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Thread: Massage Parlor Reports

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    D 1

    Quote Originally Posted by Clk1989  [View Original Post]
    Ok so I don't know what all the hype is about this place I have visited twice now both time ladies were cute but tried to get me to do DIY so I don't know if I have bad luck massage is great very relaxing but first time got cut off by another hobbiest an was told that's why second time it must have been her first day like I said massage is great but nothin more. If anybody has any advice please feel free to PM me on here bc I don't know if I will be coming back.
    I went there a few weeks ago and was very happy. The massage was very good, and the ending was excellent. She actually continued on with the massage after I thought it was over. Then helped me get dressed. No argueing about the tip either. Will go back.

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    AMP Recommendation

    Traveling through the Cincinnati area this week & would like to know THE place to stop along the way. Thanks Guys.

    Stay safe.

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    Milford AMP

    I just want to do this place justice. Aside from an attractive lady who performed the massage, the rooms were all private and clean. The massage was, for an AMP, above average. She used hot towels to wipe away the excess massage oil which is always a bonus whereas the AMP up off McCauly by Reed Hartman uses paper towels to wipe away the oil which when you're finished you need a shower. That all being said, something else I liked about Milford is the massage oil truly was odorless whereas most places I still smell the scent of the oil after the massage is complete. It was unclear if there was more than one person working on Saturday when I stopped by. I'll more than likely repeat as it was a good experience overall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EatOne  [View Original Post]
    I too stopped by and the woman was cute and provided a great massage and like the other poster said, no hint of extras. Nice and clean private rooms.
    I gave this location a try last week. As mentioned earlier, this is a very public entrance. I know this is not important to everyone but it is right on the main street and you have to go up a flight of steps to enter. It is in an older house and the rooms are upstairs. Cute girl and decent massage but I doubt I will repeat because it is not private enough for me.


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    Went to Middletown AMP yesterday. Girl was late 20's and cute but massage was below average at best. No hint of extras and DIY. Will not repeat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mlive123  [View Original Post]
    I did go there last week. Very, Very, Very public entrance. Very cute masseuse. Nice massage, not a hint of extras at all.
    I too stopped by and the woman was cute and provided a great massage and like the other poster said, no hint of extras. Nice and clean private rooms.

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    East Indian Massage

    First time poster, long time massage connoisseur.

    Went to this girl yesterday.

    She is the same girl in the pics although she wasn't dressed up or with any makeup on when I saw her. The massage was only ok. She definitely knew what she was doing, however it was very light and wasn't deep enough for me along with no teasing. However I did end up leaving with what I was looking for.

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    Blue acc

    Looking for an update on Blue ACC. I'm going down that way and would appricate any info. Please pm me.

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    The ad is up

    Quote Originally Posted by EatOne  [View Original Post]
    Please provide a link.
    Very simple to find if you know whwre to look. Good luck.

    Stay safe.


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    Too much Info Regulars

    [Deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was edited or deleted because it appeared to be a public effort to discourage members from posting information. If you have a concern about information posted by another member, then please contact them privately by PM. Please read the Forum's Posting Guidelines for further information.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimBob012  [View Original Post]
    Ezenuf how do I get her contact info?
    How do I get her contact info?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EatOne  [View Original Post]
    Please provide a link.
    Their ad is easily found on Backpage. It has all the info that you need to find them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrJaay83  [View Original Post]
    Just saw we have a new AMP on the east side. Was curious if anyone has checked it out yet? I'm thinking of taking the plunge later this week / Early next.

    Stay safe.

    Please provide a link.

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    Rose Health Massage

    New place in Florence opened up. Stopped by here and there were 2 ladies working. Both were probably near the age of 40. Very nice massage, made you feel comfortable, and made sure that you left happy.

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    Visited the place named after a lady's favorite flower a couple times this week. Saw 2 different ladies. I did a 90 on the first visit, and thought it was a fluke that it only lasted about 70 minutes. (She said she was the only one working and had another client). So I gave them another shot and did a second 90. That one lasted 60 minutes. Massages were good, first gal was better than the second. My advice is not to go for longer than 60 minutes, as neither of mine went the full paid duration. Thanks to another monger (who shall remain anonymous) for the heads up. Seniors may PM for details.

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