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12-31-99, 20:00
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12-31-13, 18:14

Any info on her?

04-07-14, 09:58
TOFTT this weekend with Suzzie. She is traveling and I'm not sure how long she will be in the area. Met are her hotel in SWLR. Pics are accurate for the most part but she might be a little heavier. Beautiful tits, but lots of rules. CBJ, FS for $ Probably wouldn't repeat unles I was desperate. Personality wise was very sweet though.


Bio Teck
05-13-14, 13:53
Met Kandy or Fiery ice and she was really down to earth and nice gal. It's been 4 months or so and her phone is dead. I've emailed her but assuming I'll get no response. Any info? Quit, moved, busted, etc.feel free to pm me if better.


06-23-14, 21:15
Visiting in the area and low in funds I tried Cassidy, here price are. 8 for half andhour. After the two calls system, she opened the door and I saw her, I knew for the pics she was in the chunky side but it was way too much for me, I told her. 6 for 15 min before she she opened the door and she accepted, I only asked for a regular massage because I could not see myself doing it. The room was full of cigarrette smoke, that did not help at all. TOFTT.


06-25-14, 21:18
Finally I got something good in Little Rock! I got this girl that no more than 21 years old, 5'6" with a little stomach but if you experience what they are offering here is nothing and with a face more beautiful than the pictures. I made the appointment and she gave me the correct address when I was ose to the area. I continue talking to her until I park my car and she was doing signs where she was. I entered we did a small chat after that that she asked me to "get comfortable" and for me only means to get rid of the undies so I have to take the clothes off. After I was in the buffer, mentioned to put the money on the table and she started to take the clothes off too. We interchanged hand jobs and when I got excited she proceed to BJ in a safe way, after 5 minutes miss position and finish doggie. Total cost. 6 for twenty minutes, she told me 15 but she is not a clock watcher, so I thanks her and off I went. Thanks to all of you that at 6:00 pm you did not called to her phone and have fun for my 20 min.

Laser King is out.

P.S. Here it is http://littlerock.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/your-gonna-love-me-19/5503119.

07-06-14, 02:27
Anyone know anything about this one, can't find much.


07-06-14, 20:10
Anyone know anything about this one, can't find much.

http://littlerock.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/slim-busty-blonde-travelin-mans-special-seniors-welcome-40/5085635I know she's not 33 LOL. I've seen her ads for a while and she usually says 38. Beyond that I don't know much else about her.

07-07-14, 00:21
I know she's not 33 LOL. I've seen her ads for a while and she usually says 38. Beyond that I don't know much else about her.But I was wondering if anyone knows or have had a dream with her?

Camo 69
01-26-15, 14:30
Long time looker decided it was about to share some info was passing through LR in Oct easy to contact 2 call system arrived at her place she came outside to see me, pictures are real had great time and would repeat. Easy to talk to and made me feel very.