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10-03-17, 17:21
Thanks very much!. I'd love older FS. But I may check out Nalee if I can't find her info.You didn't specify if you have a vehicle or if you're limited to public transportation. The Metro system will get you many places in the DMV but it won't get you to Centreville (Nalee's area). But if you search BP for providers close to Metro stations, or just call some that interest you and ask them, you should find plenty to keep you busy.

10-05-17, 23:39

10-13-17, 11:38
Every monger in DC should write their local legislation to urge them to support this bill, or this opportunity will get buried again for another decade! If it passes the bill would definitely improve the health and safety of this hobby for all.


10-16-17, 22:28
I just moved to the DC area and am having a hell of a time getting connected with any of the Asian agencies. I have P411 and have used ECCIE and TER but I can't get any of the agencies to reply a text or email. I've tried Butterfly Legend, Club Paradise, Discreet Story, Happy Together, and Lotus Flowerz.

Do you have any tips to tricks to get involved?I was active in this particular form of the hobby for a while. I can't justify my long drive to DC any longer, so I quit for now, with much regret. You don't see much of this on this forum, but I can tell you it is definitely the best form of the hobby, like everyone says. PM me for some specifics on which agencies to contact first. They are super low key, and I don't want to say too much, but those sites mean little, if anything, to most of these agencies. They are really almost completely dead set on personal references from established providers. As you probably know by know, usually 3, and they will make absolutely no exception. It is hard to see from the outside, but from the inside, trust me: you will be glad there is such a high wall to climb.