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Thread: Massage Parlor Reports

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    New place.

    New place close to burger king on colonial. Similar experience as Golden Gate.

    50 for house fee then Hassle for. 1 with Angel if not mistaken.

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    Don't think it's LEO

    Quote Originally Posted by FlashLegacy411  [View Original Post]
    I hit this one up on Snapchat and I inquired about donations. They flat give donation amount and flat out say with he and if I wanted to add to services it can be discussed in person and says just bring extra.

    That sent up a red flag plus it seems TGTBT. Thoughts?
    I also follow her on snap and based on her snaps I don't think there is any way she is LEO. She does have ridiculous prices though. 120/ HH 200/ Hr is the base and "extras" will be discussed in person for an upcharge.

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    Yes it is

    Quote Originally Posted by CallMeMatthew  [View Original Post]
    Yes that is her!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CallMeMatthew  [View Original Post]
    Yes that is her!

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    First time at GG

    And I left with a smile. Only got 30, wanted a hour. Got Wendy. And started with the TS and went to sleep. I dreamt she took me in her mouth BBBJ, and some DFK. Back to the room, immediately to business. Was DFK often. Than took me back in her mouth, on goes condom. CG, RGC, K9 than she tells me she wants my cum in her mouth. I obliged. Than I woke up. She filled my 30 minutes. I enjoyed my visit. I will repeat, after all I left so refreshed from my nap.

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    Is this Daphne?

    Is this her?

    Quote Originally Posted by Orlo69  [View Original Post]
    Sorry guys having difficulty posting the link. But look her up on BP Soothing moves or just put in Daphne on the massage search.

    Hope this helps.


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    La La Massage

    USTraveller great reporting. I've been to La La at least 3-4 times now, but with windows covered with blinds in the door I don't feel as comfortable as I do at Blue Ocean. I will say that Maggie and Heidi give excellent massages (I wouldn't say I've received a deep muscle massage, but it was good enough for me to fall asleep twice while there for their 90 min. Massages), but there is another girl there who is younger and it definitely shows in her massage she was rough and it felt like she was rushing throughout the massage. I doubt I will ever push for HE there as I doubt it would be like at Harold's and I know it will definitely never be like BO or GG, so I enjoy the massages there and see them after my stressful days at work. I'm not saying that they don't do HE, they might, but I really just enjoy them for their great massages, plus I don't want to when I can go down the road and definitely dream for sure. Also they have a card so after 10 60 min massages your 11th one is free.

    Quote Originally Posted by USTraveller  [View Original Post]
    Saw this new spot show up on E Colonial and haven't seen any reviews yet, so I thought I'd check it out like the good ol' days. If you're going east on 50, it's past Wellness (Alafaya Library) and in a small sideways plaza after the HI Express and before the storage place. You can miss it easily. I walked in and the mamasan was super friendly in a non-sexual way. Just really happy someone walked in, I guess. There was another customer there as there was 1 other car in the lot on a Sun afternoon. I paid the. 65 for the hour and after a 5 or so minutes waiting in the room, a beautiful girl walked in. We played the name game and I didn't quite get it. Was not offered a shower nor did I ask (website didn't indicate shower).

    The massage was absolutely wonderful, she may have overdone the oil a bit, but it felt very good. There was light teasing around the backside and I made sure to rub her legs and ass to let her know one reason why I was there. She massaged all around mini-me from behind without actually touching. Enough to get me aroused. There was a soft "blanket" that was used to cover various parts off and on, but my ass was uncovered much of the time.

    The flip came, and the blanket covered my flag at half-mast. She massaged my chest (with oil) and legs while keeping jr covered. She was off to my side and I did more ass rubbing and even a little OTC roaming on her chest. She told me to relax and continued the massage. I stopped and just let her massage. She was close to the goods multiple times and even massaging the upper inner thighs and upper pelvis area. I think she circled all around touching all areas except the actual pole (which remained covered). Hands were under the cover, etc. I kept waiting and then came the "all finish". It had all the elements of a very happy finish, but the horse came up lame and didn't finish the race. I said I was hoping for a happy finish and she just smiled and giggled and acted like she didn't know what I was talking about.

    Another first for me. Usually, if there's no grabbing the pole position, I'm aware. All the signs were there that there would at least be a HE.

    Afterwards, the mamasan (older but also attractive) asked how it was. I told her I was hoping to leave a little happier. She said next time and I told her I probably wouldn't be back. She wax very nice in explaining I should have told the girl what I wanted and I could see her point. However, the lady has almost always taken the lead on this and after she told me to relax, I assumed she knew what to do. I said I leave much happier down the street (by the library) and would probably just go there. I said it was a great massage, but it could have ended better. She said they don't know, they're new and young. My hands and arms were still oily and they did bring me another hot towel to wipe them off. I tipped. 1 in front of the mamasan and said there could have been more.

    When leaving, she said to come back again and both gave me a hug. I may repeat just to see how far I can go or may just try some other places. As always, YMMV and maybe they'll take my advice and turn this into a winner. I like the fact it's more hidden than Wellness and Tuina in the E 50 area. The thrill of the chase!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Redsox2005  [View Original Post]
    Where can we find this gem?
    Sorry guys having difficulty posting the link. But look her up on BP Soothing moves or just put in Daphne on the massage search.

    Hope this helps.


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    Red flags

    I hit this one up on Snapchat and I inquired about donations. They flat give donation amount and flat out say with he and if I wanted to add to services it can be discussed in person and says just bring extra.

    That sent up a red flag plus it seems TGTBT. Thoughts?

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    Awesome report but.

    Quote Originally Posted by DirkDig1  [View Original Post]
    Last night I swing by GG around 8:30 pm and there's 2 vehicles so I drive by and see how busy OB is, I've noticed when you're the only one there they really spoil you, or at least that has been my experience. I drive to OB and there's 6 vehicles there, 1 of which a monger sitting, waiting in vehicle. So I go back to GG and walk in. A girl greets me and she's the homeliness asian I've ever seen, nearly had a mustache and I could see hairy arm pits, WTF. I tell her I want to see Mona and she says mona is on vacation won't be back for another 2 weeks. She calls out for the other girls and ro my delight both Emma and Yuki are available, both are very good but I chose Yuki this time since I saw Emma last time. Shower was super nice and actually got a decent massage in shower, my guess because rooms were busy. Then a hot little asian named Pandora came in and introduced herself, I've never seen her before but next time will have to give her a try. While still in shower her and Yuki started dfk and then both sucked my cock, it was so hot. Yuki then dried me off while Pandora made out with me. She ask if I liked both and I said next time, this time I don't have enough. I only bring 200 and I normally always get 45 min with it. Yuki brought me to room and asked Pandora ro stay for a little bit, I was thrilled, they made out like lovers and then yuki made love to my cock as Pandora shoved her tits in my mouth and talked dirty, it was hot as hell. I asked for protection, I don't do BBFS but it def was available. Put the condom on and did Pandora doogie while she ate Yuki's pussy, Yuki stared at me playing with her tits and talking dirty until I shot a load. We cleaned up and got water, when I left no vehicles were there. It's by far the Best time I've had at GG and definitely will be back. Those extras they throw in when not busy makes me pick them befor OB.
    You had yuki butt naked in the room and you didn't fuck her?! Noooo I would of taken advantage of that beautiful opportunity both girls let you have LOL. Which girl would allow BBFS and what made you think that was on the table?

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    Blue Ocean Yumi

    Had the pleasure of spending some time with Yumi. She's a solid 8. 5 in looks but 9. 5 in service. Was met at the door by Snow who I want to see some day. Yumi has a great attitude and I especially liked the nude rubdown with her body in the shower room. She did some cameltoe slide on junior that felt heavenly. Was so tempted to ram it in bare. Went back to the room and spent some naughty time together. The hour flew by and leaving I saw Blue who is also hot. Hope this place stays around.

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    GG and BO

    It's been a while since I've been in the game and have been RTFF about Orlando. I will be in town next week and want to give either GG or BO a whirl. A question that I couldn't find an answer for. Is there a different donation for just BBJCIM?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrBill469  [View Original Post]
    Before poor old GreatGatsby asks, I'll go ahead and share more info that any reader may wonder about regarding these two places (pardon my tag characters in the subject line).

    May Spa's location and other info is available on their BP ad, here:

    U Massage's location and other info is available on their BP ad, here:

    Reader's will witness countless posts about "you Massage" throughout this thread, due to the system editor on this board performing "courtesy corrections" to any plain use of the letter U to the full word you, so don't be confused by that (use of BBCode markup tags is the secret), and also open your search criteria to the word YOU, or YOU MASSAGE when seeking more reports on this place.

    May Spa is, in my experience, considerably lower in service levels than U Massage, so I would agree that U Massage would be far and away the first choice among these two. Both are in strip mall shopping centers, so an Uber drop off needn't be conspicuous, while having Uber drop you at Golden Gate would be plainly more obvious and at Blue Ocean only a bit less so.
    I will check out you for sure, thank you for your recommendations. I'll leave a review after my visit.

    Stay safe,


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    Golden gate pandora

    I officially hate you Orlando mongers, this place beats anything we have up in Rhode Island. Even when we had decent spas this place would have kicked their ass.

    I managed to shake free of the wife and headed over. I was looking at bare body parts within seconds of walking in the door. Finally got to the shower after an intense make out sessions where I became her boyfriend and she said I was the king. Getting rimmed during a shower was truly an intense feeling, but then another girl comes in the room nude and starts washing up right next to me. She invites me to feel and of course I do. So now I have 2 naked asians treating me like a king. Junior is getting a workout and it's finally time to head back to the room. As we get there another girl is standing there and starts talking to padora and soon she's in the room making out with us. Another group of bare body parts to enjoy. Again junior gets some lip action from the new girl. She finally leaves and it back to just me and pandora, She gives junior the time of his life. At this point I'm spent and we have 15 minutes left. She does a really nice back massage and the. Spends a few minutes cuddling where I get to enjoy her nips and junior gets some more had play. Finally it's time to get dressed and head back to the misses. My lips are red and sore, hopefully I can sneak a shower before she notices how raw parts of me have become. Total damage $240 and worth every penny.


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    Quote Originally Posted by MrBill469  [View Original Post]
    If I deciphered all of that correctly, what I think I just read is that this place may simply be a "jack shack" (which is not my cup of tea, nor particularly worth my time). Was there any indication of a more expanded menu?
    Stopped there yesterday and saw April. FS is definitely on the menu!!

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