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    My Lady J Experience AKA Middletown UTR

    Today was my day to partake of the Lady J Experience.

    I have not experienced that level of non-stop passion since my second marriage. My second wife was a beautiful highly sexed woman that reminded me of Ursula Andress. We had sex almost every night. She was voracious.

    The instant I walked through her door, Lady J pulled me into her arms and smothered my mouth with hers. We stood there locking lips, mutually exploring each other's mouth with our tongues. It was instant passion unlike anything I have experienced in a very long time. As my hands explored her now famous and much discussed body, I sucked her tongue and lips into my mouth.

    We took a break long enough to move into the bedroom and resumed our standing embrace, resuming our whole mouth deep french kissing. She slowly undressed me and after a few more moments we collapsed onto the bed.

    After more deep kissing she fed me her J's. She asked me as I suckled her nipples: Do you like them baby? I loved them. She loves having her nipples sucked and massaged. From there she moved to take me in her mouth starting a vigorous BBBJ. I fingered her pussy and felt how wet she was. I had to have her juices and her clit in my mouth. I had her rotate around so we could satisfy each other. She is incredibly responsive to having her clit loved by a warm wet mouth and quick moving tongue. After a few short moments her entire body began to quiver and then spasm. She raised up and let out a full throated and full volume groan followed by several loud exclamations of "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" I loved making her cum.

    The session was a blur. We alternated from kissing to oral to kissing to fucking to kissing to oral to more fucking and yet more oral. I remember satisfying her orally in a sixty-nine position twice, once with her on her back and the last time with me on my back and her straddilng my face. In each position she had two or more of her quite vocal orgasms, using a pillow to cover her groans at times.

    An hour later, we were both wet with perspiration and finally collapsed side by side. To say I am hooked on this woman is an understatement. Making love, having passionate sex with a beautiful and mature woman who knows what she wants and enjoys every moment with you is quite unique. In the four years since I re-enterred the hobby, she is the one of the best. The only other woman I have had in the last few years that matches her was our very special and much missed Rhonda.

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    Tantalizing Tasha Threatens her Customers

    I originally posted this exclusively in the USA Adult Classified Advertiser Reviews thread. I have since decided it should be published more widely.

    I am writing this review with another handle, my original, created about four years ago. I decided it was lame so I created another and have used it since. I am a senior and have been a contributor for some time.

    I do not like writing negative reviews. In my four years, this will be my third.

    I contacted Tasha of Tantalizing Tasha. She advertises on USA and on BP.

    I contacted her asking for a hhr appointment Saturday night. We agreed on a fee and a time. She confirmed she was on Beechmont so I headed to the car. As I drove over, I sent several more texts trying to nail down her location. Beechmont is a long street. I assumed she was near the 275 exit and headed there. I pulled in to the Speedway for gas and texted her a few more times, each time asking for her location. All told I sent six texts trying to get a motel and room number. After forty minutes of texting with no response it was clear that she was standing me up.

    I sent a text telling her that it was bad business to stand up her customers. I said I was hoping to write a glowing review of a great time with a little hottie. Instead it would be a review detailing how she wasted my time and stood me up.

    She finally responded.

    Her response was to threaten me. She said if I wrote a negative review she would pass around my phone number to all the girls and tell them I was LE. Now that is a threat with no teeth since I can change my number in a minute. But the more serious side of this threat is this. What if she knew some of my personal information? Or what if one of her friends knew something sensitive about me? I guard my private life pretty closely but what if? This is clearly an unacceptable step on her part to threaten me. Now you can see, hopefully, why I chose to post this under an old handle.

    This dumbass should be avoided. If you do see her, be very careful what you disclose to her.

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    I think Middletown needs its own page or thread for UTR.

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    Middletown UTR. She's back

    I saw that HillbillyBob posted that this lady had returned and was wanting to see previous visitors. After getting her #, I reached out to her. She remembered me! And we only had met once before.

    In less that 24 hours I was at her door step. There is nothing quite like walking into a room to be hugged by a naked lady with 38 J's. ! Hello! We hugged and kissed like long.

    Lost lovers. Then she led me to her bedroom. From there is was all BCD. What a great time. Her skills are top shelf. The dinner she provided was tasty and delicious. Her oral exam that she gave me.

    Was easy. Lots of action. Her mirror next to the bed provided a Porn Movie type experience. With out going into too many details and ruining it for your own experience, you will not be disappointed in seeing this.

    Lady. From the kiss entering to the departure kiss and pat on the butt as I left it was a thrill. Thanks HillbillyBob! You found a good one. As he said SR's and repeat clients if you have her #, give her a call. I refer you to HillbillyBob if you do not have her #.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LoveThyTitties  [View Original Post]
    Must be very low key. Would love to meet up. Sounds like my type!
    She is cautious, only meets with seniors. Some mongers have contacted me and I have passed along the information. One of them had no posts, zero, and she said not a chance. All I have done is pass on the info and she will then review your posts. If she wants to meet she will then contact you via PM.

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    Mysterious Sharon Kay

    Recently Sharon Kay caught my attention. We txt back and forth for a couple days then I decided to take the plunge. A bit more of a drive than what I usually do, but easy to find.

    Once at the place she met me with an open door. Once inside, wow, beautiful mature lady in a nice night gown. Showing off her assets very well. We chatted a bit, then she showed me her.

    Massage table. What a wonderful-relaxing massage she provided. After a wonderful massage, we decided the table was just not enough room for any other BCD adult fun. This lady knows.

    How to remove all tension with pleasure. We have communicated since and plan another massage in the coming weeks. She advertises randomly on a couple of site and does a.

    Complete screening, so be prepared. She is not a lady to schedule short notice. Not would I recommend trying a QV. Thanks SK for a great time!

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    Utr middletown

    Quote Originally Posted by Ktom13  [View Original Post]
    Reading a lot on UTR reviews, has wet my tastebuds to say the least. Just wondering if UTR is still handing out dreams. Send them my way. Stay safe and utr. .

    Must be very low key. Would love to meet up. Sounds like my type!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark88  [View Original Post]
    Black hair spinner in Hamilton. Just starting. Wants 100+ . Kids in house. Very cute legit. Pm me for info.
    Check your PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SamCummin  [View Original Post]
    I'm interested can you send me her info!
    Share the wealth pm me her number.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark88  [View Original Post]
    Black hair spinner in Hamilton. Just starting. Wants 100+ . Kids in house. Very cute legit. Pm me for info.
    I'm interested can you send me her info!

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    Couldn't agree more

    Quote Originally Posted by Tuffy12  [View Original Post]
    Let's hope not, for her sake.
    Hope she's doing well and not dropping back into the biz.

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    Natalie lynne

    Let's hope not, for her sake.

    Is she posting?

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    Natalie Lynne

    Quote Originally Posted by HillbillyBob  [View Original Post]
    I got a pm from another senior member saying he heard that she is back. Anyone have any info on her.
    Let's hope not, for her sake.

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    Long time no see.

    Quote Originally Posted by SpamBoyToo  [View Original Post]
    I visited her years ago but a bad review just popped up.
    Yea, I saw her long ago too. I didn't have any security issues. And she was not unattractive. However, we just didn't click at all.

    There was really no fun too be had between us. But I wouldn't say that everyone else would necessarily have the same issues. I just counted it as one of those YMMV cases.

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    Molly on MFC

    Wish more of them did this. Its been a while since I saw the goods. But I did see her there and she looked very good the on my free cams site. I don't think she is a frequent flier there it certainly was a good way to get a good look and ended any doubts about whether the photos were recent or accurate. Motivated me from a maybe to a probably.

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