View Full Version : Possible Salisbury Sting/Bust

05-20-09, 00:10
Sorry that this report is a little late as I just returned home from vacation. On 5/16 at 5:30, there were 6-7 police cars at the Super Soda center with their lights on. Some of the cars were official, some of the cars were unmarked. Some of the officers were talking to a guy and some were talking to a girl. I am not sure if the girl was UC or SW. She may have been UC,she looked too clean and neat to be a SW. She was white,slim, and she had short dark red or brown hair. She was wearing jeans and pink long sleeve shirt or sweater. She looked very nice. If I was alone,I would have picked her up. When I went through the area 20 minutes later, the UC/SW was freely walking away and the monger was still talking to the police. I only had one other chance to go by the area before I left town and I did not see that same girl again. Be safe out there.

Propilot-over and out.

09-17-09, 20:18
Just returned home from a two day outing in Salisbury. Drove around from 7-8 pm and saw three WSW's and three BSW's. Only one out of each group was worth picking up. The one BSW had a nice body with a great pair of legs. She was picked up quickly. Of the three WSW's available, there was an older long haired blonde with a big chest and a paunch of a belly. A medium size brunette with glasses. I talked to her,she seemed nice, but she was not what I was looking for. The third WSW was named Scheandra. She was a small brunette with a very nice attitude. We did the cop check and then we were off to a spot.

Scheandra was a good lay. She did not rush and the CBJ was good. After standing at attention, I laid her back and entered. She was nice and wet. A good piece of ass. We finished up and she took me to where she lives and told me to come by anytime. Great attitude to please, no fuss no muss. Would definitely repeat.

Propilot-Always check your six.