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    Quote Originally Posted by BillCarman1  [View Original Post]
    Any Asians in the area dancing?
    There one at Players day shift.

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    Henry viii

    Went to sample the 10$ Monday night.

    Sampled couple of talents. One with a tall black girl, she was nice to talk to and another booby tall black chic.

    Then took Diana a bbw type of young girl. Thought of trying it once (I am not a bbw guy).

    She said its her first month in the club and said she is doing her bachelors. Went to VIP booth and after two songs she asked me whether I would like to go for FS. She said. 8, once agreed, she cover my little head gave BJ and took k9 to finish. She took pounding. I gave her $.

    I may not try bbw in future in sc (that's why I go there).

    ENT. 05, drinks. 2, VIP tax. 1, fun1. 3, pizza. 05.

    Overall OK trip with lack of talents. I was there at seven so not sure its timing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BillCarman1  [View Original Post]
    Any Asians in the area dancing?
    There are a couple of cute Asians working at the Coliseum. I usually see them on the weekend nights.

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    My First Trip to BTs

    Hi everyone. Longtime lurker, first time poster. After reading the forums for a long time, and having the day off and feeling a little randy, I decided to treat myself to a visit to BTs. I got there around 2:00 in the afternoon. My first thoughts was that it was a decent club, seemed clean, and way, WAY nicer than the clubs in Jackson (where I'm from). Anyway, there were about 10 girls working. None of them really "Wowed" me initially, a lot of 6's and 7s (all way nicer than any tail I'd normally get, I'll admit). I came prepared with some rubbers, and my peeler cash in my pocket, away from my wallet and real cash. A couple girls stopped by my table, not too pushy, all quite friendly in the typical fake stripper way. I'm not into black girls, and that was all that was stopping by initially, so that was unfortunate. One girl caught my eye, even though she was the thickest girl in the club (which is ok, I prefer skinny girls, but she was cute, and I'm a big guy, so whatever). Her name was Tabby, a long haired brunette, and she was easy to converse with, and quite likeable. She asked me for a dance, I asked her what her prices were, and what was on the menu. She said full service, anything butat$$play, for $150. I negotiated her down to $130 (should've done less, but it was my first time). Was pretty amazed (and grateful) how open and casual the discussion of service was in the club. So, we made our way to the VIP booth, and had our full service fun. Like I said, likeable girl, everything covered, fully shaved, natural B's (a little floppy) , provided BJ, HJ, a few different positions in FS. Lots of FIV and kissing was allowed, so I had a good time, and she pretended she did too. A little rushed, but nothing too crazy.

    I went back to my table, and had a few more drinks, catching up on ESPN on my phone and enjoying the ladies on the stage. When "Izzy" came off the stage, she came over to my table and started chatting (I liked her name was Izzy, be / see I'm a GnR fan, and she was a very cute blonde). She said she was bummed that she had seen me get a dance already, (my 1st dance was about an hour before this) , be / see she said I could've got one with her. I said "I still can, if the price is right." We went through a menu discussion, where she said FS but no at $$play, it was $200, but she'd take $150. Now, she's a cute blonde with a ROCKING body (all natural, tight stomach, very perky B's). I told her I only had $140 in my pocket, and I'd need $20 for VIP and some cash for valet, so I'd be willing to do $110. She said "alright, but don't tell anyone", which, I'm obviously telling no one. So back we went. This chick is quite hot, and VERY enthusiastic. Great body, tight shaved kitty, BJ was offered covered or not. FS was obviously covered. Absolutely no rush from her, and again, lots of FIV and DFK. Lots of moaning, and seemed to really enjoy her time with me (I know I did). DEFINITELY would repeat. All in all, it cost me $8 on the valet, $4 in bathroom tips, $40 for VIP fees, $110 and $130 for some FS fun and $30 in drinks. $322 total. I left there financially and fluidly drained.

    I just want to take a second and say thanks to everyone who's posted lessons on how to frequent the clubs, especially the senior members. I've never got any service from a club before, and this was a way better experience than my normal trips to the strip clubs. From reading this site for several months, I felt I had read the "instruction manual" on attending clubs, so even an introverted guy like myself could go in to the club and not be taken complete advantage of (one girl tried to tell me $25 per song, and extras on top of that, when I told her it was my first time there). I had my cash ready in my pocket. I negotiated AT the table. I paid AFTER services were rendered. I FULLY defined the conditions of our FS agreements at the table, including song times, rushing, etc. I even waited until they were done on stage, and not grabbing them walking around, so that they wouldn't interrupt our session by getting called up to the stage. The only real mistake I felt I made was I could've negotiated the 1st one cheaper. Anyway, thanks again to everyone who has posted tips and do's and don'ts. It really does help newbs like myself.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Electronman  [View Original Post]
    Three hole peelers: Now this would be a good thread, although maybe more appropriate for PMs.

    I've already made a mental note to "interview" Jewel at BT's.
    Ask away I am more then willing to give said info out.

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    Does Anyone Know Where This Dancer Works?

    I think she's at BT's but I haven't seen her in a while? Is she still dancing?


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    3 hole peeler

    Quote Originally Posted by Drew93  [View Original Post]
    If it who I think it is she is a 3 hole peeler.
    Three hole peelers: Now this would be a good thread, although maybe more appropriate for PMs.

    I've already made a mental note to "interview" Jewel at BT's.

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    Any Asians in the area dancing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy101  [View Original Post]
    Ok so I was in the fc the other day right at opening. After a half hour of getting things ready the show started but I noticed that a waitress was visiting each of the dancers and giving them what appeared to be a pill. They all took it with a glass of water the waitress supplied. I was wondering if this was ecstasy to get the girls in the mood. I left empty handed by the way. Prices were to high that early and the day.
    Well its the flight club, maybe it was motion sickness pills. I would hope it was just caffeine pills to keep them awake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jules Jordan  [View Original Post]
    I arrived at 9:30 there were 20 dancers (two 8's, many 7's, too many 6's) with about 15 customers but two large groups of customers showed up shortly after, it was mainly a 20's something crowd. The club layout is similar to the Flight Club (almost like a more ran down version) with a bar in front that circles around and a long straight stage for 3 dancers at a time. There are tables around the perimeter of the stage with upper and lower booths on both sides of the stage, also there is a small bar upstairs near the VIP booths. I sat at the downstairs bar and most of the dancers were sitting there playing with their phones and smoking, the amount of second hand smoke was very heavy and the DJ had the music up way too loud.

    Shortly after I received my drink Aubrey (mid 20's, white, brunette, nice tight body with B-cup tits, one of the better looking dancers in the club) approached me. After a few minutes of chatting Aubrey asked me to buy her a drink but I declined, I wasn't feeling her attitude and also my protocol is not to buy dancers drinks / shots. After 15 minutes of hanging out Angel (23 years old, white, blonde / reddish colored hair, tight body with B-cut tits) approached me and we chatted some and I noticed that she was alittle drunk and / or high. Angel was fairly upfront about her services so we agreed on FS for $.3 total.

    The VIP booth was somewhat small (alittle smaller than the standard booths at BT's, very similar to the prior booths at Toy Chest before the remodel in the Spring) , it had a padded bench type seat with a curtain in the front that touched the floor. Angel asked me to pay upfront but I declined then she stripped down and we made out alittle then she told me to pull out my rod. She was going to give me a CBJ but she changed her mind and performed BBBJ, her skills were average. I suited up then we started with K9 and she wasn't very tight and was quiet. We switched to RCG her effort was average then she climbed off for CG (she took it in deep and rode it well) until completion. Afterwards she told me that there was a new rule there and I had to pay her in front of the bouncer, I agreed because we were not in the VIP for a very long time. The bouncer checked his clip board and indicated that we were in the VIP for five songs (which was correct) and it was. 25 per song so I paid $.25. I'm not sure if this was all bullshit but if you negotiate no time limit before hand and the bouncers are enforcing the song count fee this could be a very serious problem for some customers.

    Overall, I didn't care for this club because the talent level was lacking and it was very smoky and there's really nothing here to justify the longer commute from my home when BT's and Toy Chest are much closer. Also, FS with Angel was average at best and I would not repeat with her if I ever see her at another club. Other costs were. 06 valet, .10 door admission, and. 09 (.0775 +.0125 tip) for a beer. My total time at the club was 75 minutes. BTW, East and West 8 Mile are under construction in the area of this club.
    Long, Longtime Lurker! I enjoy your posts Jules! I go to this club occasionally. Let me get this straight, you negotiated $.30 but because you paid in front of the bouncer you paid $.25. So you saved. 05? And you paid the same amount as someone that just got regular VIP dances for 5 songs and you got FS? Interesting. Not a big savings but comparatively speaking you got your moneys worth!

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    What aret the girls taking

    Ok so I was in the fc the other day right at opening. After a half hour of getting things ready the show started but I noticed that a waitress was visiting each of the dancers and giving them what appeared to be a pill. They all took it with a glass of water the waitress supplied. I was wondering if this was ecstasy to get the girls in the mood. I left empty handed by the way. Prices were to high that early and the day.

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    Return to Pantheon

    Stopped by Pantheon after being away for a couple of months. They changed the rules on me. The club now charges for VIP dances and demands a two drink minimum. I saw one of my favorite girls dancing onstage. Last time I saw her she had lost quite a few pounds and was looking sickly. Now she had regained her weight, her light skinned complexion glowed, her butt poked out proudly and she moved seductively across the stage. About this time a tiny petite dancer comes and sits next to me I take my eyes off momentarily and look at this stranger who sits on my lap. I shuddered for a moment when I saw that she looked like a tiny troll. I return my eyes to the stage where my Cafe Au Lait fantasy girl is twirling around the pole. The troll grabs my hand and pushes one of my finger up her extremely wet trap. She then pushes my hand against my nose. This causes my little soldier to rise not for the troll but for my favorite.

    My favorite gets off stage comes by kisses me and tells me she'll see me when I am no longer busy then she goes back to the dressing area. I tell the troll I am about to leave and she disappears. Next comes a six foot dark Amazon, an 8 at any club. I forget my original intended and negotiate for a CBJ. I am in Heaven, best Friday ever.

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    TC Opens a 4pm on Sundays

    Quote Originally Posted by Tim P14  [View Original Post]
    I have been looking at some of the clubs hours on weekends and see that a lot of them don't open until 7 or 8 on Saturday and Sunday nights. I have changed territories and no longer get to Detroit during the week which I might add saves me $500 a month but also leaves me frustrated. I was looking to make a weekend trip and noticed the short hours on weekends. First I would think Saturday afternoons would be a busy time for a club and would be open, but is there a recommendation on a place to hit Saturday and Sunday afternoons? I need to be back on the road by 3pm Sunday to make it back home at a reasonable hour.
    Which is a waste of time for you since you are leaving a 3 but, I thought I would throw it out there just the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AirTouchOne  [View Original Post]
    I decided to stop in Centerfold (Detroit on John R) this past Friday around 4:00. I wanted to wait for all the traffic die down on the freeway. Parking was only 2 bucks, no entry fee & a beer was $4. 50. I haven't been here in about 4 year pretty much the same with the exception they walled off the couch area in the back corner. I didn't get any dances so I can't tell you what this area looked like or what's it like upstairs by the DJ.

    No much to report on. There were only 5 dancers doing 5 dance rotation on the stage. There is one older gal (Sara) that has been there the for the longest time I can remember. Good looking MILF type but just never did anything for me. The other 3 dancers was a bit on the chubby side and wasn't my typ at all. The only girl that caught my attention was Kelly. She was a crowd favorite since just about everyone was tipping her when she was on stage. I didn't tip her while she was dancing since everyone else was. I wonder if I would have tipped her a 5 she would have stopped by? It was very crowded customer wise. May about 14 people counting myself. At any rate I didn't get any dances and Kelly was pretty much the only one I wanted to get a dance from but didn't (she was either busy or sitting with someone else). I would rate her a 10 at this club but a good 6 at a nicer club in terms of looks.
    Sounds like you overlapped with a slow afternoon. Typically Centerfold is hopping on a football afternoon. It's a great spot for what it is. A local bar with dancers. Very laid back, typically I have always had a great time there. Not a ton of super starts, but not much attitude or "Golden Pussy Syndrome either" It's also a great place to catch the Monday night football game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Puff Daddy  [View Original Post]
    I was in BT's on a weekend night recently and saw this girl who I think her name is Jewel. It's hard to tell what some of these girls names or with the music blaring and the DJ strip club voice. Anyways, she was a very cute maybe latina looking chick, with long brown hair, with real D cups and nipple piercings. Never got a chance to talk to her but wondering if anyone has experience with her in the VIP and if she does extras. Don't want to waste a trip back there if she doesn't.
    If it who I think it is she is a 3 hole peeler.

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