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    Quote Originally Posted by Wasobi  [View Original Post]
    Young pretty black spinner in North Decatur apt. Everything covered 1. 2 hhr. Great body, a bit shy in performance but may improve with repeat.
    Quote Originally Posted by Niteluvr  [View Original Post]
    That's a shame that she doesn't suck dick bare. She's certainly a cutie.
    That's the same chic I reviewed last year June 2016 by the name, Leah. She was using fake pics at the time. Can't believe she's finally using her real pics now. Must have ran out of fake pics. She gave me BB sucky the 1st time I saw her. Must have been naive then. The 2nd time I saw her the suckie was covered and she was locking her legs up on the fuckie. Never again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BodyToBodyBri  [View Original Post]
    Don't these girls know how stupid they look with those puppy face add ons? The minute I see them, I lose all interest.
    I'm with you on that. I was thinkin that maybe they do it instead of coverin face or censoring? Ha, maybe.

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    Finally got to see Maya after not deciding to see her for a while because she worked in questionable motels in the past. Something about motels really make me soft but that's another conversation for another day. Anyway! Maya is working out of a decent hotel in Morrow and I decided to finally give her a try. Simple two call system and straight to her room. Greets me in nothing but a towel and we start off with a CBJ. She applies TONS of spit during her cbjs sadly I didn't bother to ask for a BBBJ because I was low on cash. Got into doggy and I pounded away. Took her a while to get warmed and she doesn't seem like the type to fake it so when she started moaning it really made the experience better. Let loose in the cover but kept stroking for another minute because that shit was good as fuck. She did mention anal at the end when I talked about how her pics doesn't do her ass justice.

    She should really show her face because it is her best feature in my opinion.

    Face: 9.

    Body:7. 8 (I would give 8. 4 but she doesn't have that completely flat stomach no baby damage though).

    Attitude:8 she just seemed really chill.

    I would Repeat

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wasobi  [View Original Post]
    Young pretty black spinner in North Decatur apt. Everything covered 1. 2 hhr. Great body, a bit shy in performance but may improve with repeat.
    That's a shame that she doesn't suck dick bare. She's certainly a cutie.

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    I drilled this sweet petite beauty freak a little over a week ago. Was going through backpage this past weekend and nothing really interested me. I saw nothing but a bunch of old heads resurfacing on backpage again with their tired ass body and services. They just can't seem to stay away from backpage. Hmm. I text this chic in the afternoon and she text me back with some rates that were ok, but I wasn't quite feeling it. She said she was in a nice hotel in the Buckhead area, so she at least had one positive going for her.

    Later that night, I text her again with $70. She asked if qv and I said yes. She then forwarded over the address to a nice 4-5 star hotel in mid-town. Change of hotel in one day. Typical with these chics. I drove my happy ass over to her hotel and called her to let me know that I arrived. She gave me the room number right away and up to her room I went. Knocked on her door and it was opened a minute later by a brown-skinned chic standing infront of it.

    First thing popped into my head, this chic looks a bit scrawnier than her pics and given measurements portrayed. Chic told me via text that she was 5'3 140 lbs, but she couldn't have been a pound over 130 lbs. She also didn't look as hot as she does in her pics with all that make up on. She's one of those girls that suffers from face rash. Little bit of bumps on her face as well. She still looked doable though. I said my greetings and she walked me back to her master bedroom.

    Once in the boom boom room we gots' ta' talking for a minute. She was decked out in a full bikini wear that I couldn't quite make out her body. I couldn't really tell if she had a nice body or not. The room was neat and clean though with no smoke smells anywhere. We gots' ta' talking for a minute before I placed the donation on the bed as instructed. It was 70 bones for 15 minutes. She took the chedda off the bed and counted it before placing it off somewhere.

    She then stripped all the way down to her meat suit to reveal an average body that was ok. Kinda scrawnier than I thought. Her breastess's were C cup with slight hang time, but I'd still label the girls as "youthful". Her stomach was flat with light stretch marks at the side and bottom of it. Her ass, it was an average ass. It had some meat on it and was pushing out some, but it also had some marks or blotches on it too. Her whole body had a bit of marks or blotches on it.

    Probably just her skin breaking out or something. After she stripped, I did the same all by myself with no help from her at all. She then reached into a drawer and pulled out a thin trojan condom and offered me to sit down on the bed. I did just that as she pitched the cover over to me and ask me to put it on since she had nails. Ok. I placed the thin cover on my flaccid cock and laid back on the bed as instructed. She then got up on all fours on the bed with me and gots' ta' sucking. The sucking was kinda ok.

    She sucked me off with her right hand grasping the base of my shaft as she sucked the remaining portions of my cock. She was actually sucking an getting it in as she did that for a full 5-6 minutes non-stop. That was pretty nice of her. After I was kind of stiff, I told her that I wanted doggie next. She bent that spotty average ass over for me in doggie and awaited my arrival. I tried to enter her in doggie, but she was tight as a 2 year old babies ass. Iyayi.

    For 2 full minutes, I tried to get in there as she was wincing and lunging forward as I tried to push in. I asked her if she had any lube, to which she didn't (typical), so I applied my own ghetto lube. I was finally able to break in there and damn, this chic was dry as a biscuit. All I felt was sandpaper rubbing all over my cock. Eeek. As soon as I entered her, her dryness caused the cover to break immediately as well. Double Eekk. I didn't say anything though. Triple Eekk.

    I started bare plowing her with the cock ring covering the base of my shaft only. She was moaning and groaning the whole time and was stiff backing me too. I had to repeatedly tell her to loosen up as she seemed to be afraid of the 15.5 incher. Who isn't? 3 minutes into my bare stroke game and her moaning uncontrollably, I felt the pressure building up and Oh God- oatmeal creampie here I cum!! Eeek. I'm sorry, I had to get my 70 bones worth. Double Eekk. I blow my load in her and kept plowing some 2 minutes more, until I got it all down her love tunnel.

    I hope she doesn't read this. I then pulled out while grabbing my bare cock and saying, "I think the condom is about to break". Eeek. She quickly turned around and asked what happened. I told her the cover was about to break so I pulled out before it did. I told her I didn't blow yet (lies) and she got off the bed and walked over to the mirror to check. She started feeling between her legs and said, "I feel wetness", while giving me a menacing look out of the side of her eye. Eekk.

    I repeatedly told her that I didn't blow yet, but she looked at me with a distrusting look on her face. Oh boy. She then walked back across the room to her drawer and pulled out another cover and placed it on the bed. I told her that I couldn't go again as I held my still cum dripping bare cock in my hands. I asked her if she had anything to clean up with and she just told me where the toilet paper was. Great. I walked my happy ass into the bathroom to clean up with toilet paper as she still kept checking between her legs.

    I got my rags back on after clean up and headed for the door with her standing in the middle of the room, still checking between her legs. I may have another backpage baby on the way. Oh boy. I led myself out of the door as she wished me farewell while still checking between her legs. Sorry lady, I needed to get my monies worth. She was a good date though. I don't know if anyone would give her $70 for a quickie though. She's more of a $60 qv chic if you ask me.

    There were no foul odors anywhere as she didn't smell like anything. She didn't look as hot as she does in her ad pics though. She favors her pics on her instagram site but I can't dowload those damn pics to post here. Oh well. I'll give her a "6" in looks and a "6" in service. Good night!!
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    I don't get it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wasobi  [View Original Post]
    Young pretty black spinner in North Decatur apt. Everything covered 1. 2 hhr. Great body, a bit shy in performance but may improve with repeat.
    Don't these girls know how stupid they look with those puppy face add ons? The minute I see them, I lose all interest.

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    I got the early bird special from this Mama Cita over the weekend. I've seen this chic posting for months now and text her a few months ago. She was on that $80 qv nonsense, so I never paid her any mind. I saw her posting again on a Saturday and shot her a text for her rates. She now hit me back with $60 qv and I told her that I would stop by, but she never sent me her address. Oh well. The following morning, I saw her posting again but this time with a new phone number (typical) and shot her yet another text.

    She told me her early bird special was for $50 qv and she was in a hotel on the north side. Wow! That sounded even better. She actually sent me the address this time and off I went. Got to her decent 3-4 star hotel on the north side and text her that I arrived. She then told me to meet her at the side entrance (why) and wouldn't give me her room number. I waited for a few minutes for her to open the side door for me as she came out in a tight pink dress accenting her curves. She's a short little mam standing at 4'11, although her ad says 5 foot. Right.

    I walked on into the hotel following behind that ass, all the way to her room. As soon as we got inside the room and she closed the door, she asked me if I was the police while pressing up on me and massaging my police baton between my legs. She also invited me to feel on her tits for reassurance, too. Ok. After the brief police check, we gots' ta' talking for a minute as this chic seemed pretty friendly. Not overly-friendly though. Eventually, she told me to place the donation on the tv stand and that I did. It was 50 bones for 15 minutes.

    She didn't even look at the money or take it up or anything. Good sign so far. She then lifted her pink dress up over her head and got butt-nekkid with her back turned to me. That's always nice to see. This chic is 4'11 and rougly 135 lbs. She's got a nice bite-sized body on her. Her breastess's were D cups and stood up on their own with slight sag. I'd label the girlies as "youthful". Her stomach was flat, with no stretch marks or any signs of childbirth and her ass, it was a juicy ass.

    It was definitely sticking out there with no stretch marks or cellullite anywhere, but it was kind of compact due to her size. If you like bite-sized munchkins with nice breastess'es and ass, you'll definitely love this chic. After she stripped naked, I followed suit all by myself with no help from her at all. She then instructed me to sit on the bed as she opened a drawer full of trojan condoms and furnished one for the session. She told me to lay back as she got up on all fours on the bed, place the thin condom on my limp tool with her hand, and gots' ta' sucking.

    The sucking was so-so. She had her right hand grasping the base of my cock while she sucked half-way down on my rising boner. I felt some suction there too, but it was nothing special. No ball play or chest rubbing at all. One good thing though, she positioned her ass close to my face so I could cop a feel or rub on it if I wanted to. That's exactly what I did as she continued to suck me off for a good 5 minutes (stopping every 2 minutes-typical), before I told her that I was ready. I was only about 3/4th's swole at the time, but I felt that was the best that it was going to get. LOL.

    She then lubed me and her up before asking me which position I wanted. I opted for diggiddy doggie as usual as she bent over on all fours and presented that nice ass and spread for me. I entered her in doggie and gots' ta' stroking. Her snatch was wet, artificially, and had some medium friction on her walls. She was giving me a little bit of throw back occassionaly while I pounded her, but no real moans or groans. I pounded on her for a good 4 minutes, before finally that oh so familiar feeling coming over me. I blew a medium load in the cover and kept pounding some 2 minutes more, until I got all of it out.

    I then told her that I was done with her and she got off the bed and offered me some wet wipes. That was pretty nice of her. I cleaned up with the wet wipes as she told me to flush it in the toilet bowl afterwards. That's always nice to hear. I flushed it, then came back out of the bathroom in the buff and started gathering my rags together. She was laying nekkid across the bed and checking her phone for missed calls and text. Typical.

    Her phone rang about 3 times during the session, but she never answered it. Good thing. I got my rags back on as she told me to save her number if I wanted to see her again. I'm not so sure about that. She said that in such a non-chalant unenthusiastic way. The whole session was a bit unenthusiastic really. She did her work but didn't really get into it really. Seemed like she was just trying to "get them in and out". I walked myself to the door as she was still checking her phone and I opened the door as she quickly came up behind me and wished me a safe drive. Sure.

    She's good for the 50 qv as she has a nice body on her and she was smelling fresh and clean the whole time. She needs to bring some more energy the next time. This chic is all over the place anyways, She changed her location 3 times during the weekend and changed her phone number twice as well. I don't really know what this broad is thinking. How can she ever get regulars like that. Oh well. I'll give her a "7" in looks and a "5" in services. So long munchkins!!
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    Young pretty black spinner in North Decatur apt. Everything covered 1. 2 hhr. Great body, a bit shy in performance but may improve with repeat.

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    Called her late and she picked up. Outcall near Hart's field. Not the girl in the pics but reasonable representation. Ok massage, nice standard finish. Would repeat due to looks, personality and overall ease 1. 5.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wasobi  [View Original Post]
    Pics look a little P.S.'d, and her review profile on that other site is no longer available. Red flags say no go for me.

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    Kimmy Koxxx

    I have seen this gal advertise lots on BP. Have not seen any reviews on her, so I decided to TOFTT as well as the fact I needed to bust a nut badly. Yesterday, I put in a few hours of productive yard work, was proud of what I got done on my day off, so decided to treat myself. I called this gal up, not only because I have seen hers ads many of times, but because she is local. I wanted her to come to me. She agreed, and she made it to my place in less than an hour. She is a little heavy, but does have a cute face, young looking, and was friendly from the get go. We both quickly stripped down, and she started with a BBBJ. Wet, warm, with a slow technique. This got me really hard. We quickly moved into the bedroom. I had her lay on the bed, with her head hanging over the side, I straddled her face and throat fucked her for like 10 minutes. She was able to take it all deep with little to no gagging. We then both moved into center of bed, and I started to fuck her doggie style after applying a cover. Plump ass made it a bit of a challenge to get into a good rhythm, but it felt warm and tight. This went on for maybe just a few minutes, then I asked her if I could face fuck her again. She agreed, and leaned her head over side of bed again, I removed cover, and slid my cock down her awaiting throat. This time I was more aggressive, and did my best to fuck that throat hard. I could feel myself ready to pop, thought about cumming on top of her face, but decided to cum in her mouth. I could feel a bit of a gag reflex after I released, but she swallowed it all, what a trooper! Nice young girl that seems to be willing to try most anything. Damage was $$ for about 45 min. Would I repeat? . 50/50 on that answer.

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    Anyone seen this Jessica?

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    Seeking advice on massage providers.

    I will be in Atlanta on business soon and would like a true deep tissue massage provider. A sweet dream would be a plus.

    If possible, please PM any leads and evaluations of possible providers.

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    She's definitely a hit or miss

    Quote Originally Posted by Kyrow  [View Original Post]
    Well each person experience is different. I'm glad you're went well, but what she pulled on me was uncalled for. So I'm def not going to waste my money on a unprofessional person like that.
    I saw Layla today and she was very disengaged. I got to a motel in Marietta. The room was filled with smoke. She immediately asked for the donation on the table as soon as I walked in. Started with a lackluster CBJ and wouldn't even take care of the boys. I ended losing wood because of the mechanical CBJ and decided to go ahead and hit it from behind to get it over with. Afterwards it was a small hug and bye see you later from her. I'm not sure if she had another appointment coming or not but it wouldn't surprise me. Good thing it was just a QV for me.

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    No excuses made my friend

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyMapalo  [View Original Post]
    They placed the ad, not the other way around. They should cater to the consumers, not the consumers catering to them. It's the same as when I sell a car or other items on craigslist. Some people will tell you how they're coming right now and not to sell the item, then they never show up or answer their phones again. Do I now shit the next person that says he's coming right now because he may be like the last person and never show up? Same scenario exist in the business world. Client says he's coming to sign the contract and never shows up. Do you now shit the next client who says he'll be right over to sign the contract? Makes no sense.

    That's why these flakey ass broads stay in business with their shitty ass service for so long. You dudes always making excuses for them and sitting out in the parking lot waiting forever like a dumb ass. Which other business in the world where the business owner can flake and shit clients regularly and remain in business year after year?
    It's always good to look at it from both ways. Honestly though, you're totally right. They should cater to us clients, because without our money, they can't survive. I understand they need to make rules, but they need to realize that it's regulars that keep coming back that keeps rhem in business. They advertise all these rates, knowing most people aren't going to pay that. I don't see people paying 120 quick visit all day everyday, if so they could make atleast a grand a week and lay off for a bit. Never be afraid to walk away or to put one in thier place. As paying clients, they know to accommodate or be on the streets.

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