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    Yes sir!!

    Quote Originally Posted by DannThe  [View Original Post]
    What restrictions? You mean the ones on her post?
    Yep, you saw that last pic. No this and that.

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    DH Heidi

    Went to see Heidi, she is cute Colombian with kind of innocent look.

    That I like. When I went there were 2 more girls. One was rosita and other a MILF.

    Other were busy. Since Heidi was also busy I waited for her. I was alone then.

    Security guy came in saying there was police outside. They all went.

    Radio silence, stoped the music turned off the light.

    When guys came outs from the room they were asked to stay put.

    This went on for 15 minutes. According to security someone had.

    Parked car in driveway and police was writing ticket to that car.

    I thought of returning my card and leave. But since it.

    Was second last day for my ATF Heidi. I stayed and managed to give.

    Her Good. I also saw the girl Jswiss mentioned of in.

    Last post. She is my next one on my list to hit.


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    Quote Originally Posted by WyldLobo  [View Original Post]
    Now she has a fat ass, LOL. But not my type of girl. To many restrictions if you ask me, LOL!
    What restrictions? You mean the ones on her post?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeeBlitz  [View Original Post]
    Saw on BP for a while now but never contacted.

    Would love to hear any feedback.

    Now she has a fat ass, LOL. But not my type of girl. To many restrictions if you ask me, LOL!

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    Luciana / Lousiana However you want to call her LOL she at DH today

    Coming thru with the latest intel over here. LOL since yall inquired about that Luciana chick in the past, well she there. I went back into my past posts to give yall the rundown of her here. Ill be busy myself today with work duties, so probably cant make it - plus I spent mad bread anyways yesterday, needa recuperate my funds lol sheesh - but might as well let yall know. Damn what a wild night last night tho haha

    Quote Originally Posted by Jswizz21  [View Original Post]
    Got some pics of Luciana from DH here. Pics are amazing. Not for nothing, but I like how she looks better in person. These studio pics make her seem less feminine than she really is. BTW, girl is Hilarious! And def could tell she likes taking control LOL she looks like she will rough you up in bed real good, make you feel like a little btch which I like. Like the GiGi experience I had haha. But no, she just looks like she could get dominant in bed. She's very exuberant, full of life and energy, and a great sense of humor. When I went last time to see Geraldine, I had already seen Luciana before. While waiting for Geraldine in the living room, she was bumpin hard to some Mexican music, imitating the singer. I was in tears haha shit was so funny. Then when some guy came, she sang to him, and told him to smash her cheeks real good, so the guy chose her, and like a min later, she comes out the room naked to get the client a bottle of water. Again, I was hysterical LOL it was like a show hahaha! She seems like A LOT of fun. Makes me want to give her another try. Giving all the guys a wild ride for their time LOL sheesh. I do have to say tho that my type is really short slim girls. Those girls like that drive me loco. But this may be good for yall who into tall girls. Previously I said she's like 5'7 but nah chill, she def must be like 5'9 LOL.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails EB224A76-B293-4458-9D26-8C5BB22346AE.jpg‎   E8910CFB-9ED7-45AC-84D7-D4819E29A1D0.jpg‎  

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    Any report on her?

    Saw on BP for a while now but never contacted.

    Would love to hear any feedback.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jswizz21  [View Original Post]
    Idk where yall at tonight yall but yall should be at DollHouse no doubt about it. This girl Jessica is back. The Hall of Famer chick who does everything you could possibly want. BBFS everything. Slim petite short Dominican girl. Promised to get back to yall when the intel came thru. And that leaves me curious East, did you see Jessica when you went? I'm about to go over there right now to try her out again. And they have new busty girls in today so ima check it all out guys. I would def take advantage that Jess is there because she's so sporadic with her schedule she's there at random times. Had to stop all I was doing to go LOL we in there!
    As I said, with both of my recent visits the girls were mostly occupied behind closed doors and didn't really get a chance to see the full roster. I like to hit it and quit and move on and stay in any one location very long. I will say that when Brenda walked me down to the main level, the door closest to the fridge was open and there were 3 ladies in there and one of them caught my eye. Short, around 5', lighter skin with wavy black hair to her mid back. Very sexy from what I could see but only got a side view.

    When I get back after the new year, I will seek out this Jessica girl and hopefully I can connect but who knows. Seems these ladies maintain a lot of mobility. Maybe it's a circuit type of thing.

    And thanks Js. You've provided some great Intel.

    After a 5 hour delay, I finally made it back to Tennessee and will be out of the Queens game for a bit. To be continued.


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    Jessica the BBFS Hall of Fame Queen PSE Does Everything you Fkin Want. At DH

    Yooo! Damn I just came back from DH. It was packed!! How did word about Jessica go around LOL Brenda was there along with Rosita, Lory, Haydee as reviewed below LOL, and Jessica! Lime green bathing suit bra and bikini so fkin hot. Has hair all done like a fkin queeen yall. Lmao I'm like in love with this girl's aesthetics man, the way she dresses, the way she fucks, everything about her. And all for the right reasons, of course. I got to tell this chick to stay tf here at DH; likes coming out whenever she wants to when she should be there the whole damn time. I'd rather fuck her every time I go to DH, instead of choosing any other damn girl, deadass.

    I think I have to recap some shit for yall, because I notice theres a lot of new guys coming on the board here, not knowing who tf Jessica is LOL. So she's like a 5'2 caramel skin Dominican girl really slim, lightweight I swear you could pick her up and just fuck her while picking her up real good, hands on the little asscheeks and all. I saw her coming from downstairs and when I saw her, she greeted me with the cheekiest smile, but damn, I wasn't up yet. A whole damn line for her I guess damn. I had to let 2 guys go ahead of me, the longest wait ever just to get some pussy. But its aight damn all this high ass demand for my girl Jessica damnn LOL.

    Got to go way back to the first time I fucked her bareback. I was in full bliss when I did that shit. Well here it goes with some from my previous BBFS session with her, which really just sums up what happened today, and some characteristics about Jessica so you can get to know who this dream queen is LOL sheeshh! So here it go yall:

    Just finished having some hot fkin PSE Bareback fun with the famous Latina, Jessica!

    Yup, the same Jessica that's been talked about here lately from the DollHouse. The one the has the open menu for all your fantasies. I have to say man, this girl is a true GEM. So rare to find a girl as open minded as her nowadays, even though I'm starting to see it more frequently lately. Full bareback. I usually just get GFE and nothing more, but today, I just went all out, and boy, what a difference! Was AMAZING!

    Jessica, for those who don't know, is a hot slim petite Dominican with a bubbly ass, and a cheeky smile. Good lookin girl with a nice smooth caramel complexion. She's a short girl probably 5'2, which I absolutely love.

    I booked half hour with her, and went into the room with her. We undressed, have some small talk, complement eachother's looks haha, and discuss the service I wanted with her. We've had couple quick sessions before, and half hours here and there, and mostly covered session except for one session when I felt it was just right for me fuck her raw real good. Tonight was just as exciting with yet another hot bareback experience. She quotes me. 6 for bareback + bbj and kissing, so that's what I went with (. 60). You'd figure it be way more for those kind of services hah.

    I'm kind of nervous honestly to start, as she inspects my cock to make sure it is in good condition LOL after passing inspection, she puts the whole thing slowly into her mouth while making eye contact. Uff so hot. Does a little extra with her mouth, bit extra than what she normally did before. Does these tongue twirls, side shaft sucking, and then deepthroats the whole shlong in her mouth. Feels so damn good, I'm just holding the back of her head so she can go deeper inside her throat.

    After some of this hot BBJ action, which I'm absolutely lovin, I suggest we get started. I figure I want to start with Doggy here, so I ask her to get on all 4's, which she does. She shakes that phat ass first, and I just see her sexy pussy lips waiting to take in my big veiny hard cock. My cock is already wet from all the saliva from the BBJ, that natural lube right there LOL I then stick it in slowly, taking in the moment. I stuck way deep inside her, to which she winced a little bit, letting off a moan. Wow!! Is all I could think. Feels sooo much better, and warm like an oven! I start going slowly, then start pounding away a little faster, watching that ass clap back and forth with my dick inside her. I slap her ass as she takes some control, bringin that ass back. Then I take some control, holding her by the waist and thrusting it deep inside her. I'm not even 2 minutes into Doggy, and I'm really not trying to bust inside her (I was getting the urge). This was feeling mad good!

    Just then, I suggest we switch to missionary. Love how flexible this girl is man. I pull out so she can lay down on the bed, for some missionary. As I'm inserting my dick back inside her, I see how wet she is. Nice! I stick it in real deep again, and start fucking her real good, spreading her legs up to her head basically LOL absolutely love the view, as I'm bangin her, I'm just looking down at my dick going inside and out of her cute sexy pussy. I reach for a kiss, to which she is readily receptive to, and we start having LFK as I'm bangin away. Then turns into DFK with hot tongue action.

    After some of this, we switch to cowgirl, which I enjoyed watching her boobs jiggle a bit in front of my face, and seeing her slim body in front. So hot man. Feels amazing. We then switch back to Doggy, there I planned to finish up the session. I go in her pussy first, bang her like this, watching that phat ass thump back against my groin. I just see how creamy my dick is at at this point; thinking this is just what I wanted. I just see her pussy all creamy as I'm fucking her. All the meanwhile, she is moaning her ass off, calling me papi and all sorts of names. I'm just there having all this dirty-talk with her, telling her whose her daddy hahh. The strongest urge comes now at this point while I'm grabbing her slim waist to just blow right inside her pussy, and I just close my eyes and. Let all this creamy milk burst right inside her nice hot pussy. I stick my cock way deeper into her pussy and take in this hot moment right here. I don't know how many creampies she's had today, but she surely was wet. I'm a crazy ass dude man but I've come clean since my last time with her, so all the more reason to feel at ease going at it with raw once again. I pull her waist towards me to get an even deeper penetration inside her, and figure I keep fucking her til I get all sensitive and shit again. I couldn't hold it much longer before it got all sensitive again. I pull out and see how creamy my cock is pulling out.

    What a relief! Felt so damn good man. The sensation you feel compared to a condom is so much better. I just never do it with a girl like that. I'm definitely careful with whom I do it with. I trusted her after seeing her for a while a few months, so I just went with it.

    Hottest session ever. She's great for all you BBFS-lovers. You have a GEM here waiting for you. I will definitely go back for more. It is so damn hot man.

    It barely even caused a dent in my wallet at all. You have to see what I went through I swear. Thats if you are willing to let go of all those taboos of doing raw, and that anxiety which is the biggest driving force to make you turn away from an open minded experience like this. I've been clean my whole life, thank god. Blessed. You won't regret it trust me. I was the same way as most of you guys probably are about diseases and shit, only to come out that I'm clean. Enjoy guys!

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    Jessica the BB Queen at DH !!! Hall of Fame !

    Idk where yall at tonight yall but yall should be at DollHouse no doubt about it. This girl Jessica is back. The Hall of Famer chick who does everything you could possibly want. BBFS everything. Slim petite short Dominican girl. Promised to get back to yall when the intel came thru. And that leaves me curious East, did you see Jessica when you went? I'm about to go over there right now to try her out again. And they have new busty girls in today so ima check it all out guys. I would def take advantage that Jess is there because she's so sporadic with her schedule she's there at random times. Had to stop all I was doing to go LOL we in there!

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    The good and not so good at the DH

    I'm not from Queens but travel here often on business. Between the DH, Carolina's, AMP's and all the other action, one cannot complain for a lack of things to do.

    I got in Wednesday (13th) and went to the DH around 3. Called ahead and then again when at 106/32 and when I approached the gate, G1 opened the door and I walked right in. Went upstairs, got a QV card and had a seat. Miss V said there were 6 chicas on but they were all behind closed doors. There was one monger ahead of me and one behind me. I took a seat and after about 5 minutes out walks a beautiful Venezualean. Really hot. At least double, maybe triple D's. Really nice back side. Not jacked up with inflatables. Monger ahead of me was waiting on a friend amd passed so I was like, he'll yeah, got up, gave the card and went in to what I thought would be heaven. Not. She introduced herself as either Heidi or Aidea, hard to tell since she did not speak a lot of English. I dreamed that I stripped down to my t shirt, approached and she did a little cleaning. Slipped on the jacket and proceeds to CBJ for probably 30 seconds. She has beautiful long straight hair and I tried to run my hand through it. Shut me down immediately and said "no touch my hair". Okay. Then, to my disbelief, adds a little lube, lays back and says come on. I tried to touch her arm but she pulls back. I proceed to inject and she was just laying like a fish, not into it at all. Absolutely no touch at all. After a few minutes I asked her to do K9. She does the flip but instead of face down ass up, she lays on her stomach. I'm like Okay I'm going to punish that thing and as I get set up, try to place my hands on her hips which she quickly swats them off. I pound it out for about 5 and then released. Even though the service was a 2 or 3/10, still tipped an Abe because I know they don't get maybe half the admission. Definitely not a repeat on my list.

    Went back the next night about 8 and following the advice of Jswizz, decided I would try Brenda. Entry this time same as day before. Call ahead, then again at intersection and walk right in. Make it upstairs, chit chat with Miss V a little and ask if Brenda is in. Yes but busy. I take a seat and wait. Heidi from the day before was on the couch next to me and just kind of gave me a look. I said hi but that was it. Wait about 5 minutes and out walks Brenda. Not nearly as beautiful as Heidi but I give her the card, she takes my hand and we walk upstairs. As we go up, she's ahead and I can't help but to cup her cheeks. She just turns and smiles. No reprimand or hand slapping and I knew this meant game on. Talk about a night and day difference from this night and the day before.

    Get in the room, does a little cleaning, slips on the coat and CBJ starts. Fairly decent so I let her go on for about 3 minutes. As she's doing her thing, I let the girls loose and give them a little attention, without any opposition. I'd size them as C's, natural. I then lay down and she got on CG then RCG and she made sure I enjoyed the view! I lay her down for a little mish, then flip her around ass up face down just like I like it. Pound it out rough and she takes it like a champ. Just as I finish, I get the knock knock knock. We clean up, get dressed and chit chat a little. Very enthusiastic, friendly and nice. I learn that Friday (today) is her last day and she doesn't know if she will be back. She says she wants to but not sure if the lady of the house will invite her back. I didn't ask for digits since I won't be back for about a month but I definitely got the feeling she likes what she does and would take on a little part time work. Tipped a ham. I definitely reccomend and would repeat but there's so much available and I want to try them all.

    Happy Hunting.


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    Dh is great and all but could anybody hook me up qirh Carokines or Jamaica, loking to try something new.

    Pm me, thanks.

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    Carolinas. Roxane

    Decide to head to Carolinas after work today. Carolina introduced me to Roxane. Tight dress, ass poppin out. Gave for the 1/2. Laid down, she went on top of me and put her tits right on my lips. Put them right inside my mouth LOL. She then went for the CBJ. It was alright but follows instructions really well tho. Lots of DT action which felt great. Decided to do CG first. Rides the D well. Squatted and rode it. Put her in doggie and boy I can say its one of the nicest bubble butts I've ever smashed. Put it in and she was really into it. Puts in a lot of work. I will try to get a real picture of her. She is working till Friday. Anyone who is into latinas with a great a bubble butt, this is your chick. I will definitely be heading back tomorrow for her.

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    Follow the BP link


    Hope it is still there when you look.


    Quote Originally Posted by Ccovino  [View Original Post]
    Does anyone have the actual number to dh trying to find it on backpage and CL but c 2 different ones. Interested in visiting.

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    Brenda. Colombian MILF at DH

    Quote Originally Posted by FreshHalls  [View Original Post]
    Is anyone still seeing this MILF / gilf brenda from Jackson heights?
    Quote Originally Posted by ShortyStuff  [View Original Post]
    You sent me the number for Judy in Flushing. I was hoping to see Brenda the milfy Colombian in Jackson Heights that everyone raved about a few years ago. Thanks anyways though, Judy is a good fuck for those who want to visit Greece LOL.
    Quote Originally Posted by ShortyStuff  [View Original Post]
    Hey everyone, trying to get some info on the famous Brenda who was reviewed quite a bit here a few years ago. I've gone extremely far in posts and read great things about her. If anyone had ever seen her before and is willing to PM me her info, I'll definitely see her and post a review about it. Or if anyone has any good Colombian milfs, my inbox is open.
    Quote Originally Posted by HinesKarlton  [View Original Post]
    Brenda still around.

    Colombia MILF.
    New Girl named Brenda at DH who looks a bit asian but really is latina. Lightskin 5'2 Colombian MILF. Interesting look. Says she's 34 yearsold, and she definitely looks her age. She's a bit of a petite girl, although not too skinny like that. I'd say a bit slimmer than average, is slim-average the right word? Yeah, probably. She's a blonde, who looks like she's pissed at you when she looks at you, but she really just looks like that LOL she looked cheerful soon as I made a flirty joke. Has the asian look when she smiles (at least in the eyes, you know what I mean LOL). Hope this describes her well.

    When she told me her name was Brenda, it clicked right away in my head that guys have been asking about Brenda. At the moment with her, I recalled someone from the chat asking about "Brenda. " When I left the house, I got on my phone to search up "Brenda" and lo and behold, I found out some nice posts which I have quoted here about her. She seems quite legendary, and well, she really is. Let me just break down my experience with this Colombian MILF. It was really good.

    Inside the room with her, I figured to get into a role playing mood with her to gauge how playful she was going to be. I was there acting all nervous every time she looked at me, and making some silly nervous flirty responses to her while she looked at me in such erotic fashion haha. She's a charm, her smile is bright, with her small cute teeth aha. Its just when she's not smiling that it kind of looks like she's pissed at you in a way hahah. I loved how seductive she was throughout the session. The way she looked at me with her chinky eyes, so seductive LOL I asked for bbj and no extra charge was even mentioned!! Yes!! Wipes me down with alcohol and baby wipes. After that, she requested I lay down on the bed and then starts giving me BBJ. The BBJ was okay, wouldve appreciated more suction and more deepthroat, but hey, no extra charge remember? Haha after some few seconds of this, I indicate to her that I'm ready to fuck LOL so she gets the condom, puts it on and is like Hold on I give CBJ even better than this LOL well which is true. How does having a condom on enhance someone's BJ skills? Idk LOL! But it did feel much better. Enjoyed the CBJ much more. After she finishes, I make out with her a bit, and then I have her get ontop of me to ride me for a bit. Feels real good the moment my cock went inside her. Real snug and warm. I grab her little ass cheeks haha and start slammin it inside have my cock deep inside her. Did this for a few before suggesting missionary. She's like she likes when her man takes control in a seductive way LOL so I get ontop of her and start plowing away into her. At first its uncomfortable getting into position here, as her legs don't spread like that up to her head. I just adjusted her legs, bringing them closer together and fucking her that way. Worked out, banged her little pussy real good. Worked up a sweat over her. Began making out more with her with some nice tongue action. She moans like crazy and its so damn hot the way she moans. I kept telling her I was going to bust LOL kept stopping every few secs to hold it in LOL! I couldn't handle all the stopping. Missionary has become my vulnerable position to bust in, since I really get into it and since the girls face is right there in front of you the whole time, hard to resist busting here LOL I get her on all 4's then and this was really fkin good. Her moans were so good while I'm fuckin her hardcore. After a short time banging away, I end up busting. So so good.

    The flirty remarks continued after the session haha. So this is a rare instance where no upsell was brought up for the extra GFE services, but I took it upon myself to tip well just because she didn't do that on me. Just handed her a $15 and told her I appreciated her not upselling me LOL I wonder how open her menu is hah she's a true charm. For those who have been asking about Brenda on these boards, she may be the one you all have been looking for! Enjoy guys.

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    Does anyone have the actual number to dh trying to find it on backpage and CL but c 2 different ones. Interested in visiting.

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