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    Anyone know any BBBJ parlors the one I used to go to was shut down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BostonMan781  [View Original Post]
    Anyone see Maddie in Revere 781-XXX-9359 ?
    If she is the one that moved from Everett to revere there are posts on this board.

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    195 Watertown

    I really miss 195 with Mimi and her friends. Has anyone else found a replacement for 195?

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    Anyone see Maddie in Revere 781-XXX-9359 ?

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    This ad kinda perked my interest so I decided to call. Lady who answered the phone spoke very broken English but I was somehow intriqued at the possibilities (you know how sometimes you just find a gem). Despite the language issue I managed to schedule an appointment for later that night. Location is on main st and easy to find. Parking was easy and plenty of spaces on the street. As I walkewd up to the place I saw this old Chinese woman smoking. She called me by my name and said you call? I said yup and was hopign she was the mamasan. Got inside, there was only 1 other person working there and she was older than the first lady. I am usuallly attracted to the asian MILF type lady but these two looked simply miserable and not appealling in any way. Led to the "room" which was one of the 2 free standing pivacy type things that looked like the rice paper walls and stopped about 3 feet from the ceiling. Yes you read that correctly. The so called walls stopped about 3 feet from the ceiling. Paid for the hour and got undressed and on table.

    She put a towel on my back and started with the dough knead process which we all know hate. I asked her to slow down and she did and then proceeded with more smoother actions over the towel. She kept her set of key wrapped around her wrist. And all I could hear was those keys jingling as she workes on my back. After about 5-10 minutes or so I think shre realized the noise those keys mase and she took off that wrist band thing. She removed the towel and proceed to use more baby oil on my back then I have ever experienced. I do have some hair back there but this was ridiculous. She spent time working on my back, arms and legs using as much oil as possible. I tried to hint that I wanted more but every time I tried to touch her she backed away. I could tell this was not going to end well for me and I respected her boundaries.

    She then tried to clean me off with a hot towel and she even said herself there was a lot of oil. She did ont do a vey good job in cleaning up and then I turned over. Front massage was just like the back. Lot's and lots of oil with no sense of extras or anything. She finished, I got dressd. I went home and took a very long hot shower to remove all the oil.

    Overall massage was ok and she did get out some knots. Costs were 60 + 10. I don't reccomend. I will not repeat and I need to see someone else real soon to restore my faith in AMPs.

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    Eastern on Prospect in Tham

    Anyone have any intel on the place, is it new?

    Guessing it's legit but will give it a visit and review if anyone can verify Xtras and qualify of the ladies / girls (no grannys).



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    Waverley, H2 O

    Couldn't agree more. This place has cuter, younger girls. But, the catch is there is truly no massage skill and they try to ask for the highest prices ever. I went and did a half-hour, which is already $10 more than the usual 30 minute price.

    When it came to negotiations, let's just say she was 50% higher than I was willing to pay. Fortunately, I had only brought in the exact amount that I was willing to tip, so there was not going to be any negotiation. I was prepared to just make her finish the "massage" (if you can call it that), and leave with minimal tip. She kept telling me I could use my credit card for tip. Not only would I never do that, but I don't even bring my wallet into those places.

    I'm not putting the tip amount or service in this post (intentionally). You can figure it out. She wanted 1. 5 X and I stuck to 1 X. PM me if you want more detail.

    My overall feeling is that Poka summed it up correctly. Better looking girls, but you have to be a strong negotiator. And, even if you "win" that negotiation, as I did, the service is going to be rushed and half-hearted because she didn't get her exorbitant fee. Go to a hotel AAMP and you'll be much happier.


    P.S. - I had Yuki too...

    Quote Originally Posted by PokaDotCloud  [View Original Post]
    Went by here recently, I used to really dig and have a good time with the operator Angel, so asked if she was up before I headed over.

    Got there and there was no sign of her, but both of the girls I saw were young (sub 30) spinner types and I really only ask for Angel because previously she only worked with Anna who would use a handful of sanitizer as lube and I avoided her forever afterwards. So I took the plunge into the unknown, though I do think I did see Angel here like in June, but my memory is not what it was. Prices are up to 50/70 and I went for an hour with the table shower. Doesn't look remodeled inside, but it has a new mat.

    Anyway I get Yuki and she is dressed like this is Pawtucket so I figure this will be a thing if nothing else. Either she is brand new or never worked a shower before as I had to instruct her to spray it down before I climbed on. On to the room and she has no idea how to give a massage, legitimately worse than any of the girls in the Pawtucket houses and would be the worst I've ever had if not for this one lady that couldn't understand anything I said and just drove her elbow into my shoulder blades for an hour. Finally she done with that and we come to the negotiation and WTF everything is on the table but she is asking like Thai or Brazilian prices. Anyway in for a penny in for a pound so I get out as cheaply as I can.

    Overall, if you are looking for everything I think you'd be better setting yourself up through BAD as it is only going to run you just a little bit more and you can probably coax a better rub out of them as well. But if you are desperate for a younger girl at any price this may be your best bet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Appollo101  [View Original Post]
    Do you know their hours of operation?
    Google the name.

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    What's the best AMP I'm Watertown?

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    Blue Moon Q Town

    I was passing thru Quincy and randomly chose Blue Moon. Drew Ginny. Milfy and sultry looking. Nice bod. Decent massage with attention to pressure points. Ok with UTC roaming. 60/40. Facility is a little on the ratty side but not terrible. Curtains so you hear everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuantumWarp  [View Original Post]
    It's Lily's Salon in Chinatown. Not sure if I'm allowed to post address, but it's first hit on Google, sort of in basement.

    As far as timing and avoiding the walk of shame, I made an appointment early Saturday morning via phone, specifically requesting Anna. Only one person getting hair done, I walked straight to register and said I was there for my appointment and was immediately lead back. Much easier, as no discussion of what I wanted, and didn't have to linger awkwardly in the salon.

    Anna is as described, but I unfortunately went for FS, which was not my cup of tea. She's not really into it, not very involved, and so I just finished as quick as I could. Maybe her CBJ is better, she does have a pretty face and good rack. Massage was okay, I was trying to feel her up throughout the massage to give her the "signal" and instead she got overly excited and kept wanting to jump to the end. In her broken English we finally settled on fun first and massage later, LOL. Otherwise pleasant experience.
    Do you know their hours of operation?

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    Lynnfield Healing MAssage

    The place usually has a steady flow of customers. They do prefer you to make appointments and yes it is run by a Chinese lady.

    Just to remind everyone here, they provide genuine massages and that means no extras. But they are very skilled, highly trained professionals who know how to properly give a great therapeutic massage.

    I go there about once a month and I reccomend them for a solid massage. If you want more info then please pm.


    Quote Originally Posted by Smcddtc  [View Original Post]
    How busy is the place? Operated by Chinese?

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    Crystal Foot Massage, Quincy

    Has anyone had a full body massage at Crystal with extras? In the past I had a full body massage but not extras. I was curious if that has changed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuantumWarp  [View Original Post]
    Depends on what you define as "legit. " I recently tried out Lucky on Boylston, got Mia. Standard extras, no upsell, so I liked that. But, massage was amazing. I like strong massages, and she really put the pressure on with her elbows and arms, had to ask her to back off a bit on my neck. It also felt like a massage, like that good pain in a stretch, and not as if she was just digging her elbows haphazardly like some others do.
    FYI, " Legit" = no extras.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sampox  [View Original Post]
    Lynnfield Healing Massage. They advertise on Yelp and Craigslist. Strictly legit and very good Massage Therapists. Nice clean attractive place and pleasant people too. I have gone several times.
    How busy is the place? Operated by Chinese?

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