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    Kim on Riverview

    I had business in the city today, and had the opportunity to check out Riverview. I was lucky enough to spot Kim. She was wearing a tight, little black dress and looked tasty. She's a BSW, 19, about 5' or maybe shorter, with a tight spinner body with the exception of her big booty. A cup up top. Scooped and parked. I enjoyed a BBBJCIM, FIV, and fingers in her tight butthole. Skills were adequate, but not spectacular. The anal fingering made up for it though. Damage was a single Jackson. I would repeat if I could enter her dirt pipe next time. No digits, she is between phones, as so many girls walking are.

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    Tanya, WSW, mid 40's, 5'3, 100 lbs, nice BJ

    On a side street off 3, I picked up Tanya and off we went to my parking spot for some quick fun. Tanya is a friendly lady in her mid 40's, about 5'3", 100 lbs, and has light brown hair. She provided a nice BBBJ and CFS.

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    Ashley on M

    Stopped at the store at Norman and she was outside bumming smokes. Asked me for a ride and I obliged. Asked if it was my first time, I said yes. Wanted. 4 I said I only had. 1 and she took it. Bbbjnqns and I was on my way. I'd pick her up again. Short with dirty blonde hair, glasses.

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    Jen x / mcclure

    Was on x this morning / 10 ish, stopped at a store on x, girl came up to me, said her name was Jen. Asked how I was doing / etc, I talked to her for a minute (I have never been able to pick up off the streets) paranoia / etc, LOL. Not sure how you guys do it. , pretty gal and seems like a real sweetheart by the conversation we had, smiling and very talkative but had a lot of sores on her face / jittery, anyhow I gave her a few bucks.

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    Out and about

    Thought I would hit the road tonight LEO everywhere on 3 nothing but the blonde tweaker on x not sure what's going on with her and didn't want to know so I headed north where things were looking dead as well until I spotted another blonde on m circled around and made the pick said her name was Amy seemed ok at first ended up being another one that thinks I'm a taxi after leaving a gas station found a spot and got down to a surprisingly good BBBJ with promises of FS and that's when the up selling started so I just decided to let her continue and when I finished she took it all with one big gulp then a smile damage was slightly above average I probably won't repeat due to up selling after the agreement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HappyOneForFun  [View Original Post]
    Hello gents,

    Does anybody at anything to report regarding her in the North Dayton area?
    If it's the skinny blonde Olivia be very careful. I know allot of girls change their name on here and this one shockingly I actually know personally. Blonde blue eyes looks like Barbie when she had her make up on. Message me if it's the same girl. Sweet girl but sometimes there are things you should know.

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    Hope, mid to late 40's walking 3

    Welp, after bad luck my last 2 times here it looks like I finally get to submit a Dayton review. Unfortunately it's a mediocre one at best. Got into to town early and cruised X, 3, 5, and M. Didn't realize Helena St bridge was closed so that made my preferred loop a pain. M was a ghost town, and X, 3 and 5 weren't much better. Saw a short chubby brunette in a black jacket with a neck tattoo on 3 that I was going to scoop, but she was standing in a known hot spot. If I could rant for a minute, it's been 11 years since I've lived in Dayton, and the girls still stand in the exact same known hot spots that every LEO is watching, and they think if they walk back a street for the scoop it makes a difference. I'm sure everyone knows the exact spots I'm referencing, and I'll be damned if I'm ever going to risk them.

    Anyways was going to give up when I saw Hope, mid to late 40's WSW, skinny but not emaciated, long blond hair and glasses walking 3. You ever pick a girl up that you really didn't want to, but she's walking in such a convenient and relatively safe spot that you feel like you have to? That's what I did, and not going to lie she was a bit rough even for my standards, which are relatively low. Probably pretty at one time, but a LOT of mileage. Still she was sweet enough, parked in a safe spot and got to it. Mediocre at best BBBJCIM with spit, and the chest was small and sagging like a pair of gym socks. Had to tell her a few times not to be so toothy, but it did the job and. 2 was the damage. Wouldn't repeat unless I was hard up, and wouldn't recommend. Didn't get digits cause I wasn't interested, even though I wanted to try and get some digits to trade with a veteran or 2 on here. But I couldn't in good conscience give anyone her in exchange. Of course I'll be here another day, so if anyone wants to give me some digits I would be much obliged!

    Of course right after I dropped her 3 started to come alive, saw at least 3 different girls, all way too skinny blondes. Including finally getting to see the girl you all call crutches girl. I actually saw her on 5 last year without the crutches, kind of a tall and skinny blond with long hair. Unfortunately my bullet was cleared from the chamber and going to need a few hours to go again.

    I see crutches girl referenced all the time but can't find a post where she was picked up, any decent reviews on her?

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    Brandy, 30 yo, 5'5", thin, brown hair, off X

    I had met Brandy this past summer and posted a review of her then. She is friendly, about 30 yo, 5'5", thin, brown hair, with small tits. I recently saw her walking on a side street off X and she recognized me. She got in my car and we drove a short distance to her house. The place is kind of a dump, but no one else was there other than her dog. As the times I have seen her before, Brandy provided a nice BBBJ and then climbed on top for some covered cowgirl where I enjoyed watching her ride me slowly up and down until I was drained. I then cleaned up and was on my way. Brandy has a phone, but I got the impression she does not want me to give out the digits.

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    X & 5 dead

    Did a few Loops tonight around 8 on x & 5. Was REALLY hoping to find Jen. It was completely dead. Am I missing any major demographics in that vicinity?

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    Sat. Night 8 pm X & Pritz- a blond SW caused a traffic jam!

    Coming back from MV Hospital at 8 pm Saturday night up X. There was traffic jam at X & Pritz of mongers trying to get to a blond. It seemed like a pack of hungry dog. I wonder who the blond was?

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    Dead streets

    Did a couple rounds tonight around 9 and didn't see much of anything. But, it usually slows down around the first of the month for some reason.

    Did nearly pick up an ally cat at the budget inn on s. Dixie / dorothy, but she was too fraidy cat to get in the car out of the line of sight of her handler, no doubt.

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    Met her at the bottom of the hill tried to make the scoup a couple times but didn't respond finally on the third attempt she hopped in and we were off to a nice quiet spot good conversation started with BBBJ and I have to say it was much better than I expected especially with fiv once I was up and throbbing she laid down in the back seat for some cfs mish was nice that we both got off at the same time or she's a good actress either way I was satisfied even though there was slight Odor damage was standard and overall a nice time I would repeat.

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    1-2 am

    Streets dead, cop in drug store parking lot 2 patrol chasers waiting about three streets west of Findlay. X,M zero.

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    Hello gents,

    Does anybody at anything to report regarding her in the North Dayton area?

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    Tanya / Tonya

    I found her. I'm not telling where here because I'm not interested in helping LE.

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