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    Under The Radar

    Quote Originally Posted by Jackal1962  [View Original Post]
    Been away from the forum for a while, notice UTR on a few posts can anyone tell me what it is?
    A UTR (Under The Radar) girl won't advertise a whole lot and might keep certain individuals (her regular customers) in the loop. You will usually find out about her through PMs, personal referrals, private e-mail groups and perhaps an occasional mention in a forum comment.

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    Silky wet

    Sorry for the delay. I had a dream with Silky a few weeks ago. Very pretty girl and good at her hobby. Sense I am into pregos. I will most definitely be going back after she gets a little further along. I would recommend her anytime.

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    Trio of reports, been away a while

    Been traveling for work and haven't been as active / able to access the board much.

    Madelynn. Posts on here and BP. Difficult to set up appointment, when she did finally show up, she was drunk, and rushed. She at least admitted to being drunk, but I asked for an hour of the full bodyrub service and she rushed through that to get to sex and leave. That said, skills were pretty good. Great head, good sex. Lousy bodyrub since she wasn't terribly interested in doing that. I can't recommend her based on this visit. I may repeat at some point if she's sober and actually wants to give a good bodyrub that I've read other's reviews on. And actually stay the full hour. Dunno if I will bother though, so many other options in cincy.

    Toni. Buddah's new girl. Had a great time with her. Skinny, "A"s at best, petite, tiny, but a definite go getter in the sack. Did a little bit of everything, a couple of times too. Only thing she didn't seem really into was DFK. Which is something I really am drawn to. Great head. Great in every position we tried (which was most of the acronym soup). Also great pricing, and setup through Buddah was fine as usual. Will likely repeat at some point (cept her incall is quite far from my place), and definitely recommend if you like tiny spinners.

    Sassy. Well, today she finally disappointed me. I've seen her probably 10 times, give or take a couple. Always an amazing time. This morning I shoot her a text hoping to hook up, she responds slowly but affirmative. A little back and forth to make sure things are good, she asks once more if I'm coming up, I say I'm on my way, and then it goes radio silent from there on. I get to her place, call, text for room #, nothing. Hang out in the area for about an hour, get gas, check news, no responses. Pop over to get some food to give her yet more time, and still no responses. I've little doubt at some point that she'll make it up to me, but definitely an annoying start to my morning.

    Any questions on anything feel free to ask or PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackal1962  [View Original Post]
    Been away from the forum for a while, notice UTR on a few posts can anyone tell me what it is?
    Under the radar.

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    Stormy. A game changer

    Saw Stormy last week and intentionally waited to post this review. I wanted some time to pass to be certain my big head was doing the review and not my little head. Also, I wanted to wait to ensure I didn't sound like I was patronizing Stormy or blowing smoke. This review is after lots of thought and reflection. I have concluded that Stomy's attention to detail makes seeing her a no brainer. Stormy gets 10's across the board for skills, attitude, cleanliness, personality, willingness and ability to please, and taking directions.

    Sent her a PM asking for a last minute appointment and provided several references. Scheduling was easy, she did however require references. Heard back from her quickly and received the hotel incall address located in Northern Cincinnati. Both the neighborhood and the incall hotel were extremely safe. I would feel safe and secure there at anytime, day or night. The hotel incall was fairly new, very well maintained and convenient to the interstate. The room itself was in a great location within the hotel complex. The room was super clean, smoke free and no clutter.

    Stormy doesn't show her face in her ad, what a shame because she is beautiful. She isn't a BBW, but not a spinner either. She has the right amount of curves in all the right places.

    Stormy was on time, no waiting in the parking lot for her to get ready. When she opened the door, I was impressed by how clean her room was. Also, the room was inviting as she had several candles burning and the lights down low. There was no smell of smoke because she doesn't smoke in the room and she smokes e-cigs. I was greeted by several kisses, LFK and DFK. Let me be clear, she is a fantastic kisser. She was wearing a sheer outfit and a thong. Stormy was freshly showered, hair washed no perfume. After more kissing, I asked to shower. She provided fresh clean towels and a washcloth. The shower was well stocked with shampoo, unscented and scented body wash.

    I dried off and found Stormy waiting on the bed. She had a clean towel laid out on the bedspread. We talked and kissed and made out like teenagers. Stormy's skin was soft and tanned. She later told me she constantly uses lotion to keep her skin soft. Made my way down for some DATY. Stormy was super smooth and tasty, so much so that I would like to make a batch of sun tea with her panties.

    Stormy returned the favor and I asked for a little edging. Her BBBJ skills are out of this world. The eye contact was a big turn-on. She has the softest mouth and lips and her skills cannot be described in mere words, it must be experienced. When I got close to cumming, she would back off and concentrate on my balls or treat me to a little ass play. Then she would return to sucking me with varied speed and pressure. She rarely used her hands, but when she did, it was heaven, because her hands were so very soft. After several times nearing the edge, I couldn't resist and she performed her magic. She didn't stop sucking right away, and carried on to get every last pleasure sensation out of me.

    After more cuddling, talking and kissing, Stormy made me rise to the occasion. I asked for a prostrate massage, but after a while, I could not resist having her ride me. She covered me and rode me for a while before I nutted again. Often I cannot cum the second time and if I do it takes a long time. She had me cumming in no time. Stormy is VERY tight and has magnificent muscle control. I actually felt like I had a double nut. I saw stars. Stormy exceeded expectations, and they were very high expectations. After catching my breath and showered as I was running close on time.

    Her specialty is her oral gift. It's a give, a gift that goes far beyond skill and talent. Put it this way, if you can find a provider who gives a better BBBJCIM, I will pay for it. Her GFE skills are awesome too. She makes you the center of her world.

    There is one very compelling reason a monger might not want to see her, she will make every other provider's session seem bland. Stormy will spoil you. "Enter at your own risk". You've been warned.

    Can't wait to see her again as soon as I can and as often as I can. Sugar, you're the BEST!


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    Kenwood Jack



    She advertises here, looks just like her pictures, 5', 115 pounds (she could lose 15), saggy boobs, cute, easy to schedule, she was on time, and freshly showered. Incall was at a Notel in Springdale, and she never took off the top bedspread (ugh!). Safety of incall and neighborhood made my spidey senses tingle.

    No smells of any kind. Not even a whisper. Except a fresh soapy smell.
    Attitude: 6. Skill: 5. Performance: 5. I came for a blowjob. I got a blowjob. No other part of my body was touched or kissed or.
    When I touched her, she did not cringe but she did not seem to welcome it.
    Comfortability level: 9. Personality: 9. She is cute and a lot of fun to converse with.

    MENU: We know it's always YMMV, but menu includes BBBJ, CFS, NO GREEK, GFE, DATY, MSOG, fetishes, different positions, lfk, dfk.

    Is she a kisser? She says she is. Maybe she takes direction well.
    Her finishing move today? BBBJCIM spit.
    A nice warm, damp, clean wash cloth was provided for clean-up.

    Overall pros: (reasons a monger might want to see her). She is new, legit, cute, nice, clean, with no smells, young, good menu, and moderately priced..
    Cost: $100 for 1/2 hour.
    I would recommend.

    Quote Originally Posted by Orizaba  [View Original Post]
    Wow! I think maybe you need to learn to listen to the crickets. They will tell you a lot.
    Any Question? PM Kenwood Jack.

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    I used to worry about it, but now I just test the waters if I want, also if you lick the lower part of the box, and do it like it is an accedent the ones really into it will usually move up to urge you along, the ones not into it will roll down to put the clit back in your face. Just my. 02.

    Also its usally a giggle 'I don't do anal' embarresed type of quit it. Just say" I read the ad, but it turns some girls on" type shit, give her a wink and a playful grin, and dive back into that vag with out hesitation, the akward moment is usally over in seconds I'm not really into ass but I love driving freaks wild.

    Quote Originally Posted by Thors  [View Original Post]
    Seen a provider today with a really nice ass. Damn, I wanted to give her a rim job. Gave her oral, but didn't move any further. Every time a provider tells me she don't do anal I'm reluctant to go for the ass lick. Now I know licking ass isn't the same as greek. I just don't want to spoil the mood and make things awkward with an "oh no I don't do that". So I usually (not always) leave it alone, and just tell myself "damn, guess the ass worshiping is going to be limited today". Sometimes I might sneak a lick in to see if she says anything. If she doesn't then I might keep it up. Damn, and who knows she might have been ok with it, and I just wasted a chance at it. Oh well theres always next time. Why is this my favorite thing to do? Don't know, it gets me going more than anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DGoesDown  [View Original Post]
    I hate writing bad reviews. If I can't say anything nice, I'll say nothing other than I recently saw CINCI PASSION.
    Sent you a PM regarding the above post. Could you please respond. Or post your experience for all to see please. Thank you.

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    Boss Mann
    Quote Originally Posted by Babelover77  [View Original Post]
    Guys, you are taking in puzzles. Ava- who's she? I'm missing something. Or am I? Where does she post her ad?
    He posted her email address a few post down. She's hasn't responses since she sent me pictures though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cards1  [View Original Post]
    Just wondering if any one has seen Jazmyn27. I have not been able to find any reviews on her. Thanks for the help.
    Check report numbers 6937 and 6946 in the Escort Classified Ads-Member Discussions. I've contacted Jazmyn in the past couple days myself, just haven't been able to lock in a time. My fault, not hers. Easy communication via text however, so I look forward to seeing her. She relocated to Springdale. Boo.

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    What's UTR?

    Been away from the forum for a while, notice UTR on a few posts can anyone tell me what it is?

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    Oh boy, had a very fun dream with Vanessa from UTR.

    I decided on a 90 minute session, picked up a toy for her on the way. When I arrived she was ready a few minutes early. She opened the door wearing a cute top and very short shorts that showed off her ass. The shirt barely hid those wonderful breasts.

    She loved the toy and took off her clothes and started using it on herself. Got me hard!

    Here's a run down.

    Body: 10 Damn near perfect body. Tight, great tits and ass.

    Face: 8. 5. Very cute young lady.

    Personality: 10. This is rare in this hobby, but she is so real and down to earth. Absolute joy to hang with.

    Skills: 10. Great BBBJ with licking of the balls. Dynamo lay. She got me to cum too quick in Mish.

    Positions: Mish, CG, doggie and face siting. And she came rather vocally. .

    Accommodations: 6. Not a great hotel, but better than others.

    New ATF. Damn that was fun.

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    Saw Silk about a week ago!

    The baby bump is getting a little bigger! Great service as usual.

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    My Monday with LSM WOW!

    I have been anticipating the time I was going to have with LSM. Having read all of her past reviews and seeing her pictures, I finally set up to see her. Sometimes the hype doesn't match the time together. Well let me tell you, she totally exceeded my expectations. From the moment I set up the appt. (VERY easy I might add) to the time I left her.

    Incall, it was all good. Everything that has been written is true. She is one of the top providers in the Cincy area, and I'm so happy she is within my driving distance. All the acronyms were shared, what makes her special is she loves to receive as well as give. Can't wait to see her again. I've been at this for 3 years, and I haven't bee with anyone who loves sex as much as she does.

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    Just wondering if any one has seen Jazmyn27. I have not been able to find any reviews on her. Thanks for the help.

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