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Thread: Streetwalker Reports

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  1. #1994

    Nobody, Nothing. Must be too dry out.

    Expecting rain for days, so thought I would cruise 82nd Ave, from Sandy to Johnson Creek, or Sandy, Division, and Powell all three from 82nd to 122nd.

    Maybe it was too early, I don't know. But I didn't see a sole from 6 AM to 7 AM.

    I made the same pass last night at 9 PM and didn't see anything then either.

    I guess they are all waiting for the rain. Who knows, I guess we can't really accuse them of being up on things, or for being great planners.

  2. #1993

    11:30 pm

    Cruised 82nd twice saw 2 BSW, one super skinny by bowling, and slightly thicker by stark and maybe 4 WSW two in a pair, one by stark, and one by taboo.

  3. #1992

    82nd Tonight

    It was a very good night. Saw around 5 SWs on 82nd from around 10 pm till midnight. I haven't seen this many girls for at least a year. Another hobbyist scooped the first one I was eyeing on. One BSW was waving and gave me a big smile showing her bright white teeth. Another slightly big one looking at the traffic. Ended up picking up a WSW by DMV. . 6 for everything. Drove a little farther away from 82nd. Very accommodating. There was also a girl asking for a ride at 7-11 on Sandy. I was already spent so didn't partake.

  4. #1991


    A girl waving at cars on Glisan and 162. I saw her at the laundry mat. Typical cracker. Looked like a nice body. But method face for sure.

  5. #1990

    Nothing happening

    2:30 to 3:30 up and down 82, and Sandy.

    Nothing to report, not a sole.

    Good luck everyone.

  6. #1989

    Miss opportunity

    Saw a WSW yesterday, 82nd ave strolling between NE Holladay St and Glisan St, turned around twice to catch her, and all three passes.

    She was on the opposite side of the street. Finally thinking it was an Omen that we were not to hook up, I continued on my way.

    If anyone knows her, I would love to get her digits.

    She was about 5'4" - 5'6" tall.

    Weight, I'm guessing 135# - 150#.

    Hair, shoulder length, brown, curly.

    Age, I'm guessing mid to late 30's.

    Very nice smile, and I might have seen braces (not sure about that, she was across the street).

    She was wearing knee length black boots, with red garters on top.

    Black skirt to mid thigh.

    White blouse, and black coat.

    Cheers and be safe.

  7. #1988
    Put some work in last night. Slim pickens. Did the and / S and E Stark up to 181st. Missed an opportunity at the TIK-TOK late night. Used the bathroom and I was eye'd by a poker player WSW / part-timer. Tried to meet outside, but got blocked by some tweekers. Packed it in for the night feeling like I missed a good opportunity. After work today came down Powell and in the 62nd block I saw a legitimate PAWG, spun around to see if she was tramping. Got her attention and she asked for a light off the block. I told her that her shorts were driving me crazy. She informed me that she was from Eugene, staying here for a minute. Not usually my style, but I gave her a ride to Pizza Hut. Got her in the car, did the check and I agreed to take her to pick up the pizza and we could kick it for awhile. Wanted $80, took it down o $60. Left with a smile. I have contact info for her and another girl I call "Detroit" or " Michigan. ".

    Another WSW.

    Willing to trade UTR numbers with anyone with over 100 posts. I realize the irony with my low post count. I can assure you I'm not new to this, been mongering for ten plus years, just starting to share here.

  8. #1987

    82nd near Harbor Freight

    Pulled in to HF (planned shopping trip), and saw a WSW walking south, near car lot and taco stand.

    Came out and the WSW was just about to cross the road to Fred Meyer. Pulled in to FM parking lot, struck up a deal and drove to a quite spot (hard to find mid-day).

    Great rack, $40 for BBBJWCIM. She said she didn't have a phone and was hopeful to make enough money to buy one. I hope I run in to her again, very good talent.

    I'm guessing late 20's, early 30's 5-foot 2 (maybe shorter) about 120# and a very full C maybe D cup and black hair. Went by Debra.

  9. #1986

    Dry as a bone

    Cruised 82nd from Fremont to Woodstock; then Stark out to 202nd and back, between 10-11 PM. Didn't see a single SW out there despite the warm weather. I guess I would have expected some action though it was late on a Sunday. Good luck friends.

  10. #1985

    82nd rush hour same girl

    Same girl same spot Same time for at least a week now. 82nd just south of Powell on the west side of 82nd across from the improperly named 82nd "street" bar (numbered roads in Portland are avenues, ones bearing names are streets. It irritates the fuck out of me every time I see it). She looks like she probably smokes meth, has that kind of methy face you see, would probably be a cheap blow for anyone who's interested tho, and she actually has a nice body, it's too bad she's into crystal. Problem is she's always there at rush hour I've seen her there in passing between 430 and 445 for like a week straight now like clock work. Heads up for anyone who doesn't mind that methy face.

  11. #1984

    155th and se stark

    The older gal was still out todat around 3 pm. Seems to be pretty conststent. Keep an eye out. I also have not seen the two black girls. Stay safe.

  12. #1983


    At 2:30 todat at the am pm on the freemont corner was a pretty hard used up skinny older gal walking. Definately looking for a date and waving at the cars.

    On stark near the VW place again. A middle aged gal walking. Not too bad looking but I had no time. Keep your eyes peeled.

    This was at 1 pm on stark.

    Good luck out there.

    Stay safe.

  13. #1982

    Right now on stark

    Right at the VW repair place on Stark at 5:45 pm One girl. White street walker. Was smoking a cigarette and waving at traffic. Did not look too bad. I did not have time to pick her up though. She was definitely looking for a ride.

  14. #1981
    Hooked up with Detroit (her name is Sasha I believe) a recent Portland transplant. Blue streaked dyed hair and glasses. Out between Stark and Halsey both times I've swooped her up. She's great and a refreshingly non drugged out WSW. Treat her right.

  15. #1980


    On 82nd there was one girl who was strange but working along the area between stark and burnside. Another BSW was on the east side. She was larger. She was slow walking and head was moving around a bunch. I was not interested in either. I have tried to keep an eye out on the reports on upper stark. So far I have failed to see the girl with the tattoos on her arm.

    More soon Happy days.

    Warmer weather and more sun than rain is on the way.

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