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Thread: Streetwalker Reports

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    82nd rush hour same girl

    Same girl same spot Same time for at least a week now. 82nd just south of Powell on the west side of 82nd across from the improperly named 82nd "street" bar (numbered roads in Portland are avenues, ones bearing names are streets. It irritates the fuck out of me every time I see it). She looks like she probably smokes meth, has that kind of methy face you see, would probably be a cheap blow for anyone who's interested tho, and she actually has a nice body, it's too bad she's into crystal. Problem is she's always there at rush hour I've seen her there in passing between 430 and 445 for like a week straight now like clock work. Heads up for anyone who doesn't mind that methy face.

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    155th and se stark

    The older gal was still out todat around 3 pm. Seems to be pretty conststent. Keep an eye out. I also have not seen the two black girls. Stay safe.

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    At 2:30 todat at the am pm on the freemont corner was a pretty hard used up skinny older gal walking. Definately looking for a date and waving at the cars.

    On stark near the VW place again. A middle aged gal walking. Not too bad looking but I had no time. Keep your eyes peeled.

    This was at 1 pm on stark.

    Good luck out there.

    Stay safe.

  4. #1982

    Right now on stark

    Right at the VW repair place on Stark at 5:45 pm One girl. White street walker. Was smoking a cigarette and waving at traffic. Did not look too bad. I did not have time to pick her up though. She was definitely looking for a ride.

  5. #1981
    Hooked up with Detroit (her name is Sasha I believe) a recent Portland transplant. Blue streaked dyed hair and glasses. Out between Stark and Halsey both times I've swooped her up. She's great and a refreshingly non drugged out WSW. Treat her right.

  6. #1980


    On 82nd there was one girl who was strange but working along the area between stark and burnside. Another BSW was on the east side. She was larger. She was slow walking and head was moving around a bunch. I was not interested in either. I have tried to keep an eye out on the reports on upper stark. So far I have failed to see the girl with the tattoos on her arm.

    More soon Happy days.

    Warmer weather and more sun than rain is on the way.

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    Info Vancouver girl

    Quote Originally Posted by BullShiz1420  [View Original Post]
    Can I gett the information for this person.

  8. #1978

    148th and stark is real

    There is a pack of BSW's that are hanging around 148th and stark and the apartment complex south of stark on 148th. I've had luck three days in a row now!! Especially good experience today. Very tiny younger girl, 20 maybe. Looked strung out, but nice body and cute. She has her whole left arm tatted, keep an eye out for her in particular. Picked her up found a spot and she started in on a BJ. Wasn't anything to write home about until I grabbed her head and discovered she could fit my cock all the way down her throat! Spent the next two minutes going to town throat fucking her, and finally unloaded down the back of her throat. When I let go she kept sucking til she was sure there was none left. Afterwards she said if she knew I wan "gunna make her swallow" she would have charged me 20 extra. I obliged. Remember whole left arm is tatted didn't see if she had any other tats but the left arm stood out. Good luck.

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    Upper Stark is paying off. Caught a WSW around 148th night before last. No hassle.

  10. #1976

    Day light savings

    Is finally here. Now we get a chance to see the girls before dark when the risks increase. So Come on guys. Lets see some more posts. Seems the upper 162nd area is better then 82nd lately, Anyone else offer intel??

  11. #1975

    Around lombard and denver

    I saw an adorable woman, Medium build.

    Big curly hair.

    Had Color rain boots.

    Adorable as hell.

    She seemed to be doing quick looks so I went around the block.

    And pull back to the same area.

    She started to ask for a ride but saw I had a Dog.

    She immediately, politely declinded.

    Damn me for dog sitting.

    Old dogs do look mean with the grey around the mouth. LOL.

    Missed this one.

  12. #1974

    Have not seen the BSWs

    Thanks for the update on the BSWs on stark. I will keep an eye out for them. The rain makes it hard to find anyone but the most desperate. Seems 82nd is too hot and not worth cruising any more. But my eyes are pealed. Spring is coming and the nicer warmer weather will bring out the girls.

    One person told me that there is an entire subculture of people who do not use BP. They have no credit card to post there and have no idea how to use the internet. He did not say where to find these girls. But sometimes its a bar or something in the area. If anyone can elaborate, I would be happy.

    Stay safe out there. You never know what crazy is lurking.

  13. #1973

    148th and stark!!

    Saw a report about between 122nd and 162nd and between stark and division. I haven't had much luck on either 122nd or 162nd (not saying there's nothing there) but 148th and stark has been the hot spot for me as of late. There's a pack of BSW's walking around. Cheap too 20-40 I've gotten lucky 3 days in a row. Dry today, surprisingly for a Saturday? But I'll be back tomorrow. They are all good but there last girl I got was unbelievable! If you see a short (5 ft Maybe) light skinned girl pull over!! Super young looking and she didn't know the word no, only 40 too. Good luck!

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    Who is the cute girl

    At 3 30 today on 82nd and Glissan there was a girl who was watching traffic. She was skinny but good and had a nice face and blond hair. Our eyes met and I know she was working but I was on a errand and could not stop. I looked for her on the way back but nothing.

    Worth keeping an eye out. Could be the fresh meat someone is always looking for.

    More soon.

    Stay safe. At least its light later and the weather is warmer.

  15. #1971


    Took two trips up 82 this afternoon. No only one girl out at freemont. She was super rough looking. I was supposed to see very little out. Upper streets are better.

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