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Thread: Streetwalker Reports

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    Big Tit Jennifer

    She is a scam artist and skills are not all that. Stay away from her and let her starve.
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    Amber alert

    I was out on Tuesday Night around 9 pm doing some shopping around Best Buy. Came out and saw a big chested shorty that caught my eye. She approached me and I thought I knew her, as we walked to my car I ask her name and explained that I was on my way to an important meeting. But would be in the area on Wednesday around noon, she promised to meet me there. Now I knew that she had no intention of showing up especially when she asks for a deposit. DUH! That night I was catching up on USA reports and noticed that Big Tit Jennifer was a scammer. This girl was named Jennifer and had Big boobies so USA saved me some headaches.

    Anyway I did show up and cruised around for a while but did not see her. I did see a couple others that I wanted to sample but could not get on the correct side of the road before they took the worm on someone else's hook. Thinking my fishing trip was over I headed south to find lunch at BK or Wendy's, decided to just head home but need to fill my tank at Sams. Pulled into lot and got an "Amber Alert". Normally I would have kept on going but the shorts and big ass told me I need to drop a line in these waters. I cast my line and got a nibble, got her on board and she was very nervous kept asking if I was a cop, I get that a lot. Anyway even after a show and tell from both of us she was still very nervous. (If it was an act she deserves an Oscar) Because of the nerves I decided to just get the BBBJ no cim. I was very pleased with the sampler I got and the conversation was great. Kind of have a new insight on things. I loved spanking that big round ass. , and plan a return visit to FS asap. I dropped her at the Sub and headed home with a big smile.

    Thanks to the guys with the info on JO JO who I also saw again but she was with a guy walking away from BK. I think from now on I will refer to her as LEGO. Next time she ask for a donation I will say Sorry Lego don't have time.

    I will be heading out Thursday around 11 am to do some more fishing help to land something I can mount. Any good fishing tips would be appreciated.

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    Out of town looking

    I'm down here in Apopka from out of town for a couple days where are the girls located at around here? Help a brother John out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris5  [View Original Post]
    Sweet cheeks aka Trish has been around forever. Scooped her up and we hit up the Sand's. Chick used to be a stripper and it shows. She's tiny, about 4" 10 with a PHAT pale white azz!

    She has a working phone and is looking for some USASG business!! If you like tiny girls with hips and ass then she's your girl! My VIP guy's who I deal with can hit me up for her digits.

    Whats it take to be a VIP with you?

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    Came across video the other day and for some reason I thought she looks like Natasha from about 2012- 21013 time frame. Most likely not her but you never know as it was filmed in Tampa.

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    MJ (Jordan)

    Quote Originally Posted by PompanoGuy  [View Original Post]
    I'm sidelined for a bit, but someone should set her straight. Just tell her no money up front and make sure that she knows she's been labelled a scammer. Tell her if she gives you decent service that she'll be paid after the deed and will get a review. Maybe she doesn't know that guys have been warned about her. They only get so many chances to rebuild their reputation.

    It's also a good time to negotiate a discount for yourself.
    This reminds me of my first encounter with MJ, aka Jordan. When she began with the upfront request and other things, I quickly decided, "Not today". Man, she started backtracking so quick it was funny, but my mind was made up.

    The next session with her went better, but the lesson is clear: at the point they do anymore than negotiate the rate (I. E. , want the legos, want to see them, want them because they've been ripped-off before, etc.), drop 'them. Simply put, if they even mention any of that, it's not going to go well and it's best to consider the attempt a fail and move on, regardless of how they suddenly change their tune.

    BTW, does anyone know what happened to MJ? Haven't seen any reports on her in a while.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrailHunter  [View Original Post]
    Legends. Bro, I think C5 & SFJ would agree on these 2 . TH.
    I hit kit Kat on fb no answer in a while what happen to her? I haven't seen or heard from her in a hot min.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ParadiseTrail  [View Original Post]
    She isn't dead, only her brain is.
    YEAH SHE isn't very bright. But she doesn't have to be she texted me and said 2 benjis I laughed and said umm no street prices only no response back.

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    Red Heads, Blondes and Brunettes, The Trail was Hot this Morning!

    I was well over due for a relief so as not to waste time I decided to contact Veronica. I have seen her many times. She offers an awesome BBBJCIM. The best DT in all of the trail. I have not seen her for a while and it was time. Sent her a message and she replied quickly. We set up the time this morning for around 08:30. On the way there she sends me a message asking how much I am willing to donate which I ignored. Than sends me another message which says she will not do anything for less than. 5 roses, WTF. Went from. 3 last time to now. 5.

    Now if you want to go deep she is the one. She is really good at DT, Forced DT and Self-Forced DT until you pop inside her mouth or in my case in her throat. Last time she gagged on my load and made a mess on the floor of the car. She apologised but it was no biggie, it was an easy cleanup. Anyway I decided to ignore the message and hit the trail instead. Nothing at Consulate or Florida Mall, But the Royal Ho Inn had a hot looking spinner Blond. I would have picked her up but she was busy with her handler. Also saw Hazel but decided to head North to New Star instead. This morning it was the main event of the trail. Spinner Blondes, Redheads and Brunettes. I was really loving what I was seeing, so many choices and I am very picky. I decided to pickup the spinner red head. When she hopped in I was already feeling her body out which I found nice and tight. Says her name is Tanya. We drive to a location and start the session. I was really enjoying her body. I checked out her ass and found she was wearing a very sexy red thong. The problem was her BBBJ was somewhat mechanical and no DT. After awhile I decided to let her go. There is so much more talent out there this morning. I was actually looking forward to trying another babe anyway. So I gave her what was agreed. 2. Didn't collect any digits and refused a pic. I usually don't collect info from providers that I myself would not repeat. Just loved her spinner bod.

    After dropping her off, I headed back to the New Star area. But unfortunately those spinner babes were gone. Those sexy babes are not going to just hang around and wait for me. Their were many other drivers out there enjoying the scene or what was left of it. So after a couple passes, I decided to head south. At the Florida Mall area their were two sexy babes in the Wawa area. I missed out on the brunette, she was my first choice. A hot looking spinner body. So I grabbed the redhead with the nice tits. She hops in, says her name is Leah. We drive to location and started the session. Not much in DT skills but at least her oral skills was not mechanical. Which is fine since I was overdue. I popped in a short time. But I would not repeat. I want my DT! So no digits or photo was collected. Damage. 3.

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    Magic Mouth Michelle

    Quote Originally Posted by MrGoldgerg  [View Original Post]
    Definitely have seen her up and down the East Side. She does tend to go in to non-standard places such as Semoran between 408 and 50. Although I'm not into the SW thing at the moment, and in general I don't like chubby girls, she at least usually tries to look cute the few times I've seen her walking at night. Usually a dress, and the time I saw her (review somewhere probably east side) it was black and silky feeling which made me forget all about 'that ass being big. She was cool too.

    Now I could swear someone said watch your stuff when I brought her up, but when she was in my car, she was totally cool. Hell we even talked about her dad.
    Agree that Magic Mouth Michelle is very cool. We've hooked up 2 x & both times were drama free. And, in fact, both times she passed the trustworthy test with flying colors.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jmoedb  [View Original Post]
    That's on point.
    Ass is definitely PHAT!!

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    Big Tit Jennifer on Paradise Trail

    Jennifer is one of the best hookers on the infamous Paradise Trail. I've known her for year's and she always goes above and beyond to please C5! Which is why I continue to send my guy's her way. Tourists love Jenn and they love her massive Tits even more!! LOL!!

    Even TH has had nothing but good times with her. All chick's are YMMV. Some chick's click better with certain guy's than most. It's the way this game is played. My guy's love her!

    So whomever doesn't click with her? Simply don't pick her up! Trust me when I say this, ANOTHER car will!! Stop whining fellas and spend more time fucking these chick's!!

    Pics of her awesome Tits!!

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    I'm still out of action, but read the forum everyday. I see just about every girl mentioned. I don't see anything on Mariam. Has nobody seen her lately? Definitely an ATF of Trailguy. I receive calls from several girls, and few Mongers checking up on me. But no Mariam.

    Hope to be back in swing of things in about a month.

    Good luck guys and happy hunting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rudiger  [View Original Post]
    Big Tit Jennifer is the short-date scammer. She looks a little better than Big Tit Shelly, but she's not worth the hassle.
    Thanks for the great info Brothers.


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    One thing for sure

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris5  [View Original Post]
    Hug's, kisses, and biting your ear TH?? LOL!! Wow! I never got that special treatment from her bro! The only time she smiled at me was when I was dropping her off!! LOL!!

    What do you have that I don't bro!!

    Bro, one thing for sure that I have that you don't? A big mother fuckin' cock! LMAO!


    Everybody knows whats usually up when guy talks about how big his junk is.

    Just saying,


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