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12-31-99, 20:00
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09-08-13, 02:14
Wednessday night went to A plus Massage 222 NAS at about midnight. The short story is that I was in Port Aransas for a fishing vacation. While at the hotel I was by the pool and a beautiful young thing got out and bent over right in front of me. Well, I'd been on the fence about going to a MP and had already done some research. But, since I was unfamiliar with the area I was going to wait till I got back up to Dallas to go. When, that fine young thing bent over in front of me, it was like Batman. Her Camel toe and muf whent POW! In her bikini, My cock went POW! In my pants, My keys went POW! From my pocket into my hand and my SUV went POW! Down the road from Port Aransas to Corpus to go to A Plus. LOL

They seemed kind of skittish about a newcomer. I'm a pro so it was no problem. Was taken to the room where I was met by "Kiyra" tall, big boned K girl with a Camel toe for days and huge natural mams. Wanted half an hour but she said they only do full hour. Standard damage of. 6 for room and 1. 4 for girl. Language was a barrier but had a great time. Standard services with a slight GFE experience. On the way out me and Mama chatted along with another working girl who was very cute. Almost Japanese looking, who was very touchy feely, like she wanted me to see her next time. I told Mama I frequented Dallas AMPs and that I was pleasantly surprised with her establishment in Corpus. She seemed like she actualy cared about my business and said she would be doing her best to get the girls changed out regularly. Overall a very pleasant and memorable experience.

If you guys in Corpus, don't want the hassle of finding hit or miss on the internet then A Plus is a sure bet for what you are looking for. If you are unfamiliar with MP etiquite then look at the Dallas or Hawaii forums for in depth "how to's" on patronizing these establishments. Good luck.

03-22-14, 09:05
There is a new AMP in SS. Looks nice, and has been really busy. They are advertising on BP.


Be carful out there gang.