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    Quote Originally Posted by RiceRice  [View Original Post]
    Anyone heard from Lexi The Lexi from the Tammy Lexi mother daughter team.
    It's been almost two months since I last talked to her, we're Facebook friends so I'll try to track her down.

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    BBT Thanks for the great advice!

    I was driving through Memphis on Tuesday. BBT's review of Sara interested me.

    He was exactly correct in his review.

    Setup is text only, she does appear to be a new provider.

    Read Big Boi Terry's review is 100% consistent with my experience.

    Thank you Sara and Thank you Terry.

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    Anyone heard from Lexi The Lexi from the Tammy Lexi mother daughter team.

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    Saw this SP and TOFTT. She is in a less desirable place. (close to catfish place for those who are from Mphs). She is a not a spinner like I like them but she has a nice body. There is some type of Mgmt team in the other rooms but no one disturbed us. Everything covered no BBBJ in which I am always covered anyway, but she gives you the rules regardless. The only issue I have with the provider is she talks too much and ruins the experience. The most famous words you never say "Are you hard yet" and that was it for me. You see its not hard so why ask?

    So I probably will not repeat, but she is legit and has a nice body with an ok face. If you can get her to shut up you might have a good time.

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    Ad caught my eye and after some texting back and forth decided on the hour. Usually I go for the half hour just to get to know the person and to see what the boundaries are but I had a good feeling based upon the texts. Very glad I did as I had a very fun time with her. She offers massage but also will go further if the price is right. She was dressed in an outfit that was a dream come true based upon my biggest fetish, which are nylons. She started with the most sensual massage I have had in quite awhile, taking her time and teasing throughout. We had started out on a massage table and then moved to the bed (incall location was in a very nice weekly suite hotel). Once on the bed, she had me begging for more and boy did I get it. Very GFE (again, one of my biggest requirements) and did not rush at all. In fact, she slowed me down to enhance the moments. When finished, we both commented on the size of the load that I shot (close to one of the best for me). Damage was $250 (normally in the high side for me but was worth every penny). Everything on the menu except greek and one of the best kisser I have seen (as always, YMMV). Was told she is selective on her clientele and meets only one or two people a day. I will definitely repeat, in fact thinking about going back in the next couple of days. She also does straight massages with happy endings if that is what you want. Very cute and petite.

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    Sara 256 304-5820

    I've been eyeing Sara's ad for about a week, we've text back and forth and I finally felt comfortable enough to pull the trigger. The thing that captured my eyes in her ad initially was her nipples and yup, those babies are real. In her pics she appears to be slender, but she's actually average size, think Houston. She's around 5'4, 110 lbs, fairly nice body, I definitely put her in the MILF category, and has red hair and is smooth as a newborn down below.

    She doesn't come across as a seasoned pro, but she's a little skittish because she's run into a ton of jerks. She uses the standard 2 call system, and her incall was a decent hotel not on the view. She was dressed very casually, looking like she was ready to go for a jog, but I liked what I saw. She does have her rules, but nothing that is a deal breaker for me, but would be for some. She doesn't kiss, no anal, likes her money up front and likes for you to be respectful. But she does allow daty, and does give BBBJ's, but she reserves the right to refuse that service if she's not comfortable with you.

    By my choice we got down to business right away, so I spent all of my time engaged with her, she was very enjoyable, very snug and she got wet rather quickly, when it was over, I cleaned up and we talked for a bit and I was on my way. She's not a GFE provider so if that's what you're looking for, you would probably want to choose another but YMMV, she might be turned on by you. The only thing that I would knock her for is her teeth, I really don't like talking about something personal like that because I have plenty of things that I'm insecure about, but that's pretty much it. She was clean, her room was clean and didn't have a smokey smell.

    Her rates are as follows: 15 min QV. 50,30 min $, HR $. 80.

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    Had the pleasure to see Lacey the other day. Great provider.

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    Been on here for a while but never report. I had a chance Lacey the other afternoon and she is a great provider. Everything is covered but that's all right with me. She has the best attitude and her body is perfect.

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    White Rose

    Quote Originally Posted by Xpp920  [View Original Post]
    Never seen her but we chatted. Quoted $. 20 for hh. No daty and CBJ so I declined.
    For what it's fwiw, she quoted me $. 5 for hh and had the same non-GFE stipulations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KeyserSoze123  [View Original Post]
    Met Eva recently (her ad is down, 901-xxx-6001). Not the girl in the pics she posts but equally beautiful and blessed at the right places. Made me feel comfortable the minute I met her. The dream included CBJ (not a big fan of CBJ but I generally don't ask the ladies much on my first visit, was good though), mish and cowgirl. No GFE, she does offer greek for anyone interested. Will definitely repeat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xpp920  [View Original Post]
    I hate that my last 3 reviews have been negative but I swear I just tell it like it is. After my disgusting visit with Brandi I thought I was ruined, but I figured I just need a good redemption encounter. I reached out to 2 or 3 ladies I've seen in the past but had no luck. The young lady in this ad Kelly has had my attention for a while so I reached out. We talked on the phone then she text me the address. I text back asking if she allowed daty. She told me she doesn't text details but assured me she would take very good care of me. Now I've been told this in the past and it usually means yes. So I went ahead. Now don't get me wrong, she is a sweet girl and very attractive, but when I got there I was told no DATY and she only does CBJ. I should've left right there. Little man was in my brain and said "well you're already here. Do it" So I stayed. I told her these 2 things are usually deal breakers for me. She started with the CBJ and she was just going through the motions, not into it at all. Jr was not impressed. Literally not even 3 minutes in she asked. "are you going to be able to get hard?" I said yes just keep going. That was mood killer #1. Next after another full 1 minute of the CBJ she stands up lays on the bed and said "do you think it's hard enough to stick it in?" Mood killer #2. So I tried to get Jr up myself and at half mass tried to slide in but it wasn't working. By the way her V is absolutely beautiful. Made me sad I couldn't daty. So after trying again she then tells me "You know. $ only gets you a quick visit right?" This qv was never discussed. We agreed on 30 min. That was Mood killer #3 and Jr flatlined. All that was a whole 10 minutes in. I got up and let her know I was very upset with the visit.

    So imagine calling a restaurant before hand and asking their specials, but they can't tell you, but they promise their food is amazing. Maybe you're wanting ribeye? So you go anyway. Well when you get there they tell you there's no ribeye or key lime pie, complain about how long you're there and you pay your tab and leave before your food comes out. I mean seriously.

    I'm frustrated. My last 3 encounters have been horrible. I've only found 2 girls who will give me the visit I want. 1 has retired and the other hasn't returned my last 3 text. If any of you guys have a nice Caucasian utr spinner I'd love to hear about her. Hope your luck is better than mine. Happy hunting.
    Well for what it's worth, I haven't tried to see a girl from backpage in about 7 years I think, I'm sure there are some good girls there, but I have had much better luck searching elsewhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FireFighter4U  [View Original Post]
    Has anyone seen white rose or have any info on her?
    Never seen her but we chatted. Quoted $. 20 for hh. No daty and CBJ so I declined.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RayPrince  [View Original Post]
    I reviewed when she went by pink barbie, I reviewed in this thread. You can also just look at all my post and look for "Pink Barbie" it will be on the second page of my post history.
    She flies through Memphis so that makes it twice as hard to see her. I'm hoping I can though someday.

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