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    Hanna BB action.

    So stopped by after legit massage to see Kylie, but she was busy as I didn't call for appt. So Hanna say no worry I take care you. Was pretty horny so said OK what the hell.

    Self shower and waited on tab; e. Hanna give me nice massage, but I wanted to Puinsai. So told her get naked and I wanted some BB action. She said OK so awrite. Got down for some nice BBBJ, for a good long time. Hanna does some pretty good BBBJ. Nice and wet with good suction.

    I was ready to pop, and she said go ahead and CIM and we can do some multiple pop with BBFS. I told her nocan, I getting old and only can one pop. LOL.

    So I told her to stop. So I started pounding her standing K9 as she leaned over table. I'm pretty good size, but she could take a pounding. I was getting worked up so had her turn around for some Mish. I pounded her BB and played with those huge DDs. Told her I was going to CIP, and she said no can, so no problem. I pulled out and unloaded all over her stomach and shaved nani. Rubbed my head up and down her jizzed pussy lips. LOL.

    Told her next time how about some Greek. She said no can, but I think with some persuasion she might be game. LOL To be continued.


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    New girl Addie

    Called for Apple, Bella, but none there, so Hanna tells me that she got new half Japanese / Chinese from LA. She young, cute and small girl. So being a sucker for spinners had to check out this girl Addie. Very cute face and looks almost Thai to me, but very cute. I guess you could say little hapa.

    She is somewhat of a spinner. Got some great tits that are bolt on, but very nice. Looks big on her small frame. Nice body, and the plus for me was her shaved nani. I love munching on clean shaved nani.

    Self showered than on the table. Decent massage, then had her get naked as I couldn't wait to get into it. Started with 69 and BBBJ which was nice. Than slipped on the cover and got into some RCG, than CG, than had her get up for some K9. She was nice and wet and tight. Loved the view my dick sliding in her nice bolo nani. Had her turn over for some mish. Leaned over for some DFK, but only got LFK which was ok. Sucked on those great big C cup tits. Had her go back into K9 again where I finished by removing the cover and unloaded on her nice ass.

    We both showered off together and went back to table as we had some time. SHe gave me a nice rubdown. Overall was a good session. Very friendly, spoke good English as she is from LA. Never rushed. Total damage was $$. Will repeat.


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    A few days ago, with the recent positive reviews on Bella I decided to go check out Vanilla for my first time. Scheduled for a late afternoon appointment and headed up the CC elevators. Pushed the door bell and was greeted by mama then led me to the room. Provided the general 60 HF that seems common to the CC businesses. Was asked to self shower by mama then she left. Looking around the room, I was impressed at the size and the huge mirrors. I also really liked how the room had its own bathroom so no need running back and forth. After my self shower, Belle walks in wearing nice black bra / panties and we introduce ourselves. She seemd a little shy / quiet, is pretty cute, and looks mainland Chinese to me. Not close to the pics as expected but not in a bad way. She takes off her bra and panties then asked me if she can do a massage. She has nice natural boobs, good curves, and a nice flat stomach. I cannot really say a toned stomach but was nice and flat which I really liked. After lying face down she proceeded with a massage which was pretty weak honestly but was a good opportunity to make some small talk to get comfortable with each other. Bella's english was good and confirmed that she is from China and currently going to college in Cali. The massage got more sensual as she used her fingers to gently touch my butt and balls then she started to do body to body which looked great in the mirror. I turned over and she started with a deep BBBJ. A little toothy at first but suction was great. She also used her hands to give my balls a little love. Had to tell her to slow down a few times since it felt so good. After almost going over the edge twice I had her lay down for some DATY. Bella was nicely trimmed so it looked good. She gets pretty loud while eating her out which is so different than her quiet demeanor at first. She was so wet and tasty, ate her out until she came hard. She rested for a little bit and gave me another great BBBJ. The cover goes on and she hops on me for CG. She is a pounder and moans got loud. Was super turned on by her bouncing natural titties and was grabbing on to her sexy waist. She was so tight, pussy muscles gripping my rod so firmly that I busted in the cover pretty quick. Cleaned me up with some tissues right after and laid down next to me for a little more small talk. She asked if I wanted to shower and I say yes. Oddly she said I will go to the next room's shower and went off. Sadly did a self shower then went back to lay on the bed. Looked at the clock and noticed that We still had around 20 minutes left. When she got back in the room she put on her clothes and started to clean up the room so I took this as a sign that it is probably time to dig out. Provided her the standard and said my good byes.

    Overall it was a good experience but felt a little lacking compared to other girls with possibly more experience. YMMV! No repeat for me. Unfortunate because she seems like a really great girl and we have similar interests / hobbies. So if you like a GND type young college cutie with natural titties, flat stomach, and a good attitude then Bella will be for you.

    She told me that she is leaving soon, end of the month or Feb 1 or 2 (I forget) so catch her before she goes back to school or hope she comes back during a break.

    Thanks for all the great reviews guys. Have fun and be safe everyone!

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    Went back to see my favorite, Bella. She is only going to be here another week. That sucks because she is quickly becoming my ATF. She is sweet and beautiful with a great attitude.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrMajikLuv69  [View Original Post]
    So does she have a pooch? The other monger didn't describe that.
    Yeah, she has a pooch. But maybe I'm critical but she definitely isn't toned. It's a little misleading because the rest of her body is kind of tight. And that's what makes it more noticeable because she's petite and with clothes on she is a total spinner.

    Maybe she stopped asking for money upfront because she learned that it doesn't fly. I should have walked too but I don't like drama. I talked to mama about it after and told her if this happens again I'm not coming back. TBH I would be OK with upfront if she was a dime, but she's not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Money1  [View Original Post]
    Filipino girl from SoCal. Says she's 24 and looks like it. Cute. Natural And more than a handful.

    Everything covered. No kissing. Did not try DATY. Pooch. Asks for tip up front. Tried to change girls but she wanted a tip for the massage. I could see it wasn't going to go well so just tried to bust a nut but I couldn't. She is sweet I guess but she won't make it here unless she changes. Will not repeat.

    Maybe another brother can give a better report.
    So does she have a pooch? The other monger didn't describe that.

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    Cute Filipino Sky

    I'm a frequent flier here, so had to check out Sky. Yes, she is a cutie Filipino from LA. Looks local Filipino, even a little Thai. But it's been a while since I had a Filipino honey. In fact maybe only second provider since I've been Amping. Other than that, maybe since college days. LOL.

    So when Sky walks in I get pretty excited as she is a cutie and a spinner. I had a little different session from Money1. Didn't ask me for upfront money. Gave a short massage only because I asked to get into the main action.

    Get naked and she has a great rack for small girl. Cs which were great. Nice spinner body with cute ass, barely 5'. Shoulder length hair, very friendly, and speaks English well of course coming from LA. Sh is one of the more cute spinner providers that I've seen in a while. Nice shaved nani.

    I got into some DATY with her cumming multiple times. Good to get her in a horny mood. No DFK which was ok, sucked those nice Cs for a while, the she wanted to BJ which was covered. CBJ and CFS of course which was cool. Nice suction and slow CBJ. Got me pretty hard so since I was standing, I had her stand for some standing K9. Watching her face in the mirror was pretty exciting. She was liking it, and so was I. Had her turn around and lay on edge of table with her ass hanging over. My fav finishing position. LOL. Love to watch and pound providers in this position so I can see jr going in and out of her tight shaved nani. She's pretty tight and wet. Played with her clit as she came again.

    Finally I unloaded, and I leaned over for some DFK, but only got a light one. Cleaned up in shower together, dried me off and I was on my way. $$ total in end.

    Session was nice, and because she's such a cute little thing, I will repeat.


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    Got to agree with previous report. Skyy is Filipino and American girl. Told her I did not need massage and tried to kiss her. She turned head away and wanted tip up front. Told her after but she insisted, so told her call mama and got my house fee back and left. Not wasting any more money in Century Center. Skyy tried to get mama keep some of my house fee because I gave her a peck on the cheek, what a joke.

    Avoid this girl, American girl service (no kissing of any kind, all covered, dead fish, hurry up and cum, just wants you stick it inside and cum fast and do not touch or kiss any part of body, no smile and bad attitude).

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    Filipino girl from SoCal. Says she's 24 and looks like it. Cute. Natural And more than a handful.

    Everything covered. No kissing. Did not try DATY. Pooch. Asks for tip up front. Tried to change girls but she wanted a tip for the massage. I could see it wasn't going to go well so just tried to bust a nut but I couldn't. She is sweet I guess but she won't make it here unless she changes. Will not repeat.

    Maybe another brother can give a better report.

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    Hooking back up with Kylie

    Kylie is such a real aim to please provider. She always ready for action and makes sure to please her Monger. With her spinner tone body, she is a banger. Nice massage, and when the action turns on, doesn't hesitate for some hot pounding. Nice wet BBBJ for a pretty long time. SO much that I have to pull her off before I blow my load. Very friendly and willing to please.

    On the flip side, she loves DATY. I could eat her all day with her nice nani with small girlish pussy lips. She'll let me DATY for a long time, giving herself multiple orgasms. She gets sooo wet and taste so good. DFK right after, with her juices all over my mouth. She loves some rimming too, as I love to eat her cute plump and firm ass.

    Finally getting to pound, any and all positions are welcome to try. Being such a spinner you can go into any position you want to create. I'll even have her straddle me like a standing CG. Her hands wrapped around my neck, while I hold her ass and lifting her forward and back. Almost walking around. LOL She can sure go deep too. She is so nice, wet, and tight. She is one of the best out there, especially because she really gets into the action. Finish with a BBBJCIM. YMMV. Tipped extra for that.

    Cute face, nice tone gymnast body. Super spinner. Definitely come back again.


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    WOW Bella is a hottie IMHO

    Checked out Bella finally and she is a cutie and hottie IMHO. Some of you say diff from Apple, and I agree in some way. Both are really cute, Bella more hapa look and is a little more friendly, although I think Apple is very friendly. Almost similar body, but IMHO Bella has a little more toned body. Maybe cause she's a little taller. But her stomach is flatter and tone. Kinda more shapely waist. Great real tits that I love. CZ. Love those young Chinese real young tits.

    Showered with me before and after.

    Very nice BBBJ, and she looks into your eyes like Apple. Very erotic. She love DATY and doesn't tell you to stop. I ate her forever for multiple pops which she really loved.

    This is the kicker if you follow me. I love shaved nanis! But something about Bella with her natural, maybe trimmed Bush. I LOVED IT! She's very sexy with her Bush. Maybe it's her young pussy, I don't know but during DATY, I was so into her. DAMN!

    After finally getting into CFS, she was very into whatever position you wanted. She is a sexy moaner. Almost screamer when we were pounding each other. Love her flat tummy. Legs, ass everything else was nice!

    She leaving end of Jan so I'm definitely coming back before she goes. She might comeback in end of May. Son Mongers hit her up! Definitely worth it! $$ No number I'll just say high ratings.


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    Seen both Apple and Bella, but not at the same time. Echo the joy. Both are good, but Apple makes you feel she REALLY enjoys it. Love her eye contact. Bella gave me a short massage while grinding her pussy on my ass, which was a turn on. I might have to try them both together!

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    I saw her the other day forgot to post. Looks definitely an 8, Service is 8, and attitude is 9.

    First, we had a little chat and she was like what she does or does not do. Apparently she is dismissive of a report that said she did CIM. BBBJ and CFS.

    Second, She is definitely one that will ride. I would highly recommend.

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    Miss Bella

    Had a recent morning session with Miss Bella. Was greeted at door by Miss Hanna, wearing sexxxy lingerie. She might've just finished up with 1 of you horn dogs, 'cause she smelled like sexxx.

    Miss Bella is young, pretty, petite & sexxxy. My Little Monster was at full attention, when she said, "Your Brother is very big! (Of course, it's not.) She proceeded to swallow the head & slurp me up & down shaft. Positioned my head btwn her legs & tasted her freshly showered pussy. So clean & sweet. She convulsed a couple of times as I tongued.

    Her pinkness. Lots of DFK thruout, most like it when I kiss them soft & sensually. (Chanel 7 taught me that.).

    She climbed on to ride me, but she's SO tight. She repositioned in mish with her butt on a pillow (a fave position of mine) & asks me to enter very slowly, as her opening is SO Tight & Tiny. I rocked her with just my Head as it penetrated her wet vag lock. I slowly go deeper until I'm almost all the way in.

    Luvv the Sexxy, young, pretty, tight holed girls!!

    We looked over at the closet mirror & watched each other getting phucked. Such a frickin' turn on. Getting hard remembering the moment & how Sexxy she looked on her back with me on top of her banging away in mish while her legs are spread & airborne.

    Luvv it when they say how good my cock feels inside them.

    Stayed in mish & exploded into my Sagami 2. 0's, after what seemed like a good long sweaty screw.

    She said she'll be here until end of Jan, when she'll return to school in the Bay area.

    Totally enjoyed my time with Miss Bella. Plan to repeat before she leaves.

    Be Safe,


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    Quote Originally Posted by Money1  [View Original Post]
    Super cute. Very sweet. Exotic looking, previous description of Kim Cattrall (Asian version of course) and kind of hapa looking are accurate. Great attitude and speaks good English. PM for details but previous reports are same as my experience. Here until the end of the month. Will repeat.
    However, I should add that she's a little shy. She's not super horny and she probably doesn't LOVE her job. But she has a great attitude and you get the impression that she's a sweet girl. BBBJ is a little toothy but I enjoyed it anyway. Petite but not a spinner. If you're looking for a seasoned pro then you should pass. If you want to be with a young, cute girl then check her out.

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