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    That's a real shame about Heaven's deterioration. I met her in November 2015 when she had just arrived from Florida and had only been in Baltimore for a week. What a pretty girl, even with the ugly tattoos. She was very good at her job and seemed to enjoy it. From what I understand this is still the case.

    Here are a few pictures from that day.
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    Heaven10.PNG‎   Heaven11.PNG‎   Heaven15.PNG‎   Heaven17.jpg‎   Heaven18.jpg‎  

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    Quote Originally Posted by VegaWrap  [View Original Post]
    Good CBJ. Good wet cfs. Ok attitude.
    Another one given the Elmer's treatment. Well done.

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    Good CBJ. Good wet cfs. Ok attitude.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BoloBellgrande  [View Original Post]
    My familier friend told me there's police out everywhere on the west side, Wilkins area.

    She also told me Bubbles is gaining weight! Wonder if she's in a program?
    She looked the same to me last week. Even with layers on.

    I remember when she was an easy 70 lbs heavier.

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    LE And Bubbles

    My familier friend told me there's police out everywhere on the west side, Wilkins area.

    She also told me Bubbles is gaining weight! Wonder if she's in a program?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrSkye  [View Original Post]
    Any one know or seen Misty from south Baltimore?
    Misty passed away.

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    DD was busy tonight SWs everywhere, and no shortage of crazy white trash out acting like white trash. Conkling was dead. Saw two LEOs at the top of the street and another just parked at the Gas station. Went over to BP / CB and saw one possible SW with her manager boyfriend on patapsco. Heavy LEO presence down there as well.

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    Ran into Anna while grabbin some 420.

    I didn't know it was her at first but I gave her a light and went on with my business.

    Rollin in my whip and she asks to get in. I'm hopin for a trade so whatever.

    Split the blunt down the middle gave her half and had a sess.

    At the end agreed on BBBJ, CFS.

    She was on her A+ game, I don't know if bein blitzed helped or what but she was supremely sloppy and let me work her head anyway I wanted.

    Everytime I was about to bust she would slow down and swirl her tongue. This girl took her time and I appreciated it.

    CFS was energetic. CG, K9 threw it back the whole time. She's small but if she's into you she'll fuck you damn good.

    Damage was a Jack and a "tip".

    Have # for senior members.

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    It appears that ALICIA is no longer in the LIFE, has retired, cleaned up her drug usage, is married, and has a few kids. Alicia was one of our ATF, had excellent reviews, and overall a decent provider. I was one of her regulars and she always treated me well, never a problem, and I believe is now living in Hagerstown. This may be the same girl you are talking about, not sure since they change their street names often. BBB.

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    DD is good early. Cute orange hair and cute tall spinner out. Saw them both in their managers car.

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    Anyone seen Dawn at all? Its been a couple weeks since I seen her on wilkins. I tried texting but no reply yet. Trying to get her to take some pictures but she hasnt yet. I do have one of her though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TonyW  [View Original Post]
    What ever happened to Smiley on Wilkins? She still around?
    If this one is her. I'm wondering what happened to her as well?
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    [Deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was redacted or deleted to remove sections of the report that were largely argumentative. Please read the Forum FAQ and the Forum's Posting Guidelines for more information. Thank You!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MBNewGuy  [View Original Post]
    What does she look like?
    Added a pic.
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    Harford loop

    Been riding the loop for about 45 minutes. No activity. It's a warmer night and still no action.

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