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Thread: Swingers

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    Swinger clubs for single guys how they stack up

    I am interested in trying swinger clubs next week like Labyrinth, Bowery Bliss and Caligula. I can't find any reports on what it is like for a single guy to visit one of these places. I hope you all agree this would be useful information for this website.

    Anyway, if anyone has tried these or other clubs in NYC I'd love to hear feedback. I am concerned that the couples at these clubs don't want to give the time of day to single guys.

    I did try Labyrinth once last year. There was only once couple willing to let me do the girlfriend, and it was pretty amazing. But apart from that the only other opportunity was a Chinese woman who was all alone and being ogled by the 20-30 single men there. I suspected she was a plant by the management so that no one would walk away empty handed and be willing to return and plunk down another $80-100. I tried her and it was not very thrilling.

    Looking forward to your feedback.

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    Swingers Parties and Gang Bangs

    I promote a regular swingers party in the city. We usually have it at a local hotel suite or swingers club.

    We let single guys into our parties and to tell you the truth its usually hit or miss for guys at swingers parties. Thats the reality. One thing going for our parties is that our group

    has almost 3000 members from the NYC area that like to swing. We often get ladies or couples who are into the gang bang type parties and will come out to a party looking for several guys to please the women.

    We have a party coming up June 19th in midtown (shameless plug) on West 36th Street near 5th Avenue.

    Call 212-252-2138 the day of the party for the address.

    $80 for guys $40 for couples - one time membership $20

    Here's what to expect at a party. If the party lets in single guys the ratio will be 3 or 4 to one or more with guys out numbering women. I've had parties down to 2 to 1 but thats rear. If you go to a "swingers party" with more girls than guys then they're probably working girls not swingers. I usually try to stack the deck so to speak by emailing and calling the female members in my group who I know like gang bangs so that the guys have a better chance.

    I've been to a lot of swingers clubs as both a single and part of a couple and I know its tough for guys. You just have to go with the mindset that a swingers club has 10x the chances of a pickup bar.. thats what makes it worth it. Relax have fun and at the very least you get some free live porn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Misinformation
    Wake up kids. That ad is ridiculous. Think about it. Yes, of course. Only $150 and you can be smothered by all of the hot women you can dream of. If what they were pitching was reality they can charge $15,000 and there would be a full house.
    This might be good. I have been to one in Queens about 10 years ago. I went a bunch of times. Most girls are pros but there were couples & horny non-pros there. All the pros were hot 8-10 & some of the non-pros were too. There are ladies that are just as horny as us. They don't show it on the street but put them in an environment that no one knows them to judge them & they are wilder than use. I could tell you stories.

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    CL swingers party is a scam

    Wake up kids. That ad is ridiculous. Think about it. Yes, of course. Only $150 and you can be smothered by all of the hot women you can dream of. If what they were pitching was reality they can charge $15,000 and there would be a full house.

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    Le Trapeze

    Forget about finding a girl on the streets in Manhattan and taking her to le trapeze. Impossible.

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    CL "singers party"?

    Hey does anyone know anything about these parties from CL?

    it's 150 bucks for single guys, 50 for couples, ladies free etc.

    They are always posting on craigslist, don't know what the deal is.

    I've been tempted, but I think I am going to invest my money in an AMP as soon as I can find one that I think has what I want instead.

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    $150 just to get in? Yeah, as if the women inside are gonna give freebees that will make that high entry fee worth it! I don't think so buddy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scotch
    Open bar, Free food. Orgy Room, Solo rooms. Donation Couples $50.00, Single Ladies Free, and Single Men $150 limited. Call 212 203-8388 for all the info.
    I'm in philly I can get there by train into MSG how far from there.

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    Swingfest Friday Dec 15,2006

    Open bar, Free food. Orgy Room, Solo rooms. Donation Couples $50.00, Single Ladies Free, and Single Men $150 limited. Call 212 203-8388 for all the info.
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    Swingfest Jan 28, 2006 Sat.

    Swingfest Jan 28, 2006 Sat.

    Call 914 951-5151 For All The Information.
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    Acquiescence is no more. They use to advertise in the Party section of the Village Voice. Single Guys=125 3hrs couples=50 single females=20
    They got busted several times & moved from 28th & 7th to 29th & 6th, & last was 23rd & 3rd; 7-12:30am M,W,F,&Sat.

    Never had problems with the guys running the place or the girls(looks=5-9 performance=7-10): There is food to eat(included in the price) & TV in every room. To be safe, bring only the right amount to the door & maybe 10 extra to tip the guy watching your stuff; No more.

    Unfortunately, most of the girls that work there don't go out on the side. So, if you look appealing enough, you may score with some couples & some single females for some side action elsewhere; This was in the late 80s & early 90s.

    Damn!!! No more!!!

    Best to stick with who you know best, so there is no trouble.

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    Swinger Party On Dec 17th

    There A Swinger Pary In Nyc On Dec 17th Sat In Nyc. I Have Not Been To One In A While But I Will Have A Partner By The 17th. I Have Encluded Both Sides On The Flyer.
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    Getting into Le Trapeze

    I'm going to be in New York on business next week, I had a couple of questions about Le Trapeze. First, is it easy to find a streetwalker around the club who you can pay to join you so that you can get in? Second, is this club worth the time?

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    Swinging Single-Guys

    Can anyone tell me if the swinging lifestyle really exists for the single guy?

    A decade ago I tried responding to a ton of those ads in swinger magazines, only to find out that every single one of them were bogus.(Those that responded back were for the most part picture sellers).

    On the one occasion I place an ad in one of those mags, I did received two separate responses from older chubby women from New Jersey.(I politely thanked them and said that I was persuing other contacts first, when I returned their photos).

    Anyway, any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    The first place that you mention was the best club I ever attended in the U.S. After they moved downtown, it was never the same. They became a venue for crack ******, just like the rest of the so called swinger venues in sexless USA. The Trapeze of today is nothing like the Plato's of yesterday. My friend, that is just a memory of the past as far as U.S. action goes. I have been invited to swing clubs and swing parties, nothing is good anymore. However, the action in Germany lives. There are places as good as Plato's ever was (the original in the basement of the Ansonia). You should get a compilation of your films on VHS (PAL) and head to Deutschland. You will be very popular and they will show the films in the clubs as you get to swing with all the girls. Go take a look at the section on Germany and look up the swing clubs. After a bit of research and a plane ticket, you will be home!!

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