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    Other than AMPs

    Happy holidays Orlando, I'll coming down Saturday morning and was looking for a massage with extras from a utr lmt, prefer Latina or white. I've rtff back 30 pages and didn't see much chatter other than AMPs or overpriced rubs. PM is fine and much appreciated, thanks!

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    IRS troubles?

    Quote Originally Posted by Barolo  [View Original Post]
    This is VERY odd. The MBI loves to the news stories. There was nothing on any mugshot sites either. Wondering if there is more in the works?
    Smaller AMP operations that got busted received news coverage because the word prostitution was involved in the raid equals good job for LE and good shock value ratings for the media. However when any business gets shut down for TAX evasion it's not a very sexy head line that would cause LE to notify the media that a raid would be taking place. This would explain no employee or owner mug shots. LE has 3 ways of shutting a AMP down, 1. Catch them doing the nasty. 2. Operating without the proper license. 3. Not paying Uncle Sam. Highly unlikely it was a store / landlord issue Im sure they could afford the rent. Number 1 is the only reason I can think of. Now there is a slim possibility that in reviewing any store surveillance footage in the raid process a customers face was recognized as a city or media employee that could be very embarrassing. This could cause the news coverage to be kept on the down low especially with whats in the head lines these days about what guys are getting caught doing. They know the word will spread fast amongst the customers about the shut down which is what we are doing now, but if there is embarrassing evidence then the raid will be kept quiet. Its something funky like this or something as simple as not paying taxes. Prostitution bust? You would have seen mug shots by now!

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    I was also having problems finding info about the bust but amongst providers, WeChat is blowing up about cb. Not sure how some of them acquired pictures.

    Quote Originally Posted by James185  [View Original Post]
    Mr Bill same here, you can search all day nothing available. Only old info from couple years ago.

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    I agree.

    Places like CB are way overpriced and its us the customers jacking the prices up.

    Quote Originally Posted by BuckNastee  [View Original Post]
    This place was open till midnight. Last patronage is at 1. Its in a neighborhood. Do the math. Complaint where probably ramped up to cause this bust. Plus they probably got careless. So many mongers hitting the place, didn't do a thorough LEO check. Ill keep my spots on the down low. Plus some of you fools would end jacking the price up if I indulge on my honey holes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrBill469  [View Original Post]
    Googling all the imaginable words and phrases, I still haven't turned up any (news) reports regarding recent SWAT activity on Bumby Avenue. Has anyone else found reliable information? If necessary, please feel free to send a private message to my inbox. Thanks!
    This is VERY odd. The MBI loves to the news stories. There was nothing on any mugshot sites either. Wondering if there is more in the works?

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    YOU MASSAGE / kirkman & Vineland road

    Stopped in a few days ago and was greeted by a young taller Chinese girl. Told me her name was RUBY. Paid for the hour $80. And was taken to the room. Got comfortable and she came in a few minutes later. Asked what kind of massage I would like and went with medium. She was wearing a very short dress up the ass. Massage was ok and was able to rub that nice round ass and legs without any rejection. Good sign. After about 20 minutes she got a hot towel to clean the oil off and asked me to turn over. Asked what I wanted and told her everything. After a little haggling off came the dress and started to kiss a few times and sucked her tits while she massaged my cock. Did a little DATY and she must have slipped the condom on and started sucking till I was nice and hard. After enjoying her nice clean pussy she got on her back and spread those long legs and put some oil on me and slid my hard dick inside. Great feeling and she likes to fuck. Kept telling me I like, I like. Finally after about 5-6 minutes I blew my load. Cleaned me up and got me some water. Total damage $$. Will repeat. This place has 4-5 girls working.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrBill469  [View Original Post]
    Googling all the imaginable words and phrases, I still haven't turned up any (news) reports regarding recent SWAT activity on Bumby Avenue. Has anyone else found reliable information? If necessary, please feel free to send a private message to my inbox. Thanks!
    Mr Bill same here, you can search all day nothing available. Only old info from couple years ago.

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    Asahi Visit

    Been going here every time I'm in town (from Atlanta) it's always a good massage and extras available. Yesterday was no different.

    Led to the back, 80 house fee, drop my drawers. I always like to be wrapping a towel around me when they come back. I'm blessed so their eyes light up tells me if it's going to be good or not. Hers did! So off to scrub the twig and berries, making sure I was clean all over. It's a good time to begin letting my intentions known, "you like" says I, nothing but giggling. Yup it's on.

    Back on the table for a massage, neck, shoulders, butt, leggs, I like when she's working my thighs and lift my ass just a bit. She takes the hint and brushes the boys, ah a teaser! On the flip she gets to see what that did. Ask's what I want? I simply say everything. More clothes hit the floor and she has a banging body. I like the MILF types as I'm older, I'd rate her a solid 7, nice be pretty enough. Partially shaved kitty that I really like! As she went down I told her to put her ass this way, so I could DATY. Nice! Eventually the cover was on and she straddled me cowgirl. That changed to missionary, then doggy, eventually she complained. I told her the cover was tight. She said like down and pulled it off, then it was one of the better BBBJCIM that I've ever had! My finger was in her pussy, she rubbing my balls, massaging my prostrate, and I came hard and long. Really drained me! Damage was $. 2 + house. Will shampoo! (Rinse, Repeat).

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    Still no verifiable info about CB

    Googling all the imaginable words and phrases, I still haven't turned up any (news) reports regarding recent SWAT activity on Bumby Avenue. Has anyone else found reliable information? If necessary, please feel free to send a private message to my inbox. Thanks!

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    YouMassage (UMassage) Vineland

    I am a long time lurker on this board, but today I finally decided to register and share a dream I had a few days ago.

    I am in Orlando for a few days, staying on a hotel next to Universal without a car, so I needed something that was within walking distance. I had to choose between one of the 2 AMP on Vineland rd, and based on reviews my dream had me on UMassage.

    It was dark, past 8 PM, I walked in and heard some girls talking on a side room. Couldn't see any of them, except for the one that walked out to greet me.

    I said I wanted 1 hour and she told me it is 80. I know from reviews that it is really 60, but I was determined to get something, so in my dream I smiled and handed the coins to her.

    Coco is in her mid 30's, very nice slim body, good legs and small boobs, just the way I like my asians. Where I come from all the AMP are filled with grannies and most are fat, so this dream is off to a great start.

    I wanted to make my intentions clear, as based on reviews this place is a hit or miss.

    She walks me to a room, I ask for a table massage, she says I know baby and smacks my ass, NICE!

    I undress, she gives me a towel and brings me to the table shower. She pays medium attention to JR and the boys.

    Back to the room, she gives me a very professional back massage, my ass was covered for most of it until it was time to massage my butt and legs. It was great, very relaxing. I dreamed that I was massaging her legs everytime I had a chance, going up to her ass at times.

    She asks me to flip, as I do she instantly reaches to my nipples with one hand and the little boys with the other. The dream was going very well, Coco is very talented with her hands, the way she touched me, with light touches with the tip of her fingers was extremely arousing.

    She puts my hand on my cock, makes a jerk off sign and asks "you want this?" "yes" I respond with a big smile.

    She points to her lips, asks again "and this?" "yes".

    And then she says I need to tell her what I want.

    My answer was I want everything. She asks for a tip and I offer 10 coins, which she promply rejects. I offer 15 coins, all in.

    She accepts it and my dream continues.

    She collects the coins and walks out to get a cape, as it was about to rain in there.

    Once she is back, I dreamed that all her clothes came off and she gave me a CBJ, cape goes on using her mouth. The CBJ was ok, but felt a little rushed.

    She tells me to stand up and she lays on the table for some MISH, which was great.

    I was pumping her hairy kitten for about 10 minutes when I asked her to be on top.

    She said no, and told me to lay down so she can finish it.

    She removed the cape and gave me a HJ, I tried to ask for a BBBJ but she refused.

    I was there running my hands on her cat (no FIV) for a while until I exploded.

    I wake up, what a great dream it wad.

    Thanks Coco!

    For my boys out there, I am not sure if I was just lucky or what, but this place seems pretty guaranteed, although it could be YMMV.

    I suggest visiting at night, as you might be the only one there, and google says the place closes at 6 PM so it is even better if you show up late.

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    Looking for some GFE FS

    Anyone pm me info where to go?

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    Oh 1001.

    Asian flowers.

    This place is on Colonial Drive (Hwy 50) near the OBT intersection. If you are heading west on Colonial from downtown Orlando, you will pass this place on your right. The name on their sign seems to frequently change, and, if memory serves, it now says something like "Asian Acupuncture" or the like. You'll know you've found the right place if you're near the hotel (also on your right) and the custom car shop (on your left).

    Oh, I've been there, never noticed the name. Wasn't impressed with the one girl that was there. She was about 40, too thin and tried charging 100 for a BJ plus the 50 house. No way. She also same momasan at the one on obt past taft st.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IndianRiver  [View Original Post]
    Very true. Maybe some of these wives need to be laid. The orient has taught me that women in Asia want to be woman and woman in the USA want to be guys. Many guys working in Asia will stay when they retire etc. They are used to the treatment they receive from an Asian lady. In the USA, woman want to cut off your balls, and not in a good way. Sorry to those ladies reading this but that is my opinion, which is held by many.
    I agree I have been with my share of American ladies and a good bit of Asian ladies. For me personally I have found that Asian ladies want to play passive be the little woman for her big strong American man and let him be in charge this is not their weakness. If I want pussy before I have breakfast or in the middle of the day my girlfriend spreads her wings. Let me be clear I am not one that wants to control or dominate in the relationship it's just that way, she chooses who leads and who follows because of the way she was raised. Her philosophy is to please her man without her feeling like she's being taking advantage of and of course she's her own person with limits of what she will allow. I've been in many relationships with American ladies where their guard would fly up if they felt threatened or disrespected, it's a cultural difference. I've known several members over the years treat some Asian girls like shit because they misread this loyalty or passiveness toward men as a weakness. Now the reality is the longer the Asian ladies stay in America they start to change their way of thinking. So the American ladies need to loosen up a little. No guy wants his girl to cheat on him, but have you ever got with your girlfriend or wife after she had a girls night out at a birthday party where Chippendale Dancers were the ladies entertainment? Your poor dick is in for a workout multiple times. Same as when we leave a store Blue Balled that next nut bust is explosive. So it's fine if both to have trust to spice it up but not every American chic is Game it's just not the way she was raised, They grow up totally different in China and the majority of Korean girls I've been with whew we, nasty streak.

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    Spa Serenity.

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnQPublic1  [View Original Post]
    I've been twice the past month. First time I can't remember the name of the lady. Short, mid to late 30's, thin, nice rack and face. Good shower, decent attention to the boys with a couple minuets of hand action. Dried me off, as she was doing my legs sucked on junior for a bit. Got back to the room and Had a decent massage. After the flip light touch head to toe and good pressure massage where it counts. Told her I wanted FS, asked for 160 got her to 120. She climbed on top for little 69 with daty and BBBJ. After couple of minuets, cover went on for cg. Then miss, standing, finished k9. Laid back down and she cleaned me up with a hot towel. Second I got Coco. Very attractive late 20's early 30's, 5'1 ish, nice b cup, tight body. Ts was quick and no where as good as first time. Massage was ehhhhhh....rushed. On flip asked what I wanted, told her FS. She said 200. I said no, just HE then. She asked how much I had. told her 120, that's all I ever take in beside house fee. She thought for a second and said ok. CBJ and fiv, kitty was tight on my thumb. Cover goes on and it was a speedy cg. Didn't get the full hour, but I cut her some slack. I walked in no appointment late night and she was the only person I saw front or back. Passed another monger on the way out so guessing he may have had an appointment and that's why the rush. Definitely will go back, not sure about seeing coco again unless others have a better experience.
    I saw this review a few weeks back and figured I'd give SS a try. I was half worried with the heat CB / CB2 was having at the time but went anyway on 2 seperate occasions. First time got Rubi, cute face, great boobs. Went for an hour relatively early in the afternoon. Ok TS, but she was wearing a shiny little black dress, so I had a feeling what was available. Massage was pretty good and on the flip she asked what I wanted. Got a CBJ with attention to the boys, and eventually pulled the cover and popped on her chest while she was on her knees. Great view, great time $180 total ($80 house). She wipes sprays something and wipes her chest and tells me she just killed my babies. Haha, oh well.

    Went back a second time and got Sophia. I asked if Rubi was working and she said no, but that she'd take care of me. Sophia was built just like JohnQ described Coco. Had a great TS but the massage was annoying. Sophia was fine enough, but they were super understaffed and she kept leaving to answer the door multiple times. She said the mamasan was trying to get Rubi to also come in, but the pauses just broke the experience. She asked what I wanted on the flip, I told her a CBJ, but I wanted to finish on her face. At first she was like NO, so I said ok, just a hand, then she changed her mind and was like not in my hair just on my cheek. CBJ with attention to the boys (with some direction) and a face shot later and I was done. She was nice and personable but I realized after the flip I was at 45 not an hour. As I got dressed she asked if I wanted more massage, but by then it felt like it'd just be interrupted some more so I left.

    I'd probably see Rubi again, but overall there's still a list of massage places I want to try first.

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    Fart Girl.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rudiger  [View Original Post]
    LOL. That's freaking hilarious. From now on, I think Jenny should be known as 'fart-girl'.
    Now that is funny!

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