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Thread: Massage Parlor Reports

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    Went and saw Lulu. Massage was pretty good as well as the HE, but only lasted 20 minutes instead of 30. Tipped 20 as usual and of course she wanted more, but that's what I pay for a half hour massage. She got the job done but definitely wasn't my favorite. She had no problem with UTC, so that is a plus.

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    I don't remember who asked, but someone was looking for info about Springfield after the change. I dreamed that I went last week and had Linda. I was just as pleased as I had been previously. The result was equally as good as a "royal" visit nearby.

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    They've been posting

    Quote Originally Posted by RDoug723  [View Original Post]
    Looks like 9 m is posting again anyone been by?
    No longer "Modern", but same good service. I go about every other week.

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    Julie spa visit

    Checked out Julie spa the other day. Asked for nancy but she wasnt available. Girl answering the phone though said she was avail. Once again I said what the heck and went on over. Girl looked much younger than normal AMP girls, was fit and decent looking. Said her name was Cindy. Playful attitude, but regular massage was a D minus. No teasing at all poor strokes. On the flip she did go staright to HJ without upsell. Decent technique then way too quick jerking had to slow her down. Finished happy.

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    Nine mile

    Looks like 9 m is posting again anyone been by?

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    Found LJ's yesterday after a scavenger hunt. Got an older lady wearing a mid thigh black mini skirt and a very loose blouse which I really enjoyed. Better-than-average massage than I have received in a while, some UTC while on the stomach, on the flip came the up sale. Right away wanted to know how much the tip was going to be when I said. 4 (my standard for an hour) she said. 6 I pointed to my mouth she shook her head no, I then said no thank you she then said okay .4.

    Allowed bottom UTC for a few minutes then pulled away OTC to finish. I will repeat for two reasons very private nobody can just walk in at least it seems that way anyway, reminds me of some of the AMPs in Philly and New York and the way she was dressed maybe I just lucked out but not into the sweat pants or tight fitting jeans that I have experienced lately.

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    Masters massage

    I actually passed by there today and called the number on the sign. The woman who answered the phone said nobody is there at the office right now it's by appointment only they do in's and outs. Told me to call back to make an appointment and get pricing information but I never did.

    Quote Originally Posted by RvaMonger  [View Original Post]
    Anyone have any intel on masters massage. It's a house on old Warwick road on the corner of broadrock blvd. It's a lose with a red sign hanging up.

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    Dreamt of a place with a regal name.

    Was searching for Emily, drew Lisa. Adorable and flirty, took me right in and teased away. Almost thought she was going to go for the handshake before I even flipped! She seemed a little cautious at first, dropping hints and the sort. Once I mentioned I fancy Emily and was hoping to meet Lisa, she got excited and let me know who she was.

    A breath in the ear, a small touch here and there, and before I knew it I was on my back. Basically went right for the handshake, but not before some very very nice light touching. OTC encouraged, a nice little bit of UTC. Not like Emily up there, but perky and quite nice.

    Massage was damn good, on the firmer side, which I fancy anyways. Odd location considering what's on either side, but will keep returning! You've got to check them out if you're in Richmond, make sure you dream up a Lisa or an Emily.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ItsThatGuy  [View Original Post]
    Any link? Whereabouts in the West end.
    No, and unknown. I actually ran across her on Tinder.

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    Called the place on West Broad and E. Is on vacation in New York. Had my third dream about Choctaw. Drew Lisa who was fairly cute and in good shape. Great massage / pressure. Tried OTC roaming and denied when I got further up towards waist. Figured I'd chill and let her focus on the massage. Great incidental teasing when she was working on my upper thighs face down- really enjoyed it. Handshake was good, but somewhat mechanical (not as great as E). Allowed UTC ATW during handshake. Would repeat again for the massage (which was more therapeutic than West Broad), however not as much excitement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CantWinLosin  [View Original Post]
    I've recently heard about Monica, tall slender 40's or so chesty blonde with a massage studio in the west end. Anyone have any feedback on her?
    Any link? Whereabouts in the West end.

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    I had a dream this morning at DM.

    Melanie appeared to be the only one working -- small, but cute, long hair but too much makeup. Opted for a 1/2 hour visit, standard experience. Not disappointed at the end, although it did seem a little short, even for 1/2 hour. YMMV.

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    Monica in west end?

    I've recently heard about Monica, tall slender 40's or so chesty blonde with a massage studio in the west end. Anyone have any feedback on her?

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    911 court

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnWynne  [View Original Post]
    I went there yesterday and asked Amy. An old women said she is Amy.
    Went Tuesday. Same thing. Ok looking but looked mid late 40's and a little haggard looking. Called me Honey in high pitch voice. Asked how much and said I would come back when I had more time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RvaFun00  [View Original Post]
    Dreamed at this location yesterday, good massage.

    30 ish provider. Typical teasing, SM.

    PM for more details if interested to learn more.
    In the past I have stopped by and the woman have appeared to be late 40's with the creepiest Raggedy Ann makeup job and pigtails that they could of been Pennywise's wife for a sequal of It. So, I politely asked how much for massage and said I would come back later I forgot my wallet.

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