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    Re: Name?

    Quote Originally Posted by Gareth  [View Original Post]
    What is the name of the chunky girl (hard to tell with all the winter clothes, though) with glasses in BP? She smiles a lot and seems a little dorky looking, but inviting because she doesn't look as unhappy as virtually everyone else. So tired of girls who just have no spark or friendliness.
    With glasses, a little dorky looking, in BP, tells me you're talking about Ashlyn. She's not chunky; a fairly nice body when disrobed, relatively minor marks, early 20's.

    She'd been keeping herself clean and smelling nice when staying with an aunt near BP. FYI she's no longer at her aunt's, so that may have changed. The number she gave me at her aunt's no longer works, so if you do connect and get contact info feel free to pass it on.

    As always, try to be good to these ladies -.


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    Finally got a chance to experience Holly. Very nice girl and definitely a sweetheart. To her to the Notel and after clothes came off, went to work. BBBJ was good but the kitty was better. She has one phat kat. Love the lips on this one. After spending time with her getting mine I dropped her off in MP. Later on I messaged her seeing if the number I got worked. She messaged me back and I asked if I could see her again for round two. She said sure, didn't expect her to say no. This time we was at her place, which she can host while the kids are at school. Second time was better than the first. Are wore this cute outfit for me and heels. In no time she got me off. I will repeat. I didn't get permission to share digits. So you'll have to catch her out. Usually on Wash Blvd around the Uhaul. Treat her well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loomy  [View Original Post]
    What I have observed it is mostly peer pressure. They start out young like in the mid-teens if not younger with gateway drugs, such as the weed or molly. Something goes sideways in their life, and to escape the misery of reality of their life, a friends during a crazed night of drinking and smoking weed and popping E pills suggest they try something a little bit harder as it will make all their sorry and misery go away temporally. Then they are hooked at that point.

    This is the story I hear most of the time. For example a Bmore fav, Kandii does not have kids and I have picked her up several times at her mothers house where she resided off and on while she was a SW. So I boil it all down to being immature and naive and partying way too much and not having direction in their life from a responsible authority figure at a young age.

    So is life. These are the cards they have been dealt and we as mongers, the dealers and their own addictions all have a hand in this game. Though I feel the drugs holds the Royal Flush.
    I remember this BSW on Conkling named Jessica said the most realest thing I ever heard from a SW.

    She told me that 95% of the SW out there are Junkies that are married or have boyfriends. (I know it's not a shock).

    They wouldn't even be out here tricking if it wasn't the fact that they wanted to get high.

    Which they BF / Hubbys normally partake in their drugs, with them. Almost made me want to validate my self worth whrn it comes to donating to these hoes.

    I have hooked up with a few Super Cute SWs and at times, I was lucky because I could never get them if they was clean and normal.

    Maybe that's the reason I try to low ball them alot when it comes to donations. Since I'm not banging the true "her".

    I'm not having fun with her, I'm having fun with a puppet that happens to do anything to get high.

    It's kinda that same as how porn stars try to differentiate sex for love VS sex because it's their job.

    Sorry for getting too deep into this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SleepingBag  [View Original Post]
    So seems like all the SW's in Baltimore use this cookie-cutter story if you ask them why they became homeless or started the business. They lived with mom. Mom's bf didn't like them. So mom kicked out her own daughter. And they all have one 3 year old child.
    I know right. LMAO!

    Especially the younger girls on Wilkins, like Kayla, Bree, and Layla.

    Reality is that most of the time they are harden junkies that seen their parents did it and wanted to try it out to "understand".

    What their parents have went, or their friends and boyfriend / husband got them on it based on love. It's sad really.

    Of all the stories. Amber from wilkins is the saddest one because she wants to get clean, but the Wilkins drug environment keep pulling her back.

    She was clean, and relapsed from a death in the family (as most people who has cleaned themselves up do).

    Now it would be harder than ever to get her cleaned up. But I do hope she does get help.

    The irony is that the drugs is the only reason we can easily have our way with these females.

    I learned that if a JSW know you are single and want to stay with you, it means that they want to change, and get some help.

    How you can tell if they don't want to change / get clean. Treat them to a $20 or less smartphone. If you ran into her and she "lost" her phone.

    She still wants to get high and don't want to get clean and she pawn / sold the phone for drugs.

    In the end of the day all SW are liars and the only thing that is truthful about them is their body language.

    So use better judgment when listening to their sob cookie cutter stories.

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    Not Bad

    Quote Originally Posted by VegaWrap  [View Original Post]
    Did not like the jizz.
    To acquire that type of build up.

    Watch different a porno once every day for a week.

    Don't nut.

    Then find a SW ***** and fire.

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    Very Aware

    Quote Originally Posted by MacRobby  [View Original Post]
    That's BELLA and "Nitetimer" did a GREAT video with her! She has lost some weight, but that's her.

    She is a thief so watch your back.
    All SW are thieves, because of their junkie tendencies, and she is no different, but thanks for the heads up anyway.

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    Agree 100%

    Quote Originally Posted by NiteTimer  [View Original Post]
    She'll be on Wilkens from Brunswick to Payson.
    Naturally sexy, but this is crazy pussy. If she'd leave the girl & boy alone she'd be exceptional.
    The tightest pussy on the west side, but the flakiness will make you give up after awhile.
    So enjoy if you catch, but make sure it's a hit & run.
    I caught at beginning, but after 50/50 encounters I had to distance.
    Definite bunny boiler tendencies. Could benefit from legal medications or serious rehab for the trip-polar condition and sociopathic behavior.
    It's always the crazy bitches with the good pussy, and I should know. I smashed so many of them. LOL.

    Bella is great but this girl I met name Kelly a while back on North and Fulton was the best in the crazy ***** / good pussy dept.

    Both Bella and Kelly tried to pull that crazy shit, till they realized I was insane. LOL.

    What annoyed me about Bella was that she was at a rush, and when she don't get her way. She want to try that "I'm Crazy" shit.

    To be honest, I didn't got the best head from her, but she made it up by taking it up the greek, and it was tight.

    She was talking the whole time to the point it was hard to concentrate. I still bust thro. But not on my own terms, because of her nagging.

    I told that ***** to walk her ass home from a 6 mile walk, rather than taking her back. A little heartless but I didn't give a fuck.

    The reason I want to go round 2 is because I want to add some closure and I wanted to try some new methods on her wannabe crazy ass.

    Also. One of your fans said you had a video of Bella.

    Can you send a direct link? I want to watch it.

    Compare it to mines with her. Even thro I know yours is 100 x better than mine video with bella.

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    Makes Sense

    Quote Originally Posted by NiteTimer  [View Original Post]
    Sex game is great when she's stable. Likes to be choked, spanked, and doggied. Good luck.

    Didn't knew that, no wonder she was pissed off when I didn't want to fuck her doggied.

    Need to remember that next time. LOL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VegaWrap  [View Original Post]
    Any fresh pretty faces that yall want to see get the next paintjob? Who should be next? If you have names, pics, locations or digits I can try to make it happen.
    Whoever it is, can you make a video and share?? LOL.

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    Any fresh pretty faces that yall want to see get the next paintjob? Who should be next? If you have names, pics, locations or digits I can try to make it happen.

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    Older lady with dressed and out of place

    Quote Originally Posted by MrFetish01  [View Original Post]
    What does she look like? I'd like to find her.
    She's not the best looking or close to looking like a SW. She looks like a regular lady with short brown hair. She has had Brest cancer so her nipples have been removed and replaced with implants. Her openness and willingness to please was the best turn on. She was a sweet lady and I️ would love to reconnect with her if possible.

    All numbers that I️ have for her are dead or belongs to somebody else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sexingit  [View Original Post]
    Older WSW that I️ was able to see in September and I️ haven't been able to link with her since. She gave an amazing BBBJ at her place while her brother was gone. I️ haven't been able to link with her again. Has anybody seen her?
    What does she look like? I'd like to find her.

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    Always have a spare ten to back out. If she gets in your car and you change your mind cause she don't seem right, or she looks worse when you see her close up, you can say you mistook them for somebody else and drop them off at the next corner. Keep it short, give her a ten for her trouble and you won't have to get an argument about it.

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    Bonnie across the street from the Jamaican place in Brooklyn

    Older WSW that I️ was able to see in September and I️ haven't been able to link with her since. She gave an amazing BBBJ at her place while her brother was gone. I️ haven't been able to link with her again. Has anybody seen her?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HappyOne  [View Original Post]
    To help some of you guys I will enlighten you to some things you may or may not know. When you see something that looks really good and you pick her up and she tells you she doesn't do drugs, don't even believe the bull shit. They will tell you they don't have any marks on them and show you their arms and hands and say I need the money for bla, bla, feed kid, grocerys, rent. You will find they either snort their dope or go in their growing or they are chasing the rocks. I can only recall maybe 2 or 3 girls who could suck a strangers dick unless they are on something or drunk. That's one game they play to get in your pocket.

    Also be aware of the ones that tell you they get the money up front but you tell them you will give partial or put the money where she can see it. They agree but if the next words out of their mouth is where are we going, then tells you they won't leave the area. Just tell her never mind and take her back, don't let the little man take control she is setting you up for a cash and dash. Then it gets interesting on the way back to drop her off she tells you you waisted her time and wants money which you say no and she all the sudden goes off the deep end on you so be prepaired anything can happen next. Over the years I have had some who threatened to have their boy friend, brother, gang fuck me up, or try to get you to hit them or leave a mark to show police, start throwing shit etc, so just stay calm and smile, but be prepaired when it happens to you it will happen at some point and it can get very ugly.

    As we get closer to Christmas we will probably see some new faces pop up, either right after the old man goes to work and the kids off to school and the ones that come out after kids in bed. They just give a baby sitter ten dollars to watch their kids till they get back.

    I hope this helps those that are new and the ones that have not been chasing for a number of years. By the way I have been asked more than once if I wanted a six dollar BJ or FS for twenty on the WW loop. LE has been coming down on the girls really hard lately also LE very hard on the girls BP and the Bay so watch your self.

    Be Safe Be Careful.
    I had a regular pull a stunt on me years back. Where she wouldn't get out my car unless I tipped her. We argued and she fumbled through her purse. I saw a needle. LOL I gladly handed her 20 and said see ya. Ya never know til it happens.

    Another time I had one that wouldn't get out. I pulled up to a 7-11 and got out. She stayed in my car and wouldn't budge. Eventually she got out and when the door shut. I hit the remote and locked it. I then went in 7-11 and just ignored her. She mouthed off but I was able to get away.

    Another time I was in a bad mood and picked up one that was a dude that looked like a lady. I slammed the brakes after he / she wouldn't get out. Walked over to his / her side and yanked her out my car. Drove off into the night haha. I was in no mood for bs.

    I've had many get in and they are carrying a knife with them. So be careful. I always keep a 5 spot on me incase some b. S. Goes down. Rather loose a 5 then my life.

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