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    Bohemia AMO

    Looks like one of my first AMPs on the south side of sunrise near Bohemia has closed down. Saw for rent sign in window. Not much of a loss though. Haven't went back since mamasan sent my girl onto another customer when she was 1/2 way through and finished me herself. Haven't been there in while so it may have closed a while ago. Been frequenting NYC AMPs lately. Can anyone PM me suggestion for good place that offers all the options in the area?

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    Deer Park

    Today I'm thinking about heading out to Deer Park. They have a small spot with some Milfs who give fantastic rubs and scrubs. I usually don't patronize these places but since they have my favorite type of provider I'm curious. I had a little cabin fever over the weekend so I'm looking to release to start the week. PM me for the number.

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    All american claudia

    Good morning, wondering if anyone has any info on her?

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    Stay away

    There is a sting at the inn on hempstead ave, john was nicked within a hundred yards after leaving the inn. Must have been an unpleasant wknd for that john. Be warned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigFlirt  [View Original Post]
    I have been here a few times also. But never on the weekend and only during the week. I have never been asked for a tip ahead of tie. Overall. My experience is usually a 7 out of 10. I have tried for greek a few times but have been turned down.
    I have been to this this place many times. Korean joint with 45-50+ years old.

    Message skills is 0.

    FS for 100. But I let them know upfront. Not there for message & ONLY NEED A QUICK FS.

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    Happy ending for women

    Is it really that impossible to find a place that offers an erotic / sensual massage for women on Long Island?

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    901 motor

    Seems like there's plenty of positive reviews of this place but figured I'd tack mine on for my first experience in the area. Went around midday today, didn't get a name, was a bit of an older woman with some odd ring marks on her arm if that helps identify her.

    The massage itself was pretty lackluster as far as that goes, but the extras were plenty good.

    The only thing that was off-putting was the money upfront and the negotiating but it ended up being well worth it. Went from a CBJ with FIV to doggy to reverse CG till I busted. She definetly knew what she was doing, great ass and was surprsingly tight. All in all a good experience, damage was 50 for the house and 120 tip for the FS.

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    Motor Pkwy

    Tried the other location (not 901) with surprising results. Seniors may PM for details, but it was a more fulfilling experience, although not as friendly as 901 and more mechanical.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WanksForyou  [View Original Post]
    WTF? You paid $160 for a half hour, and $160 for a massage?
    No it was total damage of 1. 60 for 1 got and he. Neither was worth it. My usual li place is yep for everything including ts, massage and FS. All done well. I have between doing Manhattan lately being I can keep it under 1 for decent FS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NyMaleMan  [View Original Post]
    So my usual place is closed and I go to a AMP I find in rubmaps located in Ronkonkoma off LIE service road. I am let in and greeted by a little older, heavier AM. I figure this is Momosan and I pay her $. 6 for hour. She leads me into a room and leaves me to undress. I am a little disappointed when she returns. The is not all that attractive and probably in her late 40's early 50's. The place is small, decently clean. Well lets start off with good. She gave one of best messages of the AMPs I went to. She put some strength into it and I enjoyed the message. Then she asked me if I want more. I asked for my usual FS and she said no. I then asked for BJ and she told me only touchy. So I asked how much and she said $. 6 for she touchy me, I touchy her. That is a little higher than I usually go for HJ but I was so disappointed my other place was closed I went for it. She let me play with her tits and she worked on me. She was okay when I took them out and played with them. I went to touchy her down below and she said no, more money. I wasn't about to pay more for a HJ from momason so I just finished off. Now I will give them the benefit of the doubt that it was my first time there so maybe if I was a regular I could have got more. Not sure if I would want more from momason. So I would rate her message at a 8, her touchy at a 6 and the value at a 4. I would not go back unless I heard my experience was unusual.
    WTF? You paid $160 for a half hour, and $160 for a massage?

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    First Timer to Scene: Where to go?

    I don't know how active this thread is but I'm hoping to learn from the masters here. Visiting relatives in Mineola coming up and looking for a great massage place for good price and great looks.

    Tried checking out backpage but I was shocked to find there are so many around! I don't think I can trust most of them without some help. To limit options, would anyone please recommend something between North Hyde Park and Hicksville?

    My preference rankings are as follows: 1) Massage quality to relax muscles 2) looks of the masseuse 3) extra services (not looking for FS but HJ, BJ, or grind is appreciated). I'll be there around mid-August so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Couples massage

    Hi guys, I want to surprise my hubby with a sensual couples massage but I don't want to go to a nail salon or someones house. Are there any legit massage places that might give us some "extras"? I want him to be really surprised. We are in Nassau county. Thanks! .

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    Posts: 10

    VV to the post below me

    When did you go? Because that place has been closed down for 1-2 months now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeatSeeker  [View Original Post]

    Saturday afternoon I stopped by this AMP I've been to several times over the past few years. I honestly forgot the girl's name I usually have when I go, I think it's Candy. This time a girl named Sunny answered the door. Attractive woman in her 30's I'd assume. She took me to a room and asked how long. I told an hour and gave her the fee. She said $40 for tip which pissed me off because I'm not promising you a tip at the beginning if I don't know what I'm getting exactly. I told we'll see. Now I'm thinking this is going to be a crappy visit. Once I'm undressed she takes me to the table shower and it was good, she was a lot cooler than I expected. After the flip she was happy to see I was packing heat and really took her time stroking it. After the shower we went back to the room where she finished drying me off and gave me a massage. She continued with the small talk and before the flip gently caressed my body from head to toe with her hands and hair. After the flip she asked if I wanted a HJ. I rubbed her crotch and she said to take care of her. I gave her $ and she said ok. We started with cow girl, then missionary, then I picked her up and ended with doggy. She got a hot towel to clean me up and some water to drink. She dressed me and tied my shoelaces for me. She didn't ask for an additional tip which was appreciated, that would have ruined the experience.

    I usually go over the weekend so I'm not sure how it is during the week. Supposedly there are younger girls during the week. Anyway it's definitely worth checking out if you're in the Nassau-Queens border area.
    I have been here a few times also. But never on the weekend and only during the week. I have never been asked for a tip ahead of tie. Overall. My experience is usually a 7 out of 10. I have tried for greek a few times but have been turned down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoyaBean13  [View Original Post]
    What was your total damage??
    Forty for half an hour or sixty for an hour.

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