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Thread: Testing the USA Adult Classifieds Beta Site

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    Testing the USA Adult Classifieds Beta Site

    So, we have run into a few issues with people trying to test the beta site.

    1. Thank you very much if you have tried to help us with that. We do a lot of shit by the seat of our pants here. We never had a classified site before, we know our first one was kind of a disaster and we are trying to do better.

    2. Lots of people have reported "my USASG credentials don't work. " This is correct, the beta site is in test, it's not connected to the USASG or USAAC data base. The beta site doesn't even know there is any other site. If you're an advertiser you have to register as if you had never been here before. Don't worry about what name you use, you can use anything you wish. Once the site is done we will be importing all the data from the old site and we will be trying to make the change over as seamless as possible. Whatever data (user names, ads, anything) you enter into the beta site will be gone.

    3. There have been issues with people using mobile devices. Whenever possible use a laptop or desktop while we fix this. If you don't have one, trying it with a mobile is fine.

    4. Ladies, the reason you should spend a couple minutes trying this is because eventually that will be the site, getting used to it now will make it easier for you in the long run. Also, the sooner it's out there, the sooner your forum will be available.

    Please feel free to test drive it, try things. Don't worry you can't hurt it and all the data you enter during testing will be erased.

    Here is the link to the instruction page.

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    Massage in Bellevue

    Any good massage places in Bellevue with extra services.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sexysunny2016  [View Original Post]
    I found it easy to use. I wish I didn't have to redo my ad and wait for approval everytime I want to post. I also found there's no mongers hunting on this site. I got lots of views but no calls.
    What site is this.

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    [Commercial Message deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was redacted or deleted because it appeared to be a commercial message and/or it contained links to a commercial website. All commercial advertising must be posted at our new site, The USA Adult Classifieds Please read the Forum's Posting Guidelines and the Forum's FAQ for further information.

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    Cookie Ky Derby / Wesley Brook

    From the moment I set my upon this stunning woman she made me feel at ease. She excuses herself to the restroom, I suppose so I could get a read of the environment. It was clean and smelled fresh with the slightest hint of her perfume. When she came out there was some small banter between us. But she knew I was nervous and took my hand and lead me to the bed, where she slowly kissed my neck and with a look for those smokey eyes I was laid back in bliss. And did I mention she is an absolute knock out. Her breast would have made me cum but I held back. Her big beautiful behind is what dreams are made of. Her legs were like Greek columns, but what was in between was pure heaven. The best mouth this guy has ever had the pleasure to feel. And did I mention how smoking hot this cookie is. If you want the best you got to visit with her. I promise you will tip her. I'm going back as soon as possible.

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    Holly beware of her

    Escort Holly from St. Petersburg with.

    Ad I'm hungry are you Is a rip.

    Off Artist and has the police watching him watch out for hero.

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    West Kentucky and Southern Illinois section (s) would be helpful.

    West Kentucky and Southern Illinois section (s) would be helpful. Thanks.

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    Arrived after Flight to check out the talent- place was packed, I hate that you can smoke everywhere. Brandi, Gabby, Red were the names I remember. Gabby I've experienced before thick and curvy but nothing special, mechanical at best, Brandi looks like she was having fun with plenty of regulars, Red is where I wanted to go kinda confused because she's still called Red but she's blonde, let me know that no extras were available right off the rip. Well no thanks then she had a friend with her five eight one ten- not tits I mean concave but had a cute ass- her nose is pierced underneath like a bull. My friend took care of that not going to lie wish I would have spent the time with her. Tequila approached right as my buddy was done and we bounced.

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    Adult classifies

    I found it easy to use. I wish I didn't have to redo my ad and wait for approval everytime I want to post. I also found there's no mongers hunting on this site. I got lots of views but no calls.

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    Hazel Green or Huntsville

    Seeing a place place to get a nice massage / body rub.

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    Rub Maps Assist

    Hey guys,

    Thinking about jumping back into the fun and tried out rubmaps again, but I can't get any of my cards to go through. They all get an error when I try. Has anyone got in and have any suggestions?

    I used to be on it and it was great, but I can't even pay to get on board. Password would be awesome. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks Mr. S.

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    In between cars at the moment, looking for a nice outcll for Saturday night. Any recommendation?

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    Went through Knights about 8:25 this morning on the way to work. Didn't have time but saw Mikayla out in the front yard of the White House she sits on the porch sometimes, across the street from the apartments she was staying at a couple weeks ago. She was in a black tee shirt with some tight purple stretch pants. Guess she's going back and forth from Knights and Seminole.

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    Hey guys is there any way to like spruce up my profile like pictures.

    Fun facts things I like I mean anything like that An how do I do it please An ty.

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    Stay away From New in town class in session

    Provider is LE. Provider contacted me and began asking questions that shouldn't be ask when going hunting. Beware stay away.

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