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Thread: Massage Parlor Reports

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    May Spa. Not so "specials" on Sunday

    So I decide to get a decent massage and from what I've read here recently, May is the place to be.

    I walk in without calling ahead thinking I really didn't need to, and I'm greeted by the mamas an who actually looked like Lurch the butler from the adams' family.

    Not sure what she was saying but her body language wasn't good. She asked "you heeah for one hawa" and I tell her that I'm here for the one hour special.

    Whatever she said after wasn't good. I didn't really understand but it looked like as if I wasn't getting any special. So I said, ok, I'll come back at a later time. And that was it. Nothing to report other than me not getting any.

    Was it me asking for the special or were they too busy?(it was about 1 p Sunday).

    Any thoughts? I'm a rather good looking guy BTW and in shape.


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    About Isabella

    Quote Originally Posted by OhBeeTee  [View Original Post]
    I took the advice of many recently on this forum and tried Blue Ocean Wednesday evening. The parking lot was empty so I thought I might get some extra attention. I had 2 Benjamins so I opted for the 30 minute for. 6 plus the mandatory 1.4 tip. I was already aware of their policy from you fine gentleman so it didn't take me by surprise. The young mamasan introduced me to Isabella who had a unique appearance. She was dressed quite sparsely in a near bikini. Very sexy body, great proportions, and smelled great. She collected the tip and then took me to the TS. She reminded me to take off my watch, so thoughtful. The warm water lulled me to sleep and in my dream she washed me thoroughly and gave me a small taste of what was to come with a BBBJ.

    Back in the room she asked me to lay face down for the massage. She removed her clothes and climbed on top for a short back massage followed by some body to body. She then surprised me quite a bit. Apparently she had a large cup of hot water. She took a mouthful of the water and then started kissing my back and moving down towards the ass. I'm not big on ass play but the heat was wild experience I've never had before.

    She had me flip and then continued what she started in the TS. She stood to the side while performing the BBBJ which allowed me to rub her clit which she seemed to enjoy. She took a break to get another mouthful of her hot water and then continued the BBBJ. Oh. My. God. That is my new favorite thing. After the heat wore off she got another sip of hot water which blew my mind again. Plus the mirror on the wall next to the table gave a great view.

    I was nearing the point of no return so I asked her to stop. She understood and applied the cover and climbed on top. She was quite tight and felt great. After a few minutes we switched to K9 and the view of her beautiful body and the feel of her tight wetness pushed me over the edge. I stayed inside her for another minute just rubbing her back and ass and she surprised me again by squeezing my cock inside her with her pussy. It was like her pussy was giving my cock a hug. She has some amazing control.

    Anyway, we disengaged, and then laid there and talked for a bit. Nice small talk, her English is OK. She went and got a hot towel and cleaned me up. The mamasan came in and asked if I was treated well and brought in Ocean and Blue and encouraged me to come back and try them. I told her that I'm pretty fond of Isabella. I saw Isabella smile at that and I think that scored me some points. After the mamasan left Isabella started dressing me which was another first for me. I put my watch back on and joked that I should have left it on so I could see how fast my heart rate got. She mentioned that she uses a fitbit but not at work because it would be up and down all day. It's nice to get a peek into the masseuse's personal life like that. (I already could have guessed that she works out given her body, but it's still nice to know she has a real life outside of work.

    I woke up and then was walked out with a smile on my face. Blue Ocean isn't perfect but my experience with Isabella was the best AMP experience I've ever had. And I've been to BB, CB, GG, you, Lux, you name it. I might have gotten lucky since they weren't busy but there was no clock watching and I wouldn't be surprised if I got 45 minutes for the price of 30. I highly recommend Isabella.


    The massage table didn't have a cutout for the face (but wasn't face down for very long).

    The room's light dimmer didn't work (but the extra light let me enjoy the view better).

    No door, just a shower curtain on the TS room (not that big of a deal to me).

    Their policy of prepaying the tip (I'm fine with it given the experience I had, no stopping the dream to haggle).
    Hi, I was wondering if Isabella's picture in their add is who you got to see. ? Thanks.

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    Blue Ocean

    Went there for a 2nd visit. Had seen Blue a while back. Wanted 30 minutes. Just gave up $$ at the window and was told I would get someone new to try out. Ok. This girl, Star, shows up. Tiny little spinner with a super hot set of bolt ons. Went for the table shower. Light wash down and ended up with a very clean anus. Sort BBBJ during the rinse cycle. Off to the room. As we are walking out the hot little mamasan (I would fuck that all day long) was opening the door for another customer and freaked Star out. But we made it safely to the room without being observed.

    In the room she had me lay face down and took her clothes off and got on top and licked me from top to bottom and then cleaned may asshole with her tongue all while I watch her in the mirror. On the flip BBBJ with FIV and almost FIA. She did not object but I never quite got there. Was wanting to ask her for greek but no time. Next time. She worked her way around so I could see her as I fingered that nice ass and pussy. I didn't taste it but clearly was on the menu. I was about to blow and asked her to stop and get on top. RCG and then literally spun herself around to CG. She was getting tired so without removing myself I sat up and went into MISH and finished her off. She's not as tight as I would have liked, and she has a slight aroma of smoke, but those are the only dings I would give her.

    The place is way too open for my taste. I wish it had an approach more like Magic in Altamonte. But beggars cannot be choosers.

    I woke up from this dream and could not stop smiling. Too bad it's just a dream. Enjoy your dreaming, and be safe in monger land. As always. YMMV.


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    Quote Originally Posted by FlashLegacy411  [View Original Post]

    Anyone been here yet? They look to be near the same area that Gia was in Kissimmee. The wording in the ad seems familar too. I know ahe hasnt postes in forever and maybe the girl she had has started her own thing.
    I sure hope she has nothing to do with it. She was a total looser!!

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    May Spa

    Decided to go here again just like many times before. I get great service from both girls but Sophia is older, bigger tits and my favorite. I usually do the same, the one hour special for. 5 which includes table shower, Deep Tissue massage and than the extras. All extras are covered. If you want BBBJ you need to go to GG but you will be paying almost $ more and little to nada massage.

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    Golden Gate Spa.

    Have you ever had a dream so vivid you'd swear it was real? I have. In fact, it happens all the time. Sometimes it's almost impossible to separate the dreams from reality. Some people find my condition disturbing but I rather enjoy living in this blurry realm. As Chelsea emerges, I beseech the powers that be: "Please, let her be real. " Real or imaginary, she is a lovely sight to behold: blue negligee, after market C cups, long black hair, radiant smile, sensual energy, flirty, confident, sexy. A true professional. We hold hands and flirt as she escorts me to our room. "You strong" she says and tells me she remembers me from last time. She calls me handsome and asks "You be my boyfriend?" She offers a TS with some body to body washing and some teasing, this has to be a dream. This is followed by a very good sensual massage. I'm mellow and thoroughly enjoying this pampering so I ask only for BBBJ and HJ. We take care of the business part, then off comes the negligee. She's slim but not dainty and well proportioned. As she struts toward me it's like she's moving in slow motion. Her eyes are locked onto mine and they're communicating with me: "I want you baby; I need you baby; I'm going to take good care of you. " I'm still lying on my back, mesmerized by her eyes, when she leans in for a long DFK. She moves down to my massage my nipples with her tongue. I'm throbbing. She continues to move down and massages the base of my cock with little circular motions of her tongue. Our eyes are locked the whole time. We're focused intently on each other. Damn she looks sexy. She slides her tongue slowly up the underside of my shaft, then takes me in her mouth. I'm in heaven. I start making noise so she pops up and starts jerking me off. But she stopped too soon, I wasn't close enough yet. Luckily, she quickly realized this and took me into her mouth again. Before long, my legs were shaking and she popped up again in anticipation. This time, I held back deliberately because I wanted this moment to last a little longer. As she was jerking me off, I asked her to slow down and focus more on the shaft. She complied and quickly figured out my preferred rhythm. This lady knows how to please. She took me in her mouth a third time and before long I felt that tingle coming on. This time, she was determined and she stayed down till I was right on the brink and then. Bliss. I hope to dream of her again very soon.

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    You massage

    Did some research and picked you massage as it was close to me and offered FS. I called and scheduled an appointment with Anna (picked her based on reviews from here). When I arrived I told girl that greeted me I had appointment with Anna. "OK no problem. You pay" she said. I handed over $100 and asked for change. I was shown to room and started undressing. Girl came back with change and said" who Anna, we have no anna". WTF! I told her politely it was OK and give me my money back. She told me to hold on while speaking to 3 girls in Chinese. Then it was like the movie Spartacus. I am Anna said all 3 one after another. I just took my money and left.

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    Blue ocean dream.

    Alright so last night I parked at exactly 8 pm and someone was walking out so I stayed in my car until they drove off, as soon as they did some guy comes in a pickup and goes inside. I thought they were going to be all booked up but I took my chances anyway and went inside once that guy left the waiting room.

    At the window I said I'm there for a hh, I gave them 100 and they let me inside. I was guided to one of the rooms and the cute Asian that led me there said "you pay 100 at window, give another hundred and you will have a good time" then she left.

    Next comes in this really cute Asian with a nice set of breasts and smooth skin. She greets me with a kiss and a hug and asks for the tip, I give her the other hundred and she stepped out while I undressed. She came back and helped me finish undressing as I lifted her dress to see her ass, I had her bend over to check her out in all her glory and I liked what I saw.

    She wrapped me in a towel and took me to the table shower room. As others mentioned, no door, just a flimsy curtain. She washed my back and then had me flip. She washed my hands and then spent a lot of time washing junior, a little bit of BBBJ action but wasn't great as Yuki's table shower experience. Still great though. As I'm laying there, ocean comes in and pulls the curtain back, she's standing there talking to my girl in another language, I tried to have her join for a bit but she ignored melol.

    Anyways we get back to the room and start kissing and I remove her dress to reveal those awesome melons, she was taking her time and slowly got on her knees while I sat on the edge of the bed, then she started some very good BBBJ action for a while. I wish I could take a picture of that sight of a beautiful Asian girl worshiping my cock, I squeezed her boobs as she sucked on and made great use of her tongue. I had her lay on her back and hang her head off the bed so I can slowly fuck her mouth. There was a mirror on the other side of the bed which was pretty cool to watch. I rubbed her clit as she continued to take my cock in her mouth and I promised I could of blown right there because the more I played with her kitty, the more wet she got and the more she wanted to please me.

    Now to the main event, my plan for her next was to get her on her on all fours with her ass facing the mirror, so that when she's blowing me I could get a good look at that Asian kitty. But instead she misunderstood and had her ass facing me ready for doggy. She didn't put any rubber on me so I said fuck it and entered, and lord did she feel so good! So tight and wet, and perfect. Only thing is, we went BBFS for only like 45 seconds or so until she's like "no baby we need condom" I'm like come on I'm already inside you LOL she said she was too worried and reached for the condom that she set aside. I sighed in disappointment but oh well LOL she put the condom on and we went right back to doggy. It still felt like I didn't have anything on though, she was that tight. I pounded the hell out her pussy and her legs slowly opened more and more until she was basically doing a split. I busted in the cover and I guess she didn't realize because she was telling me she wanted me to cum in her mouth. Hearing that gave me a magical new boner on the spot, I got to fuck her a little longer before I gave out. She cleaned me of with rubbing alcohol which burned my penis like hell, but she blew on it which felt good LOL. She was dressing me when a girl named snow came in and asked how my dream was, I said it was awesome, she advised me to try everyone out.

    Overall I had a great fucking time, my girl was awesome, cute, and had a great attitude and left me really satisfied. I can't wait to be back. Now since you've read this far, you probably want to know the name of my therapist. Her name is blue I need to see her again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danny67  [View Original Post]
    This place is awesome, went for the first time tonight will be back later on for some details.

    Ill just leave you with these four letters to tease my dream. BBFS.
    Can someone PM me location of Blue Ocean and May spa? Some OG's may recognize me. But I was MIA for a bit. Just looking for a $50 massage with some busty providers. PM is preffered for those who remember me or are in the know. I will always share my top experiences back with you.


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    Looking Forward To It

    Can't wait to hear about your dream. PM me, i hit you up with two other AMP girls that offer the same dream.


    Quote Originally Posted by Danny67  [View Original Post]
    This place is awesome, went for the first time tonight will be back later on for some details.

    Ill just leave you with these four letters to tease my dream. BBFS.

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    Golden Gate Spa.

    Everyone keeps talking about how good it was at BB & CB. Do you all not realize that all the same girls are now over at GG. I saw six girls over there tonight and Yuki, Mona / Linda and Joy all gave me a warm welcome. I love this place. Treat them well.

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    Blue Ocean

    It is perhaps the closest you'd get with wrestling with a K-pop beauty at a central Florida AMP. Location leaves a lot to be desired. My friend hopes they are able to evade unwanted attention. $$ hhr and $$. 4 hr. There may be room for negotiation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DownForKitty  [View Original Post]
    Afternoon gents.

    I'm heading to orlando in Feb. And doing the tourist run through universal studios. I'm staying inside one of the parks and and am hoping one of you fellow mongers could direct me to a near by AMP that will help make my time here even better. Thanks in advance I will also take the time to read through forums but if the state of FL is anything like RI, MA, or CT things change quick and good intel quickly becomes obsolete.

    You can't go wrong with "you Massage": All alphabets apply.

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    Blue ocean

    This place is awesome, went for the first time tonight will be back later on for some details.

    Ill just leave you with these four letters to tease my dream. BBFS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ComTech42  [View Original Post]
    She must have been there 30 or more years. I used to see her back in the late 80's.
    I remember her from the 90's. Do you remember the owners niece? She gave a great massage and the extras.

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