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12-31-99, 20:00
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12-14-16, 22:18
Was desperate, its dry as hell here in Sioux City. Not a lot of providers, very limited and these girls asking way too much for quality of service provided. Last week I called "Vickie" at Emerald's Spa. It was late at night, about 8:30 and the store had already closed. She said it would be a "15 minutes to get the table ready. I wait and wait, 30 min go by, I see a cab pull up and a skinny black girl gets out. She's shaking like a leaf because its so cold outside. Damn, I wanted to kick myself, girl sounded white on the phone. The little head was in control so I head in right behind her. Take off all the clothes and get on the table. She starts going to work with covered head job, suction is good and she uses a lot of tongue. Titties are nice with big round brown ass. Roaming is allowed and I do so freely. I told her to hop on for a ride but she says "oh no, the table might break. I hop off the table and had her bend over the stool next to the table. About 20 minutes of deep and long pounding, she shakes and lets out aloud moan, she's dripping wet. I feel her juices on my balls. I'm about to blow so I pound harder and deeper. Just when I'm about to unload, I pull out and tell her I'm going to unload all over her back. Jizz squirts all over her back and some of the goo gets on her hair. She turns around and milks my soldier until he is soft. Total damage was 1. 40. We are about to leave the store and who do we see outside? Uncle LEO waiting in the parking lot. I walk out acting cool and give Uncle LEO a salute as I pass his patrol car. Would not recommend, girl was ugly and her poon tang stank. I went home and took 2 showers.