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    Black Barbie

    Picked up a beautiful black girl around 43rd and OBT calling herself Barbie. A really beautiful black girl; around 5'6', thin, with a beautiful face. This girl could be a model. Says she's in her 30's and has 3 kids. Great experience without her caring about time. Anyone else come across her before?

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    Mongering for 5 years, and today I finally picked up Kevon. As soon as she told me her name I remembered the great reviews on this board. Felt like I had picked up a celebrity. Of course the experience was great. Head like she was my madly in love girlfriend. Mentioned this board and she laughed. Of course I asked her if Chris5 was a real person. LOL! Can't say anything that hasn't been said; she's a pleasure!

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    Catch that Kitty Kat!!

    M2 this pic is for you brother!! Now you know what Kitty looks like!

    C5 loves this beautiful chick, actually she's my protege!! She's just like me!! She don't take shit from nobody! Gives the best head in Orlando!!

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    Another dry evening out there and ended up hooking up with Gigi. She said from her point of view the mini cold fronts are effecting the guys coming out as well, go figure. Her roommate Liz had some company over so we found a spot for the deed. Last month when I saw her she told me not to expect a DT which is fine as she has that in mouth swirl technique mastered. Reminded me of this young chic I picked up last summer Leah. Between her rotating back and forth between the boys and that swirling action I didn't even last that long. Another great time with this chic.

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    Bree of All Star City!

    Spending time with my good friend M2 in All Star City made me want to fuck. After observing over 14 girls over a two hour span, I decided I would fuck the shit out of Bree. I've known Bree for a while now and always liked her look. What's not to like? Bree is a beautiful pale white young spinner! About 4'10 and 90 pound's. Perfect tiny spinner body.

    M2 was kind enough to let me fuck her in his customized van. Plenty of room with mirror's included! On a side note, anyone that has seen M2 van knows its a awesome vehicle!! Bree hops in and we head to the back. Bree immediately gets undressed to reveal a beautiful spinner body. BBBJ and I fucked the shit out of her HARD!! Busted a week load of cum deep, deep, deep inside her pussy!! LOL!!

    No complaints from Bree. She's cool people!! Pic is posted somewhere here, but I will post a new of her soon.

    All Star City boy's!!


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    All Star City on the Notorious Paradise Trail

    C5 will now refer to the numbered street's as ALL STAR CITY!! I spent all afternoon today with my good friend the legendary M2 cruising and hanging in this area, which by the way has become one of my favorite hang outs. All Star City will become the next Blossom Park over time. I make this prediction right here and now. During a 2 hour span, M2 and I easily observed over 15 girl's in the area. Plenty of them doable!!

    There are a lot of new chick's popping in and out of this area all day and night. M2 is an expert in this area of the Notorious Paradise Trail. SFJ also gave ton's of valuable Intel about this area back in the day. Beautiful way cheaper girl's in All Star City then anywhere on Paradise.

    The Nashville area also will fall into All Star City! The old and new quadrants will always be the main drag, However for the adventure seeker's, All Star City currently is the place to be!! The hookers also agree with me as well.

    C5 welcomes ALL STAR CITY to the Notorious Paradise Trail!


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    Wow 3 loads is quite imprssive. Personally I never shot more than one load with a SW. That mainly because I prefer to get maximum pleasure for my money. The next time I visit Tijuana I might get some viagra and try.

    Quote Originally Posted by EMale7676  [View Original Post]
    This SW was found by our good friend Secondground. I've reviewed her in the past. Ever since he introduced me I had several dreams with Cassi. She is slim and petite. Her beSt quality is that she is reliable (when she has a phone) and she is drama free. Always smiling. She is one of the prettiest girls on the trail. However she has some loose skin which she says because of extreme weight loss. Anyways my dreams are always great with her. On my last dream I blew 3 loads. 2 inside and 1 in mouth. One of my atfs. Recently she acquired a phone, so Sr members can PM.

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    Picked up Angela Saturday late night by the Royal Inn next to Wendy's. Angela is a very nice blonde girl with nice tits. We drove to a secluded area and she started with my request BBBJ. She does not like CIM and wanted me to let her know when I am close. I was not able to finish. Her performance wasn't the greatest and it was a cold night. But I felt sorry for her and gave her something anyway. Probably will not repeat.

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    Met up with Kevon after my Alex Lynn encounter. It was about 09:30 when I saw her dressed sexy with high heels walking towards the Chevron by 43rd. Her reviews are spot on providing excellent BBBJCIMWS. If any one is interested in meeting up with her, she usually walks days to early evenings by New Star (43rd area).

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    New poster long time lurker paying dues.

    Saw maria at wawa Saturday headache relief.

    I have her number if someone wants it.

    Excellent as most have you stated.

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    Nikki thief

    She cashed and dashed 100 on me last week.

    My mistake as I saw her earlier in day and left guard down.

    Not librarian Nikki.

    Long time since I've been to orlando before last week. Ill become a regular as business takes me here.

    Thanks for all the awesone info guys I love the trail.

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    Barbie is real good. Until she steals everything from you

    Quote Originally Posted by Sukerxxx  [View Original Post]
    Saw her last summer, she is pretty when she "dolls up" also she is always willing to negotiate prices when in the right range. You lucky guys in Orlando go and have fun with her! Cause here in Chicago there is nothing but snow!
    That isn't nailed down from your hotel room. Then she will blame drugs when caught. Just ask trailguy, she got him too. Not to mention she will want the money up front then not preform.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tdrag  [View Original Post]
    Was coming home from Tallahassee and decided to stop and see if I could catch something on the trail. It was practically dead I saw maybe 4 SW on the trail. Saw two over by Wendy's so decided to scoop up a WSW named Nikki. We went to a spot and she started with a strong BJ. The suction on this lips was good. She worked to get that nut. Played with the kitty and it was nice. Definitely wished I had hit it but didn't have much time not we're we in a very secure spot. After 20 minutes I bust and here come the bad she decided she wasn't going to catch. Talking about if you paid more I would have so I clean up and kicked her right out. Will definitely come to the obt more.
    Which Nikki was this? What did she look like. If you say the Librarian, you should be prepared to answer quite a few more questions to resolve some doubt.

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    SW crying at the citgo

    So I was on my way to see a date, but saw this hottie walking towards the 7 eleven on jordon. I decided to make a you and take a closer look. Good for me she was sitting at the curb at 7-11. As I passed by her on jordon, she put her face down and crossed her arms. Damn can't see that face. Guess she was emabarassed because she was crying. Then I pull into the 7 eleven and park right behind her. I put down my window and call for her. She just gets up and walks quickly to the other gas station and talks to this homeless dude. Guess she didn't want to be disturbed. All I wanted to find out if she was barbie, get a number, gives her tissues and maybe a few bucks to help her back up. I know I'm softhearted, goes against the C5 rules. She was kinda f'ed up from the candy or maybe someone jumped her. Mystery remains.

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    I found this ad on BP

    Quote Originally Posted by PompanoGuy  [View Original Post]
    I've leaving sunny Florida for another two weeks and it sucks. I made last minute plans with Gigi and I arrived as she was stepping out of the shower. She dried off and put on sweats and a shirt. That seemed like a waste of time because I only lasted seconds before I had to get those clothes off her. As usual her performance was A++ and her company was equally as enjoyable.

    I've got digits for Seniors.

    If anyone is trying to reach her with a 407 area code, contact me for the current number.
    I found this ad on BP:
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