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Thread: Sugar bowl sites and sugar babies

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    Reporting girls on the SA

    Just an FYI for the guys who use SA. Two of the reasons you can report a girl and get her banned from the site is if she asks for money before meeting or if she wants an online only arrangement. I have got 3-4 girls banned in the last few days because they ask for money before they are willing to meet.

    Take screenshots of conversations and their profiles and report them. Let's get theses scammers off the site.

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    [Deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was edited or deleted because it appeared to be a public effort to discourage members from posting information. If you have a concern about information posted by another member, then please contact them privately by PM. Please read the Forum's Posting Guidelines for further information.

    Manage your hookers better and stop blaming the site. The only shortage in the "sugar" world is guys with enough money to actually do what you guys say you do. If you can then there is no shortage of women.

    I've been telling you "sugar" guys for fucking years about what would happen if you didn't stop pretending these chicks were hookers and now that's it's all happening and they act like girlfriends that also want to get paid you want to blame us when you guys trained them to do it?

    Some chick for Saint Louis reported a post where somebody called her a prostitute, I wrote back and said that the post said you accepted money for sex and asked if she had. She said "yes, but that doesn't make me a prostitute."

    I very bluntly disabused her of that notion and she stopped bugging me.


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    Welcome to the Lou

    Quote Originally Posted by Eustisflman  [View Original Post]
    From Orlando and use the SA site all the time. Heading up to St Louis for work this week and have been looking around for the last few weeks planning my trip. Got a ton of numbers but almost all of them after a hey on text go ghost. WTF. Never have that problem here in Orlando. Must of been 12 different girls.
    Now you know why we like to visit Orlando, got a trip that way in a month. Someone up here has outpriced most of them, or they just want you to buy them dinner and give them money. Kinda gave up on the site in the St Louis area. I do use it for southern Illinois.

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    St Louis SB

    From Orlando and use the SA site all the time. Heading up to St Louis for work this week and have been looking around for the last few weeks planning my trip. Got a ton of numbers but almost all of them after a hey on text go ghost. WTF. Never have that problem here in Orlando. Must of been 12 different girls.

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    Any info or luck with Yvettte10?

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    Limited choice on SA.

    Noticed very few interesting new members on SA these days. May have to wait till the end of summer for new crop of cuties to show up!!

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    BP Granny


    Another BP woman (can't really call this one a girl) utilizing alternate marketing strategies.

    Pics, comments and reviews available on EB aka List Crawler.

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    SA Returning Perennial / Frequent Flyer.

    Both returning with a new profile.

    Maybe you will have better luck than I did.

    Semolady: As the name implies located at SEMO but says she will drive to STL for the right arrangement. Talked a good game and seemed DTF with all details mutually agreed on. Looked bigger and thicker after seeing all her FB pics (as many do without filters and perfectly placed angles).

    Set up a date and a final conformation with time and location. Sent a final text to confirm and ask "what do you like in the bedroom?" No response and a no show.

    LadyLexi192: Back after a year or two hiatus. Did a brief stint as a massage / bachelor party website girl. Burned me twice with a "no-show" the second time texting 10 minutes before arrival she just couldn't go through with doing it, but offering a BJ for the same allowance.

    Proceed with caution, if at all. YMMV.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QueNine  [View Original Post]
    Who is the first pic?
    First picture is Sassy_Blonde0. I have not seen her, but that is one of her private pics.

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    Who is the first pic?

    Quote Originally Posted by LuvBoobies  [View Original Post]

    Met this one 4 times last year and before she was on SA met her on some other site the year prior a few times as well. Older but a body which puts most 20's somethings to shame. I did have to journey up to Jeff city, but 200 for room and a nights worth of ass. I did not try greek but everything else was on the table and I did not wrap up nor was I asked to and I did not pull out. CIP / BBJNSNQ Dumb I know but we all are weak from time to time. I met her one time a bit south of Jeff city at some town I don't recall. Nice weekend trip. Basically was like a date then fucking and some more fucking the next day and part ways.


    Been with this one as well more than 5 times. Full GFE, initially BBFS, but once I realized she met other guys I stopped that, but if you into that BBFSCIP is not much of an issue. Just beaware you are definitely not the only one. I believe she even made a BP appearance one week last year but I have been seeing her off an on for quite a while. She did have a few jerky stalkers threaten to tell "his friends" about her and such but really not sure to believe her nor would I be surprised.


    Was bored. Met her once decided on a car BJ. 50 $ . Never repeated.


    Trip through IL, met this one last year. 100 . Clock wasn't watched but I finished what I needed in about an hour. (second pic).

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    Any info? Not active on SA in a few months but recognized her on tinder and am chatting. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LordMorpheus  [View Original Post]
    Talked to her on S. A. , Tinder, and text. I was told not looking for any intamacies.
    I would avoid. Found her on facebook. She has a live in boyfriend that looks like trouble and also wanted money up front before anything took place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DocOck81  [View Original Post]
    One note and one question:

    Don't waste your time with GemmaGirl23. When I asked about meeting she kept saying she never had time because she works two job then when I asked why she was on the site if she didn't want to meet, she blocked me.

    Also, has anyone had any luck with Flower898? Seems like a major game player. Texts me about wanting to meet then disappears for days at a time.
    Tried again with Flower898 but she is a waste of time. Heard from another person on the site talking to her that she flaked on him too. Was supposed to meet her a couple different times and each time there was an excuse to not show up. It usually came after we were supposed to meet with a promise of 'next time'. Would also say that her pics on her FB page over time are not flattering her. Looks like she has thickened up, and not in the good way. Also is looking for 350-400 per meeting, claiming her last SD gave her that. I would say, based on the pics and attitude, that 150 would be her top, realistic amount to get. If you are giving her 350, you are wasting you money. Plenty of other girls WAY better looking, with a better attitude, if you are willing to pay that amount.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LordMorpheus  [View Original Post]
    You might try asking That Special Girl as they used to hang together.
    I did message het but got no reply.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TexMex1  [View Original Post]
    Anybody hear from our infamous asian harlot recently? I know she went away for school last semester but not sure if she is still there and I haven't gotten a text reply from her in a couple months and I can't find her profile so I'm wondering if she quit SA or changed her number?
    She was on SA as of a week ago or so. She is on snapchat all the time doing 1 of 3 things:

    1 - posting shit wondering why college guys keep screwing her over. Hint, it's probably because they know she is fucking guys on the side for money.

    2 - looking for drugs at college (she was just asking if anyone had acid at school).

    3 - posting the same selfie with her dead eyes expression that she thinks looks good.

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