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    Quote Originally Posted by TakeAway2  [View Original Post]
    I'm not a frequent flyer of the club's but on the few occasions I've got lucky in the VIP room, I've returned for another drink. Yet I generally don't get any play from the remaining girls. Is it customary to just leave, tip someone or hang out and wait for more action?

    I am from Chicago, and I alway hang out, because I want to do a second pop. I like to leave the club with my balls totally empty. I am bit too old now, but sometimes I even will go for a third pop. I never seem to have a problem getting more play. Just go and tip them at the stage and they often times will come over after their set. It seems most guys don't tip at the stage. Also even though I can't cum that much if I got my 2 pops done, I sometime just get dancers because I like spinner rubbing their hard bodies against me.

    If I lived in town though I think I might save up my money and leave after 1 pop, because I could go a lot more frequently. If I lived in town, I might be broke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PussyFactory  [View Original Post]
    On a side note, she got a condom from the VIP dude and I had to pay 10 bucks for it. Is that normal for BTs? She asked for it and paid him in front of me, so it seemed legit.
    PF, I always bring condoms with me, for 10 bucks you can get 20 condoms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeywoodJablomi  [View Original Post]
    She's a young maybe 19-year-old white peeler with nice perky cees and a great azz. Talks with a slight slushy lisp. Wanted 300 for FS. As there was no one else in the club that interested me and I was on a tight schedule I agreed to her exorbitant fee of 150 for BBBJ. Technique was average and service was rushed. To get as much of my money's worth as possible I made a point of holding out extra long by thinking not only about baseball but about the Tigers bullpen. Might repeat for FS if I can talk her down.

    Sorry she wasn't that great, I think she looks hot, but she won't even offer to dance for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deepcover  [View Original Post]
    Off swallowing every drop. I felt vindicated and will now I am going to go after every "clean dancer" who turned me down at the LandingStrip.
    DC, love it, it is super fun when the start clean and end up swallowing. Converting one is a real pleasure. Great job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDirt  [View Original Post]
    I heard Cody (tall, thin, blond, with lots of ink) from BT's OD. She was a nice girl but that H is a MF.
    Thanks JD, That is too bad, she was a nice girl, I liked her and we had some fun. Only thing I never understood was her tits were soft, they should have been firm for a girl her age.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveBlack  [View Original Post]
    Not to sound like I have it all figured out, but when I want a good BJ, I always go for the bigger girls or the uglier girls. I prefer to avoid the young ones, too. I am rarely disappointed with this method, as they seem to try harder, and usually have lots of experience.

    The strippers who are 9s and 10s regularly disappoint me when it comes to dances; be it lappers, grinders or extras. Some put on a good show, but usually they just try to get by on their looks.

    What you say is generally true but not always I have found plenty of hot young ones know how to properly please me. And I like the way they look and smell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeywoodJablomi  [View Original Post]
    What a bummer. I hate that. Dude, we should run a clinic for really hot chicks who want to learn how properly to suck a dick. Seriously.
    Great idea, there is no reason hot girls can't properly suck dick, all it take is practice. I have taught a few chicks how to do it right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DetLurker  [View Original Post]
    Yeah, her very first Dance. I did not believe her but she spent the evening with me. Her friend worked there as well and was getting her started. Now I know what you are thinking, she was playing a game but, I done enough of the clubs to tell. I kept her in booze and we had a great time. I finally asked if she want a dance. I repeat I asked if she wanted to dance. She was so new. So we go back and she is a little shy at first but not too shy. I almost thought she lied but then I notice her uncertainty in the VIP room. She was over cautious about where she placed her legs and such. She eventually got into it as did I. She was a grinder thats for sure. When she leaned back and I was feeling her awesome breasts my hand slipped down between here legs and my finger just fell in. Not from any looseness but because she was dripping wet! I think she would have went for more but like I said she was green. It was fucking awesome. Yeah I didn't bust a nut but it pretty cool when you get break in a dancer for the first time and know you were the first. After the Dance she went for a smoke and came back and stayed with me until close. I went back the next night cause she said she would be there. She wasn't. Her friend said that she is not sure if she can make it as a dancer. I know she can if she can let herself go. Yeah I cam getting to the place, it was La Chambre which is not the greatest place and I have only been there a few times but, uprising things happen in the strangest of places. Her stage name is Reece and she a white dancer like a spinner but with more meat in the right places. If you at La Chambre and see her, get a dance you will be surprised.
    Simply awesome, it doesn't happen often, but it does happen. Enjoy it she won't last long or she will harden up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Puff Daddy  [View Original Post]
    Now that you mention the belly cover, I think I do remember Tequila from seeing her a few years ago as having pretty nasty stretch marks on her stomach from having a baby. As do some other strippers I see on stage in various clubs from time to time. But the worst I've seen o that was at Bogarts the one and only time I'll ever go there.
    Thanks, brother. I appreciate the insight. Pretty face, though.

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    Anyone see those stars yet? She also has both nips pierced.

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    Does anyone know if the Mila Kunis look-alike still works at Coliseum?

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    Bogarts Star

    Saw Star last week (Wednesday) Super cute face, looong hair, decent though not perfect body, perky A-B size (though nips not pierced. I double checked this time) CFS for 120. She was pretty drunk. Wow, that giner is tight.

    There was another young dancer with very pretty face and blond hair. Definite be-size with pinky nips. In hindsight I should have gone with her. She immediately offered to let me paint her tonsils for 80, but then she had to go on stage. Her name was Jordan. Star grabbed me before I could wait Jordan out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martez120  [View Original Post]
    Did she used to work at Henry's North in Inkster? I remember a young foreign looking cutie named Raven that I lost touch with. If I can remember, she was about 5'5 110 lbs or so.
    This Raven is either light skin AA or mixed something. Dark black hair and more like 100 lbs. Give her a shot, you can't go wrong. Day shift at Henry's south.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PussyFactory  [View Original Post]
    Met up with Raven at H8S during day shift. Said she does a great bbbjws and told me whatever I wanted to pay was good. I like her so offered $ and she delivered with no song counting and a great time. I recommend checking her out and the day shift is usually pretty dead.

    There was another slim chick there named Angelique who seemed willing but I had to take off and didn't really talk much with her.

    Have fun boys.
    Did she used to work at Henry's North in Inkster? I remember a young foreign looking cutie named Raven that I lost touch with. If I can remember, she was about 5'5 110 lbs or so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boredinyork  [View Original Post]
    Ended up going to Bogart's. Had a dance with black spinner Najay. BBBJ, CFS, finished down her throat. Not the nest and kept trying to up charge.

    Went back an hour late with Domanique after we had some quality conversion. She wanted to do some role playing for my BBBJ so we had done fun. She let's me finish on her boot on the cups. For some reason I was in the mood for the dark chocolate that night and Dominique really took care of me. Rest of the talent was a little bit chubby except foot one girl who had a hell of a beak.

    Would love to go back and visit Dominique.
    What could she up charge for? Seems like everything was included.

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