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    Any advice appreciated

    In the Hubert area for two weeks, PM me with any details.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RealCache  [View Original Post]
    The post is gone.
    This one:

    I tried contacting her earlier this week and couldn't get a reply.

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    Link Dead

    Quote Originally Posted by Poorboy95  [View Original Post]
    I have to make a trip to Goldsboro the end of this week and was wondering if anyone has seen this poster. Thanks in advance!
    The post is gone.

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    Sexy little blonde

    I have to make a trip to Goldsboro the end of this week and was wondering if anyone has seen this poster. Thanks in advance!

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    Report card update

    This area has been pretty dead for a while lately but I have a report on a couple if you guys are having trouble taking the plunge.

    Sasha- Seen her a couple times now. Lightskin is one of my fav's right next to Asian, LOL. Anyways she's only doing outcalls at the moment, which isn't a problem for me. She's also independent which is a major plus as well. Gives a good CBJ and takes a great K-9 pounding.Her ad promises not to dissapoint, and that is definitely the truth. She's only available in the day tho, so plan ahead.

    AmyLee- Saw this one only once and wish I could see her again. Nice thicc booty and it was a sight to behold as she raised it to the heavens while giving a pretty good CBJ. She knew I enjoyed that view too much and decided to let me get behind it, up close and personal. Doggy was out of this world with her thick hips smacking against me with every thrust. I had to grab on to them nice tits and pound away for dear life! Finally gave me a nice TF and let me finish on the tits! Never had that happen before. You know a girls service is A+ when you finish and then get erect about 3 minutes later. Only thing is, it's hard to stay in contact with her. But if you get in touch, go ahead with the plan.

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    Anyone seen this one? Her ad states she travels to multiple cities in the area. Though the referring to her in 3rd person is kinda weird to me, LOL. May try to give her a shot since the area is drying + the shooting in Rocky Mounts hot spot.

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    Know what you mean

    Been there done that. I'm a simple guy myself just looking to have fun. Been in that situation a few years ago out in Ohio where two women showed and I stupidly went to the ATM.

    When you think you're out, it draws you right back in.

    Learned my lesson well. Stay safe!!

    Quote Originally Posted by RealCache  [View Original Post]
    My travels for the hobby has taken me many places in the triangle some good, some not so much. So recently I tried hanging in the mount. Every once in a while a nice one will show up there but, all in all everything is pimped all to hell. So I met this nice one a few nights ago. She was new, enthusiatic, talked dirty, and boy she could take a pounding. I mean when I got done and left the little head was up and ready to go again in like 10 minutes! Don't think I've had that happen in forever. Anyways I was eager to return to dreamland so a couple of nights later we set up another meet. This is when things went horribly wrong. She asked to meet her at the spot. Okay, cool no problem. So I get close and she wants me to call her when I arrive. So I text instead to get the room number. She communicates to me that the room was near the same spot as the last. Nah that's not good enough for me, I want the room number. So she calls and says "I'm about to pull up just go ahead and park. " Stupidly I do just that. So I turn my lights out and keep the car on carefully inspecting the place. So in about 2 minutes a car comes in speeding by to park a few ways from me. I peek around out my window to see who's driving. I make out the driver to be a dude! Red flags are flying immediately. So she gets out of the passenger side and comes strolling over to my car, like she was in a trance or something. She begs me to roll my window down to talk.

    And the next part is probably something most are familiar with. "How much money you got baby? My friend needs you to pay for the room, cause I'm broke. " Are you kidding me? I've heard that story too many times on here to fall for that. So I tell her I'm short on money and I need to go get it. "Well just give me what you got. " she says. Then I'm already nervous as hell being in this situation I calm myself and tell her I'll pay for the room myself. She says, "Okay I'll ride with you. " hell nah, my doors were already locked. But when she came over to the passenger side and grabbed my door, she made a big mistake. Before she could even pull the door handle up I swung it in reverse like I was at the Daytona 500. "What are you doing baby?" She pleads. "Ill do it myself. " I replied. She says ok I'll wait right here till you come back. "Yeah, um you go on and do that. And see where that gets you. " I said to myself. So I cruised around to the office and jetted going 90 in a 50.

    I've been doing this for a few years now. And everytime I get in a sticky situation I tell myself I'm going to stop for good. But I've learned that the game doesn't let you go, no matter how badly you want it to. I'm just a simple guy trying to have fun at the end of the day. Or atleast that's what I tell myself. I'd post the ad, but she took it down. Stay safe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NewBoi  [View Original Post]
    No, but comb through the posts to verify. Do your own recon and research as the rest of us have. TOFTT if you have to and report back. We've all started out here. Sometimes, especially in this area the only way to know is to find out yourself. Happy Hunting!

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    Does anyone know anything about this girl here? She looks real good to me and I'm down to have a taste.

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    Just a heads up!

    Someone keeps posting about this girl, Truth or just a disgruntled client, you decide!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClientNum1  [View Original Post]
    Hey Jacksonville peeps- Any intel on this one? She is going to be in Wilmington. Abby.

    The Jacksonville Forum a page back and PM the member for more details.

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    I posted about her, look in J-ville thread

    Quote Originally Posted by ClientNum1  [View Original Post]
    Hey Jacksonville peeps- Any intel on this one? She is going to be in Wilmington. Abby.

    She has been review a few times. She is very overweight, just FYI. Her photos are very filtered and a lot of angle work.

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    Hey Jacksonville peeps- Any intel on this one? She is going to be in Wilmington. Abby.


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    Quote Originally Posted by EasyEnc  [View Original Post]
    I also noticed the ads and jail booking photo. My only dream happened after I saw the jail booking photo because my thought process was I figured at least I know she's real. Needless to say she got busted again shortly afterward, so I was lucky for the most part and haven't had much luck since. Just not worth the trouble or drama. Stay safe and thanks for sharing!
    Yeah I have been following her "career" with interest. I was close to pulling the trigger a couple times. With her looks she could do very well. But if you have anything to lose you do not want to be in her orbit when shit goes down. The smart girls know how to keep a low profile.

    RBD out.

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