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Thread: Streetwalker Reports

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    On the street

    With BackPage shut down, many of the ladies may have to return to the streets. It may be a little too cold thru the weekend but after that, check out the usual places.

    Beware. Those who are forced there may have addiction problems and / or pimps.

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    It takes time

    And practice to spot a SW some are more distrete than you think. You can find them on all the streets. Just watch for the girl walking slower and with out pourpose and headed slowly up the street. If her head turns and follows you. She is likely working. I have found some of the best girls and a few long term girls when I did not expect it. One girl was on Powell and ssomewhere near 110th. Known her for a long time. She can suck a bowling ball thru a straw, Some others I have found were on stark and also glisan just no where near the 82 or sandy. Any girl walkng along these streets could be considered a target. Just keep your eyes peeled. Worst is when I spy a hottie and I have company in the car and cannot make contact.

    Happy hunting out there. Stay warm and safe Make the girls comfortable and you will usually be aptly rewarded Treat them with repsect and nicely.

    Take care.

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    Poon Goggles

    Quote Originally Posted by DB321  [View Original Post]
    I never see them. I drive up and down 82nd and sandy all the time.
    You got to get yourself a pair of SW spotting poon goggles.

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    I must blinde

    I never see them. I drive up and down 82nd and sandy all the time.

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    Sandy blvd

    Along 105 to 122. Today at 2 pm. I spied two girls. One skinnier. Ok looking from the car. She had on a pink Hoodia with a jeans jacket on top and a jeans pants. Another girl was closer to 105th. She was slightly heavier. But still head turning. I did not partike. Just too busy.

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    [Deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was redacted or deleted to remove sections of the report that were largely argumentative. Please read the Forum FAQ and the Forum's Posting Guidelines for more information. Thank You!

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    A girl I was seeing. Very nice nad cute. She asked her dad for some money as she was broke. He replied. You got a pussy between your legs. You can earn it. I was like wow. Hard to believe.

    She is a nice gal. No phone but if she gets one and needs regulars I will let us know.

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    Tue 8 am on sandy

    Near 112th was a slightly heavy ok looking girl watching traffic. You can always tell with the head snap as you go by where they are looking if you turned to come around the block. She had on black pants and an orange coat. Long hair. Looked ok but I was on the way to work could not stop. Definately working. Check her out if you want guys.

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    Got contacted from a number I did not recognize. They texted. Turns out it was an old provider. She had been gone about 3 years. Like normal. Needed a little help. She stopped by and gave a great blowie. It was good. She has gotten older. We all have but she has not kept her self up. I would share. But now she is just aveage normal and not much to write home about. And a little bit undependable. LOL. But I needed a good nut job. Stay dry out there. I do not know if she is working the steeets. If so. I will pass along where she hangs out.

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    I have never seen any real SW activity in Beaverton or Tigard. If someone has different info please say so.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sachinv  [View Original Post]
    Dose anyone have idea if there are WSW in beaverton or Tigard area. I have heard about allen bvld and hills bvld in beaverton but never saw anyone.

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    WSW in Beaverton / Tigard

    Dose anyone have idea if there are WSW in beaverton or Tigard area. I have heard about allen bvld and hills bvld in beaverton but never saw anyone.

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    Keeping it weird alright. BE CAREFUL!

    SO I ventured out to NE 82nd tonight and found some WSW's that were a bit older for my taste. I finally saw a young redhead, green eyes, about 5'6", thin, said she was 25 and looking for a place to sleep. I talked to her a little bit and offered to help her out with a meal and a hot shower back at my hotel if she was willing to "date" in return. She gladly took the offer.

    Well, it was about a less than 15 minute drive back to my hotel and as soon as we got closer she started to act insane. She started talking to herself, said she smoked opium with Gandhi, and all types of nonsense. She then started to act like a total split personality and began to get downright disrespectful to me. I told her to relax and if she did not want to that I would be happy to drive her back. She asked for something to eat. I got her some Taco Bell and as she wolfed it down she started to act like she was possessed. At first I thought it was all a crazy act so I pulled over into a dark parking lot and asked her to start the date with a BJ. She went ballistic and started saying she had been raped all day in Portland. I said enough is enough and started to drive her back. She then asked if we can go to my hotel room. Yeah right, so she can cause all sorts of drama in the room? No thanks. By now I have had it and told her I was tired of the games. She started mocking me.

    Well it was the longest 15 minute drive ever back to where I found her. She asked to get dropped off at the bus station, which I gladly obliged. Then she insisted I drop her off across the street. That was my last straw and I had to use some stern words and raise my voice. She continued to mock me as she started to get out of the car. I sped off without even giving her a chance to close the door.

    Portland was not a good experience for me this trip. Very disappointed. Either she played a great act, or she was all kinds of crazy. Looks wise she was pretty hot, but nothing is a wood killer more than a crazy woman.

    Oh well, the town was beautiful. The talent, not so much accommodating. I hope this helps someone out. wish I had taken a pic of her, but she is certifiably nuts to the extreme...

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    Thursday later night

    After I left the clubs. I stumbled across a girl at a 7 11 on 82 she was pretty in the face. Super cool and nice girl. About 24 brief chat. I ended up taking her with me. Cleaned her up. Had a great time. One of the best I have had in a long time. I am super picky now and only like certain types as well as the no drama part. This girl was a good one all around No phone on her so no digits. Keep an eye out. You never know when you find the gem.

    Social media sometimes is safer to use to pick up than the streets.

    One interesting thing with the Protests in Portland. Thursday there were no cops out on any patrol in the outer se area so not much risk of getting the wrong girl.

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    Monday 11 am

    On about 107th and sandy. There was a girl walking down the street I was making a drop off and pick up for work. As such. Counld not partike. She had a good body. Older slightly mid 30's I guess. Not bad in the face. Just average. She smiled but I was unloading. She was working I am for sure. But could not do anything but work. Blond hair jeans Keep an eye out if you guys see her. She might not be that bad.

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    What a better way to start the afternoon off right than a BBBJCIM. Found a local girl. Just a fluke. Nothing I can share but she was off one of the social sites. Will remain unnamed. Sorry. She was willing and quite the hoover machine. First time in a while I was left with wobbley legs and a fun feeling. Super nice. This was around the 140th and Powell where I ran into her. There are Gems out there. Just got to keep looking.

    Have a great day At least it was not rainy today.

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