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Thread: Streetwalker Reports

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    After a couple of laps through the familiar east side stomping grounds I decided to head west. I was going to take state to prospect to shelby to raymond but spotted a beauty (carrying a large teddy bear and a smoke and a drink!) on prospect right before shelby in need of a ride. After picking her up I noticed right away that she was:

    A: Mid to late 20's.

    B: totally nuts / jonesing for a fix.

    I asked her if she needed a ride and at first she seemed hesitant, but after a couple of questions from her she got in. To make a long story short she demanded 30 for the BBBJ but performed superlatively for 20. Didn't catch a name. Lets hope that's not the only thing I don't catch.

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    West side in the morning

    New here and wondering if there are any good SW on the west side in the morning?

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    Suns Out Fun's Out

    Took a stroll on the east side from 3:30-4:30 today and saw plenty of activity, of various kinds. On the first pass, spotted two WSWs on E Wash near Linwood. One was looking rather good in a pink jumper / dress, the other a blue hoodie and jeans, both brunettes with hair pulled back in a ponytail. Got turned around to take another look, and by the time I had returned, both were no where to be seen. Saw another girl that I couldn't make heads or tails of, but had seen on E Wash before. Mid-30's, white, sides of her head shaved with shorter hot pink hair up top, posted up near a bus stop, but was a different one a few blocks down on m second pass. No clue as to whether she's a regular old pedestrian, or actually looking for a ride.

    Didn't end up making a move at all, as I saw quite a few uncles out and din't want draw any attention. The streets are definitely picking up again with the return of sunshine and warm weather, but stay vigilant out there!

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    Sunday 3 pm

    Saw this one on E Wash at Linwood. Would have made contact with her but she walked off with the guy that was speaking to her as she passed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chelli4me  [View Original Post]
    Only saw one. Pic attached. Never seen her before. Not sure she was "working". Anyone know her?
    Seems too hot for SW.

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    Carrie east Washington

    Picked up a girl named Carrie on east Washington. Her hair is very short and bright red.

    Got in for a ride. Quick le check and then went to a road by lasalle.

    She is pretty attractive. However you can tell she gained and lost a ton of weight.

    Very nice FS $40 plus tip.

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    Tiffany saved the day!

    I have been reading all of these great reviews, over in the "Massage" section, about the Phoenix. So Weds afternoon, I had some free time, and I decided to roll the dice and check it out. I don't who the lady was that I got a massage from, but I can tell you when she walked in the room with those very noticeable cold sores on her mouth, I called it good with a full body massage, and when she attempted a HE, I shook my head no. After I cleaned up, and got dressed, I took a cruise thru Fountain Square. I ended up Pawn Shop hunting off East Washington, and I was heading west on Washington towards Sherman, I saw Washington streets very own blondie "Tiffany" outside getting her daily dose of Vitamin D. I ended up picking Tiffany up and taking her to see her Uncle Jackson over by Skyline. Unfortunately, the past few months have not been good to this blonde who used to have beauty about her, the marks on her hands, and the breakout all over her face tell the story very clearly! Being the nice guy I am, before I dropped Tiffany off at her Uncle Jacksons, I made sure she got her daily dose of protein, so she wouldn't go hungry.

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    Same gal?

    Pretty sure this is the same gal I saw last week with the long black jacket. This pic was taken in darn near the exact same spot. I was on the opposite side of the street from her so I had to pass her and go up and turn around which I did but again she was gone. Must be well known because she doesn't seem to have to stroll very long before getting picked up. Maybe one day it will be my turn.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chelli4me  [View Original Post]
    Only saw one. Pic attached. Never seen her before. Not sure she was "working". Anyone know her?
    Well, not really know. I've seen her back in the day, but it has been awhile. Pretty sure that she was on E Prez and on E Dime back then. For some reason the name Trinket is sticking in my head, but if that's who it is (and the resemblance is pretty remarkable), she hasn't aged much, which goes against everything we know about SWs. So there is a good chance that I'm wrong on this one. If it is Trinket though, watch out, she'll run with the donation at the first chance.

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    She was at the Sam jones 465 exit yesterday.

    Quote Originally Posted by SheThinksGolf  [View Original Post]
    Damn, she's cute. May have to travel in that area this summer and investigate!
    She was at the sams Jones exit yesterday in a blue jacket. She is pretty. I saw her a lot last fall. I don't think she is a working girl. I think she is just begging.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chelli4me  [View Original Post]
    This past summer I saw several times at 465 & Raymond that I wanted to inquire as to her availability but I never did. She was a pretty darn good looking gal and had a build and look I really liked. Something about her she just appeared to be so sad. I guess that's understandable if you are panhandling on a very busy, dirty and noisy spot in the heat of summer. But to me it seemed to be more than that. Every time I took that ramp and saw her up ahead I always hope the timing of the light would allow me to stop right where she stood to maybe get a few seconds of conversation with her but it never worked out that way. I did hand her a few dollars a couple times but it was always as I was passing her right when the light turned green and had to keep going. There were times I was several cars back from the light and saw guys (and gals) handing her some $ and some of them did talk to her very briefly but I don't know if she was ever propositioned. I never saw her step back from a car in anger or shock because maybe it happened but is doesn't mean it didn't either. She was out there so much it had to happen. Anyway, one day she was just gone. Haven't seen her since. Pic below.
    Damn, she's cute. May have to travel in that area this summer and investigate!

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    East Side

    I casually strolled the east side Prez route this past weekend on my way to work from my hotel. Nothing was to be found at 6 or 7 am in the morning. No surprise there. Around 3 pm on Saturday I saw a blonde that looked to be working but she went and sat on a porch near Wallace and then disappeared. She looked too good to be a SW.

    Need to try the west side next time I'm in town.

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    West side.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chelli4me  [View Original Post]
    Only saw one. Pic attached. Never seen her before. Not sure she was "working". Anyone know her?
    Saw her standing at corner of 11th and Tibbs. Did not partake. Visited with regular Snow and this one was still standing at same corner after we finished. I normally do not pick up if they are not moving around. Visit with Snow was good as always, and will repeat.

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    West again

    About 5 pm saw this gal strolling on Tibbs just south of the tracks between 10th and Michigan. Peeked my interest so I turned around at the gas station and went back but she was already gone. Anyone know her? I've never seen her before.
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    Just West Today

    Only saw one. Pic attached. Never seen her before. Not sure she was "working". Anyone know her?
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