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    Almond Joy

    I seen this one recently. I'm not 100% sure if its the same girl in the picture but they do look similar. I stayed for 15 minutes and paid 50. Her pussy wasn't funky but it did have a small odor on it. It smelt like a oatmeal pie but overall the session was cool. She was in a hotel in Cobb County.

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    Union City Thickness

    So I saw this posted last night on my way to the strip club has anyone seen her? P.S. Price was. 8 for a short visit. Don't know who is paying that price but I sure the hell won't. Also of note is that she is 1/3 who is working 'independently' out of the same room taking pictures on the same bed. These are the other two all sticking within that price range. (. 7-. 8).



    If you seen her or the others, kindly pm me or let the board know. Gracias.
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    I seen her recently. I know she has had mixed reviews on here and I see why. I paid 60 for 15 minutes. She would only do one position. She would not take off her shirt. She gave me hand sanitizer to use before and after. Before I had plan on putting my face in that ass for at least a few seconds but after she gave me the hand sanitizer I knew that wasn't happening lol. She gave me the address to a BP then she gave me the address to her hotel. She kept asking me over and over if I was the police. Her ass and pussy was fresh so that was good. You would think other girls would know that they should put some soap on their pussy after sex but she did. She was nice. No attitude. I might try it one more time and stay a little longer but I like that ass on her. Too much effort since she doesn't pick up the phone but I finally got her. I'm sure her phone rings off the hook with that ass on her but overall I would give it a 5/10. I been seeing that ass for so long that I had to see what it was about even though she has bad reviews.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Achilles0406  [View Original Post]
    Those pics fake as hell the IG model has over 1 million followers;.
    Damn. I wanted to check her out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RondaColdSon  [View Original Post]
    Yeah this one hurt. That ass, her tits, her face. I too have a weakness for latinas and just women her shape in general. Add her on snapchat and she's cool with you paying for facetime and stuff but no meet ups.
    Sampled this, photo are extremely accurate. She look way better than photo. Got a bit of a stomach tho. She is short. 5'1 at the most. Boob are a bit dangly. Not enough fat in them for the skin bag.

    Her bf prob black that's why she doesn't see black guys.

    Not as tight as I thought. Extremely controlling. Can't do this, can't do that. No this, no that. Had to stand while she lay. Couldn't bust even tho she was hot as hell. Had to DIY to get my money worth lol. 100 QV, not worth it.

    Clock watcher.

    Mention that she staying in GA for a few days. Not sure. Don't care, wil not repeat.

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    Sexy Ass Savannah

    Has anyone seen this lovely looking hottie??

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhilMe143  [View Original Post]
    This really, really sucks. I have been following this sexy woman on Snapchat for awhile now. I have done a few FaceTimes with her. She doesn't see black guys. I didn't know this at the time. Now she charges to FaceTime, I wish I could ask her why she doesn't want to see black guys. I have a weakness for Latinas. Just about every 2 or 3 ads I see now a days has no black guys, but this one hurt. I really want to sample this one.
    Yeah this one hurt. That ass, her tits, her face. I too have a weakness for latinas and just women her shape in general. Add her on snapchat and she's cool with you paying for facetime and stuff but no meet ups.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeJoe404  [View Original Post]
    Anyone seen this one yet? She is fine.
    Those pics fake as hell the IG model has over 1 million followers;.

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    Anyone seen this one yet? She is fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YeOldHornDawg  [View Original Post]
    I wouldn't be so sure she's Indian if you're looking for that kind of experience. A lot of women will claim different ethnicities on their ads so as to appear "exotic".
    She's a black girl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrCupidStunts  [View Original Post]
    I wouldn't be so sure she's Indian if you're looking for that kind of experience. A lot of women will claim different ethnicities on their ads so as to appear "exotic".

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    Pregnant Riley in town for one more day.

    Many people PM'd me about her when I posted, since her ad had been removed.

    She's about to leave town tomorrow, so last chance.

    Pm me, and I'll give you her digits.
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    Has anyone seen this provider? Been eyeing Jazzi for a while and trying to decide if its worth an outcall.
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    Indian goddess

    Has anyone seen this one?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyMapalo  [View Original Post]

    I got the early bird special from this Mama Cita over the weekend. I've seen this chic posting for months now and text her a few months ago. She was on that $80 qv nonsense, so I never paid her any mind. I saw her posting again on a Saturday and shot her a text for her rates. She now hit me back with $60 qv and I told her that I would stop by, but she never sent me her address. Oh well. The following morning, I saw her posting again but this time with a new phone number (typical) and shot her yet another text.

    She told me her early bird special was for $50 qv and she was in a hotel on the north side. Wow! That sounded even better. She actually sent me the address this time and off I went. Got to her decent 3-4 star hotel on the north side and text her that I arrived. She then told me to meet her at the side entrance (why) and wouldn't give me her room number. I waited for a few minutes for her to open the side door for me as she came out in a tight pink dress accenting her curves. She's a short little mam standing at 4'11, although her ad says 5 foot. Right.

    I walked on into the hotel following behind that ass, all the way to her room. As soon as we got inside the room and she closed the door, she asked me if I was the police while pressing up on me and massaging my police baton between my legs. She also invited me to feel on her tits for reassurance, too. Ok. After the brief police check, we gots' ta' talking for a minute as this chic seemed pretty friendly. Not overly-friendly though. Eventually, she told me to place the donation on the tv stand and that I did. It was 50 bones for 15 minutes.

    She didn't even look at the money or take it up or anything. Good sign so far. She then lifted her pink dress up over her head and got butt-nekkid with her back turned to me. That's always nice to see. This chic is 4'11 and rougly 135 lbs. She's got a nice bite-sized body on her. Her breastess's were D cups and stood up on their own with slight sag. I'd label the girlies as "youthful". Her stomach was flat, with no stretch marks or any signs of childbirth and her ass, it was a juicy ass.

    It was definitely sticking out there with no stretch marks or cellullite anywhere, but it was kind of compact due to her size. If you like bite-sized munchkins with nice breastess'es and ass, you'll definitely love this chic. After she stripped naked, I followed suit all by myself with no help from her at all. She then instructed me to sit on the bed as she opened a drawer full of trojan condoms and furnished one for the session. She told me to lay back as she got up on all fours on the bed, place the thin condom on my limp tool with her hand, and gots' ta' sucking.

    The sucking was so-so. She had her right hand grasping the base of my cock while she sucked half-way down on my rising boner. I felt some suction there too, but it was nothing special. No ball play or chest rubbing at all. One good thing though, she positioned her ass close to my face so I could cop a feel or rub on it if I wanted to. That's exactly what I did as she continued to suck me off for a good 5 minutes (stopping every 2 minutes-typical), before I told her that I was ready. I was only about 3/4th's swole at the time, but I felt that was the best that it was going to get. LOL.

    She then lubed me and her up before asking me which position I wanted. I opted for diggiddy doggie as usual as she bent over on all fours and presented that nice ass and spread for me. I entered her in doggie and gots' ta' stroking. Her snatch was wet, artificially, and had some medium friction on her walls. She was giving me a little bit of throw back occassionaly while I pounded her, but no real moans or groans. I pounded on her for a good 4 minutes, before finally that oh so familiar feeling coming over me. I blew a medium load in the cover and kept pounding some 2 minutes more, until I got all of it out.

    I then told her that I was done with her and she got off the bed and offered me some wet wipes. That was pretty nice of her. I cleaned up with the wet wipes as she told me to flush it in the toilet bowl afterwards. That's always nice to hear. I flushed it, then came back out of the bathroom in the buff and started gathering my rags together. She was laying nekkid across the bed and checking her phone for missed calls and text. Typical.

    Her phone rang about 3 times during the session, but she never answered it. Good thing. I got my rags back on as she told me to save her number if I wanted to see her again. I'm not so sure about that. She said that in such a non-chalant unenthusiastic way. The whole session was a bit unenthusiastic really. She did her work but didn't really get into it really. Seemed like she was just trying to "get them in and out". I walked myself to the door as she was still checking her phone and I opened the door as she quickly came up behind me and wished me a safe drive. Sure.

    She's good for the 50 qv as she has a nice body on her and she was smelling fresh and clean the whole time. She needs to bring some more energy the next time. This chic is all over the place anyways, She changed her location 3 times during the weekend and changed her phone number twice as well. I don't really know what this broad is thinking. How can she ever get regulars like that. Oh well. I'll give her a "7" in looks and a "5" in services. So long munchkins!!
    You be looking at the same ones I be looking at. I figured I should just wait and let you go first.

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