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    Please hill area?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niteluvr  [View Original Post]
    An ad like that with proper spelling and grammar was not written by a 19 yo street ho. I wouldn't touch that for anything.
    Agree, night. Stay clear of this. However, her spelling is not flawless: it's discreet, not discreet.

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    Judging by

    Judging by the ad that's a big nope sandwich with a side order of nope. I hate ads with one picture, also, I've seen that picture used before. Also, that's a "35" year old which in this business means she's probably more busted looking than you could ever imagine. She is probably more like 45, had about 6-7 kids, and charges wayyyyy too much. Unless she's asking 30-40 for a half hour I wouldn't touch that with a 50 foot pole, and then I'd still say "nope".

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    Any intel much appreciated and feel free to pm

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    Latina aparments?

    Anybody got a plug on latina apartments that will see young mongers of color?

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    Same here. I can't count how many times I've seen her ad and she's not too far. But something just never prompted me to pull the trigger. I think it's maybe the fact that there was no information on her that I could fiind. But I've tiff, so there may be something else that I can't quite put my finger on. I might give her a try now that there's a proper review. Damage??

    Quote Originally Posted by Ronny770  [View Original Post]
    This girl has been in the game for almost a decade I believe and has zero reviews so that's why I never went to see here even though she's in my county. Something very odd about her to me.

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    I went a couple days ago. Straight forward deal, did a half hour for $140.00. Pretty attractive lady I would guess to be low 30's. Good thing is she knew whatt she was there for. No upsell and I got what I went for.

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    I did a session in Marietta with 2 Asians, seems to be part of the same group based on the add. Is an Apt situation one girl lives full time and one girl rotates. Was 3 bones for 2 girls one hour, at the time one girl was adv to be 19. Happened to be true and she was smoking hot. Was fun and worth it in that situation for me.

    I think this will be legit and normally good service from Asians w / clean Apt. Hard to say how hot the girls will be, can't believe the pics. I guess you can always try it and bail out when you see what is at the door.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SgtSoros  [View Original Post]
    She was actually charging $250/ hr a few years ago.
    She used to go by Nina when she worked at Pin-Ups around 2010. I had her for take out a couple of times for 100 plus a bottle of a certain brand vodka she liked and some rolling papers. She is as Hans described, but not worth the $250 talked about, not worth it to me anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Han57  [View Original Post]
    Funny thing, about a month after my initial visit, I dialed up this gal again, introduced myself (she remembered me) , and I offered to meet her again for like something little less than $$. She didn't come down on price, didn't counter offer. Frankly, I was a little surprised. She must be holding that pussy at a premium. If one is into a 420 friendly, chill girl, no rush, easy to talk to girl. Fine. The action probably doesn't warrant $$.
    She was actually charging $250/ hr a few years ago.

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    Koko love

    Been on a dry spell, have not met a girl I felt compelled to repeat with in a while till yesterday. I tend to like trim AA women with athletic body, been a while since I did a 3 door round trip, so I started looking. I like to stay on the and side, but I saw Koko's ad and pics and figured I would take a shot. After contact she replied to me quickly and could tell she was intelligent and honest, didn't strike me as a druggie or street person and I felt comfortable, she has a young daughter so had to schedule around child care, she is a early bird and likes AM. She quoted 1. 5 per hr, I then mentioned I was looking at round trip deal to make sure she was preped, bumped it to 200.

    She was staying at a name brand but not top self hotel close to the airport, lot of nicer cars in the lot with vacationers, so I did feel comfortable. Met at the door w / bra / panties could tell she was living there with child, but place was neat and clean no funky smells. Pics where 100% legit. She is very sweet and more the submissive type, got started with CBJ, some great DSL's and large tongue, so felt great and she seemed kept working maybe 8 min till I told her to stop. Got her on the edge of the bed with me standing, I noticed the XL clit and teased it a bit before going to work, was a great ride, she was into it arms spread and throwing her legs in the air etc. Into missionary for awhile, was getting a little tired so too a break with some small talk laying on the bed w / her. Got my wind back and started grinding her clam w / base of my palm, then a few firm slaps, she seemed to be into it.

    Told her I was ready for the finale, she washed off the condom and went back to work, bobbing for maybe another 8- 10 min it seemed. She really gets in the zone with eyes closed. Again I had to make her stop. She got out the lube and rubbed the back door and JR, then layed down on her belly in lazy dog position. I never liked this position for regular entry, so wasn't too sure about the back door. She told me to take it very slow and I added some more lube. Finally got inserted after a few minutes and started working it very slowly gradually picking up the pace, wow what a great dominant position, I watched her closed eyed expression still smiling as I ramped it up the full throttle jack hammer for several minutes till I had to release.

    Pulled out was still clean so she prepped well. This girl is a real trooper and can really work, treat her nice. I'll be back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ParkerJones823  [View Original Post]

    Looks like a good option considering the area!
    Looks legit and straight forward. Not my type personally.

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    Anyone experienced Jen?

    Hey guys,

    I've seen this ad for Jen pop up quite frequently but haven't gone for it as she's outcall only (want to make sure I'm not wasting my time first). Has anyone had an experience with Jen, good or bad? I'm curious as to what types of add one are available and if she's actually independent.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Latina Apartment

    I have visited this place / provider a few times. Actually the phone # I keep in my speed dial list. Latino apartment around Beaver Ruin / Pleasant Hill / Club Drive area. They change apartments every 6 months or so it seems. You have a very friendly " house mom " that has anywhere between 3 and 5 girls to choose from at any time. Most, if not all are from South America, and speak little to no English. Anyhow, each time I visit, I am offered to spend time with any of the gals. I keep going back to the same one, MonSe. A tight spinner from Honduras. She speaks like no English, but I believe she is 25 years old. Always a great time with her. One of the few gals I enjoy going down on, no odor, clean, tight and shaven. We wind up in 69 position LOTS of time. Then usually wind up in mish position and finish. Shower available after if one wants. All the time, everything is covered. " House mom " actually makes a point of speaking with you, before you leave to make sure you had a good time. Damage is $ for 20+ minutes. No rush, nice clean place.

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