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11-12-09, 16:34
At the request of Dark Phoenix, I'm moving my post here. I think it's a good topic to break up those lulls in the action, especially with winter around the corner.

[QUOTE=FBtom]Things of olde...

Some of you know that I'm very new to this hobby. I have gathered that some are quite seasoned. How about some stories of past experiences? As in prior to you joining this website.

For example, they could be funny, could show errors so others can learn, maybe some tips. Just please indicate that this story is olde by indicating a time period. We could do this just to fill in between current encounters.

I'll start...

Fall 1985, as a young very naive boy, I drive down Linden at 9th in Allentown. It is a cold fall evening. I spot a girl wearing a very short skirt, so I stop and offer her a ride. She asks, "are you going out?" and I reply, "no, I'm not dating anyone". She has a puzzled look on her face and asks again, "no, I mean 'are you going out?'". So then I thought she meant that my ride offer was good to take her out of town. So I say, "look, I'll give you a ride anywhere in town". So she still has an odd look on her face as she hops in. She then says, "so where do you want to go?" At this point, I knew something was up but didn't quite no what to make of it. So she explains that she is a SW and for $20 she would give me a great BJ".

I wasn't interested at that moment, so she proceeds to give me directions to numerous stops, where we parked for about ten minutes at a time. Finally after an hour or more of this, she gets out.

I told my very streetwise grandmother, who worked bars for years, the story and she laughs her ass of telling me that she was most likely a cop looking out for other decoys and that I was lucky that I didn't take the bait.

About a week later, I spot her sitting outdoors eating lunch with a lot of people, I make eye contact and wave. She totally ignores me. Oh well.

Jump to Oct 2009, I'm in Home Depot where I spot a familiar person. There she is still looking very good after all of these years! Unfortunately, she is with a man so I didn't approach her.

This was my first sw experience. Damn I was dumb back then, hopefully a little smarter now.[\QUOTE]
OK I'll play. Year was 1997, I had just turned 18. I had already been in the USMC for 4mos and had just arrived at MOS school in 29 Palms, CA. I was gonna be there for a year for Comm Tech training, that made me technically a permenant resident and not TAD. I decided to rent a car with a few other newbies and we decided to head south for Tijuana, it was off limits to us so that made it more appealing. At this point I wasn't a virgin but I was damn close, I knew what a crackho was but they were my friends moms so that was a kinda dicey situation. Anyway we get to Tijuana and it's like a whole new world, I'm talking pussy on every corner at prices even an E-2 can afford. I must've blew threw my little bit of money I'd saved in boot camp, SuperE style, I'm talking 7 cups a night, going from one cathouse to the next. I would go get a BJ at Quatras Reinas then get FS at the next one down the road. I would always end up in Parte Norte and choose one off the sidewalk before retiring to my hotel for the night. I spent alot of money but it was one of the best times of my life. I almost cried when I got stationed on the East Coast because I knew I'd probably never see TJ again.

Happy Hunting

11-12-09, 17:20
DAMN badboy, you sure hit it hard! Not much money for drinking with all that pussy around! That sounds like an experience you will never forget.

11-13-09, 11:11
I reported on this little mongers' paradise before. I have been there many times on business. It is the closest Caribbean island to the equator so you can imagine that it is HOT. Even in January, the very first time I was there, as a young man in my early 20s, the air temperature was 95 degrees and even the trade wind "breeze" was hot and no relief. There are many things to occupy your interests there as a tourist: the quaint Dutch influenced town of Willemstad that looks like 16th century Europe, the wonderful natural harbor with large cruise liners docking every day, some nice isolated beaches, especially on the far western side of the island http://www.curacao-travelguide.com/beaches/,and legal gambling in the hotel casinos.

One very late night of gambling I was up big and just wanted to go into town and relax in a bar, maybe see if I could get lucky. So I hopped into a cab and tried to tell the driver where I wanted to go. He didn't speak English (as many of the cabbies didn't then; they spoke some combination of languages called "Papiamento"). I told the English speaking concierge to tell the driver what I wanted and the driver smiled and said a few words and then, "Campo." I was about to discover what that meant.

We drove to this desolate place on the far end of the island with high walls and guards and I was getting a very creepy feeling. I almost didn't get out in favor of going back to the hotel. However, I saw some US sailors strolling about on the grounds just inside the gates so that made me feel a little better.

Inside the gates was a village complete with pathways and buildings. Men were strolling all about, including a lot of sailors. A pack of women were following each guy as if he were about to drop a crumb on which they could feed. A pack was soon following me. The women were young and pretty by and large, with a few good looking MILFs thrown into the mix. The "older" women spoke better English and were far more aggressive than the rest, and were brazenly soliciting for sex. I didn't want to get into trouble in this foreign place so I asked one of the sailors what was up here. He told me this was Campo Alegre (Spanish for "happy camp") and that it was a legal brothel area run by the government. They brought girls in from countries all over the immediate South American area (mostly from Venezuela), and conducted regular health inspections to make sure the girls were clean.The girls stayed for a few months and then were shipped back, so there was a constant refreshing of the available "pool."

I soon discovered that the girls were individual entrepreneurs. They each had their own private bungalows and bargained for whatever price would entice a customer. At the time the going rates were .1 for a BJ and .15 for FS. (That has increased a bit over the years. The last time I was there girls were settling for about .2 for a BJ and .3 for FS, although they would usually try to start higher) I was flush with cash after my casino winnings and could afford to virtually get myself sucked and fucked dry, which I proceeded to make a serious attempt to do. I started with one of the prettier MILFs for FS, figuring I could learn a few things about the protocol as well because she spoke some English. She took me back to her bungalow. She had a small sink in her room and, after we undressed, she proceeded to inspect me like a doctor and wash my package thoroughly in her sink with warm soapy water. I paid .2 for the works and this girl was Service with a capital S, one of the best FS experiences of my life. She was all about pleasing me in any way that she could.

After that I roamed around the village some more. I noticed that the youngest girls trailing in every pack were more shy, stayed on the fringes and usually didn't speak any English. I soon learned that the one English word they could understand was "twenty," as I held up a Jack (they preferred US money), and crooked my finger. That was a small premium over the going rate and I attracted the best looking girls and they delivered absolutely the best service one could imagine. I developed a small "rep" as a premium payer, and the best looking girls were soon constantly in my "pack." So I proceeded to run through as many of those shy PYTs as I could, stopping in between some terrific cups to drink at the strip bar located conveniently in the center of the village and watch some great looking T&A sensually gyrating for me on the stage. I lost count of the pops. Counting wasn't even the point. At one Jack a throw it hardly made a dent in my casino haul. I stayed there from midnight, when I arrived, until around 8 in the morning. I was afraid I would have to wait a long time for a cab, but there was a line of them waiting outside of the gates. Apparently there was hot and cold running cab service available from Campo any hour of the day or night.

I arrived back at my hotel completely exhausted and fell asleep for the whole day, just in time to get up around 10 PM and start the gambling/whoring cycle all over again. I stayed over on the island for another week and that was my schedule that entire time. I think I fucked every single one of the 120 plus girls at Campo, and some of them multiple times. It was a week I will never ever forget.

Campo is more commercialized now. They even have their own website:


I would imagine it is still a lot of fun, but I look fondly back on the days when it was seedier and cheaper and a paradise for a young man with a constant erection, sort of like what the K is today....LOL.

Dark Phoenix
11-13-09, 17:15
Dude, I had no idea. I'm there.

Tonsil Hockey
11-13-09, 18:01
If anybody's interested, I can novelize the more than 1000 sessions I encountered, going back nearly 35 years, when penicillin cured damn near everything, and prophylaxis was not standard equipment.

Places like "The Gallery", "Feather Touch", "Head to Toe", the OLD "Relax Stop", "Blue Grass Fitness", "The Royal", "AAA-Wilmington", "Elite", "the Co-ED Experience", the "Parrot's Perch", and so on.

Girls like "Annie", of Feather Touch, red hair, German, who would say "do you vant long stay, or just dust-off da equipvent". The long stay lasted 2+hours, on average, and went FAR beyond that of a GFE.

Visits to the strip joint at 19th and Market, with visits by Desiree Cousteau, Rhonda Jo Petty, Vanessa Del Rio (they used to sometimes raffle-off a "backstage pass"), the OLD Trocadero (CaraLott, Honeysuckle Divine, Lisa Lipps). Doc Johnson's, the Apollo, the Sanson Street (ripoff) venues, and so-on.

A trip to the Pretzel Machinery Company, 13th and Market (on 13th), for a munchie fixx.

A time when things were just plain BETTER!

11-13-09, 20:13
DAMN badboy, you sure hit it hard! Not much money for drinking with all that pussy around! That sounds like an experience you will never forget.
Most places charged a cover to get in, however they were open bar so it was $7 all you can drink, all night long. So I was wasted alot there too.


11-13-09, 23:29
Wow, that is very interesting. I never visited the Caribbean Islands. At least now I know of a good one to visit!! ;)

I guess this "olde thread" has some useful potential after all. Thanks SuperE for the good post.

11-13-09, 23:39
Awsome post SuperE, I had no idea a place like this existed. Can you imagine a weeks vacation relaxing on an island with over 120 hookers coming on to you for your money all week. It's like a mongers dream come true.

11-14-09, 02:04
Circa late 1998. In Turkey they have this place called the compound. It's like SuperE's spot in Venezuela. It's crazy in there the rumor is the girls are in there to work off the debts of their husbands one trick at a time. It was hot and crazy in there but nothing like the place Super spoke of. However the women there were in pristine condition, very low mileage and attitude was A+. Maybe I should have stayed in the Corps, there was a brothel at every base and st every Port of Call, I miss it alot sometimes but then again at least I don't have any bullets flying about my head and shoulders and I'll probably never have to kill again. My next story, The Phillipines and a table stay tuned.

Around the world and back again

Mad Monger
11-14-09, 11:45
Sounds like my kinda place. Warm tropics. Touristy European town. Isolated sandy beaches. Gambling. And the K transplanted there, only legal, and with 120 plus hot Latin women, many fresh to the profession, clean and regularly inspected, and each having their own little private place for sucking and fucking. Let's charter a boat this winter fellow mongers.

PS: I checked out the Campo Alegre website. I am ready to go!

11-17-09, 03:27
.... Let's charter a boat this winter fellow mongers.

PS: I checked out the Campo Alegre website. I am ready to go!

Funny, I thought the same thing!

11-24-09, 02:29
When I lived there back in the day, I came upon a few incidents that always will be in my memory.

The first involved a missed opportunity. One night, I was walking home from a bar and came upon a young college girl. She was much more friendly than any other I have ever met. Now that I'm older and know about this hobby, I can say for certain that I missed a great opportunity due to my naivete.

The second involved another missed opportunity. I found out AFTER I moved away that the house across the street was a hoe home! Damn! All those nights at the bar playing pool with no girl action in sight.

The remainder were a couple of life lessons. One girl was very nice with me at the Library, but took great offense at me being attracted to her. Ruined a good friendship. The second girl worked at a local fast food joint. I mistook her being warm and friendly as being flirtatious. Strike two. I guess it's best to keep the mouth shut until I know for certain about my standing with a girl.

On the other hand....One night, I walk into a bar to buy a six pack. As I turn around, I'm greeted by the nicest set of tits that I have ever seen. I nervously mumbled something like, "Opps, didn't know you were behind me". The older lady smiled and said, "no problem". Once outside, I wait there and introduce myself to her and we walk in the direction of my home. On the way, I find out the basics about her, including that she is 40yrs. old, a model, and married. She suddenly says, "here is my house". As we part, I went on a limb and said, "To bad your married, you are the hottest lady I ever met. I would love to jump your bones". She replies, "So, come on in!". Expecting the worst, I'm totally dumbfounded by this and reply that I will go home first to shower and be back later. When I return, I'm greeted by a lady wearing see through lingerie standing in her front yard! We go inside and I asked about her "husband". Seeing nothing in the apt. indicating a man's presence, I think that she might be lying about him. Nevertheless, I'm nervous as hell and we go at it. We exchange numbers and we meet up again for two more encounters and phone sex on occasion. The only reason that we didn't see more of each other is that I was moving away in the following month. Regardless, I should have kept in contact with her for more encounters. I asked her does she see anyone else, and she replies, only a select few college guys. Who says free pussy is a myth!? Rare perhaps, but possible.

Artificial Red
12-11-09, 14:04
I often wonder what would happen if a poster suddenly stop posting altogether, because of something serious. What would happen if I died today or tomorrow? After a few months, members would stop asking, “Where are you CookyJar, why no more pictures.” In a year or maybe two the admin would close the CookyJar Photo Thread. Many members would just assume that I got tired of the bull crap and went away. Others might think that I am still around lurking under a different username. And many wouldn’t even notice. Nobody would ever know the truth.


Welcome to the enigma that is internet anonymity.

What I find to be a more troubling, or daunting prospect, is what will the reaction be when my estate(as stately as it may be) is dispersed. There are a lot of secrets tied up in my hard drive, and I've no doubt it's the same for nearly all the members of this site.


12-11-09, 15:11
Welcome to the enigma that is internet anonymity.

What I find to be a more troubling, or daunting prospect, is what will the reaction be when my estate(as stately as it may be) is dispersed. There are a lot of secrets tied up in my hard drive, and I've no doubt it's the same for nearly all the members of this site.

RedI'm sort of assuming the CJ was alluding to the idea that this is all of little importance and you need to be able to let go. I don't keep personal stuff, just live for the moment. Insignificant we all are, just waiting to be forgotten.

In reality if you don't keep upgrading your digital media, the people who inherit all your crap will just throw it out as junk. I suggest 5 1/4 floppies!

Dark Phoenix
12-28-09, 15:36
Last week, I ran into brunette former stripper Jackie on the K and afterwards, we were talking a while about how long we knew each other, and in the course of thinking about long "relationships" with K girls, a name popped into my head that I hadn't thought about in at least 3 years, Angel.

I can't talk about Angel without talking about my history on the K. I discovered action along Kensington Avenue in 1986, only a couple years out of high school. I was a Temple student at the time and dating a girl who lived in Kensington on C Street, an area which has long since gone downhill and been abandoned by her family. But one day, after dropping her back at her dad's, I came to the intersection of Clearfield and Kensington, and voila - there I was face to face with my first Kensington Avenue hooker. I was nervous but recognized what the deal was, motioned her over, and believe it or not got a BBBJ to completion, with swallowing, for the chump change in my pocket - six bucks. Call it beginner's luck, I guess. Or maybe when you're jonesing, six bucks is better than no bucks. Suffice it to say, she wasn't a raving beauty.

Angel was the second girl I ever picked up on the K. Perhaps not surprisingly, after my first bargain-basement-blowjob experience, I began to occasionally take Kensington instead of Aramingo back toward home after dropping off my girlfriend. It was on the second or third such trip that I ran into Angel where I would almost always see her over the years, in front of Little Lou's. She was a cute little white girl, maybe only a few years older than me, maybe more than just a few, and tiny, only about 5 feet or a little more. Her pretty dark hair was shoulder length, and she typically wore a sweater, jeans and hi-heeled boots because she was self-conscious about her height. She also had the most mischievous glint in her eye...

Our first date was a BBBJ, which she gave enthusiastically. On repeated dates, she never asked for more than the .20 which was standard at the time and that never changed, although I'd typically give her extra anyway. Eventually, we did FS dates, first in the car and sometimes in hotels. She was a fantastic fuck. I was so comfortable with her, and she was so clean (as in "put together"), so lucid, so familiar with me and so generally cool that I had done the almost unthinkable on more than one occasion, and brought her home. Bear in mind, this is when I lived with my family - she met my mom and my grandmother, charmed the hell out of them, and stayed the night on more than one occasion. One time my grandmoter even asked me when I'd see her again, to which I told her, "I'm sure we'll run into one another sooner or later." She had no idea.

Over the years, we really got to know very intimately how to please each other, and she was always more than accommodating to my every desire. She made no bones about the fact that she loved cock - in those words. Basically, she was just a suburban chick who had a habit, which she would be able to periodically put down for a little while, but sooner or later she'd want to go out and really party, and that's when she'd end up on the K. The amazing thing about her was that prostitution wasn't, in her mind or even to the outside observer, just a way to support her habit. It was part of the party binge. She would lose herself for days, even weeks at a time, in cocaine and fucking. She loved it. Then, inevitably, she'd disappear.

Through the years, I'd continue to see her. Once, when I was just starting out in my career, I saw her crossing the street by City Hall, very pregnant. Only a few months later, she was out again to let loose after having cooled it for her entire pregnancy. Time passed and we'd keep track of each other's lives on our occasional get-togethers. I would guess we'd been together well over 100 times over the years.

Maybe about 4 or 5 years ago, I got a call from her on my cell phone. She was staying with an older man on his houseboat docked in Croydon. I met her and we had a fantastic night of sex, no money involved. ON A BOAT, for you Lonely Island fans. I remember that afterwards, she told me how proud she was of her daughter, who was a teenager and an honor student. The same girl she was pregnant with when I saw her at City Hall. This is the first sign you're getting to be an old fart.

A month or two later I bumped into her at Little Lou's. She was out partying again, we did a date, and afterwards I drove her up toward her dealer's to do her thing, which turned into a wild goosechase which was totally unlike her. Her efforts to cop seemed to have a harder, more desperate edge. I made my displeasure known, and she asked to be dropped off right where we were. That's the last I saw of her.

I had something with Angel which, although it almost always was still a hooker/John thing, was something else also. In large part, we became adults and grew up together. I also had a longer sexual relationship with her than with any "real" relationship I ever had.

It's been a long time now since I've seen her, longer than it ever had been, and I suspect I won't be seeing her again. All I know is that I wish her well and that thinking of her made me miss her and hope for her well-being. Looking back at our last encounter, it was all too much like so many other "where-are-they-now" girls that you know ended up going down in flames. I hope that Angel ended up doing better than that.

12-28-09, 23:55
Very interesting story! Perhaps you might run into her again someday.

12-29-09, 16:08
Great post.

A lot of dudes who have been around the ave have stories of girl that have been a part of our lives. Often this gives some great chemistry in the sack.

Your story of Angel and discovering the ave is going down as one of my favorite post. Very well articulated.

May we all see are Angels again.

02-15-10, 07:16
A very touching tale. Can it be you had/have real feelings of affection for her?

02-18-10, 20:59
Take a look at the full report for the entire list.

02-18-10, 21:02
Take a look at the full report for the entire list.

02-18-10, 21:05
Those who know me are aware I am a film nut. I gave this a little thought and placed this post here because it is certainly a bit nostalgic, albeit in a little different way than this thread was intended.

As an aside, James Robert Parish's 1991 Prostitution in Hollywood Films lists 389 films in which prostitution is a subject or subplot. The IMDB tops this number by claiming about 800 movies with prostitution as a subject. Playing a hooker is also good Oscar fodder. So far it's gained six Best Actress awards and 15 nominations, as well as seven Best Supporting Actress wins and five nominations.

It occurred to me when I was making my recent comments about Nancy Allen playing a memorably sexy hooker in "Dressed to Kill," that there have been many really good hooker roles in the movies over the years. The following are my personal top favorites in order for hooker roles in the movies both in terms of the acting role and the erotic "bangability" of the actress in the role.

Have fun renting them on one of those miserable snowy nights when you don't feel like trolling the K.

1. "Leaving Las Vegas": Elisabeth Shue playing "Sera." I have always had a thing for Elisabeth Shue and IMHO this role is right up there with regard to sexiness and bangability to Nancy Allen's role as the hooker Liz Blake in "Dressed to Kill." That first scene where she is in that short skirt and picking up tricks on the strip, I wanted to pick her up right there and bang the ever loving shit out of her. She makes a very believable hooker.

2. "Risky Business": Rebecca De Mornay playing "Lana." Although I have listed this as number two, Nancy Allen, Elisabeth Shue and Rebecca De Mornay are really tied in my mind for a dead "heat" as far as hot hooker roles on screen go. You just have to remember that hot scene when Rebecca De Mornay first meets tom Cruise and they passionately embrace in the breezy hallway and then she humps him CG style as he sits on a chair. Yikes!

3.” Moulin Rouge”: Nicole Kidman as Satine. This hot and sassy redhead is fuckable in any role but especially as the popular entertainer and courtesan Satine in an early 19th century Paris dance hall and bordello.

4. “Crimes of Passion:” Kathleen Turner as Joanna Crane. Joanna looks for an "out" to her dull life and finds it by donning a wig and hitting the pavement as a $50/trick hooker named China Blue. Explicit scenes show her at work on her night job, including a long S and M segment with a policeman. A young Kathleen Turner turned SW is a must see!

5. “Butterfield 8”: Elizabeth Taylor as Gloria Wandrous. Liz Taylor played this one way over the top but that was exactly what was required, and she won an Oscar for it. I have wanted to fuck this sexy minx ever since I saw the re-run of National Velvet. I am not a pedophile but she even looked hot at age 12. Playing a hooker, she was definitely memorably fuckable.

6. "Very Bad Things": Kobe' Tai (who used one of her aliases for this film: Carla Scott) plays Tina, a stripper/hooker who is killed at a bachelor party in the film. Kobe' Tai has mostly played roles in porn films (most notably "Jenna Loves Kobe'" with Jenna Jameson), but she has also played a few roles in mainstream films such as this very watchable black comedy in which her role was short but she was very hot and VERY bangable.

7. "She's the One": Cameron Diaz as Heather Davis. She is really more of a paid mistress than a hooker, but who is sweating the details? Cameron Diaz is smokin hot in this and goes for older men. What else need be said?

8. "L.A. Confidential": Kim Bassinger as Lynn Bracken. Bassinger is not only hot in this film as a worldly prostitute but does a fine acting job. Bangable for sure.

9. "Catch Me If You Can': Jennifer Garner as Cheryl Ann. While the scene is relatively short and not very revealing, the style and eroticism is impeccable and "Cheryl Ann" is most definitely quite bangable.

10. “Belle de Jour”: Catherine Deneuve as Severine Serizy. Still a classic film and a young Deneuve is HOT!

11. "Any Given Sunday": Elizabeth Berkley as Mandy Murphy. They don't show much other than she is high-class call girl in a bar where Tony D'Amato (Al Pacino) is drinking. She nonchalantly approaches him under the guise of an adoring fan who enjoys the 'company of an older man' then tells him that she's $5000 a night. Short scene but very bangable. But for 5000 I can do the K steadily for at least half a year easy, LOL.

12. "Payback": Maria Bello as Rosie and Lucy Liu as Pearl. Hot stuff and bangable.

13. "Klute": Jane Fonda as Bree Daniels. This used to be the quintessential hooker film and one of my favorites, but it is now a little time worn. You still have to love the classic scene where she is humping a trick mish and pretending to enjoy it while checking her watch.

14. "Hustle and Flow": Taryn Manning as Nola. You have to love her hustle of the local DJs into playing her pimp's songs to make them local hits.

15. ‘True Romance”: Patricia Arquette as Alabama Whitman. Christian Slater’s boss buys him a hooker to pose as a casual meeting in the movies and to go for some bump and grind in the sack after pie and coffee. We should all be so lucky.

16. "Pretty Woman": Julia Roberts as Vivian Ward. I realize this has become the romantic hooker comedy of all time, but I really wish they had done it the way they originally planned: as a dark drama about prostitution. I think Julia Roberts could have been quite sultry in such a role. But it is still hot to think she could be bought to live with and fuck you all week long.

17. 'Waist Deep": Meagan Good as Coco. I prefer when the hooker stays in character rather than turn heroine, but Coco is sure bangable.

18. "Mighty Aphrodite": Mira Sorvino as Linda Ash aka Judy Cum. The "Linda" role is too cutesie and off balance for my taste but you have to love the bangability of that sweet bod.

19. "Trading Places": Jamie Lee Curtis as Ophelia. Could have been hotter if played more dramatically and Jamie Lee's gum chewing is a turnoff, but still fuckable in that short skirt.

20. “He Got Game” : Milla Jovovich as Dakota Burns. Maybe it was supposed to be more realistic that she wasn’t appearing to even pretend to enjoy the sex, but that was too much like what you can get in real life on the K. Jane Fonda sort of did the same thing with more style and class in Klute.

Honorable mentions:

"Simone" in Mona Lisa : Cathy Tyson

Breakfast at Tiffany's: Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly. She is more a gold-digger than a hooker, but who is picking nits? This film is a bit dated now, but Audrey Hepburn remains a hot memory if you like them on the petite side

Julie Christie as Mrs. Constance Miller in McCabe and Mrs. Miller . Good film too.

Carol Kane in The Last Detail

"Bai Ling" in 2046

Jennifer Jason Leigh in either The Men's Club or Miami Blues

Actress/comedian Luenell Campbell in Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

Pam Grier as Foxy Brown in “Foxy Brown.” Hot black chick posing as a hooker to solve a crime but she castrates a dude in the film! OUCH!

Jody Foster as Iris Steensma in Taxi Driver. Hot actress and classic film but she is 14 and playing a 12 year old hooker for Cripes sake! She was much hotter playing the teasing drunk that got gang raped in “The Accused.”

Brooke Shields in “Pretty Baby”: Same reason as Jody Foster.

Barbra Streisand in Nuts

Golden Oldies Hall of Fame:

Louise Brooks as“Lulu” in Pandora’s Box

Janet Gaynor, Seventh Heaven

Barbara Stanwyck's Lily Powers in Baby Face

Donna Reed as Alma Burke in From Here to Eternity

Constance Towers in The Naked Kiss

Giulietta Masina in 1957's Nights of Cabiria

Shirley Jones: positively edible in Elmer Gantry

Ona Munson in Gone With the Wind

02-19-10, 00:28
3.” Moulin Rouge”: Nicole Kidman as Satine. This hot and sassy redhead is fuckable in any role but especially as the popular entertainer and courtesan Satine in an early 19th century Paris dance hall and bordello.

Did you know there was a scene where you can see Nicole's pink nipples. It kinda just pop out for a couple of seconds.

02-19-10, 01:38
A very cool way to add to this thread. Interesting suggestions that you made SuperE!

I liked the "Risky Business", Rebecca De Mornay mostly for the sex on the subway scene. HOT!

Artificial Red
02-19-10, 06:00
I totally agree with Elisabeth Shue as Sera, ranked as number one. But you probably already knew that, SuperE.

02-19-10, 13:34
Did you know there was a scene where you can see Nicole's pink nipples. It kinda just pop out for a couple of seconds.

Yes I was quite aware of the scene and, in fact, here is a pic of it. I have dozens more nudes of Nicole Kidman, if you are interested. Nicole has those perky pink nipples so common to strawberry blond, auburn haired and redheaded women. I can think of at least ten great examples right on the K: redheaded Nicole, Justine, maneater Jen, Melanie, redheaded Michelle, Kitty, redheaded Jackie, Tifeny, auburn haired (camera shy) Jackie, and redheaded (also camera shy) Naomi.

02-19-10, 13:39
I totally agree with Elisabeth Shue as Sera, ranked as number one. But you probably already knew that, SuperE.

Elisabeth Shue can give me a woodie just by smiling, but hooking on the strip in Las Vegas in a short skirt and heels?: I go crazy just thinking about it.

04-24-11, 22:54

This billboard has appeared at Kensington and Lehigh. I thought this is the right thread for it, since this is such soon-to-be dust bin of history stuff. There will be some wonderfully crazy s*t on that talk program during the next month! (The talk program now airs seven days.)

08-20-13, 00:43

This is now on one of the concrete columns that support Huntington Station.

09-27-13, 08:43
This has appeared on a building on Cumberland St across from the charter school.

02-16-17, 00:40
Back around 2000 there was a house on Tioga with 6-10 girls in there at all times. Jerome would scoop up all the hottie's. I can picture so many of them vividly but not many of the names. Tara, Renata, Amy, Katey, Chrissy, Katrina. To name a few. If anyone recalls some of the others please chime in. Pics too would be awesome.