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    Quote Originally Posted by Pfrc1  [View Original Post]

    Any info on her. Don't want to drive all the way to Southfield for dead end.
    See the BP section. Dunno if it's the same lady as there's no number to compare but the last pic is the same.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chainsaw112  [View Original Post]

    Same night after my strikeout with the fatty, in the parking lot I looked up Amanda because I wasn't satisfied. Now, being in my late 20's, there is nothing sexier to me than an older woman who is still sexy as all hell. So I actively try to look for matures and decided to try this one out. But I left unfinished and very sadly disappointed because her pics were real.

    Short Story. Pics are accurate, very nice body, very pleasant, but rushed and not very accommodating.

    Long Story. She was sweet and pleasant on the phone, said she could squeeze me in for HH because she has to go for an outcall later. Walked in, immediately gave me a hug, and began small talking, took me to the bedroom of the apartment and agreed on. 1 for HH. She went into the other room for like 10 min while I waited, again, I should have quit right then but she was legitimately pretty hot. Explained no kissing, not really GFE, but whatever when she undressed I was hopping for the best.

    At this point she started rushing me with a bad HJ then CBJ but I asked her for uncovered to which she reluctantly agreed, then was ready to go. CFS was very rushed, very dry, fake "come on cum for me honey" sounds and talk, tried multiple positions but she wouldn't accommodate the dryness to the point it hurt. Decided to finish with her hands but she seemed to be falling asleep as she's hurrying me up. Now she did make an effort by using her massage oils with the HJ but she just wasn't good at it. After asking me for like the 5th time "are you done yet" I was like just forget it it's not happening.

    I was still nice and pleasant, and without ANY argument or complaints from me she got very defensive and saying hey we did all kinds of positions and that she gave me her best stuff. I brushed it off because I didn't care at that point. Again, I left disappointed and I saw her leaving for her outcall while I was still in the parking lot. I'm hoping it's a YMMV thing for this one, because she really did have a nice body, and under less rushed circumstances maybe, just maybe, it would be better. So I'm hoping someone else has a better time with her. Good luck.

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    Lauren on Eros

    Any info on her. Don't want to drive all the way to Southfield for dead end.

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    In west canton now til Thursday call now! 6164190377

    Hey there boys, are you looking for the perfect playmate? Well look no further here I am. Sexy and sensual, soft and tender and waiting for you! I treat a man just the way he wants to be treated whether you are a bad boy who needs to be spanked Or just a lonely boy who needs to be loved. I can be whatever you need for whatever occasion! I love to be taken out around the town! So dinner dates are a huge plus:-p In short I am whatever you happen to need me to be. You will always get your time with me. No clock watching here. So book an appt today! I'll be waiting patiently! Until. Then kisses an sweetest love from Innocence.

    Call or text now to fulfill your sweetest wish 6164190377.

    WILL BE IS WEST CANTON TODAY AFTER 5 to wed or possibly Thursday call or text now.

    Rates for time.

    150 hr.

    100 hh.

    70 bng.

    Longer appt time also available.

    Ask about over night rates.

    Message me your email for pics.

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    Been looking to get with a nicer escort for a while. Tried setting up a few dates with jodie from eros, everytime she either cancelled, or wouldn't want to get together that weekend, and all other kinds of excuses. I have a reputable other escort she knows that has even vouched for me. So now I have been looking at champagne on eros. Does anybody have any reviews on her or anything? I found some on her, some good, some so so. Thanks.

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    Just had a chick named Selena @ the airport damn!!

    I'm new to the hobbiest lifestyle & I've only tried a few. I'm new money. But picking & choosing is great! I've just had a couple so so experiences. Nothing worth hating the girls about. But this chick.

    I'm an ass man so a white chick like this was an unfullfilled dream. Got there & couldn't last the first 15 minutes. I've had bad expenses with girls, but I was just introduced to the community a couple days ago. I'm thinking about paying the 400 she wants to record it. I've been reading the other posts here so I'm learning allot. Looking forward to sharing other.

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    More bad news from this group......beware

    Madison Heights Notel Special.

    Hey Guys it's me Kylie Haze! And of course the 3 beautiful ladies who have been with me. Thursday specials til 6 PM starting with their duos for 100 roses and 40 min client appreciation for 125. Time is for companionship but we really enjoy what you guys do for us and are willing to work with you on the roses an who knows what may happen with the lights dim What happens here stays here...($mile) Today is my favorite day Humpday 818-679-6328 Kylie (I know Wedneday is Hump Day) but today is Kylie's and your humpday.

    Just want to show the group we can and will provide quality and economical service with no hassles. I will be the one you talk to so please book and let us earn some great reviews.

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    John Wise

    Ex-Porn Star Kylie Haze...working with a group of Ladies

    Quote Originally Posted by KylieHaze  [View Original Post]
    Hey USA members, I'm a local MI girl and an Ex-Porn star back home. I have been reviewed on the board here, I don't plan to work but assist 3 providers as we speak.

    They are going to have some very reasonable specials this week, message me for interested parties, I will be doing the booking and answering the questions and assuring safety and satisfaction. I am thinking of 40 dollar short stay oral to start but feedback is important and they will deliver. They need business and reviews. PLEASE.

    I have MeMe mixed light skinned spinner who also does trips to the Islands.

    Tori a thick Italian 38 ddd specializing in the Best Brain catagory.

    Maddie late 30's nice body great personality and full svc minus Islands, here are their pics in order.


    Heads up guys, all these girls are bad news. You have been warned.

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    Orlando's Loss!

    I see one of best reviewed girls here in Orlando is now providing in Detroit. Her name is NickiBaby and our loss is your gain. Nicki seems to truly enjoy what she does and she will make sure you leave with a smile and want to make a return visit as soon as possible. She is the only provider who I have seen more than 2 times. I would run not walk to enjoy this beauty. Many of us here are really missing her.

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    Sassy Sally

    I've seen Sassy Sally from NR a couple of times in the last month. Very attractive, young spinner. Has had a kid but still has a fine ass. A little pricey for this market (do prices seem to be going up?) , but had a PSE finish that is embellished in my mind forever. PM for details. Check her out on NR

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    Stripper gone internet.

    Riley shy and Riley Steele are two different animals. Lolwut.

    If interested in a Riley Steele my EX is at BT's Wen Thurs Days. Damn near twins.

    Sorry don't know how to attach.

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    Heidi Ann Scarboro = Riley Shy

    Just googled. Looks like Heidi Ann Scarboro is the real name for Riley Shy, who is not as hot as Steele, but is absolutely no slouch herself. Looks like it'll be tough getting to meet Shy as it looks like she just got arrested on a felony charge in LA this past Dec.

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    Heidi info?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ray the Hunter  [View Original Post]
    Yes check out this link:

    I have photo's of Heidi Ann Scarboro before she went to work as a pornographic actress, but can't post them for legal reasons.
    Is it safe to say Heidi looks absolutely nothing like Riley Steele? And if she does look like her, is she still around? Because I'd be happy to TOFTT and rpt here.

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    Ray the Hunter

    She is using pics of the porn star Riley Steel. Real Name Heidi Ann Scarboro

    Quote Originally Posted by Duckydo  [View Original Post]
    Well she is using pics of the porn star Riley Steel. What does your gut tell you about someone who uses fake pics?
    Yes check out this link:

    I have photo's of Heidi Ann Scarboro before she went to work as a pornographic actress, but can't post them for legal reasons.
    Last edited by Ray the Hunter; 04-17-13 at 10:20. Reason: TO fix a bad link

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duckydo  [View Original Post]
    Well she is using pics of the porn star Riley Steel. What does your gut tell you about someone who uses fake pics?
    A sucker is born every minute. LOL. I said it was too good to be true.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MissingSoMuch  [View Original Post]
    I'm new to the posting scene. My gut tells me this is too good to be true. If true she is right around the corner? Please someone help me verify.
    Well she is using pics of the porn star Riley Steel. What does your gut tell you about someone who uses fake pics?
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