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Thread: Streetwalker Reports

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    Nana on 54th Nw

    Has anyone heard from Nana who used to hang around 54th ST NW? I heard she had started working in Broward for an escort agency. I tried texting her but no reply.

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    82nd 10 am

    Coming from the airport this morning. I was surprised to see a few WSWs working. Two were near the green dental place. One by the Mc Ds and one more by the coffee shop. Two looked great. The others were to avoid. This was around 10 am on an airport trip. Most of the action was between 84 and sandy. Good luck out there guys. I have not been out much or had much time to search, but like always. I am on the look out for new talent.

    Stay cool. With the hot weather. Sure makes them dress less. Yipee for that.

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    10th and stark

    BSW walking down the street. Not pretty at all. But she had the stroll and chest was stuck out. Seems to be a regular in the area.

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    NW Report!

    So, now that summer is approaching, I'll be adding more on the good old NW Stroll.
    Was out around Noon today and only spotted one girl normally hang out around McD's on NW 19th.
    You can't miss her if you see her, LSW, user, chest tat. Did not stop for her. I've seen her in the past and she a good low dough lay.

    Left for a bit.

    Around 4 this afternoon, spotted I redhead WSW that looked familiar near the church on NW Everett and NW 19th. Like she might be off another review board (tna). But she was walking.
    With a guy and didn't notice me till she was headed out of the area. I picked her up last week for some awesome BBBJTCWCIM! Missed her this time.

    The NW Stroll is not dead by far, just a little slower that 82nd or further out. If you keep your eyes open you might find something nice!

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    Strung out girl

    Hi ALl. Pretty quiet here. But this morning at the 7-11 on 148th and stark. The girl has no pants on. Just a plaid shirt and bright blue panties. Nice legs and the body looked good as I could see from afar. But no time to investigate. She looked pretty lost and hung out to dry.

    Same as down town on burnside last night. Lots of pandlandlers there. But one needed to clean them up and shower them before they go home.

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    Back in the saddle

    Looking to get back to my pooner ways after quite the time off. I've noticed a lot of regular detail that used to be on this site isn't here anymore. Anyone know where its going? Also, anyone have a reliable regular to share digits? Feel free to PM if more comfortable.

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    11 00 pm last night

    On stark and 82nd there was a girl in the bushes sort of near the bus stop on 82nd. Could not see her well enough to make a check out. Hard to do when its dark. Also there was a BSW which did not look great along sandy and 82 where they cross. No way I was getting that. A nice girl I thought was working at the new 7-11 on 82 near sandy. But she must ahve been after the bus. Darn. She was concentrating on the phone too much instead of watching traffic.

    Pretty slow night out. No rain so I touhgt it would have been better.

    More soon.

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    6 15 tonight

    Along stark at around 155th or so. A girl was walking along the street. I have seen her before. Cute and nice body. Did not get a change to say hi as I was with others. Darn. But she is cute and worth finding. Another girl was at the bus stop near the auto replai place. She was watching traffic and smiling. But upon looking. She could be one of the 19 going on 90 with the scariest meth face you have seen.

    WOW. Just an FYI. Not sure what all the cops were about earlier running up the street. But there were about 12 of them. Dam. Oh well. Have a great day.

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    Last night on 82nd and stark saw a really hot cutie. Couldn't stop as I had company with me.

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    82nd last night

    There were two girls near stark on 82. They waved and were working. But not my type. This was about 10 pm. There was another girl earlier in the day on 162nd. Between stark and burnside. She had a nice body. Blue sweater top with sleeves on and grey pants. She was definately doing the hoe wallk.

    I did not want to pick her up at all. But she might have been ok. Not the best face in the book though.

    More soon.

    Stay safe out there.

  11. #1928

    Missed her

    On Division at 162nd. There was a OMG hot BSW in a sun dress which was just killer good looking. I had to hit the store fast and see if I could find her. I did not. But I heard her hollar out to a few other guys. Hey baby. So I presume she was working hard.

    Wow. Missed a nice one.

    This was at 4 30.

  12. #1927

    Heavyset WSW with impeccable BBBJTCIM skills

    Had some time to kill so took my usual route from Foster north on 82nd. Didn't see much until past the freeway, then a close-call with a too tweaked out methhead. Finally around Fremont I picked up a 40's (No idea? Could be 50's?) WSW, dyed brown hair in a bob-cut. Five minutes after picking her up we were parked just off the Burnside turn-off and she sucked me clean dry in under ten minutes. She smiled, opened the passenger side door to spit and thanked me for being such a fast comer. Dropped her off one minute later. Didn't catch her name or digits, but she was a nice reminder of why I do this: Quick, CIM blowjobs from skilled professionals.

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    Girl on stark

    Upper stark in the 18th area. I have seen a good looking bodied SW. But the other day I got a chance to get close. Oops. The face was too methed out. She was watching traffic. Bummer as she looked good from a distance.

  14. #1925

    162nd and stark

    Older but not too bad girl walking g west on stark. She was watching traffic. This was at 6 45 pm.

  15. #1924

    My night out

    I've had a dry spell for a while. Oh well, standards and all.

    I drove around a bit today around 7 pm. Didn't see anything that was interesting and not 'too' interesting. Saw someone that was a bit too classic SW on 82nd. With the reports of problems on 82nd I just left it without a 2nd thought. Got obvious looks from a BSW on division by 205, but not my type for several reasons. Other then that it was a dessert for me.

    Sounds like others have been having some real good luck. Particularly the Russian described earlier.

    As far as the 'new scam' posted. Its not so new.

    The motel room is a classic. Never give $ for a room. Never get a room for a girl. With the first, as soon as she gets the cash and you turn around she'll evaporate. With the latter, any damages will be on you if you get it for her. Its just too high of a risk. Myself I don't much like going to a room they already have. I've done it a few times though, but I have to feel a bit of trust. Its a crap shoot. Your locking yourself in a room with a stranger. Those 1st few seconds are pretty risky.

    Never ever take her directions for where to park. Be sure you're not being followed. Its easy for her groupies to take advantage of your distraction and box you in or a variety of other tactics. If I get too many directions and she seems unhappy when I don't follow them, I let them out pretty much immediately.

    Stay careful.

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