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Thread: 2000-2004 Archived Reports

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    When you are talking about AMP next to happiness You mean New World Spa which always advertises separately and gives a $5 discount?

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    You're not boring me because I am not fucking you, mostly cause you ain't built right!
    No, the AMP thing is boring after a while so that's why I tend to mix it up and do the Block, do some SW's, do some escorts and do some AMP's. When I am tired and really want to relax, nothing beats an AMP. I always get what I want ( aside from BBBJ's ) and generally where I go the girls tend to be imaginative enough to keep it from really being boring. Once in a while I try someplace new and about 75% of the time, it's no better or not as good as the usual places I go to when I go.
    That's why I like the Block because you NEVER know what to expect!

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    Happy Holidaze, Everybody

    Anyone been to the ICM parlor recently? I haven't been there in awhile; just wanted to get any new updates.

    There was a non-Asian parlor trying to start something on Riggs Rd/Adelphi area this spring/summer and ran an ad in the City Paper. I went there once. You know, "International" staff w/out Asians (like ICM). Then they changed their #. But now, I haven't seen any new CP ads and their new #'s disco'd. Anyone know what I'm talking about? I enjoyed the short drive and competitive prices. They were at least $40 cheaper than ICM...

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    Lovelos, you rat bastard....

    Looks like I owe you a beer...


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    Lovelos, you rat bastard....

    Er... you lucky rat bastard, that is.

    Until I hit the lottery and can set on of these girls up in an apartment somewhere just for me, I ruefully accept the fact that others are hittin' it.

    I didn't dwell on her English language proficiency, but she and I had a long concersation about gambling, of all things. She lives in NYC and is down here to work; from there, she's a frequent visitor to Foxwood in Connecticut and a somewhat less-frequent visitor to AC.

    It's nice to know where our money's going - for me, it somehow ironic. I can spend it at the tables, or spend it on her, where it'll go to the tables in short order anyway.


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    Downtown Report

    Short and yet sweet. This describes both my session and my provider at Downtown.

    Work was overbearing and yellow fever was upon me. Hondo is nowhere to be found, so I ventured to DC solo, getting a late start and arriving about 1am. I considered going back to Olympic for another session with Bibi, but the Spears alerted me to the sad fact that Bibi is probably history. My car just sort of parked itself in front of Clicks. I bee lined up the stairway to heaven on autopilot...

    Greeted by a moderately attractive, fully clothed, Korean female who looked to be a just past her working prime, so I concluded the regular mamasans were taking the holidays away from work. Since I could truthfully name four or five girls I had been with, but none whom were presently employed, I was accorded good treatment and given a choice of three. Looks like I have missed Suzi...

    There was no bad choice in the lineup, all were attractive. One had dyed her hair blonde (not for me) and the other just never caught my eye. The one who did catch my eye was Kelli, and I couldn't recall, but I thought I had heard good things about her. In review of the board, she is the girl Hondo saw on 10/31 and I got a much more detailed report on the ride home than he chose to post... This is also the girl Bysshe reported on yesterday. Like I said, I picked her because she was gorgeous and had a nice smile, with the name registering a plus in the back of my mind... She speaks decent English, from three years in the states. She claims to be 26yo and I see no reason to dispute the claim. Buyshe's report pretty much nails her description. Did I mention one of the more perfect bodies on the planet? Easily on par with Maya.

    A fun shower and a willing woman. The pretty tight red outfit came off immediately. I was mesmerized. Sensual tit massage and a nice Asian rim. However, she was proceeding at a clip that was entirely too fast to suit me, so on the flip I intervened so that I would have the opportunity to enjoy this most wonderful eye candy (hand candy, tongue candy, etc). Thankfully she was a willing participant in my oral inspection, and later commented on her enjoyment of the operation. Her cat is neatly trimmed with just enough fuzz to tickle the properly placed nose.

    Her oral skills are good and she is very sneaky with the application of the raincoat. I though a BBBJ was forthcoming, but she had that thing in her mouth for at least five minutes. Out it came as she worked her way to little LoveLOS's head. Amazing. She soon climbed on for some mutually enjoyable cowgirl, which left us both a bit winded, and little LoveLOS had puked his guts out...

    We got dressed and, even though I did not get any muscular training and the session was over in about 45 minutes, I decided that based on the level and quality of service in my first session with her, I would defiantly make Kelli my regular girl for the time she stays. Sorry Buyguy, you are gonna have to share with that twisted fuck LL. But then again, that hind tit is pretty fine on this model, maybe I'll suck on that thing... hehehe. Did I mention I thought she was a real stunner?

    Back on the street and the 5-0 presence was evident, nonetheless, five quite fine looking BSWs and two WSWs were about; quite scantily clad, considering the temperature... I left DC contented and recovering nicely from my illness.


    Trash, sorry to bore you dude. Yes, I wish one would go absolutely ape shit on me and do kinky things they weren't trained to do. Maybe once or twice it has been really exceptional, the holy grail of mongering...

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    I used to frequent the place next door to Happiness. Yes, there are two of these places right next door to each other.
    While it is a bit small and run down, it's not as creepy as those stairs at Downtown and the girls I found there were always really young slender and hot. I used to see one who went by the name Cookie. She was very young and pretty and would sing.

    I still say that CPHC is the best in town from several standpoints, but I always have a turbo hottie when I go to Dupont or Supra Spa. ( They use both names )

    I have also been happy at AccuPressure on MacArthur Blvd. Course CPHC and Accu and both the closest to where I live so I might be partial to them for that reason as well.

    I just wish that one of these places would offer something different sometimes because I get really bored. I mean you go to any one of these places and it's basically the same thing each time. Very pleasant, very relaxing, but boring.

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    Sin Remeo had asked why there have been so few streetwalkers lately in the K and L St. area downtown. There has been an LE crackdown in that area lately because of at least two acts of violence involving streetwalkers. LE is also cracking down in other areas where some downtown streetwalkers sometimes relocated (i.e., New York Ave., Rhode Island Ave.), so there is nowhere for them to relocate now. Although there are not many streetwalkers downtown these days, you will not find more in any other area.

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    Wanted to thank Bysshe, I had a great session with Kelli on Tuesday night. I had just finished a trip to the strip club D2 in Bladensburg and was in the mood for some extra fun. I first stopped by Mirage to see if I could score a winner, but all the girls were busy and they told me they didn't have anyone with my preferences. So I left there and decided that I would go to Downtown, Iíve had good experiences there, but never anything that ever made me want to make it my number one spot. But Kelli might change that. She was so much fun. The shower was not fantastic, but the massage was great. She worked all my vital areas. We decided to practice out language lessons also, I proceeded to educated her on French skills, and she loved every minute of it. I think I was down on her for about 10-15 minutes non-stop. Her body was so receptive to all my touches. Normally I would think the girl was faking it, but she was not. If she was, she deserves a freaking Oscar for the performance. She returned the favor with much enthusiasm. I was hoping to make it to the main event but her French skills were so awesome, that she made me bust a nut before I could even stop her. All in all we went over out 60 minute window, but she was in no rush. We cuddled for a bit, and then the mamasan walked me out with Kelli. I will be back there very soon.

    Thanks again Bysshe

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    Went back to CPHC on Conn. Ave after having seen Sue twice before. Different mamasan who did not remember me. Sue was not available. Told her I wanted someone who provides a great massage. Jane came to the room was very hesititant with me . I guess the fact I asked for a massage perhaps got them to think I was LE. Even after I laid the 5 Jacksons on the table the service did not improve. Entire session was just average . Jane was below average looking, small chest. Poor table shower, 10 sec CBJ a little cow girl. I wanted a massage after the shower but she refused. The massage was provided after completion and was below average.

    I am about stay with the incall escorts. To much variation with the AMPS. The good ones are hard to get or move on quicky. The escorts cost more but once you develop a good relationship with one, a good no rush session is a guarantee. Just one old mans opinion.

    Anyone been back to Royal since they were busted last year?

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    IMHO, I think by far, the best service for the money in DC area (Washington, Annapolis, Baltimore, and surrounding areas) is Pamela Martin Escort Agency ( Sorry, no pictures on their web site. Description of the Ladies is given right over the phone (very accurate description I may add). The cost is $275 for 90 minutes (1 hour & half!)

    Pamela Martin is an outcall agency (outcall only - nice hotels or homes). Ms. Julia runs the business, and handles calls after 5 PM every day. Pamela Martin has been in business for 10 years!

    Ms. Julia is very respectful, so treat her nicely. Please don't ask her about what type of services or languages the Ladies speak. She will hang up on you!

    ALL of Ladies are office professionals, and work 9 to 5 jobs. This is just extra money for them. Most of the Ladies that I have met have MS or PHD! I try Pamela Martin at least once a month.

    You can ask for the type of service when you meet the Lady. Oh yes, you can always refuse her right at the door if you don't like her. Just call Ms. Julia and complain. No Cost to you!

    About the services, almost everything is included. I say almost, because some of them don't offer Greek. Everything else depending on the Lady is included (BBBJ & TC, CBJ & TC, FS covered, spanking, DATY, touching, DFK). Some offer very nice massage, at no cost!

    Please don't ask Ms. Julia if she has anyone who speaks Greek. Some of them do, and you just have to ask them when they are with you! Funny thing, if you use the terminology "Greek", most of them don't know what you are talking about. Just say: "Anal sex". I am sorry the one I used to see which offered Greek, is no longer there. And, some of the Ladies are there only for a short time (few months!).

    The only bad thing about Pamela Martin, most Ladies charge $50 more for more than 1 pop! I say most, because if you see some for a while, they won't charge you!

    The best thing about Pamela Martin is no rush, relaxed, and 90 minutes long! And, educated! You can actually carry on a conversation with them!

    If you want more information or tips, please send me a private message on WSG.


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    For all Those asking about DC Latina, they are still in business! They are in Silver Spring, MD( Of course, none of the Ladies on their web site are there! The Ladies change every week!

    They have raised their prices to $160 (from $150) for 1 hour, before 4 PM (on the web site says 6 PM, on the phone, she says 4 PM!). You still get 2 Ladies for one hour for $200, before 6 PM!

    If you are interested in Greek, ask on the phone to see if they have anyone who speaks Greek. The extra money for Greek, has to be negotiated in the room with the Lady. Usually, about $50 to $100!

    Oh yes, you may want to take your own lubrication and condom with you just in case! Sometimes, the Lady uses the trick to waste time, and says she ran of condom, and goes looking for it!

    BTW, the Ladies change every Monday! New selection every week!

    Last edited by Capt Fred; 11-25-03 at 16:53.

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    This was my second visit with Kelli.

    I purposely did not post a report after the first visit, because I wanted to avoid the kind of rush that swept away others after I gave them high marks.

    Kelli is maybe 5'4", 115. C-cup (with a bit of surgical help, but stunning nonetheless) early 20s, lightly freckled face, slim body with a waist I can just barely slip my hands around.

    Table shower is good, with plenty of attention paid to all relevant places. Great beginning to the session, with full body-to-body contact and some enthusiastic rimming. A good ten minutes of CBJ followed, and a very steady cowgirl finish, pumping those athlete's legs over me. She also nearly talked me into a two-girl session today, with a twinkle in her eye that suggested to me she was really into the idea.

    She's gorgeous. She's talented. And I hope all you mongers out there won't descend like ravening locusts and leave me sucking hind tit.


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    "Next, I called Olympic and asked for Bibi. Again, on vacation. What's going on here? Are all these girls on the same menstrual cycle?"

    I'd never considered that aspect, but you may be closer to the truth than you realize. It's a fact that when several women stay together for more than a few weeks (e.g. they work together closely, room together, or similar), one "alpha" emerges and all the other women's periods shift until they're all pretty much in sync with the alpha. Keep the same group of women at an AMP for six months and you might well be shutting the place down one week a month! *LOL* This might be one more reason that the AMPs circulate their girls.

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    Decided to try the "spanish massage" on New Hampshire on Friday. Called for an appointment got through the first time mamasan gave me prices and address. When I arrived I was a little confuesed because there were two entrances. I chose the upper entrance and rang the door bell. It took the mamasan a good minute or two to get to the door while I was getting thelookover from the neighbors and teenagers across the street. She let me in while talking on the phone as I was greeted by a tall slim attractive latin girl coming down the stairs. She extended her hand and said " come with me baby " and I abliged. Mamasan followed us up (I guess she forgot to collect the money up front) for the $80 1/2hr fee. When she left I asked the girls name, Monica, she then closed the door most of the way and propped a rolling computer chair against it, then she undressed me and herself. She has a slim but curvy body C-cups with a very nice posterior. She doesn't look mexican, maybe Brazillian she has a deep sexy voice too. As soon as I laid down on the bed She did the condom in the mouth trick and proceded to give a lackluster CBJ for about 5 minutes. She then turned on the spanish love music. She started us in missionarry for about 10 min. then I turned her over to doggy to comp. for another 10, making sure to get full use of my time. She got into it at times but was kind of mechanical. She helped me get dressed and I left. The ratings- appearance 7, cleanliness 5, attitude/ performance 6. Overall fair experience I guess thats all you get for $80. I guess I'm spoiled by Suzy at Downtown, I've had her the past 4 times and it has absolutely gotten better each time. She has a hell a good imagination and loves to please. It may be hard for me to stray againn.

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