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    So I bumped into monae the other night. BSW gives an excellent BJ. For what ever reason I couldn't bust and she was doing a hell of a job. So I decide to fuck. Well I guess the cosmos were looking out for me because after I bust she layed there playin with her pussy. I asked if she was ok and she said ues I want to cum again and she proceeded to make herself squirt. Well this made me stand at attn again. I slowly eased my man close to her mouth and she worked him again and I slid back in her. Mind you we are in an abando.

    I am literally just fuckin her brains out. She is so fuckin loud I don't know how no1 heard us aint I was in it 2nd round for a good 20 minutes. I don't know what shit she was on but I hope to catch her on it again LOL. Standard. 30 for around the world and back. Be safe out there LEO is everywhere.

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    Flying nun

    So if you remember the flyin nun she's back around. She called my jack last night. Drop her name in my inbox if you are familiar with her and want digits. I'm not on daily so give me a second to get back to you.

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    Scooped Monica up Payson by hospital I think it is. She was comin down. Cute 30 something strawberry hair. Got stood up after I already had a room so worked out ok once I found her. She was agreeable pleasant bt did ask about use while with me. I said no. Did the deed with toys and all. No greek tho. Like I said I was desperate! LOL. She did manage to squirt a bit which is always a turn on. She did begin to nod out on way bk. Glad I was all business once I got her Bk to room. Some visible body damage. Def seen worse tho. Prob wud repeat in a pinch bt the nodding out no greek thing does weight into it for sure. Oh this was mid week I wud say. Got digits. B safe. Mo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimbel  [View Original Post]
    Is there really much down Desoto?
    Not much over there, but occasionally you find a SW walking from upper Washington to Wilkens, or the other way around, in anticipation of better business on the other side.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AOmega0  [View Original Post]
    If this is her (originally posted by someone else), then make sure no BB with her (for the rest of you) has been the warning for awhile now.
    Ashley. She had her third baby not too long ago. Good service, but the confirmed risk is not worth it.

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    Ended up on a sidesteet

    Determined. Not to let this trip be a bust I went off the main loop and picked up this 4/10 named patty or something took her to Tim's and did the deed. Honestly not worth a report other than to say try the back streets but the weather may be the issue or uncle. Now it's not as bad as it was earlier or they are at their fave donut shop LOL. Still hoping for a bubbles alert or sighting. Man it would have been awesome to scoop Kiara. We can still dream I guess?

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    Sw idol sighting

    Just saw world famous Kiara over by hollins market. Guess she still out the game. It was good to see her though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MangeMan  [View Original Post]
    Picked her up on Conklin last night. Mid 30's, bad teeth, jet black shoulder length hair, thin. Very good service. BBBJ, FIV, FIA, really got into it. Sloppy, moaning. Nice girl. Eager to please. No digits but would repeat if I see her out again. Damage 20 plus tip. Cruised by earlier today and it was dead. Anybody seen Kimmi? Trying to reconnect need digits. Thanks.

    Be safe.
    If this is her (originally posted by someone else), then make sure no BB with her (for the rest of you) has been the warning for awhile now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Budge96  [View Original Post]
    The title should read 'Good Golly! Miss Molly! Ran into this super sweet cute and amenable SW at Wilkins and Payson, swung around the block and parked to just check out the ASS! Man this girl has put on some much needed weight since our last encounter. When I realized it could be her I just laid back and waited till she recognized the truck then she walked over and looked in to say hello. Once I determined she was lucid enough for a date (she looked to be dazed and nodding) at first but apparently she had only recently awakened. Of course she asked if I minded if she picked something up before we did the deed, I was hesitant because I usually refuse on that note but she mentioned as once before it would help her be more focused and present. Haha! We went to her regular guy it was quick and then a few blocks to a buds house and went to work.

    She is certainly one of the best out here at the moment and really a pleasant person, the BBBJ was excellent even submissive with a bit of rim thrown in for good measure, we discussed anal as our first meet included but she said some BOZO had bruised her anally so severely she could not in all good concsience offer that option. The cooch was tight as can be so no argument really. A promise of future anal adventures to follow! YMMV treat her right and you'll get top shelf treatment, peace B.
    I hung out with her that same day, most likely earlier than you and she was damn fine indeed. Lower body really. I haven't seen shit that got me that viscerally since alcoholic Amber or Heather (PAWG). Especially with what she was wearing. Her being submissive? - If only you knew.

    Last night however (3/16) B / CB was full force LE. Not even trying to hide, they don't give a damn anymore, in fact, I'm tempted to say that if you're new to the hunt, you might as well stay home with the way they post up now. Same thing in W / W when I was with Molly, those LE weren't playing. And those big ass spotlights. Damn.

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    Uncle is out!

    Been checking out the spots for an hour on BP / CB and the circle uncle is out every where so be careful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BusterFace  [View Original Post]
    Here is the West BALT area.

    Any one have Conklin or Fairhaven?
    Is there really much down Desoto?

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    Syran Anna numbers

    Quote Originally Posted by BoloBellgrande  [View Original Post]
    I'm trying to hook up with her tonight. If anyone has reliable contact info, please PM me. Her Facebook messenger has gone silent. I was never sure if I was talking to her anyway.
    First off, I visited from out of town, and WOW, this form is unbelievable. I knew just where to go north of Wilky to explore. I have a few other post to get to, but I wanted to make sure to get this one out, because Anna said that she's looking to expand her friend set.

    Early weekday morning, probably about 2 a, came by and saw Anna on a corner. She looked like a gem compare to some of the run down girls. She said she mostly does appointments through her phone, but with number switching, has lost some of her friends. I was a little cautious when she was asking me what I wanted, but she didn't look THAT good. Turns out she was making sure that I wasn't going FS, since it was her time. She was telling me this in the room, and my eyes must have been stretched wide. The way she was phrasing it, I was afraid she had a 'friend' down there that might start poking. Once I realized what she was talking about, that was a relief.

    Getting down to business, I gave her a rub-down. That kind of my thing, so I don't know how she is under other exams. She does take care of herself. Her boobs have shrunk, but there's still something there. The biggest issue was that I don't think that her legs were shaved at all. She left her leggings on. My favorite part was that she could talk coherently. We had some delays with the valet, and she didn't get freaked out. According to her, she's done some dancing downtown. As some other posts have mentioned, she doesn't like the whole hooker thing, but I thought she had a great attitude. But then again, I wasn't asking that much.

    Anyways, if you want her number, PM me. I'm a noob here, so if there's messaging restrictions, I'll start figuring them out eventually.

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    True that

    Quote Originally Posted by TheUberGeek  [View Original Post]
    Spraying normally doesn't do shit for bedbugs. Next time just park your car in DIRECT sunlight. All you have to do is get the temperature inside the car up to 120F for at least TWO HOURS to kill both the adults and the eggs.
    Yes. Works best in Florida, Texas etc.

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    Spraying normally doesn't do shit for bedbugs. Next time just park your car in DIRECT sunlight. All you have to do is get the temperature inside the car up to 120F for at least TWO HOURS to kill both the adults and the eggs.

    Quote Originally Posted by PellyMason  [View Original Post]
    My guess is that what you found were bed bugs. My car was infested with them after I picked up a girl couple of years ago. I had to go through two rounds of intense spraying before I was rid of them. But even now I get an occasional small welt that leaves me wondering if I got them all. If you see them, don't wait to bomb them.

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    Clix Loop

    Here is the West BALT area.

    Any one have Conklin or Fairhaven?
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