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Thread: Massage Parlor Reports

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    Red Rose this afternoon

    Stopped by RR in Franklin to check if Candy was back. Nope.

    But. I found something even better May. Yes that's right.

    If you spent time with Candy your mileage will improve with May.

    Chatted up number two girl Mary or maybe Marry confused me for a bit on my way out.

    That's worth the 40 to see as well.

    Happy Hunting Boys.

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    1205 too, twice

    In a recent dream, I too hit 1205 and got Angela. Sifty's description is accurate. My experience, however, was a little different, not necessarily in a good way. I actually enjoyed her massage. She started with a towel on, but not for long. As soon as she reached for the lotion, she took the towel off. For lotion, she used a white-ish mixture from a large jar (insert joke) that thankfully had no discernable odor. Also, she used it sparingly, a refreshing change from a few recent experiences. Angela used her elbows and forearms very effectively on my back. It did loosen up some knots. No tease preceded the flip though I too let my intentions known. The light was dimmed, she approached Mr. Big, grabbed him firmly, titled her head toward the ceiling with a bored looked that alternated with her eyes closed, and proceeded with a rather rough, monotonic HE. The look on her face was beyond discouraging. You could tell she'd rather be doing anything else. I did light OTC, but pulled back as she clearly wasn't into it. Only by the grace of God and days of backed up pressure did I manage to finish before body parts were permanently damaged. Will not be dreaming of her again.

    Quote Originally Posted by Siftysifty  [View Original Post]
    Thought I would give 1205 a try as I was already in the area. Called ahead and made appointment.

    Was greeted by a 40 something medium build woman No pretty but not ugly I opted for and hour and got naked.

    Massaged me with towel on my back for about 20 min. As she gave me a not so great massaged I let my intentions be known.

    At 35 min flip and light went off. She wanted 80 dollars to take her top off. I told her 40 she then said no. I said 60 and she would only let pull top down from top.

    At this point I was kinda pissed and not feeling it After 15 min she put the nips in my mouth and I DIY to make it happen.

    Too much negotiating ruined the mood. Will not repeat with Angela.

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    1205 & Apple


    Went to 1205 today and drew Connie. Session was fine, nothing special. She did spend a bit of time just complaining about god knows what, and that turned me off. She at least got nude and sat on my face for some DATY which I love, but nothing else was on the menu. Plenty of touching, but no penetration of any kind. Pretty sure I drew her the first time I went probably a year ago and had about the same experience. I don't like her face, but I do think she's got a nice body. I'll be back in a pinch, but probably not anytime soon.


    Also went to Apple a few days ago and drew Sarah. The experience for me was lackluster to say the least. She immediately wanted to know if I had heard about her from the computer.

    Boobies looked nice but were man made. Ass was flat and flabby. I've seen much nicer asses on old grannies that I could bounce a quarter off of. She didn't want to take her top off, but did pop the girls out for a bit, but did not want to keep them exposed. Not huge, but decently shaped. I much prefer natural. They were ok to play with, I've had much worse man made boobs.

    She gave free access down below as I pulled down her panties pretty early on and I was able to rub her pussy and ass. The thing for me, as I fingered her pussy, in my life I have never felt a pussy so tight. Like I could barely get my damn pinky in that thing (and this was with lube). She had no trouble taking my thumb up her ass however. For others that have seen her, have you experienced the same thing?

    I was almost thinking that perhaps she is a post-op trans. She absolutely refused to let me look at her nether regions, even though she was fine with me doing FIV / FIA. Wouldn't let me get a glimpse of what was going down there at all. That coupled with when I finally did get my index finger buried deep up there I felt no cervix, had me questioning what was going on.

    Either way, it was a fairly stand-offish session. I basically took care of myself and left not very satisfied. This seems counter to what others have experienced. Doubt I'll be back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Handjobluvr  [View Original Post]
    I visited Sunshine in Cambridge (2464 Mass Ave). It was OK. Nothing special, and I probably won't repeat (or at least go out of my way to get there again). Very vanilla, uninspired soft massage, albeit with lots of teasing from the start (after I answered "soft" to her question about whether I wanted hard or soft). She did whip out the girls for me to play with, but batted my hand away when I tried to go through the long skirt. She did not use any oil on the boys, until I asked for it. She played just outside the back door, but did not enter. After mission accomplished, it was about 10 more minutes of an uninspired rub. One really weird thing was that she held the boys in the cup of her hand, from beginning to end, but it really didn't add anything. She just held them. Her efforts would have been better if she had used two hands all over. After climax, she used alcohol to clean around my groin, and then left a tissue on Mr. Thomas. At the very end, she leaned over and kissed the little guy (which was covered with a tissue). Overall, weird and uninspired. Not a repeat.
    I drover over to Sunshine today for what I thought would be my first visit. I called shortly before I got there. The woman on the phone told me there were closed. She said to try back sometime next month and maybe they would be open again.

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    [Deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR's NOTE: This report was edited or deleted to remove references to Transvestites/Transsexuals/SheMales. As provided in the Forum's Posting Guideline, members may not discuss Transvestites/Transsexuals/SheMales. Please read the Forum's Posting Guidelines for further information. Thanks!

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    Sarah at Apple

    Quote Originally Posted by LuckyLuke  [View Original Post]
    Thanks tocheezefist, I had chance to check out this place. Sahara (sounds something similar) was the only one girl was working that day (Chinese new year was the factor). Though I did not get to enjoy promised land, I had good massage and happy ending. Also, my hand was allowed to roam around where ever I wanted including FIV so it was fun time over all.
    Is this the same Sarah that used to work at 900 ?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Floatinglife  [View Original Post]
    Which 569, Boylston or Cambridge St or? Is Mia at this place!

    Boylston, yes, Mia works there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TCollins  [View Original Post]
    Adams has very good talent right now. I would recommend Candy. I have not been to Waverly in a while any good recommendations there? Asking for a friend!
    Question. Could you give slightly more details on Candy? Mainly age, build, and how much roaming she allowed?


    (BTW, clear your inbox).

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChoirBoy  [View Original Post]
    This hobby is much harder since they passed a law that says we can't turn our phones off.
    Yeah- I had to leave it on for work unfortunately. Didn't plan on it interfering as much as it did. My point was more that it seemed like there was more on the table but I had to blow out of there fast.

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    Waltham Apple massage

    Thanks tocheezefist, I had chance to check out this place. Sahara (sounds something similar) was the only one girl was working that day (Chinese new year was the factor). Though I did not get to enjoy promised land, I had good massage and happy ending. Also, my hand was allowed to roam around where ever I wanted including FIV so it was fun time over all.

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    Lotus in Danvers

    I am out of town guy and went to Lotus which I found in Danvers area. (I did not find any backpage ad or any other ad) so I am not sure even I went to the right Lotus.

    Anyway, I had girl named Sonnie who was little thick the way I like and gave the spectacular soft massage but did not allow me my hand anywhere which was bummer. Otherwise had a good finish and overall fun time. Hope to repeat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CamperVan10  [View Original Post]
    Any idea of the whereabouts of CiCi from walnut? 235. She is not there, back to Queens or has she resurfaced in the area? Thanks.

    The 40+ gals at Relax Reduce do a decent job at rub and tug, but the location is tough with entry / exit. No real extras available beyond the hand.
    I think I know her, and her whereabouts. PM me for details.


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    Angela 32's

    Quote Originally Posted by CheezeFist  [View Original Post]

    Angela, who is my all- time favorite. Angela might be old and ugly now, but what can I do, love is love.
    Haha, just saw this. Yeah the last two years have not been kind to Angela in any of the service or appearance categories. Back in 2015 she flipped a switch and was fuucking any guy that had a hundred dollar bill. That last room on the left, if you sent a CSI forensics team in they would immediately call in a Hazmat squad! LOL.

    Can't tell you how many times I CIP her but that was when her body was firm and with the dark lights her face was ok. Oh, well once they hit 50 it seems its quick downhill slide.

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    New place on main in peoples republic

    Anyone been to the new place on main st cambridge? Ad is on CL looks good, but didn't know if anyone has toftt?

    Happy hunting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PadMe5  [View Original Post]
    No need to take it personal, we all have our preferences, and I'm always willing to share, that's the point of these forums! Angela at CB Waltham and Coco in Framingham were both much cuter than Sara at 90 B, but I don't know if either is still working. So is anyone at 1060 (all more real, less plastic-looking and makeup, but also less done up). Tulip in Brookline occasionally has a real looker (4 years ago they had an Angela that was my ATF for looks, only 9/10 I've ever met, but they rotate fast). Then there's always taking the drive to RI for clubs and spas when things are dry up here (clubs if you want a real looker for 15 min). Used to be a huge fan of Opulence down there before they shut down. I'm still on the lookout for my ideal masseuse and don't have a current "real world 8/10," but that's no reason to stop the hunt.

    I'm not into "extra extras," so yes, I realize that I am demanding when it comes to looks and then massage skill as a distant second. Sara is very sensual (if you like her, you'd like Angie at Spa Tao who is similar in attractiveness- teeth aren't great) and does have a great body in a mini-skirt that feels really nice when she's crawling all over the table (all that was great). If you're looking for that extra thing, I agree that she'd be a good deal for some. With the dim lights and two beers, I could see her being a 7+ or more in looks. Her ponytail is long and cute as well, but she's got an older face (GILF?) with a receding hair line. Not my thing. I hope you understand. Since I'm not interested in the mileage she may provide, and since her massage skills were just OK to good, her looks weren't enough to bring me back. She was very nice.

    If anyone can recommend true stunners who provide a limited massage, I'd be appreciative! It sounds like Miss Venice is the way to go, but I prefer fixed locations with a store front.
    Wish I could help you here. It seems exceptionally rare to find an 8+ in these places and someone like Angela at Cherry is basically unheard of. My problem with Angela was she was so hot that I just couldn't see her with her limited menu, it was frustrating for someone like me who always is on the hunt for FS. Based on your own desires (Pretty, HJ, no FS) I can see how she was perfect.

    While it is rare to get both, really hot and FS, it would happen with some frequency at 195. Going thru my archives I recall Jennifer and Shirley, plus more, who were easy 8's and FS. Sadly those days are lost forever.

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