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Thread: Massage Parlor Reports

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    Me too

    Quote Originally Posted by DrewPark  [View Original Post]
    It depends. Check your mail.
    Hey DP hit me with some Intel too please. Thanks.

    Hunt safe.


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    Quote Originally Posted by JustACbtGuy  [View Original Post]
    Worth the trip to the beach vs spending time under the tree?
    It depends. Check your mail.

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    Worth the trip to the beach vs spending time under the tree?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kfcman  [View Original Post]
    You guys need to do your homework. No one has ever been able to experience more than that regardless how many times you go back.
    That's not entirely true. Check out posts #856, #857, and #858. I have seen her a few times over the years, and it has always been bbjcim. The only thing that has changed is her residence in that time LOL.

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    Best asain massage

    Back room and showers still under construction table was a little stiff donut cushion for face was greeted by sunshine bit older good massage 70 per hour though she can be a bit rough still she was very playful and little talkative I ended up with 1 1/2 hours massage and a jack for the ending she'll show the produce but little touching though I still left happy and hung a mirror for her they need some electrical work done trade! Only seen 2 girls both older very nice will repeat as I think the buffet may have more to offer.

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    Saw her again recently. As always. Very nice therapeutic type massage, HE, Shower after.

    Although she has been known to be prejudiced, if can see her, best BR service locally IMHO.

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    I just moved to the Riverside area of jacksonville from out west. Finally settled, and am trying to find a independent LMT in theRiverside area. Any info. Will be greatly appreciated. Privates message is great. If I can help with any info. On anyone heading out west please ask. Thanks.

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    A womans touch??

    I am closer to st. Aug than jax. Have seen the ad in st. Aug BP. Any info on her. Can't seem to find any reviews. Sorry no link. As JTM will tell ya. Oldest surviving dinosaur when it comes to technology. Be safe fellow mongers and any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    Good morning

    I just moved here to the Riverside area of jacksonvile from out west. Finally settled and trying to locate a independent LMT in the Riverside area. Any information would be great, private message is great also. If I can help with any info. For any one heading out west, let me know. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldSchool  [View Original Post]
    I saw her many moons and pounds ago and she did not have a problem with me being a natural mocha brown, so something changed. There was another lady that worked with her, forgot her name. You did not miss anything special.

    There are always a few who have to ruin it for everyone else.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Fawker80  [View Original Post]
    So what's up? How was it?
    I have been about three times. She is legit. Don't be shocked to show up and she forgets to show up herself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ace87  [View Original Post]
    I wanted to see Beth a while ago, before I found this place.

    Emails stopped when she found out I was black.

    Glad I didn't waste any money.
    I saw her many moons and pounds ago and she did not have a problem with me being a natural mocha brown, so something changed. There was another lady that worked with her, forgot her name. You did not miss anything special.


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    Quote Originally Posted by JaxGuy3182  [View Original Post]
    Yeah let us know how you fare with that, and I'd be interested in seeing those pix. I know from a very recent email exchange with her (I've wasted my money on her before) after being honest with her about my disappointment with my prior visit, that she made it clear that she doesn't do anything more than what she did the last time. And that wasn't much. What's funny is she emailed me out of the blue from an email I sent her forever ago. Sounds to me like business isn't that great and she's trying to get whoever she can to come. It's a shame though, because she's a very attractive woman with a great body. I'd really like to see the pics she sent you LOL.
    Have seen her before and the pick of her boobs is not real. Unless she had them done recently. Her boogs are big but they were always sagging and realy stretched with lots of rinkled skin. She has never done full service.

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    Hours of Operation

    Quote Originally Posted by AdamZale69  [View Original Post]
    3 things about LIZ.

    1) I have been twice. Legit with no hint of more. Personal experience.

    2) Her online appointment book shows about a 50% decline in appointments. Tomorrow she has ONLY one appointment the rest is empty. Such a sharp decline would lead me to believe clients are not getting extras

    3) She offers massages on Fri and Sat until Midnight. I would not want to be the one on the table if she was found to be in violation of the City Ordinance.

    Sec. 198.103. Hours of operation.

    Massages by massage therapists, for compensation.

    Shall not be given or offered between the.

    Hour of 10:00 pm And 6:00 am The following day.

    Massages in state-licensed hospitals and hospices.

    Or those massages provided by a massage.

    Therapist acting under the direction of a licensed.

    Medical provider or practitioner, shall be exempt.

    From the restrictions on the hours of operation set.

    Forth in this section.

    (Ord. 2008-259-E, 4). Pdf

    BOTTOM LINE. An Awesome Legit Massage.

    This public service announcement brought to you by AZ
    CONCERNING HOURS OF OPERATION. The above mentioned reference is from 1988. The amended statutes from June 14,2013 state House bill 7005, signed into law on June 14,2013, prohibits the operation of massage establishments between the hours of midnight and 5:00 AM. Jun 28,2013.

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