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    Tina was at Sunny few months ago and came back. Sunny's is Chinese, Friendly is Korean. I doubt masseuses from the two places interchange.

    Quote Originally Posted by ChickenFight  [View Original Post]
    I assume the Tina at Sunny is Not the former Tina from Friendly?? Just making sure. Thanks.

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    New Asian Massage

    New Asian Massage in Cburg on 1st block of LWW. I stopped and it reminded me of a China massage place no extras. The masseuse looked old b / c Asians always look young I couldn't guess her age. I didn't partake. 1st time poster long time monger. My first visit was Jodys back in the day.

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    I assume the Tina at Sunny is Not the former Tina from Friendly?? Just making sure. Thanks.

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    I-81 girls

    I was wondering if anybody had delt with the girls who advertise on BP out of chambersburgh? What ever happened to Lindsey's place? Really miss Jody's;but guess everything good has its time.

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    Anything new at green?

    A few visits since my last report and it seems that only coffee and candy are working at the moment. Any news if new talent will be arriving? I enjoy them both but variety is the spice of life!!

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    Green spa rates

    I don't live in the area anymore but will be back through over the weekend. I am thinking of visiting Green Spa. So as not to screw up can someone post the rates or drop me a message. Thanks. Frank.

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    Green spa Q's

    Hey all. Been a bit since I have been to green spa and last time I was there I fear I tipped too little. What is generally considered a good or at least acceptable tip.

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    Green candy!

    Went to green this past week and finally got to meet candy! I can now see why some of you were sorry to see her leave and happy she is back! Great attitude, great massage. Won't mind if she answers the door on my next visit!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PomLovesThais  [View Original Post]
    Thanks for update on candy allty. I saw here twice prior. Was very nice to be around. Pleasant, aimed to please. Never rushed. Exceptional value.
    Candy dearest. This is my non post. You asked me NOT to say anything But the others spilled the beans. Hope to see you soon.

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    Green spa

    Thanks for update on candy allty. I saw here twice prior. Was very nice to be around. Pleasant, aimed to please. Never rushed. Exceptional value.

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    Green SPA

    I can confirm that candy is back! If you get the chance make a visit! Still my all time favorite!

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    Gettysburg. New spa

    It was listed on another site today new spa in Gettysburg opened, named Asian spa. Run by Chinese.

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    You can request. I actually request Coffee when I go there. But she seems like she either likes someone or not I don't know.

    Quote Originally Posted by BigBill145  [View Original Post]
    Long time reader first time poster. Figure I should contribute after all the data collected!

    Went to Green Spa and drew coffee- have been 4-5 times previously and had sue or youn each time so first with coffee. Maybe that was the problem but it was not anywhere near the experience of the other girls. I guess I will take my chances with another visit hoping either it gets better or I get one of the others. I've never requested a provider before arrival- anyone have luck with that at Green?

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    I am not familiar with this place with used cars around? Is it in downtown Chambersburg? I am familiar with GS, SA, Sunny, Kiku. I don't think any of them are DIY. Maybe it is Shippensburg? Where they have the adult store? Exit 24 maybe?

    Quote Originally Posted by TideLover  [View Original Post]
    At GS I had the pleasure of visit while in town. Don't know the wild small Asian with wild hair but gave an excellent TS. Massage however was a bit rough and really no technique but left happy.

    Visit to place just outside Gettysburg, don't remember the name but was in some place that had used cars around. Anyhow, decent TS but no tease and Massage was okay. Suckers me to another 30 to flip to find it's a dyi.

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    New masseuse at Sunny

    I stopped by Sunny, there was a new, or at least new to me masseuse. She said her name was Annie and that she had been there about a month. Very nice tease & release. Standard Chambersburg rates. I went back a few days later drew her again, although the other lady who has been there since the place opened I think was also there. I talked more with Annie and discovered she is Chinese, although I had long suspected the place is Chinese run because they often have Chinese music playing. The service is very similar to Korean, with slight differences, for example, instead of the standard bottle water you get a little paper cup of water. But I don't go there for the water, where it matters, I found the service the equal of SA down the street.

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