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12-31-99, 20:00
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01-28-11, 16:50
There's a cute 32 why / o girl advertising on backpage's bodyrubs section. If anyone wants details PM me. She's a little pricey but well worth the visit. Her technique is tantric / tantra and it's fantastic.

04-04-11, 06:25
TOFTT. Jess (5035 and other 405 area code numbers) is far removed from her picture. Not worth money or time. Steer clear. Avoid.

Iskulln Bones
07-16-11, 02:37
I'm posting the girls BP listing so you know who she is. I've been trying to hook up with this chick for 3 days. 1st day, I text her as per her ad, she responds at 2pm the next day. Day 2, I try to set something up for that night, she says "she is going to her sisters house." Day 3, she texts me and says "she is available tonight." I say "9ish" she says "that's fine" I then tell her I'll call her to confirm around 8. Well, I call at 8. She says she's going to her friends house. What horse shit is this. I'm glad I didn't wait for her. I called another provider and had matters taken care of post haste & with extreme prejudice last night in Santa Fe. Then tonight after getting the "business" from her I went to the big be and took care of business there as well. This chick goes by the name of Riley & she's in Santa Fe. Apparently she doesn't need the dough but she keeps posting an ad. So beware of this flakey broad. Her ad says "Country girl willing to please." Yeah right. What a crock. Beware.


Iskulln Bones
07-16-11, 03:00
Thursday I met Bree from Santa Fe BP. She's a really good looking chick. About an 8 on my scale & I have high standards. She has a great ass, decent tits, & beautiful full DSL. I went to her pad for my appointment. She was dressed nice and smelled good. She had candles burning and that goofy massage music playing. She had the massage table set up and I made the donation prior to getting started. $1. 2. So we get started and I'm getting a good massage with come skin contact. Well it was all going good until the flip. At that time she told me it would be another $1. 0 to finish the session. Like a dope I paid it just to find out after I paid all I was going to get was probably THE best rub out I have ever had in my life. It kind of pissed me off that she would move her ass away when I tried to touch a nice warm patch I found.

So I guess what I'm saying is, I didn't get to fuck, I didn't a damn blow job and I pissed away $2. 2. Oh well, fuck it. It's only money. Although I won't go see her again, it was very intense and she made sure I didn't pop to quickly. She definetly has technique.

So OK yes, I could have saved myself the money and rubbed one out muself, but how would my fellow mongers find these things out I'd it weren't through experimentation by others and reports such as these. Be safe & happy mongering. Here's the link.


10-22-11, 10:18
Isabella looks really hot in her BP ad has any one toftt I'm wondering if any one knows if she's legit? I'm going to be in albs soon and I'm looking for some action do you guys have any suggestions it's tiff finding reviews on any BP girls.

01-07-12, 17:04
I am headed to Alb the middle of next month. I would appreciate any details you can share with me. PM me with details. I can reciprocate if you are headed to the Inland Empire of California.

02-23-12, 10:47
I am visiting your fair city for a short stay. Staying at Route66 casino for one night on a Friday in a couple of weeks. Are there any Casino Girls here on Friday nights? Please PM me with 411 for incall and or sensual massage, possibly GFE. I don't mind an older provider with a banging body that knows he ropes. NO BBW. Again, Please PM me. I can help you out in return when you are visiting the central coast of California. Nutz

03-16-12, 22:13
Provider Review I'd 185734.

I seen Kendra before and went to go see her once again. She changed her number but she emailed me the new one since we planned on having future appointments. She is outstanding. Lovely and intelligent. Overall an amazing girl and great time. My ATF when I travel. She Quoted me $200h.


623 210 0942

08-16-12, 11:02
I'm going to be in Albuquerque this weekend and was wondering if anyone had any 411 on her:


Any information would be helpful. Thanks again.

08-17-12, 21:51
I'm going to be in Albuquerque this weekend and was wondering if anyone had any 411 on her:


Any information would be helpful. Thanks again.Someone posted in bp that she was a rip off. Methed out

08-19-12, 18:23
Someone posted in bp that she was a rip off. Methed outThanks for the info. I appreciate it!

Limo Dave
10-31-12, 15:21
Had some time to spare so I started looking for some afternoon delight. Came across Yolanda's ad and figured I would TOFTT as I've not seen any reviews or comments.

No phone number listed, so setting up an appointment was email only. I popped an email out to her and she was available in about 30 min. After a couple notes back and forth she pointed me at a notell on Eubank and I-40. When I arrived in the parking lot there was a blacked out Tahoe with LE lights stealthed into the grill. So I used the parking lot to make a U turn and headed back home to Santa Fe. A bit after the prescribed time, Yolanda emailed me "are we still meeting?" I replied telling her I'll pass as there was LE in the parking lot. Gave her a description of the vehicle to which she responded that she didn't see anything out there. So the story ends there, can't say a thing about her as a provider other than she only does email, no phone, and she responds right away. I mark it up as a close call, I won't be going back to that notell anytime soon.


Happy Mongering.


Limo Dave
10-31-12, 15:28
I've heard a mixed bag of comments for this one, most of the negative was scheduling and no shows. But the service comments were outstanding so time to give her a try.

Called and she picked right up, indicated she if I wanted to see her it would be after 4pm as she was babysitting for someone. She also said to give her 30 min before I want to see her, so I called back at 4 figuring on a 4:30 appointment.

She answered and indicated that the parent of the child she was watching was late, and didn't know when to expect her. Things happen I'm good with this, so I told her as soon as she frees up give me a call, she said fine. No call.


So more to come on this one as I work on getting an appointment.

Happy Mongering.


12-30-12, 22:02
I'm visiting and thinking of meeting up with http://albuquerque.backpage.com/BodyRubs/hot-sexy-stimulating-mutual-touch-massage-nude-outcall-only-26/4132775 Anyone have the 411 on her?

01-16-13, 01:09
Been to her a few times. She's new to SF and refuses to have a presence on the review sites. Only reason I'm putting her up her is because she's amazing. Really amazing. If your in SF or even close, she's who you want. She's the full package and has very few rules. Respctful is all she asks, and she doesn't ask, she just leads the way. Her smile will melt you and her body is smokin. She's a former English teacher which makes her hotter. And she knows how to be professional when sched.


Her site: www.consultationformen.webs.com

She won't do fetishes, role play, or gold sh. If your hard core into those, it's a downside. She's follows her own rules and really likes men. Laid back and easy to be around.

Monger Jake
03-06-13, 11:11
Fellow mongers, I want to issue a word of warning to all. I was browsing on BP to find a young lady to spend some time with when I found the following:


This is the second time that I've seen this ad in Abq. The girl in the photos is just about as perfect as you can get so I was obviously interested. I did a quick search of the number listed in the ad and didn't find much; only an ad from the previous day in the El Paso BP Escorts section. Similar photos and same number.


This made me VERY curious as to why someone as attractive as her would post in a second city only 20 hours after posting in the first. Started looking deeper at this point. Glad I did. As I was downloading photos for me to search on TinEye I noticed on one photo (a self-pic taken in the mirror of a bathroom) there was a bidet in the background. Realizing a bidet is not common at all in the US I thought this would be a good photo to TinEye. I saw the file name of the photo was something like "Angie-varona11. Jpg" so I simply googled varona thinking it was a misspelled verona (as in Verona, Italy. Now the bidet might make sense). What my Google search returned was myriad photos of this young girl. Turns out the girl in the photos is currently 19 named Angie Varona and had her online photo account hacked several years ago and is now being exploited by having her pics used on the web for adult sites. Article on Angie Varona:


Here is the warning. I contacted "Angie" via text to set up a meeting. She quickly replied at 6:56 AM. She gave me a rate for companionship of $$/hr which is about average although she could bring in MUCH more. Flag 1. I responded letting her know I would contact her during my extended lunch break and she replied "ok". I then got anxious and wanted to see her sooner so I texted her to find out what side of town she is on. Flag 2. Her earlier responses were almost immediate, however, now she is taking some time. After about six minutes she responded with a street name. I have lived in Abq for 34 years and have never heard of this street name so I googled it. Turns out there are two hotels on this dead end road near the interstate. Needless to say, after realizing this person is not "Angie" I will not be finding out what happens next.

Several others out there that look too good to be true. If any of you mongers can confirm some of these other girls that look too good to be true are in fact legit, please help us all out by posting your experience here so we can all play a little bit safer!

Until then, stay covered!


Monger Jake
03-06-13, 11:38
I just checked on BP and her ad is now down. Glad I think with the big head!


Member #4299
03-27-13, 12:47
I'm mouth watering that loves to please the perfect gentlemen. Incall (Menual & University) I provide an non rushed Incall experience. Janet three four seven (504) zero six four zero I have a great sense of humor and strive for perfection in everything I do. I'm a playful, flirty, very sweet and fun loving girl. Make your day or night an unforgettable one by calling me Poster's age: 31 • Location: Albuquerque, Incall

Tin Eye hits on just two of the pixs:



I'm looking at being in ABQ next weekend and started looking at BP and BP Ad Reviews—a desert of reviews.

Was working my way thru BP ads a ran across this one—sucker for alabaster skin and red hair.



Happy Hunting.


05-14-13, 23:13
Avoid this one:


Difficult to contact, shows up one hour late and is NOT the girl in pic or on the phone. Older and chunkier, deeper voice. Refused to provide service, HJ only, everything else for tips only. Would not undress. I basically paid to get rid of her! Gone in 10 minutes. Beware!

Limo Dave
05-21-13, 14:29
Been to her a few times. She's new to SF and refuses to have a presence on the review sites. Only reason I'm putting her up her is because she's amazing. Really amazing. If your in SF or even close, she's who you want. She's the full package and has very few rules. Respctful is all she asks, and she doesn't ask, she just leads the way. Her smile will melt you and her body is smokin. She's a former English teacher which makes her hotter. And she knows how to be professional when sched.


Her site:


She won't do fetishes, role play, or gold sh. If your hard core into those, it's a downside. She's follows her own rules and really likes men. Laid back and easy to be around.I have to add a +1 on this review of Maura. She is worth every minute

Limo Dave
05-21-13, 14:31
I'm visiting and thinking of meeting up with.


Anyone have the 411 on her?Anyone seen her yet? If no I'll just TOFTT and let you all know

Limo Dave
05-21-13, 15:48
So its time I get caught up on some of the reviews I need to post.


NEW & Busty Brunette 2much FUN!.24.

Brynn's ad said "Text Only" which should have been my first red flag. But cest la vie. So I shot out a text and got rates (which were seemingly reasonable at $ for hh) and location in uptown. Texted again when I arrived and got the room number.

Thats where things went downhill fast.

She opened the door, and pictures were accurate, room was quite a mess but whatever. Handed over the $ and the upselling began. Was a nice ride, but expect FS to run $$$ for an hr $$ for hh and the original $ I expected to pay would have only got me some oral.

YMMMV but it was all a bit too much upsell and mechanical for me.

Happy mongering


Limo Dave
05-21-13, 15:56
Here's one that was a jewel in our desert.


Standard 2 call system, some light screening. BAM! I was impressed, really impressed.

By the way she has a friend she works with, (who I will post a report on next) individually they are real good, together they are outstanding.

Happy Mongering


Limo Dave
05-21-13, 15:58
As promised, this is Kiki's friend mentioned in my last post.


It was all drama free

Kyle Busch
06-12-13, 10:22
Wondering if anyone may have pleasant or not so good experiences with two providers whom are listed quite often. Both list their ages at 27. Kandy is a white girl whom lists herself as a nasty girl. She is not very good at spelling. Appears to be somewhat spacey from her photos. The second girl spells her name as Candii. Hispanic in appearance. Again looks kind of nasty, which always excites me. Lists herself as having many curves and being 'trucker friendly'. Being that they are almost always posting I'm thinking someone out must have some experiences with one or both of them. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

07-13-13, 11:20
Spent some time with her. Easy to meet and talk to but she has old pics up. She is much thinner, definitely not 38dd any more. It was ok but will not repeat.

Sir Lancelot
09-16-13, 00:57
Hey guys,

So I was in your town on business again. On Thursday night I was entertained by some great talent. I called a few on BP, but didn't get an answer. Around 10pm I called Jaylynn. She said she could come over for a half hour of playtime for 150. She would have to get a cab. Now, this all seemed too easy. She didn't ask any questions and just seemed ready to come over. Now, I'm a paranoid kinda guy. Maybe more than some I guess. But they say that only the paranoid survive. And so I gave her a room number that didn't exist. 313 doesn't exist at the hotel I was at. So I waited out where I could see if a cab pulled up or if maybe the wrong team was going to pull up and go to the missing room. And sure enough, about 20 minutes after I had spoken to her, I got a text on my hobby phone that she was pulling up. And a cab pulled up. It was actually the gal in the pics by herself. So when she got up to the floor, I met her and led her to the correct room.

She was totally laid back and relaxed. No worries. I put the donation on the table. She set her alarm on her phone for 30 minutes. We got undressed. She's got a really nice rack. And I played with those nice tits a bunch during our time. She started with a light body rub with the lotion from the hotel. That was nice. But I only had her for a half hour, so I asked if she had a cover. She looked, but did not have one. Not to worry, I had one. I offered for her to put the cover on me. And she really didn't have any idea how to do that, so I handled the cover. She started with a great CBJ. She can really suck a good dick. So after a bit of that, I got her Misc and put her legs on my shoulders. This chick is super tight. So I spun her around K9 and hit it from back there. She let me do a fair amount of playing with the butthole while I was back there. And again, damn she's tight. She made some sexy moans and stuff while I gave it to her. And I reached around several times. Finally, she got me. And just as she was cleaning me up, her alarm on her phone went off.

She called a cab and I waited with her outside till the cab showed up. I was also able to get some pics. There was never an upsell and I had a great time and would repeat. Take care fellas and I'll be back in a few months. Here's here BP link and pics below.

S. L.


Sir Lancelot
09-16-13, 01:08
Correction guys. On my report below I copied her other link. She apparently has another one. Here is the one I responded to and called her at.


S. L.

09-20-13, 12:57
Has anyone experienced this one? Looks too good to be true.


Expresso Jim
09-20-13, 15:45
Hey WF, The BP page doesn't work. Any more info? What city? ABQ?

Limo Dave
03-14-14, 17:09
Any info on this one?


Miami Bob
03-30-14, 16:17
Thanks for any intel available.

05-05-14, 02:51
Warning, she shows up and then gives you some BS about her friend being ripped off by the taxi driver after she collects her fee from you. Then she says she is prego and shows you an ultra sound pic of a kid which is like 6 months along, but she has a really flat stomach. Don't trust her. Not worth it. Her pics are real though.


Limo Dave
09-30-14, 13:21
Had a great time with this one, was not a clock watcher.

2 call system, nice hotel, everything safe, her pictures are accurate. Already went back for seconds.


Sir Lancelot
10-27-14, 03:34
Hey guys. I was in your city for a couple days of business. Earlier Friday night I had ventured out for a massage, but I was still wanting more. I read back several pages, but finally decided to give Cami a try. Mainly based on Limo Dave's report below. I got to hand it to ya Limo Dave, Cami is a great find. I called her around 10 pm and she was willing to come to my hotel, near the airport. She caught a cab and was there in about 20 minutes. When she got there, she called me back and asked if I would come down to the lobby and escort her up. Now, leaving my room to meet in the lobby always puts me on alert. So I had intentions of going down and pretending to do something important in the business center and scope her out till I could call her and watch her pick up. But no sooner than I got off the elevator, she was there. I saw her in her tight black pants, I smiled and made eye contact obvious enough that she knew I was the one she was there for, and she followed me onto the elevator. On the way up, she informed me that her jaw might lock up due to a recent accident. So I made some sexual humor out of it and she laughed.

Once in the room, I put the donation on the table and and we both got out of our clothes. I got to tel ya. She is really laid back. Asked me how I wanted to get started. She put the cover on me like a pro. She seemed to really enjoy giving head. She got into it. She did stop a few times due to her jaw, but she was doing a fine job and made some great enthusiastic noises while on it. Soon I was ready to spin her around. She assumed the position on que, and I started hitting it from the back. She has a really cute little ass. Just big enough for a full butt cheek in each hand. And a nice tight kitty. She reached down and played with the boys a bit, then rubbed her clit for a bit, while I was getting it. I held out and enjoyed it as long as I could. But finally she got me. Never once did she ask me to hurry up or complain. She seemed to really enjoy getting it.

After we got cleaned up, she said she was going to call a cab and go. But this chick was really sweet and friendly. Sort of adorable. So I offered to give her a ride back. She led the way and I dropped her off. I have no idea when or if I'll be back in your town. But if I do get back there, and she is still available, she will be my first phone call.

I got a few picks of her but didn't ask if I could share them, so all I'll put here is a pic of her back side in those black pants.

Again, great find Limo Dave. Till next time. S. L.

Takes A Looks
03-19-15, 19:50
I attached a link to her post, but I'll also attach a pic, since she is famous for switching names and posts every week. First, she will make you jump through a ton of hoops just to meet her. Then when you finally meet, her, its not the same chick that is in the pic. Yes if it looks to good to be tru, then it is. Especially in this case. The pics kinda resemble her, but either they were taken like 10 years ago, or its just a chick that looks like her. But she does not look that great in person, she looks kinda cracked out as well, then she wants to charge 400 LOL. Noooooo wayyyyyy. Anyway, fellow mongers, this is one to avoid.

Her post is below: