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Thread: Relaxation Station in Fostoria

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    Stopped in to see Whatbwas available. Was greeted by a cute little thing named Lucy. She's probably mid-30's or so. Small A / B cup but certainly get the job done. Thought the $60 door fee was a bit excessive. Had to negotiate on the tip, as she came out high out of the gate. Most guys probably just offerbit up, but I decided to haggle a bit. Not to sound stereotypical, but remember they are Asian. Asians LOVE to negotiate, it's ingrained in their culture. Got her to $60 for a CBJ. Was going to try CFS for $100 but deciddd against it for now.

    Will return!!

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    Visit was good seen Jane. Thailand female. 20's. Small boobs tight body. Price depends on what you want. Open menu other than no anal.

    Sweet girl will be back.

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    Open Again

    Sounds like they have two ladies available. Open till 6 pm when I called. Sounds like they're Asian. Myself or someone will have to check them out and report back. They sound very nice on the phone. Have nice day.

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    I've called a bunch of times the last several days and no dice / no answer. Drier than a milkdud.

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    Relaxation Station

    I have heard that they have remodeled. From there own ad. I have tried to call. They won't pick up on phone. Made two attempts to visit someone there. They where closed on both occasions. The only sign of life was a sticker that UPS was there and not able to drop off a package. Will post if any luck.

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    Just curious if anyone has tried out the station since it reopened.

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    Kitty or britty

    Speaking of over by this area, I do know that she is from around here, bascome I believe, not sure if she comes around anymore with as much as she posts in Toledo.

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    Club on 18

    Not sure of the name but it's considered tiffin I believe. Not bad looking talent. Although every time I go I'm shithoused. 20 bucks and its bring your own beer, so if you drink that's a plus. Also I believe they're open til 4.

    How about the relaxation station though? Never been, never heard. I'm new to the Fostoria- ish area.

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    Relaxation Sation

    Stopped in to see what's available. The lady said that she was closing early so could not see me. Went back next week. But they where closed. It is hit or miss with the place being opened. They don't answer the phone there. So if your traveling any distance be aware.

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    Had a dream of fantasia. A little hipper twik. Down past Jack's. Its Fostoria. Threw darts hit the bulls eye. She has beeb here before maybe like 8 yrs ago. The things I dream of.

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    Fostoria Strip club

    What up with Fostoria Strip Club on route 18 ?

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    RS is till open

    And Vicky is still working. I was in the Fos. Early last week and stopped in for a nooner. It can get busy with only one person working, but I onlhad to wait a few minutes. .40 at the door for half hour massage. +.40 tip. I got out after 35 min. I was happy and light headed.

    Vicky is got some wear on her, but she is very sweet and the room is pretty dark.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hold Caulfield  [View Original Post]
    Anyone know if RS is open? I was up there a few weeks ago in the middle of the day. Closed sign in door. Called the number and got the answering machine giving hours. No mention of vacation or anything like that. If they were permanently closed I would expect the phone to be disconnected.

    Anyone been there when they were open since about June or so? Inquiring minds want to know.

    I would say she was busy with a client at the time. Vicky been working alone.

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    Vicki is awesome

    $.6 total. Ouch. But she worshipped my see 0 ck for a good hour in every way I wanted. And she seemed to enjoy every minute of it. She wears heels and lingerie throughout. Which Doc likes. We went way over the time limit but were having fun so we didn't stop. Pricey, but an awesome lady and experience.


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    I called the number last week and Vicky answered. No other ladies working except her. Sometimes if they get busy or need to step out they take the phone off the hook. Or if someone is calling at the same time.

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