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Thread: Massage Parlor Reports

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    Wasn't the best, wasn't the worst. And their predecessor, Modern, when they were in Westwood, was the ore and only AMP in the burg for a long time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wooden1  [View Original Post]
    All appears cold and dark, close vacation or move?

    Sign still up but open sign is gone.

    Also all Adds are down.

    Any info?

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    All appears cold and dark, close vacation or move?

    Sign still up but open sign is gone.

    Also all Adds are down.

    Any info?

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    Did they move, close or on vacation?

    Went by the other day and the open sign was gone but the small business sign was still in place.

    All ads appear to be gone from CL and BP.

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    I had a daydream in the sunlight the other day. Had a few minutes, and I was in the mood for a TS, and I was in the hood, so what the heck. Walked in, place was a ghost town. Greeted by a tall-for-asian therapist named Aimee, new apparently. Table shower was nice, explored all the regions thoroughly, back entrance included, though she covered the boys with a washcloth when I turned over to wash the front. Still cleaned everything, but in a hands-off kind of way. They say that the TS is a good indicator of how the rest of the session will go, and as I was to find out, "they" were right.

    On to the massage proper, "hard or soft?" Soft please. Hard it is! Apparently hard and soft are the same word in her culture. It was fine overall, thorough if nothing else. On the flip, some nice accupressure facial massage, liberal application of oil, and boys covered with towel, but in such a way that everything else was exposed. It was interesting at first as it built some anticipation. Lots of teasing toward the area, is she going to? Is she not? "Ok, ten minute" she says. Um. Ok. So I have 10 min to pop and gtfo. Long story short, DIY time! She got into it, but wouldn't touch. Had no problem exploring the back door, no finger, but rubbing, and no contact with the flagpole. No problem, at least I got a good HE! Too bad, because I came loaded for extras. Tipped the standard since she got down in the weeds, but I'm done with that place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WillyHost  [View Original Post]
    ...I drew the elder so I elected for a 30 40 massage. Her massage technique was OK, at times felt great at other not so much so...Seclusion is an attractive feature.
    I visited this place the other night. Same masseuse, and her massage technique is turrible, just turrible. I felt like I was. . . like I was assaulted. She'd rub, then smack me, rub and smack, she put my arm in a figure four! I was scared about the flip, would she try to rip my member off? No, just a super oily tugjob.

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    696 Warrenton

    I had a daydream about the new place at the aforementioned address. Not exactly private, but it's on a busy section of 17, so cars are whizzing past. Interior is clean and tidy, new-ish looking.

    Constrained by time, I opted for 30. The only choice I had for therapist was the younger model, supposedly in her mid 30's. Attractive, I'd say probably the most generally attractive that I've ever seen. Skinny, good sized tee tees, pretty face. Name of Mia. Not the most energetic personality, but friendly.

    Room is nice. Started face down, so-so draped dry rub. Flip after maybe 10. On flip feather touches, then a nice oiled HE, very good technique, probably the best I've had, with Thai being a close 2nd. She teased the back door, but never fully committed. Popped, back to the normal rub. Done, dressed. Offered dixie cup of water, tipped. 4. She didn't seem too happy about it, but didn't push for more.

    Ad says there's a free shower, but it wasn't offered, and I didn't ask. I doubt it's a TS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beanisthebest  [View Original Post]
    Hello just wondering the location? Thanks.
    It's on Rt. 17,736 warrenton or something. Usually listed on BP.

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    Location please

    Quote Originally Posted by Mongeroose  [View Original Post]
    $60 tip was for 2 pops and nude body to body with roaming, but I support people tipping and parking however they see fit. It is (supposed to be) a free country.
    Hello just wondering the location? Thanks.

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    696 Warrington Rd. Fredericksburg VA, 22406

    Elected to visit a new place as they offered 40 & 60 massages. Easy access off I-17, huge white sign with red letters Massage. Two attendants when I entered secure access opened the door before I knocked seen Two attendants. One extremely enthusiastic mid 40 YO and a cuter mid 30 gal. As luck would have it I drew the elder so I elected for a 30 40 massage. Her massage technique was OK, at times felt great at other not so much so. On the flit I elected for complete contact which was nice. UTC roaming was nice & OK up north, UTC down south. Like to visit again to obtain a better assessment howet at this stage I'd return to see if things improve. Seclusion is an attractive feature.

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    My experiences were different

    Quote Originally Posted by FredBurgMike  [View Original Post]
    Yes Amy has been at Lili Spa for a few years now. I saw her on a semi regular basis and the more you see her the better it gets. I was getting fulll prostrate after she got to know me. It was wonderful. Angela at Thai likes to tease but if you are into that Amy is the real deal.
    I went 2 times and both time was diy. See my report on rub. I have to say she is pretty. That was several years ago. It just May be me or she has changed.

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    Lili Spa Amy

    Yes Amy has been at Lili Spa for a few years now. I saw her on a semi regular basis and the more you see her the better it gets. I was getting fulll prostrate after she got to know me. It was wonderful. Angela at Thai likes to tease but if you are into that Amy is the real deal.

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    Lili Spa. Amy

    I had been before a couple years ago, and had a good experience, but didn't remember my provider, and chances were she may have moved on anyways. Had time free this afternoon, so decided to drop by. Amy was at the desk, and they didn't appear busy, so she took me straight back. Paid 0. 6 for an hr (standard rates I think). Amy appeared early 30's with smooth skin, pretty face, and tight body, and was dressed conservatively (yoga pants, pullover short sleeve shirt). She was cute but not overt. Asked me if I had visited before, I said yes, but years ago. She said she had been there a long time, did I remember her? No. Once undressed, she came back o the room. I was not draped, and she didn't ask. I asked for table shower, she gave me a choice before or after. I elected for after. Face down and started on back. I asked for medium to hard and she had surpringly strong hands. About 10-15 minutes dry rub and kneading to get me limbered up. Then she broke out the oil and started working all my limbs. Very relaxing and truly therapeutic at this point, I would have got my money's worth at this pint, but was ready for more. She started working between my legs, grazing up and between my cheeks. I absolutely love attention back there, but have rarely found anyone willing to without prompting. I positioned to indicate my approval of what she was doing, and she absolutely took the hint. I didn't get a full on prostate exam, but plenty of touching rubbing and enough probing and teasing to keep me in bliss for about 20 minutes. As I was getting turned on, I was rubbing her legs OTC and going higher, with no protests. As I wa thinking it might go further, she left and got the hot towels. Wiped me down and had me turn over. I was relaxed at this pint, so she started feather touch all over my body, thighs and pelvis. I responded exactly as she intended. She smoothly got the oil and started in, very sensuous and not at all in a hurry. She spread my legs and started with the butt tickling and hole teasing while stroking me. She was at my side, and at this pint I was cupping her butt (OTC) and letting my fingers run down her crack and wiggling between her butt and pussy. I never went for UTC; I was having fun and I didn't want to press for more and ruin it. She kept up the pace and backdoor attention and I was steel hard and couldn't hold out, so she sped up and tipped me over the edge. I just laid there while she continued light touches and then got another hot towel to clean me up. Then it was back to the table shower, which was done in a kind of shallow 6 inch Deep tub vice the standard vinyl table. Scrubbing of all the right places with hot but not too hot water and body wash. Then dried off and walked back to the room. I was glad to have chosen the shower afterwards, it was the crowning touch. As I dressed on my own, I remember it was "Amy" that I saw here before, and likely the same girl, as she seemed to enjoy butt play without me having to beg for it, and was overall very pleasant and good personality. I had planned to tip. 4, thinking she might try to push for more, and I might have done so because it was good service. But she took my tip (without counting in front of me), offered me water, and led me out the door and locked it behind me.

    All in all, success in my book. A HE with some kink and a nice shower was what I wanted, and I left satisfied. I didn't push for more (BJ, FS, her undressed) - can't say whether it would have been available, but I wasn't needing more. I will definitely repeat with her when this is what I'm after. Total damages $1. 0 for an hour of attentive escape with a cute youngish Asian. Wish all the places around here offered that.

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    Cloud 99

    Stopped here on my way through town and drew a fair skinned k-girl. Didn't get her name unfortunately. TS was ok. Massage was ok as well. Not much on the back or shoulders, but actually did well on my legs and arms. OTC and UTC all around was fine with her. No upselling. Tipped her the standard for around Richmond and was out. Overall it was an alright experience, but nothing to write home about.

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    I am heading to Woodbridge on Thursday and wondered if any fellow mongers have any insight to the AMPs in town or if you think that there is something better along the way. I'll be coming from C'ville area through Fredericksburg and heading north on 95. I'd be happy to post the experience good or bad. I hope to find and AMP with options. Not that I will take advantage of those options just don't want some place that sells if you touch their arm. Smell what I'm stepping in? I had two AWESOME dreams in Charlotte, NC and haven't been able to find a place to come close since. You can reply on here or pm if you want to keep it on the DL.

    Thanks fellow mongers!

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    Cloud 99 - Tina

    Wow. Worst experience ever. Mediocre TS. Mediocre Massage. No OTC. No touch. Tip Tip tip. All about the tip. She says my job massage no extra. She is a good looking K-girl. But knows how to spoil a good time. I am normally a BIG tipper, but she was so bad she couldn't command a soldier to attention and put forth very little effort. Like 30 seconds to try. If you draw Tina. Save your money and either ask for another girl or walk away.

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