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Thread: Backpage Advertiser Reviews

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    Katt Stacks.!/atlanta...77044/25777044

    I got some phat katt from Katt Stacks on the 1st day of February. I saw this chic posting like 1 month ago and shot her a text one day. I also subscribed to her snapchat page and liked what I saw in the pics and videos. I think. Her address on her ad was for the east side, so I shot her a text to find out where and how much. The motel was a cheap one on Panola Road that I've been to a few times before. Oh boy.

    She gave me some decent rates so off I went. I got to her motel and text her that I arrived. She text me back telling me to call. Why? I did just that as she asked me the usual stupid police questions before relaying over her room number. I walked up to her room, pass the maintenance and knocked on her door.

    The door was opened immediately by some nerdy looking chic I didn't immediately recognize. As I looked to the right of that girl, there was another girl behind it. It was my date. Oh boy. I was a bit taken aback and disappointed when I laid eyes upon my date. This chic didn't look like what I thought she would look like and I wondered for a minute if I entered into the wrong room.

    This chic was a solid "4" in the face without the make up. Eeek. She and her friend in the room looked like 2 round the way hood rats. Oh boy. I started to make up an excuse to get the fuck out of there, but I didn't want to seem rude so I stayed. Ehh. She immediately told me that the tall girl with the bifocal glasses in the room with us was her friend and she will be leaving the room now. Good.

    If she had stayed, I definitely wouldn't have been able to get it up. Eeek. The tall girl left and we were finally in the room together. Eeek. My date was wearing a bra and nothing else. Body looked pretty average as I could tell the tits had some droop to them inside of the bra. Anyways, we gots' ta' talking for a minute and I let her know that it was very nice of her to have the tv on on the show called "Cheaters".

    How appropriate? We laughed about it for a minute as she said, "None of us are cheaters though". Ok. Good way to set the mood, lady. Freaking ridiculous. While Cheaters continued to play on the tube at a moderate level, I placed the donation on a table as instructed. I was 60 bones for 15 minutes.

    She looked over the money, then told me to get comfortable, to which I did all by myself with no help from her at all. I got naked and sat on the bed as instructed while she furnaced a magnum garbage condom from out of a drawer. I was about to draw for my thin cover instead, but didn't really want to waste a good cover on her. Magnum garbage bag cover it is.

    She came over to me with the cover before I asked her to lose the bra. She did to reveal some semi-droopy B sized breast's that looked pretty average. Her stomach was flattish with slight belly flab, but no stretch marks of any signs of childbirth and her ass, it was an average ass. It had some meat on it, but it was like half of an ass. It wasn't a full shapely ass.

    She looked like a good 5'5 135-138 lbs average-bodied chic. As I remained seated on the bed, she placed the cover on my limp johnson with her hand and gots' ta' sucking. The sucking was ok as I definitely felt some medium suction from her mouth. She did give me a little bit of ball play with her hand too. She sucked me off for a good 4 minutes before I told her that I was ready for her.

    I was good and swole at the time. She asked which position and I choosed doggie while illustrating to what that was. She seemed to be a bit confused for some strange reason. She got up on all fours on the bed in doggie and awaited my arrival. I entered her in doggie and gots' ta's stroking.

    She was definitely wet and naturally lubricated and had some medium friction on her wall. She didn't need any ghetto lube at all and felt pretty good too. She was also smelling fresh and clean with a mild scent of perfume. That's always good to smell. I stroked her out in doggie for a good 3 minutes and she wasn't giving me any moans or throw backs.

    She was quiet as a mouse the whole time. She seemed to be used to taking heavy, long and hard poundings. She didn't even flinch the whole time. Eekk. 3 minutes into my pound game, I started feeling that hot stabbing sensation in my loins. I blew a medium grape in the cover and kept pounding a minute more to make sure I got it all out of me.

    I retreated off the bed and told her that I was done with her and she got off the bed as well and handed me a few wet wipes. Wow, somebody that has it all together. I cleaned up with the wipes as she stayed in the nude the whole time. I gathered my rags together and placed them back on before heading towards the door. She opened the door for me and let me out while I said my condolences.

    She was a nice host, but didn't look like what I thought she would look like. Service was kind of boring too and she didn't show any emotion at all during the session. Seemed like a quick in and out type of workout. If you google her many phone numbers you'd see that she's been to just about every state in America and has 100's of different phone numbers.

    She's also gone through a few different names as well. Oh well. I'll give her a "5" in looks and a "5" in service.
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    I got freaky with Mimi 2 days before New Years Day. I saw this chic posting last year as she was in the Stone Mountain area. I shot her a text one night and she hit me back with a low rate of 40 qv, then gave me the address to a townhome in Decatur. How nice of her. I told her I could come check her out and she replied, "Can you do $50". Why? Upselling already.

    I told her sure since 50 is still a low price and off I went. I got to her townhouse some 30 minutes later and let her know that I arrived. She called and told me that she would meet me outside. Oh hell nah, I hope it ain't none of that carplay nonsense is what I said to myself. She came out anyways and I met her right at the front door. I wasn't giving her any opportunities to hop into my car.

    She met me outside wearing a brown denim pants and black shirt. We greeted each other before she walked me into a 420 semi-filthy townhouse. She led me up the carpet stained stairwell and into her bedroom. Bedroom was a bit dirty, but nothing too bad. It didn't smell like 420 was did the outside of her bedroom.

    She closed the door between me and we gotta' talking. About 18-19 years old fresh out of high school. Hmm. What is she doing in this house without parents? Hmm again. After the brief dialogue, talks of the donation came up and I gave it to her.

    It was 50 bones for 15 minutes. I gave her the bread and she took it and placed it off somewhere. She then told me to get comfortable to which I did all by myself with no help from her at all. She asked me if I brought any protection and I just pulled a thin slab from out of my pants pocket. She told me to put the slab on my naked dick and that I did on a limp ass cock.

    I asked her if she would get nekkid too and that she did to reveal a babyfat, but young looking body. Her breastess's were C cups with mild hang time. I'd still list them as "youthful though". She had a medium gut in the mid-section but no stretch marks or any signs of childbirth. Her ass, it was just an ass.

    It had some good meat on it, but it wasn't too shapely. Needs some tightening up in that department. She looked like a good 5'6-5'7 170-180 babyfat body. Now that we're both in the buff, she instructed me to lay back on her bed as that I did. She then sat on top of me and started dry humping me. OK.

    I guess she's role playing like back in high school. While she was dry humping me, she kept moving my hands all over her body, forcing me to feel her up. I'm thinking this chic is very accustomed to this type of foreplay. She was probably a frequent visitor to the boys locker room in high school. She dry humped me for a good 2 minutes before I asked her what was wrong with her mouth.

    She got up from off me, and noticed I was sporting a full stiffy. Wow, the dry humping actually worked. She then sat back on top of me and started to ride my hard covered johnson. 30 second into the cowgirl ride, I told her I wanted doggie instead. She assumed the doggie position and I made my arrival.

    She was a bit dry and definitely could use some lube. I used a little bit of ghetto lube to get going, but she still wasn't very lubricated. I kept stroking her anyways as she kept reaching back for my hands and forcing me to feel her up. She must really enjoy being felt up. I felt like a perverted 12 year old kid getting my rocks off.

    I felt her up and pounded her out in doggie for a good 4 minutes before I started feeling that oh so familiar feeling coming over me. I blew a medium load into the cover and kept pounding some 2 minutes more before my cock started retreating back into its foreskin. I told her that I was done with her and she got off the bed and had nothing to clean up with. That's always great to see. I just reached into my pants pocket and fetched some tissue for clean up.

    I cleaned up with the tissue as she put all her clothes back on. She needed to wash as she was smelling a bit rank during the session. The usual. It was alright for the 50 bones, but not worthy enough for a repeat. She did text me like a week later trying to solicit her services to me again, but I never went back.

    When I googled her number and inspected further, I realized that this chic is in the same house with a few girls that posted on backpage. They were usually like young 18-19 year old girls as stated in their ads. This chic definitely looked like 18-19 years old. She hasn't posted in over a month now, so I guess she's since moved out of the house. None of the other girls have posted lately either.

    Oh well. I'll give her a "6" in looks and a "5" in service. Nothing to see hear.
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    Same here

    Quote Originally Posted by 2me4Looking2  [View Original Post]
    Does anyone have any info on Anitha? I have seen her adds come and go over the last couple of years and I've seen people request info, but I've never seen a review or a response. I would love to find an actual Indian provider so if anyone knows anything about this one, please let me know.

    (678) 456-0013

    I want to see her as well but couldn't find any reviews about her so very hesitant to contact her. Any information about her would be very much appreciated.

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    Intel on Anitha. East Indian

    Does anyone have any info on Anitha? I have seen her adds come and go over the last couple of years and I've seen people request info, but I've never seen a review or a response. I would love to find an actual Indian provider so if anyone knows anything about this one, please let me know.

    (678) 456-0013


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    Basketball booty

    Saw this one recently. Got to an apartment complex off Campbellton Rd and Fulton Indi. Pics are real and on point. Breasts are saggy and soft but I didn't mind them. Booty is a basketball, nice and round. The terms were a qv for 50.

    I get there and drop the cash, start admiring the body, rubbing on the booty. Clit was wet so I start playing with it and she gets really turned on. Asks me to eat her pussy I said no. She then says will you eat my clit if we shower together first. I say ok whatever and we get in the shower. She soaps me up and washes me then I do the same to her. We washed every inch of each other. This place was a mess too. WTF was I doing.

    We dry off and she just lays on her back and spreads to expose her clit. I lick her clit for about 10 minutes and she cums hard. At this point I ask her are we good on time and she says do not worry about it. Cool, I let her recover and she sucks me hard for about 5 minutes with the cover on. I then mount her doggy and palm that booty like I'm Larry Nance Sr about to perform a windmill at the dunk contest in 1984. She moans and the pussy feels like a glove. I was able to nut in about 8-9 minutes of good pounding. I know the pussy was good as I jerked off prior to seeing her.

    Definitely a YMMV girl. I'm won't repeat even though I got a good nut and the pussy felt nice.

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    Anyone seen her?

    Anyone seen this chick? She looks fine af.

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    Help! I can't find a good provider.


    I am stuck. My regular provider is out of service for the week and I really would like to get the tension off. Can you recommend me a skinny provider in Alpharetta area? The new format on BP is just ridiculous! Please PM me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VanguardBandit  [View Original Post]
    It is a legit person in this ad but she is hiding her face.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thkdik83  [View Original Post]
    Very interesting posting. Anyone have any info?
    Fake pics. Instagram for Dallas girl texasthighs.

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    Tomcat's Reviews #63 - Sister in Sandy Springs

    Wanted to switch things up a bit and gave Morgan a call. Saw her at her smokefree suite off Hammond Drive. Pics are accurate and she has the appropriate amount of badonk you'd want if you're picking a black girl. Had the 1970's au naturale Bush going on which was interesting. Went for the. 8 qv which was a CBJ / cfs. A few rules (no kiss, hands off the hair and chacha) Although indicated that more was on the table (including BBFS) with increasing prices as she gets to know you. Despite the rules she was responsive which helped me put on a good grind. Cool thing is she's from Arizona so '0' ghetto both in accent and attitude. She's repeatable.
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    Don't think the pic is real

    Quote Originally Posted by Fletch1  [View Original Post]
    Damn this one is hot to me. She has been using the same number for a couple of years. Is $$hhr and $$$hr. One good review one bad. Damn this one tempts me but I would love to know if anyone has seen her before I TOFTT.
    If the pic looks TGTBT, it probably is. Right click on a pic and ask google to search for the image.

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    Standing by

    Quote Originally Posted by KingSlayer22  [View Original Post]
    Hope the pics are reflective, she's in my backyard so of course I have to check her out and get the full menu options because honestly she looks like a lot of fun. Probably go check her out today sometime and report back.
    For your review. She's not too far north for me either, a good bargain AND milfy. 3 of my most crucial checkboxes! LOL.

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    Legit or Police?

    Very interesting posting. Anyone have any info?

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