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    Jessica Is Back at DH! (BBFS)

    Figure I have a whole separate post for this. I know ALOT of you guys ask about Jessica. When I finished my session with GiGi, I saw Jessica. Finally! Been waiting a long ass time for her return LOL but she's back. Being that I already came, I decided I may just come back and see her later tonight. I'm glad she's back. She's lookin sexy af today too! Going to go in that pussy raw again and give her that creampie uffff sheesh can't wait haha and BTW I been all good, clean since doing that with her last time. Enjoy guys. Hope yall enjoying the Holidays.

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    GiGi at DH. Slim Petite Girl. BDSM / Humiliation

    Woahhhh! What an experience! Almost left DH with a hickie damnn lmao the wildest fkin sex I ever had tf. I didn't know what I had gotten into when I chose this tiny slim Boricua girl at the DH. I mean it in a good ass Way LOL let me just say I was choked, slapped, forced to destroy that pussy up and almost given a hickie LOL I felt like a little btch haha all of a sudden I was a slave and she was my master dominating the shit out of me LOL. Yo let me just say I fckin loved it! I didn't even think about partaking in a kinky ass session like this before. I think I want to be every girl's btch from now on. That shit was hot.

    Gigi is like 19 years old, 5'7 slim girl with the body of Jessica. Has a long sleeve tattoo on her left arm. Boobs must be like D cup or something. Had a black bandana on her hair, with straight black hair extending down past her shoulders. Really love her smile, huge bright smile. Defintely got lost in her eyes, probably brown eyes she has. Ima be honest I didn't get to focus on small shit like this because she turned me into her slave as soon as she choked when she took off my underwear LOL obviously not a harmful choke, just good enough choke pressure to not trap my damn airways LOL so yea she took off my boxer briefs herself and went up to me did the whole choke thing and bit her lips. I was shocked. I was like "ohhh" hahah I'm like "oh its like that" and remained erotic. She was definitely in a role playing mode, so I went along with it. She then put on the condom and began giving me a HJ which got me hard. No CBJ here. We just skipped right to the action. Ideally, I would want the CBJ but she definitely does it. I asked about that at the end. Its cool though, more time to bang her, long as I was hard for penetration. She just got right in doggy position, at the side of the bed, so I was basically going to be fucking her at the side of the bed in doggy me standing up (knees slightly bent, you get the point LOL). As I was going to mount her, she holds the back of my neck with her hands. Was a gesture of "come and fuck me daddy". Turned me tf on when she did that. As I'm inserting my cock inside her pussy, I notice just how wet her pussy is already. Pussy was looking mad good and delicious. I stick it right into her, going in as deep as I can. She turns her head around makes eye contact with me and bites her lips. No fake moaning and bs. Had to work up to it loll I hold her waist and then run my hands up her back to which she responds by placing my hands on her neck. All of a sudden I was chockin her real quick but I'm not good at multitasking and shit so I just slid my hands back down to her waist and grabbed her there and started pumping away inside her. I fucked her mad hard to which she started moaning a little bit. I saw just how creamy my cock was getting inside her. Was fkin great seeing my cock slide in and out of her hot pussy. She has this nice booty. Smacked the shit outa those cheeks. Tried to turn them red knowing she's into that humiliation shit. I had to assert my dominance a little bit. I pumped harder into her, and felt the urge to bust early, so I pulled out right away and close my eyes real quick. Needed that feeling to subside first LOL had so many positions to get thru with this freak. I have her get into missionary then. My god that pretty bald shaved pussy looking so damn clean. I really wish I had asked to go down on her because it was looking so damn good. I know sometimes I'd say that about a particular girl, but I mean it million times over with this chick. Pussy so wet and looks so damn good. I just stick it inside her and real deep, feel the end of her pussy. I get real close to her face and try to make out a bit with her but she didn't go for it (she does kissing tho since I asked her about it after the session, her charge to makeout is $25 she said). I didn't even know that at the time, probably wouldve done it. I just keep fucking her and start kissing her neck. She goes and goes for my neck but doesn't suck it like that. Just sucks it gently and kisses it a bit. She does all these variations in missionary with her legs, which I'm absolutely loving. Girl is so damn flexible sheesh. Spreads the legs out real wide, and brings her feet in as to touch her pussy with both feet. So hot. She maintained nice eye contact with me throughout. I then turn her around for some doggy action once again, this time on the bed, knees on the bed. I start banging away, now my cock is super creamy now with her juices. I couldn't hold it much longer before busting inside the bag. I tap that asscheek before pulling out. I get wiped down and start getting dressed. She keeps her erotic gaze at me. Super sexy.

    After getting dressed, she looks at me like I'm a damn snack, and comes over and sucks my neck. I'm like woahh LOL thought she left me with a hickie. Either way I loved it. A whole different experience I never had before. I'm not experienced with humiliation / bdsm and stuff. It was an interesting first time experience for me, nonetheless. I checked my neck on the mirror and she didn't give me a hickie LOL just a slight mark. But she's fkin great for those who are into that kinky shit. Def go for her she's going to give you a wild kinky time.

    Btw this picture looks really accurate of how Gigi looks like:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 6C92E943-4FD0-4EA2-ADCA-85C308FD9F9E.jpg‎  

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pyro  [View Original Post]
    Your quotes hilarious and joyful. A virgin? HAHAH I heard that before.
    LOL! It felt like she was a virgin LOL acted so innocent. Shit turned me tf on LOL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jswizz21  [View Original Post]
    never done this kind of work. she's a virgin hahah
    Your quotes hilarious and joyful. A virgin? HAHAH I heard that before.

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    Rosa- Brand New Venezuelian at DH (Basically a Virgin!)

    So I've maintained contact with the DH to see when they get new girls in so I could go try them. The Madame tells me a brand new girl was going to start working there in the morning today (Thanksgiving). Says she never did this work before. The privilege of being such a frequent regular at the DH. Being treated nicely and given updates on new girls. Absolutely love that. I realize I end up usually being the first to review the newest girls haha. Anyhow, I confirmed this morning with her to make sure she was going to be there at opening time. Was up really horny with the only morning wood LOL so I head on over to make it in time so I get there right around 10 am, was the only guy there LOL Madame lets me know which girl was the new one. Once I saw her, I knew I had to choose her. Rosa, her name is. Nice sweet looking 21 yrold 5'2 Venezuelian girl with glasses, black hair extending past her shoulders. Had on this nice black corset, and pink bikini. Nicely tanned taut skin, very youthful looking. Really nice ass she had, not too big or phat like that, but it was just right. Perfect bubbly shape. She looked a bit shy, and I just figured its because she was just new to this type of work. That actually excited me. I figure I help break her into the field LOL.

    I chose her then for the quickie to give her that test run. Didn't quite know what to expect from a new girl whose never done this kind of work. She takes me into her room and I realize she's shy, which I found super cute. I hug her then and I'm like Its okay haha She tells me she just never did this work before, as Madame already mentioned. I then asked her if she's a virgin hahah had her giggling a bit hahah she's like of course not, but that she's never fucked that much before. Now I'm really excited actually at this point LOL I figure her pussy is tight as heck. I come to find out how true this is with her.

    Given her the "Brand New" label is entirely appropriate then for her LOL I then start to give her a kiss which eventually turned into some DFK. Did this while still looking shy a bit. Figured this is just what she needed. Surprised actually that she allowed it, considering she hasnt had too many partners before. Thought she was like one of those paranoid girls who worry about diseases as I'm sure most newbies are, but glad she wasnt. We went at it with the kissing. She really seemed to enjoy it, so we went all in with the hot tongue action. This was getting me so damn hard, didn't even a BJ to start penetrating her, but I still request CBJ from her, make sure this service is complete LOL curious to see how she suck the dick, being new and all. I notion that I want CBJ so she puts on the condom for me and has me lay down on the bed. She gets on top of me and we continue to make out first some more. Starts kissing me down my entire body from my lips, then to my chest, my nipples, belly and then finally puts her mouth on my cock. This never felt this good before I swear. If only all the girls I tried did it this same way. Felt such a romantic feeling from her. I'm impressed. Her CBJ was really good, with some deepthroat action going on there. I moan some and doing some teeth sucking, so she can know how good she was sucking it, and she kept going, focusing on the side of the shaft, before coming right back up to the tip of the head and devouring it completely inside her mouth. Loved it.

    Left a good amount of her saliva on my cock. Just then she crawls back up to my face for some more DFK and then inserts my cock slowly into her pussy. She makes a face once its inside her. Man this girl is tight! Just what I expected from a new girl. She starts to ride me slowly before picking up the pace and eventually grinding me. I could tell she was feeling good. It became my whole focus to make sure she was being satisfied instead of making it a focus on me and my own pleasure. This change of mindset was truly critical. I was able to last much longer than usual because of it. I have her ride me more before I start taking some control and thrust it inside her. She then resumes the riding which I'm absolutely loving because of how tight this girl is. Without question, perhaps one of the tightest pussies I've tried there. We switch positions so I can stick it into her missionary style. This is a true pleasure, being able to see her face. She was so into it and I could tell from the frown how good it was feeling for her. I continue the DFK and bang away a bit. No doubt that her moans were genuine, as she disengaged our touching lips to let out a moment to moan a bit some more. I'm like "Oh yeahhhh?" And really start bangin her even harder. She's like "siiiii ay mmm" so hot. After a few minutes of this hot stuff, I just have her switch to doggy, being conscious of the time now.

    She gets into doggy position and start banging away. I tell her she has to just arch her back more, which she does. Part of the learning experience LOL told her to do the lowest arch she can do and she did. Start plowing away into her. Ass was looking good, and of course, pussy tight as ever. Was enjoying this like never before. There was not a lot of time left in the session I'd assume, so I just blew in the bag. Pussy felt amazing. Couldn't hang in any longer had to deposit my kids into the bag already loll I pull out slowly and then get wiped down. I let her know how great she was. Ill be coming back for her for half hour session no doubt about it. I end up tipping her really well, more than usual, a $20 tip since she's brand new. The best part she didn't even ask me for the tip. Love it. That definitely covers the DFK and all that hah.

    Enjoy her fellas. Treat her with respect. I'd love to see her come back more often after today. She's basically a virgin hah gave me spectacular service with the limited experience she has.

    Happy Thanksgiving yall. Starting the Holidays off with a bang 😊.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jswizz21  [View Original Post]
    Incorrect. The DH is opened. I saw their BP post earlier today. I haven't been able to go out there bc I'm sick as heck. Only because of that damn lol ahh. Perhaps tonight tho, am told new ones are there today.
    I got a text saying they were closed, but it's possible it meant they weren't open yet since it was like 10:45 am. Sorry about that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jswizz21  [View Original Post]
    Incorrect. The DH is opened. I saw their BP post earlier today. I haven't been able to go out there bc I'm sick as heck. Only because of that damn lol ahh. Perhaps tonight tho, am told new ones are there today.
    So will they be open tomorrow or is there anywhere or anyone else available tomorrow, it sucks that I will be stuck at work so I might as well take the plunge now and hopefully my day won't completely suck.

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    Naomi Astoria

    Was really horny after my 4 day trip for work. Was thinking it about going to the dollhouse but I decided something different today. I've always wanted to know how is it with the Hungarians. Sometimes I see the pics on BP and I used to think they were fake. I assumed they were like old pictures or photoshopped. Anyways I see this ad for Naomi in Astoria. Her pics look so hot. She has that crazy sexy look. She uses a 2 call system.

    Get up into the building and I'm surprised when I see her. She is fucken hotter in person than in her pictures. She looks older and more "plasticly"? In her pics. She was wearing a sleeping gown with tights. Hey hair in a pony tail. Naomi looks like a young Hungarian chick who is visiting the US. She could be a great model. I think she's like 23 yrs old. She has great big tits and a perfect ass. I pay the donation and the fun begins.

    I start kissing her on the neck and move down to the tits. They are great. They seem fake to me but nipples are perfect size. I lay down the bed and she begins a CBJ. I like her blowin skills. Doesn't use teeth and sucks pretty good. She also spits on the dick so it feels really good. After 5 minutes, she asks if we fuck. I said I want to DATY. She's says ok and down low I go. Her pink pussy is perfect. I was slobbering all over it. Lickin around the clit and sticking my tongue inside.

    I then tell her I want to 69. This view is incredible. She has a perfect proportional ass. It's fits her figure. Pussy in my mouth, hands on her ass and tits. She doesn't allow FIV. After a while she gets up and we fuck. She lies down and I put my dick in her pink pretty pussy. I start out slow and speed up. I preejaculate most of the time within a few minutes which is why I didn't want to go to the doll house. They always rush me and I feel the pressure. Naomi doesn't do that. I'm holding her waist watching my dick go in and out. She lets out moans; Probably fake but it's not exaggerated.

    Usually after 2 minutes of missionary I cum. However I tried my best to last. I started to think about baseball. Boring, boring baseball. It helped me last a bit longer. For a few moments I would stop stroking and hope I wouldn't cum. To my surprise I made it! After another minute of missionary the feeling of no turning back came so I asked for doggy. Her ass is small, round and perfect. I'm in her and I think she enjoys this position more I think. She moanin alot more. There's a mirror next to the bed and it looks hot when you're fucking her brains. I decided to go hard and fast when fucking her doggy. After a minute I nutted. She let my dick be in her for a little bit.

    We cleaned up and spoke for a few minutes. We spoke about our lives and I asked her how long she here for. She said she's leaving next week. Maybe come back next year. So I'm definitely seeing her next week before she goes. For this session I lasted around 18 minutes (got the half) and I was satisfied. A record for me. Progress is good little by little I guess. I want to see her next week for the hour and hope it will be 2 pops. 120 for half, 200 for hr.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eagles1234  [View Original Post]
    Closed today.
    Incorrect. The DH is opened. I saw their BP post earlier today. I haven't been able to go out there bc I'm sick as heck. Only because of that damn lol ahh. Perhaps tonight tho, am told new ones are there today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZapDaPussy9  [View Original Post]
    When I do cunnigulus I kiss the Chicas clit. I have never gone all out like Its thanksgiving / Christmas eve or New years day Dinner. LOL I have never banged a Jave cdp chica raw as well. I may bang Raw one day either with them or a higher end Eros / ter chica that charge a months rent. The Pheromones part is true! LOL Thats what I like. Since I got everyone attention, I am willing to help those who are interested in starting their own spy video series with these cdp chicas. You can contact me by email. Here's a link to my page:

    The more eyes and ears the better. Having Videos is better then Pictures. I want to make this site better. A hot chica to one monger may be trash to another. Word descriptions is not enough.
    Casa De Putas broads have big mouths and tell the house mom and security everything I wouldn't film anything in the room unless the broad can be trusted or your tipping the girl. When you leave the spot after your encounter they sit there and talk with other girls and housemom about the sex.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justforme  [View Original Post]
    I am not adverse to going bare and will if the feeling hits me. What I do want to iterate without appearing argumentative is that you can catch anu STD from a $5 lady just as easy as a $1000/ hr overpriced piece. It just takes one person to share a bad bodily fluid. Even the rich catch STDs.......
    You are correct in that it only takes one whether that infected person is a "$5 lady or a $1000/ hr overpriced piece. ".

    However its all about the odds: say the odds of a prostitute getting infected from bareback is 1 in a 1000 (I don't know the odds but I'm just throwing that # out there. Note that about 1 in 300 people in US have HIV). If the $5 lady does 10 barebacks a day the odds are 50% that she will be infected after 2 months. If the $1000/ hr does 1 bareback a day the odds are 50% that she will be infected after about 2 years.

    As you say no one has the right to judge. But I personally am not willing to roll the dice with those odds.

    You pays your money and you takes your choice.

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    It only takes one guy

    I am not adverse to going bare and will if the feeling hits me. What I do want to iterate without appearing argumentative is that you can catch anu STD from a $5 lady just as easy as a $1000/ hr overpriced piece. It just takes one person to share a bad bodily fluid. Even the rich catch STDs.

    100 a night or a 1000/ hr does not keep infections away. Do as you like. It is your life and no one on this or any similar forums (or anyone) have the right to judge.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bigggga  [View Original Post]
    You are something else man! LOLZ.

    You eating out CDP pussy when the girls don't have lube or they run out of lube they spit on the condom before they put you in they pussy. Ewwwww.

    I usually go to the Casa De Putas after I shower up and shower up after when I go home. Anytime I go check a broad whether it be a broad from backpage or CDP they always asking me where I'm coming from. You brave to be raw dawging dem broads man. I only bareback 2 hoes because they didn't have a condom and it was a scary feeling days and weeks later I question myself "What if she got aids or I search the internet on how long it takes for herpes or Gonorrhea to show up. I used to work in a strip joint in manhattan with private rooms and you hear the stories about strippers getting sick from the tricks LOLZ! I take it easy now if the girl aint got no condom the most I get is a BBBJ and nothing else. Unless its my personal girlfriend or something I aint taking that chance. I read in Queens Escort thread someone put they took off the condom and squirted allover the girl face and she said "Put it in my mouth" my stomach cringed when I read that I will never kiss any off them CDP hoes again LOLZ. Even if they take a shower in the spot its not like a shower when you are at home. Those broads in a rush for the next trick as soon as you leave the room. On a good day or bad day those broads have sex with at least 10 to 40 tricks in one day especially when its busy and you eating they pussy LOLZ! A girl charging $80 to $150 for a 15 minutes will never see 20 or 40 tricks in one day for that price.

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    [Deleted by Admin]


    Greetings Gentlemen,

    With all due respect, I would very much appreciate it if you would not use my forum to publicly solicit or exchange information on how to find and/or use my competitor's website(s).



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    Closed today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KirkDiggler  [View Original Post]
    Nothin to work with at all?
    Girls were the wrong kind of thick.

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