she came over. This one was Golden, petite, about 5'5" and probably about 100 lbs. She said her name was Sandra and she was 35 but looked 25. The best part she is NOT a user. She was CLEAN, had clear brown rested brown eyes and she was well toned. she said $20 bbbj, $30bbbjcim, $40FS. Decided to take the whole show. She had a room already so we went there. took care of the $$ and got to business.

She was great, BBBJ to get things started, then got the little sailor in foul weather gear and the real fun started. Missionary with ankles over the shoulders. We switched to walk the dog for a while, more BJ and finished back in missionary position.

She NEVER rushed and put forth a GREAT effort.

Looks "9"
Effort "10+"

This might be the same wonder that Time Around wrote about a few days ago. She gave me her number and said she liked to work out of her room because LEA was being more aggresive since the Talley Ho was closed and the junkies had been run out of there. I Added her phone number to my list of providers to revisit time and time again.

You might think after this I would be ready to go home and rest, but Nooooo. I did some shopping and decided to make another run down Leopard.

I saw a girl walking several blocks farther out form where I picked up Sandra. I pulled in to get some gas and she walks up and asks, "were you following me?" On closer examination i notice she is a HSW about a "7" for here. She is also a tiny one, 5'3" and petite about 34-24-34. She is young looking so I ask her age and she says 23, and her name is Mary Jane. We chit chat while I filled up with gas. I figure what the hell and ask what she is up for.

She said she could do FS right now cause of her time of the month, would do bbbjcim but she made no mention of $$. I paid for the gas and off we go to her apartment. As we are driving off she said she has a twin sister that is also in the game. Have I died and gone to heaven? So, we get to her apartment and this girl can suck a bowling ball through a straw. It hasn't been but an hour or so since popping earlier but I am hard in seconds. She is really going at it and into doing her best to suck out my brain. She never rushed me. She just did a hell of a job and only stopped once to ask me to warn her before, so she would be ready and didn't make a mess.

An A+ performance. doesn't take long and the little sailor blowing his brains out the top of his head. she never missed a beat. Up until this time no $$ was mentioned. I pulled out a jackson and she was satisfied.

Looks "7"
Performance "10"

Afterwards she asks if I would be intersted in tag teaming her and her twin sister sometime, and gives me her number. she also mentions how LEA has been stroger on leopard recently. So I should call and she'll set up a time with her and her sister. I'm looking forward to my next day off. I plan to sample them both together.

Don't worry I will keep you all updated on what it's like to tag twins.

My most successful day of prowling to date, and 2 numbers to add to my list.

Corups Guy,

She lives at the same apartments as the other "sisters" you wrote about recently. I think this is the good looking girl you spoke of that disappeared.

Corpus Guy
08-30-04, 10:09

Great report!!!

You know I'll be going today to check out the apartments and see if it's the one.

In the meantime can you PM me the phone and room number of Sandra??

I tried to call Sonja the other day and it looks like it's a wrong number :-(

Thanks dude!

Time Around
09-04-04, 18:53
I can only tell you what I saw, because I didn't do anything.

On Leopard, three SWs. Funny, I thought the cops had cleaned up that area? Of those three, only one i would actually attempt to pick up. Of course, I had no luck with the apartments ya'll have been discussing.

On Port and Ayers area, I saw four SWs. I would honestly saw that all four girls were doable.

About the Brownlee area, five girls. Non were acceptable.

The Alameda area was depressing. Absolutely nothing there.

Gentlemen, its only my opinion on my doable scale or not. However, I would be interested to know which areas ya'll think are hot and which are completely a waste of time.

There are some very good looking SWs out; however, the challenge is trying to find them before either someone else does.

I commend you on your posting. Keep it up.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

Call Me Captain
09-07-04, 12:20
I hooked up with the other twin the other day.

It was enjoyable, I even talked her into a couple pictures.

Call Me Captain
09-07-04, 12:21
Second one of the Twin.

09-08-04, 00:56
I hope you had a weed-eater to get to that thing!

Y Que
09-08-04, 10:25
Or a chainsaw.

Time Around
09-10-04, 07:36
Captain, I am going to respond to your PM here. Again, the places I saw active were as follows.

Leopard- from just over the bridge near the dog track, to just staples.

The Alameda and Staples area.

The Port and area from Crosstown to Virginia.

The Brownlee are from Agnes to Buford.

And sometimes, late at night, you can find something on Ayers near the old bread factory. I will always remember that place and go check it out because its not often but when you find something in that area its good.

Guys come on keep writing, if you know of other places write about them. As much as we think we like to keep them secret if we know about them, LE knows about them as well.

And, for heaven's sake, be careful of the pictures you take some of us might have weak hearts. Captain, just kidding.

Jay in TX
09-13-04, 18:41
Hello All,

Just thought I would write in. Seems like the past couple of times I have been to Corpus, there has been no action on Leopard.

Maybe it is the times I am getting over there.

Since I am new to the area and I do have to travel a little distance to get there, I don't get out that much. It is more on the times I have to come to the city.

Anyone have any suggestions for me one some good times to catch the action?

Thanks All


Time Around
09-18-04, 22:19
Jay Jay, Jjay,

I don't know what yorur talking about. First of all, guys-I too have went to the apartments and struck gold. It was great.

Secondly, sometimes its better not to waste your time with Leopard because of all the cops and nothing really worth it.

Lead Foot
09-19-04, 11:40
Had a chance to make another trip to the Big City again and all in all things are looking pretty good.

Has anyone made it with the two young school girls that can be found behind the school on Leopard, I don't remember the name of the street.

It seems by what they tell me they are just trying to pick up a little extra lunch money.

They are kind of new at it and will take about what ever you offer.

Lead Foot
09-19-04, 19:01
Hi Jay,

It was around 9pm Sat. night or a little after. One was pretty cute but the other was a bit on the heavy side.

Lead Foot
09-23-04, 06:13
I had to make a run back to your big city again and had a fair time this go around.

Picked up a cute skinny blond WSW on Leopard by the Circle K.
She said for 50 she would do anything, but when in the room and she had the bucks it was well nobody does that or except for that or not that.

She was ok but not at that price, I think she said her name was Pam, so if you run across her watch out for what you pay for. I won't use her again.

Be Careful Out There

Lead Foot
09-27-04, 21:33
I will be back in town Fri. and would like to know if any of you locals know of any new places to cruise. Getting kind of tired of the same old thing. Things seem to go well while there but just getting a little tired of the same old SW"s and would like to move up to something a little better and fresher.

Drop a line if you can think of anything.

Thanks Guys

Time Around
10-01-04, 20:18
I'd hate to point this out to everyone; but, there was a football game sat nite at the school leadfoot picked up those girls.

If it was 9pm on a sat nite, wouldn't there be security? I've been to plenty of games there, the security is pretty heavy with security guards, parking agents, and people all over the place.

Just wondering, Lead Foot if im wrong correct me.

Call Me Captain
10-01-04, 22:33
Just a quick note.

I was out Friday afternoon/evening and saw nothing but LEA everywhere! Well, I take tha back. I did see a couple of scary old crackwhores out on Leopard past the dog track.

Anyone having any luck out there? It seems things have dried up recently.

New To Corpus
10-04-04, 17:17
Wow finally able to post here lol took long enough to get the upgrade. I moved to Corpus Christi beginning of this semester around August 7th. I am unable to drive so it makes it hard to "pickup" a girl. Um so guys tell me what do do. Can someone please tell me where these apartments all these "sisters" live at? lol. and whats the dl on BottomsUp? cuz thats the only club i know of thats on my bus route that runs to my apartments. Any suggestions lemme know. I love reading ya'lls posts.

10-11-04, 10:40
I will be in town for couple of days this week. Are there any decent MP's or reliable independents in Corpus? It seems like there's only street action, and that's not my style... I can return any favors regarding Chicagoland area...

Time Around
10-11-04, 15:33
I don't know what was seen out that past the dog tracks; but, what I saw was pretty good. Happened to pick one up off of Leopard the other night. Huh, I thought they cleaned up that street? Anyway, got a good experience. Kinda rushed me but, way good technique and enthusiasm.

Jay in TX
10-13-04, 23:06
Well I had heard the same thing too. However I got a BBBJCIM for a 20 on Saturday afternoon. Was pretty good, but the girl was a 5 at best. Although you can not beat the price.

One question about the apartments. Is there any action during the daytime, or all at night?


Lead Foot
10-16-04, 17:06
Just got back from the Big City, seems to be getting bad out there. After a couple of weeks in Houston, I would much rather be there than in C/C when it comes to the night life. I saw three busts going down while I was there.

Two on Ledopard and one over in the Staples area, seems most of the SW's went under cover till about 4:30am, then things started to pickup.

Just a note to Time Around, I didn't pick up the girls at the football game. Like I said it was the street behind the school, I think it is Lipan and near the cross street of Dawn or Fawn, I can't remember the name for sure but next time I am in town I'll pick up a city map to be more sure of the street names.

The only tip for the week is check out the area around Mary and 19th, it worked for me.

Good hunting

Time Around
10-25-04, 21:03
I don't know about anyone else; but, I have received two pms about the apartments where people have been lucky. Gentlemen, if you read this, read the other posts on the Corpus Christi thread.

I will offer no other detail on this.

Lead Foot- Again, I'm sorry if there was a misunderstanding; however, I didn't wnat someone else to hang around the schools on Leopard and get in trouble for trying to pick up girls that were too young.

10-26-04, 14:23
I must say that Corpus is one of the worst cities for hobbyists. I was there for only few days, but with only street action available, that was enough for me. I was very surprised to discover there weren't any AMP's or MP's available in Corpus. I did find tons of wsw's and hsw's throughout the day all over the place. I was cruisin' Leopard, Staple, Agnes, even around North Beach, I located few wsw's. I did pick up a few, but most of them were pretty rough-looking and smelled bad, so I kicked them out. There were few GC's in the area, and I did go inside "Cheetah's". Man, as soon as I walked in, the whole crowd (mostly aryan bros) gave me the intimidating looks. There were few gals, but they all looked like ho's from the street.
I was thinking to myself that perhaps it would've been better for me to drive down a little (2 hours) to Mexico, but WTF... Definitely next time...

Time Around
11-07-04, 01:57

Is it me; or, where did all the girls go? I haven't seen anything, of interest, out the last couple of days. Where did they all go? If anyone has any information, I'll gladly repay the favor. PM me if you have any details.


Time Around
11-11-04, 02:21
Gentlemen, I picked up a greaty the other day and had 40FS. It was very good. She was very enthused to do what she did. Overall, great experience. I see alot of new girls. I'm having trouble trying to decipher if its for real or LE picking up the pace.

Corpus Guy
11-15-04, 17:29
... I picked up a pretty hot little HSW yesterday afternoon by "Loaves and Fishes". We made eye contact, I smiled, she motioned for me to go around the block. I went a couple of blocks down turned right twice and there she was. I drove up slowly to make sure there were no guys hanging around to ambush me and rolled down the passenger window.

She was very cute for the area, nice face, thin body, etc. She leaned in the window and I asked if she was a cop, which she immediately responded by saying "HELL NO" and lifted her shirt to flash me her tits!

I thought to myself "this is a nice one, she was friendly and eager", and I was feeling bold so I did what I imagine anyone in my shoes would have done - I told her "I wanna fuck you in your ass and I'll give you $30!" She's says, "Okay!". So we were off...

On another note, I found this new provider in another forum (a very crappy one, I might add) but she looks pretty hot. I have not been able to hookup with her yet though as she's been very hard to get ahold of. If one of you has better luck let me know the details!

Her picture is attached and she can be found on Yahoo IM: Screen name: mystiqueeyes692004

11-15-04, 20:49
I did find a WSW the other day as I got into town and took a little detour to come down Leonard. Nice unrushed after lunch FS for $40. She was the only one I saw walking that afternoon. I haven't had the chance to go back out since I got in to town.

Corpus, I too saw the provider you gave us a picture of, but haven't hooked up with her yet. She did quickly respond to my email, just haven't been able to set a time with her via phone.

Jay in TX
11-16-04, 21:28
To All,

Just thought I would let all you know about the stiff I picked up last night. I did not get this girls name, but she is an older hispanic girl. She is between 30 and 35. The one thing I noticed about her that would identify her to you is that she has an "R" tattoo on her lower back.

Basically she said 20 for a BBBJ, then sucked for about 5 min then said if I didnt cum in 5 min that she wanted more money. So I promptly dropped her off and searched for another catch.


Time Around
11-18-04, 10:34
I had a good find the other day. Small price and excellent service. I really hope I hear from her again. She was great at what she did- I mean great- I really mean great.

Call Me Captain
11-18-04, 11:32
I guess the crime rate is WAY Down in CC.

I was out and about yesterday afternoon (Wednesday 17th) and decided to do some recon to see what was out after the recent rains. I figured it might be a good time for a bargain since the rain kept most of the girls off the street the last few mornings. I guess local PD did too because there were COPS EVERYWHERE. There were several on Leopard, Two at Agnes and Laredo sitting under the overpass, one on 18th or 19th near midtown, another one just off Mary near brownlee, and three cruisers on North Beach. I also noticed several unmarked vehicles with either exempt plates or lights conceled in the grills and on the rear window decks.

There was also a large gathering at the place on park street .... 3 cruisers, van for transporting and more blue than at a Moody baseball game. Looks like that place is out of commission for a while. That might have been a drug bust too. Seems like there was a large amout of drugs through that area.

Oh, this was all happening in the late afternoon and close to the shift change when most of them are driving like bats out of hell to the main parking lot to get off shift. I guess tha means they have wiped out all the gang and drug activity so they can cooncentrate on messing with the girls who are only skilled for fun.

Be careful out there guys .. the weather may be cooling off but the heat appears to be turning up.

Call Me Captain
11-19-04, 02:21
In response to your request about details. I made connections within 24 hours and WHOA MAMMA! A little pricey but a definate 9+ and worth every penny.

I think I'll be taking break from the streets for a while. On my way home, I did a quick recon about 11pm and saw 6 count them 6 CCPD cruisers on Leopard St. and 4 had people pulled over and out of he cars.

Time Around
11-25-04, 01:35
Well, I owe a great deal to a good friend of mine that allowed me to get the hookup of a lifetime. To you- thanks I owe you. I met this great girl. She was wonderful at what she did- I mean wonderful. I know wonderful is kind of a fruity word; but, its the only word to describe what happened.

I really can't tell the area here because of LE. On a personal note, it seems whenever I get out on the prowl, I see more and more LE. Even the thought of a pickup makes me nervous.

Thats about it for me now. Good luck guys.

Member #2754
12-14-04, 00:13

On another note, I found this new provider in another forum (a very crappy one, I might add) but she looks pretty hot. I have not been able to hookup with her yet though as she's been very hard to get ahold of. If one of you has better luck let me know the details!

Her picture is attached and she can be found on Yahoo IM: Screen name: mystiqueeyes692004Has anyone tried this one yet?

Time Around
12-14-04, 01:25
Gentlemen, where have you gone? I have seen plenty of action out there; however, I don't see anyone reporting. I wonder: either everyone is hoarding the information for themselves; or, are they too embarassed to gloat on what they picked up.

On a side note, I had a scary experience on Alameda. I was stopped at a light (one that takes along time) between Alameda and Staples. Anyway, a crackhead ran out and started banging on my truck. I guess she was trying to get my attention; either way, I wasn't going to stick around to find out.

Someone, spill the guts on something.

Time Around
12-23-04, 00:20
Where is everyone? I know the weather just turned cold today but this section has been dead a while. If people have something to post, please do so. I will pick up my share as soon as I can.

Call Me Captain
12-24-04, 09:11
OK, I guess we've made the big time. I knew the police were up to something, but did you see what the Caller-Times repored yesterday? If not here is the link.


Seems a Reporter for the Caller-Times even posed as a SW to help entrap guys in a Prostitutions sting. That takes the cake. what happened to journalists being objective and reporting the news. Now they are helping to create the news and then reporting what they create.

Be very careful guys. CCPD is going to start a new website showing the photos of all the johns they bust now.

Jay in TX
12-24-04, 10:23
Just thought I would write in and say that I was out and about yesterday (23DEC) from about 3:30 pm until about 6:30 pm. During this 3 hours of cruising the streets, I hit Leopard, Staples, Laredo, and Agnes. I did not see any SW's at all. What I did see was more CCPD cruisers that regular cars on the street. It seemed like everytime I turned around I was passing a cop.

My Alias
12-24-04, 23:09
Aww, it's the holiday season so that means it's time for the annual John sting. Watch your backs, guys. http://www.caller.com/ccct/local_news/article/0,1641,CCCT_811_3420585,00.html, Here's the story, but it might require you to register (for free) to the newspaper's Web site in order to read it. Basically, there was a John sting that netted four in mid-December, and a reporter from the Caller-Times acted as the fake pro in two of the busts. The editor has issued an apology for having the reporter get involved in the story.

Time Around
12-30-04, 02:55

i was just wondering if the reason the cc caller times has so many mis-spellings, false reports, un delivered papers, an overall bad reputations, a cheap reputation, shitty reporters, and a bad bias is because some of their reporters are out on the streets, either as hookers, pretending to be hookers, or picking them up?

how many reports have you all seen of leopard being cleaned up, then to go out the next day and see hookers out all over the place?

i understand, like all of you must understand deep down, why cops try and put a stop to all that; but, sometimes they go too far. i know that if i go too far with this little editorial, i might run into trouble so i'll end it like this: "the cops are so great, they do such a good job. since they started cleaning the streets, everything is so much better. no, i don't see any perverts driving by the elemenetary schools trying to pick up young girls. i don't see any dealers out by miller or crack pipes in the cemetary or any damange to the cemetary stones at all. i don't see **** drivers out on the area or smoking pot in their front yards. i never hear about girls being raped or murdered. i never hear about gang feuds. i don't see drunk drivers or drivers going down laredo and agnes the wrong way- we all see that.

and if i get pulled over, followed, or arrested, remember why. oh yea, my paper wasn't delivered so if you see a reporter out there, ask her if i can get another delivered.