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    Quote Originally Posted by Lombardo  [View Original Post]
    Anyone knows what happened to BenchseatsRock?

    It has been 2 years since his last post.

    Hardcore mongers don't just retire!
    He is still alive and well. I talked to him awhile ago. He still stops by the boards once in awhile. His life has just gone in a different direction and I wish him well on his journey.


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    Another view

    I am a sole and ass lover so that's where I focus my camera. Can't manage the cum shots that well but she was filled deep.

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    Is anyone familiar with a girl named Ruby? Ran into her about a month ago on Wilkins at about 1:30 AM. Can't remember her hair color and she was in jeans / a hoodie so I didn't get a great look at her body (she was kinda thick), but she has a great ass, bit of a pudge for a belly, and a reasonably attractive face. I asked her if she walked Wilkins frequently and she told me that she is usually on another stroll (stupid me didn't ask which one) and that she was recently away for about 5 months so she stopped right at Wilkins just as she returned to make some money. She was very tight, made me bust faster than with any other SW LOL. Said she didn't have sex in the 5 months she was gone and I was her first in a long time. It sure felt like it! She didn't have a number unfortunately. I gave her mine and was hoping she would have called by now but unfortunately she hasn't. If anyone knows her I would gladly share a few numbers of mine in exchange (after clearing with her to give out her number, of course.).

    Feel free to PM me if you are willing to share, or at least respond to this so I know she's real haha. Would love to reconnect as she was one of my more pleasant experiences.

    Stay safe.

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    To piggyback off of this, I met Lauren about three weeks ago. I don't find her particularly attractive and her tits are definitely smaller than I like, but she's a PAWG for sure. Oral skills, as reported, are so-so. It took me a while to get / stay hard. But once that was done she was a pretty good fuck. Definitely patient and eager. She wouldn't do doggy with me at first as she said she had a bad experience with a monger before while doing that, but luckily she changed her mind halfway through (I guess she felt comfortable?) I got her number and she tried calling me the other day at an ungodly hour but I was asleep. I will definitely repeat at some point and give a more detailed report then. All in all, I say if you see her on the Wilkins stroll she's worth picking up at least once.

    Quote Originally Posted by HappyOne  [View Original Post]
    Nothing suspicious about Amanda, Mandy, Amber, Lauren, night timer has videos When she had black hair. NY girl that was a high dollar escort till the drugs brought her down. She has exceptional skills and talent IF you can catcher in the right mood. You can see her a lot on Pratt st to get Meds or a date. Most of the time she is homeless looking for a place to stay. She was really something a couple years back. Be careful, I think night Timer can advise.

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    AMEN. Lets Move On!

    Quote Originally Posted by Tbroi2  [View Original Post]
    Well if there is going to be any riding, I'd like to stand in front of my own Bandwagon and say come on. Lets ride. It's funny how it works here, if one individual has a problem with another individual it balloons into weeks of discussion and bashing of everything that individual does. Guess the flaws of my pics, posts, and requests are now under a special light for you alls approval. Now with that being said, I was only pointing out the fact that one SW is playing games or attempting to lead people on. I'm sure the Intel I shared with the group wasn't nothing that not one person on this forum didn't already know. Simple as that. Now I knew I would receive kickback from me opening up this one SWs attempt of this action because you all love her so dearly. But somewhere I think we've lost focus of one of the most important rules of this site seeing how I'm being sited for apparently breaking a code as well. First rule of Fight Club, do not talk about Fight Club. Therefore when I contact one of these young ladies and they already know about someone posting something about them on a site they are not suppose to know about. Then I'm not the only one open up for Scrutiny. So like I said, here I am in front of my own Welcome Bandwagon, come on why'all. I open the forum for the real violation of Intel shared, let the first righteous person cast the first remark. #RealTalk Respect to the administration of this site and I am not in anyway stepping on your toes. Just a real person posting real facts about these fake SWs on this site about SW Intel. raBBit out.


    P.S. As far as request for Intel, I do share when I do have. You can ask around about that. I'm not selfish with what I get and what I have. But the one thing I can promise, I do not talk about "Fight Club" to these ladies.
    TBroi provides intel on regular occasion. He also posts regularly so lets all just agree to disagree and get back to business!

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    That's a great session.

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    Thank you

    What a woman!

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    Reading comprehension

    Quote Originally Posted by PatrickOne  [View Original Post]
    What is night timer, how do I find it?
    He may love to beat up some ass but I'm pretty certain your not his type LOL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IndianaJoe31  [View Original Post]
    The only city that has even REMOTELY the same amount activity is Philly. The NE section of the city has a VERY ACTIVE stroll. I go there pretty often and have never been disappointed.
    Passed through Philly's Kensington stroll a few times. But it's still less active then Pompano / Hollywood, FL. And still not anywhere close to Baltimore. Just my take.

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