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    Andi from Jacksonville

    Saw her last night here in Jacksonville. Well reviewed around the state.

    She's coming to St. Petersburg this weekend and looking for some playmates. She'll be unavailable during the afternoon / evening on Saturday, but available Sunday thru Tuesday morning. She posts on USA classifieds and BP.


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    Avery Adams visiting. Wow!

    I just had another amazing time with this gal and left with a big smile. She aims to please and is well reviewed in the Nashville USA boards. For some reason her USA classified ad has been delayed in posting. If you want a real treat pay her a visit. Her TER I'd is 318834 if you are looking for reviews. Going to try and get a second visit before she leaves town.

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    I don't see any reviews on Molly from the USAAC site, anyone have the 411 on her?

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    Any info appreciated

    Will be in town in a couple of weeks and was wondering if anyone has visited this new person to Tampa. Doing some research she seems legit, but has been around for a long time and a lot of different places. Seems she was 35 back in 2011, but is 30 now Sounds like she could be interested for at least a one time visit and break from OZ, which is my normal hangout when in town. As well as the hooka, fully nude, place down the street from OZ--can't remember the name. Any insight would be appreciated.

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    Sweethearts of Tampa Bay

    I'm very sorry to hear that Vanessa and Kylie, the Sweethearts of Tampa Bay ( are going to be closing up shop later this fall. I haven't yet had the pleasure with Kylie (although I hope to remedy that situation next month), but Vanessa is my ATF of ATFs: sensual, responsive, beautiful, funny, just the best possible companion for an hour or two of fun and relaxation every time I visit the Tampa area. The face of a precocious little girl and the body of a real woman. What more could an old monger ask for?

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    If time permits

    Hopefully I can dream of her soon, I'll advise.

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    Nebraska and Sligh gas station picked her up, for 40 she did all but was not very good at head, said her name is Gio, anybody else have any with this one?

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