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Thread: Escort Reports

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    Hey guys,

    Had to delete my contacts thus losing Latinas number. Any help? I heard she was posting again but can't find it.


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    [Deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was redacted or deleted to remove sections of the report that were largely argumentative. Please read the Forum FAQ and the Forum's Posting Guidelines for more information. Thank You!

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    Need info for Latina UTR or MILF UTR.

    Any info would be much appreciated.

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    Cumming to / in Dayton this weekend.

    To start the New Year right. Staying north side and looking for a wide open lady / no trips to Athens, that loves it all and is open to exploring all forbidden options and regular ones also. No drugs, alkies, nc / nshows, and reasonable donations. Have a room with "nasty" movies to accentuate the fun and a trip to a nice restaurant of the ladies choice. Must love what she does and love as much of it as she can get. LOL PM me if you want to go on the list. No ethnic groups left off just be of age and love to do what we are all on here to find. Otherwise we could stay home and hope our SO's, GF's, or Spouses would loosen up and give it up for a ten minute fun session, well maybe a whole ten minutes. Hope to hear from some ladies who can fill the above agenda and not break the bank. Mack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MartyDog  [View Original Post]
    The golden rule, YMMV. Maybe you guys got her when her shit was together but I came in when everything was blowing up around her. I will say she was very orally talented, but overall the reward wasn't worth the headache for me. I won't repeat.

    For the love of all you find Holy, don't do the in call unless she gets a new place. (She claims to be working on it).
    Well I said I wouldn't repeat, but I did. She texted me asking or help, and I was already thinking of calling someone that night anyway. She was in a very nice hotel, I just stayed for a quick visit and let her do what she does well.

    Everything worked out OK.

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    Best over all?

    Who's the best over all gal in this area for good, clean FS and not drugged out, not too thick?

    Who's the best QV with the above qualities? We have lost some talent in the last year or two and some gals have priced themselves to high IMHO.

    Let's have a good discussion and please share any ad links so we can all know who you are talking about.

    PM me if you prefer. Stay safe, Daz.

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    Anyone recognize?

    This woman looks familiar but she is very alluring. Looking for any intel.

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    Got to have another excellent visit with Tori last night, opted for the half hour, but think I was there longer than that. We had a great time, she came super hard, (ask about her toys). Such a fun girl with no hang ups, super kinky if you want to be, and easy to talk to.

    Going to set up another visit soon.

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    Englewood / Cristal.

    Has anyone met this gal Cristal?

    PM me and stay safe out there today boys.

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    Little Latina

    She will be posting a new USA ad in the next day or two (she said). Had another visit to my place as she has no incall, although she does have a large vehicle capable of a comfortable QV. There's been reviews mentioning communication issues, fortunently I have never had any problems and I believe she's genuinely trying to improve her time management skills. Always a pleasure to have her over for a thorough enthusiastic, every position imaginable no clock watching hour+ of complete bliss (120). She aims to please and delights in tweaking her skills to exactly what satisfies. I can't ad much to what has already been said here and in previous reviews.

    Stay safe Gents.

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    20 chubby and submissive sounds fun

    Sounds fun. My bday is this Tuesday the 16th. Care to share?

    Or for that matter, if anyone wants to share a girl or two to help me celebrate my special day. I prefer 20 somethings.

    Older is fine. Doesn't have to look like the homecoming queen. No BBW fugley gals. LOL. I'm causcian early 50's, not that it matters!

    Don't think any gentlemen on here that doesn't love to play with a gal that wasn't even born when ya graduated highschool and or college?

    Happy hunting gentlemen.

    Quote Originally Posted by TonBug  [View Original Post]
    20, chubby, inexperienced, submissive, all my favorite qualities, LOL.

    Currently in a notel in Hamilton.

    PM for digits.

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    Enthusiastic Lauren

    Had a nice visit last night with Lauren. Really hot MILF. Safe incall apartment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BgDoc3  [View Original Post]
    Have they both moved out of the game or just gone UTR? They both seemed to have good reviews. Doc.
    She's still out there, texted several times since this weekend. Stay safe and utr.


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    20, chubby, inexperienced, submissive, all my favorite qualities, LOL.

    Currently in a notel in Hamilton.

    PM for digits.

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